She carries on the ice cream tradition with the same wooden ice cream bucket stored at the ranger station. more. In September, for instance, the Berg Lake Marathon uses the trail as the race course, with the runners going from the visitor centre up to Berg Lake and then back down. The post is dated June 2013. We spent three hours waiting for Colton, who eventually lead the extraction of the injured, but well, man off the hill and he accompanied the helicopter rescue crew off the mountain. I planned for a lot of small snacks throughout the day. if you tell me is so beautiful Berg Lake or Lake Kinney, it's worth leave out a day in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? I enjoy it. Hoping the weather is in our favor. I generally get into camp here after about 4 hours of hiking. It turned out the only site that was left empty was on the one end, right on the river and with an amazing view of Mt. They also continue the great belly flopping contest in Adolphus Lake (weather permitting). Thank you – headed out next week with our two tween daughters and I feel like I know what I am getting into now , Thanks for posting this….heading up to Berg in a couple of days, with 2 adults an 11 & 8 year old. This continues to be my favourite campground for all of these reasons. Luckily, Berg Lake permits are much easier to obtain if you plan in advance. He was a part of a larger family group and his father had fallen and badly broken his leg at the most dangerous part of the trail, almost 2kms back. An Adventurous 10 Day Bali Itinerary February 10, 2018 2 Week Road Trip Through Germany November 11, 2020 Hiking to Lac de Chésery – Chamonix September 3, 2019. The hike to Kinney Lake & back to trailhead would take 3 hours with plenty of stops for photos. Mumm Basin-Hargreaves Lake/Glacier Circuit trail - Mumm Basin access may be affected by 2018 trail damage. However, with family groups, young kids or new hikers this can take a lot longer. Although that is the length of the main trail, there are several side trails for hikers to explore. Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park, near the BC/Alberta border, 23-kilometre Berg Lake Trail is like a highlight reel for the Rocky Mountains. Whether you are a mountaineer, ultra-marathon runner or a beginner hiker, I assure you this trail has something to offer. After a quiet dinner by the river, we packed up our dinner things and put them in the bear locker. Nov 8, 2019 - Explore Bradlyn Oakes's board "Hiking the Globe", followed by 1338 people on Pinterest. I had packed a small day-pack like this Marmot Kompressor, and it was a good, no great, idea … a really great idea … my pack is super comfortable but the thought of putting it on again so soon just elicited yet another string of cursing. Day 1: Hike from the trailhead to Whitehorn campground (10.9 km one-way) or tackle the elevation between Whitehorn and Emperor Falls campground all in one day (15.4 km one-way). I settled on gear choices that suited my style of ‘hiker who enjoys camping’ and made my purchases over the year leading up to this adventure. Berg Lake Trail, Mount Robson PP Second day on the Berg Lake trail had a lighter itinerary - Emperor Falls to Robson Pass campground - combined with a beautiful day with scenic views. We checked out the campgrounds and rested in the Hargreaves Shelter for a snack. It was a challenging 10.5hr day including a half hour … The first 4kms of the trail are like a mini-highway, it’s an old forestry road that climbs gradually through an old-growth cedar and hemlock forest. I made do with my cell phone and Canon Powershot SX510 on an itty-bitty tripod. Robson, particularly if you’re going to hike out the Berg Lake trail to resupply. 0 restauracji w obrębie 10 km. Sep 19 - Berg Lake Trail - Robson Pass - Lookout Point you’ve come to the right place. The trail along the lake, and day-use-area will be flooded out if water levels are high. Robson is the best use of your time really depends on how long you have in the Jasper area, what your other plans are, and what your interests are. Like I mentioned earlier … this was a hard push for our first time. It is challenging both mentally and physically while at the same time, incredibly rewarding. It’s the one access point to the trail for all day-hikers (and their dogs) as well as multi-day hikers. Sep 19 - Berg Lake Trail - Robson Pass - Lookout Point Whitehorn, 11 km, 22 pads. Berg Lake Trail Overview. Of the four of us, I had spent one night in the back country prior to this hike. I’ve run into this every time up Berg Lake. and then locked up our bikes just past Kinney Lake Camp the then hiked the balance. We welcome you in the evening to our office in Canmore. The campgrounds have differing levels of amenities but all have designated tent pads, bear lockers, outhouses and grey water pits. We hiked out the remainder of the trail and pushed ourselves hard. Both of us in quite good shape condition wise. Ah, it will be amazing. Especially since we were several kilometers from our gear. Going to Mt. A total of ninety-eight tent pads are dispersed among the campgrounds (10′ by 10′ – one tent per pad). Berg Lake is reached at mile 10.9, its turquoise waters to the right of the trail. More recently, July 2013, we backpacked up there for a 2 night stay, and it is gorgeous.... especially how the early morning and late evening sun shines on Mt. Note that the distances here are based on the older milage estimates, which are about 10% too generous, so the actual distances are a bit shorter. Trails up there are also great, toboggan falls alpine area...awesome views from there. Then I day hike from camp. Theoretically, yes, it can be done, depending on your fitness level. I hope you have an amazing time. Use the horse path that takes you on the bed of Lake Kinney if there isn't too much water. That meant a lot to me and all of the hill climbing was totally worth just that one moment. If you get to a sign that says “Hiker Flats Open” … go that way! Off in the distance (and you can’t help but notice at a considerably higher elevation than you currently stand) you finally catch a glimpse of the magnificent falls. I have plans to do another 4 day adventure in June/July 2019. Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park. In fact, that’s proven to be my favourite site at the Emperor Falls Campground. I am so thankful for this post. Happy Trails. That distance was attainable (on paper) and by booking two nights at the same campground our second day would just be day-hiking up to Berg Lake … eliminating the need to pack up camp and carry everything to another location. (I do not camp) We lived in Kamloops at the time and I have to say that is the best hike I ever did. Sep 5, 2018 - Detailed description of the Berg Lake Trail - one of the most famous multiday hikes in the Canadian Rockies. I am debating if I should do the descent all on June 22nd or if I should keep with the original plan and split the descent between June 22nd and 23rd. Your email address will not be published. We parked our car and suited up. Trip time 10 hours! Some of the hikes are fairly short so you can link them up and do more than one per day, but Snowbird Pass is 19 km return - and there are further ridge walking or scrambling options you can do from the pass. Rearguard, 23 km, 5 pads. Updates and General Info on The Berg Lake Trail. It's a magic place. We were unsure how demanding going down Emperor Hill was going to be. First and foremost, the trail needs to be booked online here. This multi-use trail can be used both directions. We’re cheating just a bit on this one – but this hike is worth it. The others went to bed fairly early and I took advantage of that, staying up to watch the last golden sliver of sunlight lick the top of Mt. My son asked some questions and then sent the young man on to use the radio at the ranger station to call for help. Berg Lake Trail Basics. 2. Emperor Falls called to me the whole way up the hill. And my family has piece of mind that I may be hiking solo, but I’m not alone. It is a magical place. Thank you for sharing your memories. It’s a perfect add-on to a trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Canadian Rockies. While I wasn’t nearly as sore as I expected, the fact that we were leaving camp where it was and day-hiking to Berg Lake was more than welcome. Unfortunately circumstances never allowed me to overnight the trail. There were no heavy rains here in the (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Answer 1 of 4: We're travelling to Banff and Jasper and we wonder if this itinerary is doable. The other part of us watched some clouds come down the valley and wondered if we should. There are switchbacks for about two kilometers. I book a night before the trail here or at the Robson River campground every trip. Sure, it meant I carried more weight, and I’ll eventually learn to find balance with that but it was worth if for the piece of mind. I really tried to get an "all in wonder" post in this one. If you like putting in long days, this speedy 3-day Rockwall Trail itinerary might be for you. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-50071584', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Jasper. Travel Jul 06 - Jul 12. You’ll need to know your party size, age category of each member … Very few people are on this trail which is very surprising considering how lovely this hike is. Like them, it is likely to still be frozen at the end of May. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. The hike to the lake and back is one of the most enjoyable hikes I’ve ever experienced. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found. Trail Elevation Gain: 2600m. The backdrop, should you be lucky enough to see it, as it’s often shrouded in mist or cloud, is Mount Robson,the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockiesrising 3,000 metres above the valley floor. From Kinney Lake you can go on to Berg Lake. Choosing your campgrounds along the Berg Lake Trail: There are seven campgrounds along the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park; therefore, a multi-night backpacking trip to Berg Lake is relatively easy to plan.. Each campground offers reservable tent … I dislike having to click through several posts to get all of my information. I know how lucky we were to have clear sight of the peak every day we were out there. We are three women in good shape, we travel from the 9th to the 19th of September. Robson Provincial Park, BC, Canada, located just west of the British Columbia/Alberta border. Robson. Moose River Route in its entirety (about 40 miles) goes from a trailhead about 40 miles east of the Berg Lake Trail trailhead, on the Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16), to Berg Lake Trail at the British Columbia/Alberta border. There were times when knowing I would get to stand directly beside them, unfettered by man-made railings or walkways, was the only thing that kept me going. So now there’s nothing left between you and Berg Lake Trail. The following post is my attempt to be the all-in-one-spot information location for the amazing Berg Lake Trail. Dress layers to prepare for weather changes, good snacks, lots of water, & only do it if you know you can handle that distance at fast pace, and only take those who can keep up. It was one thing to be responsible for feeding myself but I was taking my eleven-year-old nephew … and he’s Celiac. After the higher-than-normal amount of rain the Jasper area had *last* year (and huge mosquito problem), I was anticipating a bad year this year for mosquitoes (all those eggs laid...), but so far this year, they haven't been a big problem, although of course there are some around... but not the unbearable numbers we had last year (and it was unbearable, even with DEET!). The beginning of Emperor Hill consists of unrelenting switchbacks, it is steep, narrow and a little harrowing in a couple of spots. If you’re looking for big, bold Rocky Mountain scenery – the kind that takes your breath away then you’ll find it on the Berg Lake trail. I did play around one evening with a time-lapse app on the phone –Framelapse. 3 km one-way) and explore along the glacial moraine and rock slabs at the north end of the lake. Return the way you went up or continue toward Toboggan Falls, following the trail along the falls and back to Berg Lake campground. Updated by Park Staff on a volunteer basis. This post is long and photo heavy. The trail gets a little bit more technical, but only a little – in that it’s somewhat narrower and uneven. However, the entire Emperor Hill is not like the beginning and it does, eventually, become treed and less switchback-y. Once you reach the reservations page, enter “Berg Lake”, the date you wish to visit, and the number of nights you wish to stay. Destination BC/Megan Mclellan. We did this in one day about 5 years ago, 4 adults in decent shape, in about 12 hours. Created by a user from Canada. Someone was camping there without a permit. Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park, the Berg Lake Trail is one of the top hiking and camping destinations in all of the Canadian Rockies.Although it is a long journey (46 kilometers total), the hike is definitely worth it. It created some great sunset sequences. The actual trail-head is a couple of kilometers further down the road, if you don’t have your own vehicle try to get a ride or you’ll be adding a boring 2km road walk to either end of your trip. Back at camp we ate an early dinner, Colton had a nap by the river and we explored around our camp and down-river some. There is something to be said about just being in the moment rather than trying to capture it. However, the trail has numerous ups and downs as you climb over 4 passes. From hiking guides, to city guides! It is the perfect hike for beginners, that have the ability to hike for 6-8 hours a day. On following hikes I’ve brought everything from my point and shoot to my DSLR with full tri-pod and filters. Driving, it’s only half an hour from Jasper to the park’s boundary (it’s about 5.5 hours from Calgary and 7 hours from Vancouver). Cost: $10/person/night plus reservation fees of $6/tent pad/night (up to a max of $18) Best Time to Go: The trail is snow-free from June to September. I was most attracted to the idea of making my own meals to avoid preservatives and to have full control of the ingredients. We did the hike in September with perfect weather conditions, dry and warm. Updates and General Info on The Berg Lake Trail. You’ll need to know your party size, age category of each member (maximum of 12 per party – no dogs allowed on overnights) and how many tent sites you need (max of 6 people per tent pad). It's a bit out of the way, off the main loop and not at Amethyst Lake. The Berg Lake Trail is known far and wide as a world-class backcountry hiking trail. • Inspirock Hoary marmots (large member of the squirrel family) are also common along the trail to Berg Lake. Again, this day of hiking goes down as one of the best hiking days I’ve ever experienced. Berg Lake Trail has seven back country campgrounds and one must register at the visitor centre for overnight trips Kinney Lake, 6 km, 14 pads. It's only a 1 hour drive to the Mt. Berg lake trail Hiking trail in Mount Robson, British Columbia (Canada). I recommend hiking poles for this hike, especially this portion. Difficulty: Beginner to advanced. Trail head: Just north of the gas station and visitor centre at Mount Robson, a 2.4 km/1.5 mile bumpy and narrow road leading to the Berg Lake Trail parking lot. 2-4 days as a multi day Elevation Gain: 800 meters; Difficulty: Difficult because of length; Best Time To Go: July – September Parking: Kinney Lake Road The beginning of the Berg Lake trailhead is only a short drive away from the Mount Robson visitor center and just 87 km away from the town of Jasper. It was dark when we finished and they were very sore. They call to me. So you might want to book a site in Mt. Visit Prince George and Mount Robson. It’s a very cool feature. Because of this, I expected permits to be extremely difficult to get—a la Washington’s Enchantments lottery (anyone else been putting their name in that for years only to come out empty handed?) On the other side of the flats the trail climbs up Whitehorn Hill. Be sure that you have your car keys, and that the rest of the group knows where they are in your pack. To the left is forest. Best things to do are: Mount Robson Provincial Park and Protected Area, Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park (Fort George Park), Northern Lights Estate Winery, and The Ancient Forest. The next morning we wasted no time getting ready to leave, skipping breakfast for a quick coffee and some handfuls of trailmix. On the second hiking day moving camp 5km up the trail to Emperor Falls Campground. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A young man crossed the bridge behind us and then dashed off the main trail towards the ranger station (and radio). Download its GPS track and follow the route on a map. It was a good, hot day and part of us really wanted to take a dunk in the lake. Include all smelly items in the bag; lip balm, deodorant, toothpaste, toiletries and all cooking gear should be in there at night and any time you leave your site. Have fun Your Picpackers. Robson regions - that storm system that caused all the flooding affected the southern Rockies only (Banff, Canmore, K-country, Waterton Lake NP etc.). Bear lockers are shared with the entire campground, be courteous with how much space you use and how well you are organized. We were way behind schedule but made it to the trail-head at approximately 5pm. To the left is a scree hillside. The trail can start or end in Robson Pass or Berg Lake campsites. Glad you found this helpful. The Berg Lake Trail is high on the list of most backpackers and is permitted to avoid overcrowding and overuse. Best time to hike is July to early September. Make memories that will last a lifetime with the “Berg Lake Drop” heli-tour! The same should be said for your first aid kits and any medical supplies. It’s light out much later in August, but we couldn’t stay awake. That first trip, we managed to fit both of our tents on one pad and after the initial panic, it ended up being awesome. This guide will help you with planning the hike, booking the campsites and packing your bag for the hike. Paint Pots to Helmet Falls (15km, +300m, -50m, 4.5-5.5 hours) Helmet Falls to Numa Creek (20km, +980m, -1200m, 9-11 hours) There was a point where my screaming legs just couldn’t take any more and I finally cried uncle, “Guys, this is it for me.”. Its stunning the entire way. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sample Itinerary: Note: Total GPS distance varies from each day’s distance due to side trips and slight route variations each day. Could you give us some advice? We loved our site and everyone was comfortable. A quick visit to the outhouse, with bear spray in hand as it is a distance to the loo, and then off to bed. It’s during these resting moments when you really get to soak in what’s happening around you, make them part of the experience. The next section, Emperor Hill, is as demanding as it is awesome. First time was by myself and took 10 hrs, second time was over 14 hrs since I had others with me that were not as accustom to the fast pace or climb. They are hard … but don’t fool yourself, they are nothing compared to Emperor Hill. We had grand plans to follow the Toboggan Falls route up to a cave and do some exploring. Happy trails! I can’t lie, there was more than one occasion when I doubted the sanity of the whole trip. I have no affiliation with them, but I love the tool. After the climbing from the day before I think I expected at least a little more but it truly levels out after Emperor Falls Campground.

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