She’s currently considered one of the strongest junior climbers, of any gender, in the world. wow! my hardest definately! In 2015, he climbed the “Supernova” route in Franconian Switzerland, thus presumably establishing the first 9a+/9b-difficulty route in the German-speaking world. Valley of the moon. brillant! a couple of hours ago adam ondra finished climbing the dawn wall. Sponsors include Black Diamond. But it was there, I bolted it 5 years ago and I couldn't leave it unclimbed. 1 day ascent. Tyrolean Barbara Zangerl (*May 24, 1988) loves climbing and bouldering in equal measure. Got so close just after 2nd go ascent in september, now I thought I would crush straight away, but trying Alex's methods was not the best idea as my fingers turned out to be too fat. a bit harder than Weisse rose, so 9a+ should be appropriate I hope, when Alex Huber did it, Action Directe considered as 8c+ , then 9a for this one was OK. Now when AD is 9a, this should be 9a+. 151. broke a hold after the crux! This route bolted from Seb Bouin is just ultimate power endurance testpiece, combining desperately physical overhang with extremely thin holds on the very top. First Ascent The longest and hardest linkup in this beautiful granite area. Super powerful and resistant climbing. 17moves of super hard intense pinching, crimping and dropknees, into easier finish. First Ascent So happy to have some really hard FA! American Alex Honnold (*August 17, 1985) is a free solo climber and extreme mountain climber. Our crowd-sourcing platform for intelligent product development, ISPO Job Market is the career portal for the sports industry. Waiting for the big projects to dry up, hopefully... First Ascent one day last year, second go this year. A tribute to Tito Traversa first ascended by Stefano Ghisolfi, the nightmare,not my style,3 falls from the top the day before, 3 days, on the top climbed directly without right crack from Kaum Zeit zum atmen, 2nd GO tough bouldering on tiny holds... 2nd 9a of the day, the hardest of the three, First Ascent first go, link up of Joe Blau and Marroncita. American Sasha DiGiulian (*October 23, 1992) has won various bouldering and climbing competitions in her career. Regarding to the grade, I agree with Alex that it is strange route most of all (even though it is very cool and fun to climb). He’s also known for extremely fast repetitions of difficult routes: For example, “La Rambla” (9a+) on the second try in 2013. The Czech climber has climbed to the top of El Capitan and unlocked the sequence to the crux pitch on this extremely difficult big wall freed by … I am absolutely not sure about the grade, it is notorious dilema - 9a or 9a+. Amazing endurance testpiece with a few artificial holds, but amazing climb nevertheless. Took 8 days of work, my hardest. The route is a Monster, so long that your knees trembling from the view, but in the end it was not as hard as I had expected, but deserves its grade of 9b, though it is on its lower end. Tried for two days three weeks ago, now it went down after checking the moves. In 2014, Alex Honnold climbed the route “El Sendero Luminoso” (7c+) near Monterrey, Mexico, free solo – a 15-pitch tour. Perfect power endurance route, First Ascent Odins Eye extension, all the way to the final rail of Thor's. first day of the trip, with totally wet upper slab. u/Mathletico. Only since 2014 has he received professional coaching. Franconian Alexander Megos (*August 12, 1993) is one of the strongest rock climbers in Germany and acting European runner-up in bouldering. Not the best line in Oliana, but still pretty good. First Ascent Done with a headlamp in the end of the day. In 2013 he repeated “La Dura Dura” (9b+) after Adam Ondra’s first ascent. It was bolted in 1989 by Alan Watts and JB Tribout did the first ascent in 1992. Adam Ondra, Alex Honnold and Co: These Are the World's Strongest Climbers. In free climbing, a first ascent (FA), or first free ascent (FFA) is the first successful, documented climb of a route or boulder performed without using equipment such as anchors, quickdraws or ropes for aiding progression or resting. Email. This route was hard for me, one my hardest, though Change is probably harder to repeat, as it fits my style WAY MORE. I believe it is more 9a+ now, even though the crux is very hard to grade. After sending his super project in Norway, Adam Ondra is back home, training and having fun in the local area of HolÅ¡tejn, located to the north of his hometown, Brno. Dyno specialists, come and try it! First Ascent The direct original finish, 3 goes. Other first ascent: Moose’s Tooth in Alaska via the “Bird of Prey” route (6a, M7+, 90°, A2), Lunag Ri in Nepal. Designed specially for Asia, Tailor-made events to enable your growth with digitalization, International conferences and trainings for your edge of knowledge, Digital conference for identifying post-corona opportunities, A cross-industry summit to use sports and the outdoors to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Our quality seal for outstanding products, The stepping stone for start ups into the sports industry, Our platform for innovative performance textiles, The most important award for extraordinary products in the outdoor industry, Lena Herrmann is Northern Germany’s climbing star, Chris Sharma took yoga class in the forest, Alex “No Big Deal” Honnold is still touring the USA in his van, Alex Megos reached the first on-sight ascent of a 9a route, Sasha DiGiulian scores points in Madagascar, Tommy Caldwell experienced a kidnapping on expedition, Ashima Shiraishi is the strongest young star, David Lama succeeded in the first free ascent of the Cerro Torre. ) A photo posted by Adam Ondra (@adam.ondra) on Nov 5, 2016 at 12:47pm PDT During his first trip to Yosemite Valley, California, Adam Ondra wastes no time and for his first Valley bigwall he jumps right on the 32-pitch El Cap route, the Dawn Wall—the hardest bigwall route in the world.

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