The results confirmed the belief of publishing insiders that 'this audience will pay a premium price for quality editorial' Published: 20th February 2020; 2 mins read; By Jody Porter; Become a member to save this article. The tables below include only daily titles which have reported figures on a six-monthly basis covering the period January to June 2019. The month holds very little for the red-tops as there’s very little in terms of sport with the GAA only at the provincial stages. It used to be said that the Mail lagged behind the likes of Manchester and Liverpool titles because it has the Express and Star for competition. The smallest declines were seen at free titles the Metro and the Evening Standard, followed by the Sunday Times which fell by 4 per cent year-on-year to a circulation of 707,597. Now, many papers simply cut and and paste press releases. Because we dont want preaching at all the time If they aren’t making enough money off the web then they’ll be gone before then. Our Data Hub contains the latest ABC data, with headline figures & certificates going back to 2000, including detailed data back to 2017 where available. Some great and informed comment already. But the bosses will trumpet sales declines in print as acceptable because of internet traffic, they will talk of the emphasis shifting and of great figures in the ether. Jeff Jones – brilliant post. Single paid-for copies January to June 2019 (ie excluding bulks and frees), The EDP dropping to a staggering 24,000 copies in a catchment of around 900,000 people must surely sound alarm bells and herald big changes for this once credible daily. TRY US. This is the generation that is divorced from ‘boring’, ‘negative’ news that they don’t feel involves them, So, the industry’s first efforts at internet news was tragically poor. The Bolton News, Worcester News and Bradford Telegraph and Argus all recorded single-digit declines when bulks and frees are disregarded. The Sun remains the best-selling national newspaper with a circulation of 1.26m, only 100,000 copies above nearest rival the Daily Mail. Why? Earlier today, reported the circulation figures for Scots daily and evening 'regional' titles, including the Press and Journal, the Evening Times and Dundee's Courier newspaper. The East Lothian Courier's average circulation of 12,526 represented an increase of 1.6 per cent while The Orcadian's 9,488 represents an increase of 2.3 per cent. * Comparison with ABC figures for Jan-Jun 2018. Total newspaper circulation increased by 0.8% on the previous quarter, but declined by 4.4% year on year. The Observer once again saw the smallest paid-for circulation drop among UK national newspapers in December, according to the latest ABC figures. August 15, 2019 ; July ABC’s: The tabloids, collectively, to a bit of a hammering dropping nearly 1,000 each. vi. Papers still carry many adverts in print only. But an additional view, if I may. Required fields are marked *. At this rate some of these titles will have stopped selling anything within five years. The vehicles, maintenance, diesel and replacing the fleet they had every few years alone will save them tens of thousands if not hundreds every year. The ones that survive will be those that offer something noone else does. Sorry, I mean weekly. Could someone enlighten me regarding advertising please? You can follow all replies to this entry through the, HoldtheFrontPage, Laurie House, Colyear Street, Derby DE1 1ES. Another might be that the linked Bristol Live site one typical day contained one story from Hull, along with two restaurants and a rum bar opening (at least these were local).. Scarcely an incentive to buy a print copy. The Content Chief is the new Editor and the Editor is little more than a desk monitor, embarrassingly reduced to flogging football stickers on line in an effort to generate a little short term revenue, harsh but true, certainly where I am at least. The Observer once again saw the smallest paid-for circulation drop among UK national newspapers in December, according to the latest ABC figures. I doubt any of the big regional groups see printed newspapers continuing long term ( even short term in some cases) or in their forward plans so it must simply be a case of phasing them out either via a planned and assisted decline or by allowing them to be run into the ground losing sales until such time as costs outweigh the profitability of continuing ,which looking at some titles must be imminent. Registered in England and Wales with Company No. Newspaper managements must shoulder much of the blame as they have talked down the value of print over the years and are now reaping what they have sown. Circulation for the New Vision newspaper fell 5.1% to 23,636 copies in the final three months of 2019, compared with the previous quarter. A third factor is that staff numbers are reduced to a level where they rely on media releases, emergency services news, court copy and social media to fill the pages and the web.

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