The Georgia sheepshead record happened back in 2002. Mailbox MF-OAE 300 Gulf Stream Way. California sheephead, which crush the shells of urchins and other crustaceans with their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, are found from Central California to Mexico’s Revillagigedo Islands. Delaware Sheepshead State Record (Photo Credit: This was a fish of a lifetime and one that will not be broken anytime soon. The Record Fish Program honors the largest species of fish caught in the state. The Florida sheepshead state record has stood the test of time. According to the International Game Fish Association, that big fish was caught near New Orleans in 1982. In 2008 Jimmy Widener of Hanahan, South Carolina, was fishing off mt pleasant near charleston when he hooked into a stud sheepshead. You'll now receive the top For The Win stories each day directly in your inbox. Males are larger and feature the broad black head and tail sections, with the red stripe in the middle. More Travel. Let's take a closer look at the sheepshead state records state by state. The most memorable summer of spearfishing me and my brother Stefan had. World Record Sheepshead (Photo Credit: The Venturan was just three miles off shore, fishing La Jenelle, a ship run aground turned artificial reef, when he landed a potential world-record sheephead aboard The Fish Trapp on Sept. 12. (The clip is posted below.). The freshwater drum is gray or silvery in turbid waters and more bronze or brown colored in clearer waters. Wayne Gilstrap was fishing the lower Laguna Madre with live shrimp. Sheepshead are saltwater fish … WORLD RECORD! 69 pounds 16 ounces UGHT AT PIRATE'S FISHING PIER PORT ISABEL, TX from Reddit tagged as Funny Meme This massive sheepshead weighed a whopping 18 pounds. Learn more about this 21 pound 5 ounce Pacific bonito and other California record ocean sportfish. How to Rig Slip Floats and Popping Corks. How To. (6.00 LBS.) Copyright © 2020 Hunting and Fishing Depot. Please check your email for a confirmation. 620 South Meridian Street Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum. South Carolina Sheepshead State Record (Photo Credit: On April 16, 1982, Wayne Desselle of New Orleans, LA, landed the largest sheepshead ever caught. Examples: If the current record is 100 pounds (45.35 kg), the additional weight required would be 8 ounces (226.7 gm); if the current record is 200 pounds (90.71 kg), the additional weight required would be 1 pound (.453 kg). It was caught on live shrimp. NICKY CHERAMIE 6 LBS. Latest. SHEEPSHEAD! After surviving Hurricane Micheal shortly after arriving here and finally finishing the clean up I plan to hit the water and start my quest to hunt for sheeps head in this new territory. Virginia Sheepshead State Record (Photo, NFL Week 13 bold prediction: A rookie quarterback will beat Bill Belichick, A big character's reappearance in 'The Mandalorian' has Star Wars fans freaking out, Russell Westbrook won't wear No. The Sheephead can be identified by its black coloration often with bars of silver. Forums. By Adrian Gray and Jack Vitek, International Game Fish Association. In April 2012, the one that got away didn’t get away. The Sheephead also sports a mid-sized mouth capable of crushing shells. Not an aggressive fish when caught on light … I never knew sheepshead got as big as what is posted here! On October 6th, 2005, Arun Nehek of Newport News landed a sheepshead he would never forget. That process usually takes several weeks. The state record for sheepshead caught on a hook-and-line is 19.25 pounds, caught off Oregon Inlet by Chris Robbins. The world’s biggest sheepshead ever caught weighed in at more than 21-pounds. To break the record, you have to get out there and fish! They offer the challenge many anglers are looking for when trying to hook them and delicious fillets as a reward after landing them. Walleye -- Mabry Harper, Old Hickory Lake. Delaware Angler Catches “Delicious” Record Sheepshead OutdoorHub Reporters 10.10.14 David Walker, 32, says he tries to fish at least three times … Fishing World Records. These record sheepsheads are genuinely fantastic fish, and the anglers lucky enough to land them know how lucky they were. WORLD RECORD! This sheepshead weighed a record-setting 19 pounds, 3 ounces. The puppy’s cries alerted Van Schlouwen and her daughter, who raced outside. This fish measured 30.5 inches in length and had a girth of 27 inches. Fishing Chit Chat. According to the International Game Fish Association, that big fish was caught near New Orleans in 1982. According to the Florida Sportsman Sport Fish of Florida by Vic Dunaway, the Florida state record for sheepshead is indeed 15 lbs, 2 oz. The International Game Fish Assn. Well, get out there and start fishing more for your chance at a real monster. The fish (pictured above) weighed 37 pounds, 8 ounces and was pulled out of the waters off of Cape May. This sheepshead weighed a record-setting, Waterfowl Hunting: Basics For Hunting Early-Season Mallards. Make sure to check out our sheepshead Species page for other great sheepshead blogs. And I never knew their range. The North Carolina sheepshead record is no little fish. Captain Garmeson landed an absolute stud that weighed in at 13 pounds 14 ounces and broke the Alabama state record by 5 ounces. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Dave Alveberg was using soft crab as bait when he caught this state-record sheepshead. “The birds were in a feeding frenzy and I have dozens of clips like this,” Smith said. Quentin Turko of Kitty Hawk, NC, spearfished this 16.8 lb Sheepshead off the coast of the Outer Banks. This is a record that may never be broken. Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. The incident occurred in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, last week at the home of Michelle Van Schlouwen, whose puppy Jasper was outside taking care of his business. 0 OZ. He managed to land a real monster. He was fishing a local tournament when he landed this Delaware state-record sheepshead. By Adrian Gray and Jack Vitek, International Game Fish Association. This massive fish weighed in at 21 pounds 4 ounces. Sheepshead. The freshwater drum is gray or silvery in turbid waters and more bronze or brown colored in clearer waters. Oysters have closed seasons, bag limits, size limits and can only be legally harvested in specific shellfish harvesting areas that are classified as "approved" or "conditionally approved" and in the "open" status. Don't forget to get stocked with our sheepshead jigs for your next fishing trip. Every so often, an angler will get the bite of a lifetime, a large sheepshead that could set records. This sheepshead weighed in at  17.1 pounds and measured an incredible 28 inches in length and had a girth of 24 inches. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at The fish was officially weighed at TW’s Bait and Tackle in Nags Head June 2 and Turko sent paperwork to the International Underwater Spearfishing Association (IUSA), which officiates international world records for spearfishing. His sheepshead weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces. Thread starter Ali; Start date Oct 13, 2006; Sidebar. If you love sheepshead as much as we do, do not forget to join our fantastic sheepshead nation community today. Swedish angler Benny Pettersson barely missed the elusive 40-pound mark with his trophy, but the 39-pound, 14-ounce northern pike he pulled from Osthammer, Sweden on November 20, 1993 was plenty big enough to earn him a world record. Alabama Sheepshead State Record (Photo Credit: Now get out there and smash your sheepshead state records today!, You might want to update your info for Alabama…, Wow! The sheepshead weighed in at a whopping 14.1 pounds, beating the record of 13.73 pounds set by angler Dave Alveberg in 2017. On September 29th, 2014, David Walker of Boothwyn, Pa., caught a sheepshead that would change the record books. The state record fish is also the world record sheepshead. The Guinness Book of World Records has a lot of variety, ranging from incredible feats by Olympic athletes to the man who has the longest nails in the world (this is a FACT).It’s a book where all accomplishments are celebrated and there’s a certain level of equality and respect for one’s commitment to a cause, no matter how gross it is. Species Weight Length Date WaterBody Angler Bait/Lure; Amberjack, Greater 133.00: 68.00: Aug 4, 2019: Gulf of Mexico: Tricia Conner : Angelfish, Blue 2.90: 14.75 This Has To Be The World Record For The Most Sheepshead Ever Caught In A Cast Net! Find out what it takes to capture a world record tuna and get it into the I.G.F.A. All fish must be caught per IGFA rules. The IGFA will have to review Johnston’s record submission before approving or denying the application. It revolves around a specific list of eligible freshwater and saltwater species, and is … Get great deals on products, exclusive sales, blog posts, and product reviews. This indeed was a monster sheepshead. 69 pounds 16 ounces UGHT AT PIRATE'S FISHING PIER PORT ISABEL, TX from Reddit tagged as Funny Meme The world record sheepshead is a 16 pound 6-ounce fish that was caught in South Carolina. The folder in the IGFA's Record Department designated Mabry Harper's world record walleye is chock-full of articles and letters related to the controversy that has followed this catch over the past half century. With lightning speed, a carpet python leaped out from under a chilli bush, pounced on a 9-week-old puppy and quickly wrapped itself around the helpless pet, and it was all caught on video from a backyard security camera in Australia. Common Fish Name Scientific Fish Name Country Lbs Kg Diver Date; Amberjack, Greater: Seriola dumerili: PORTUGAL: 166.2 lbs. Mark Smith told For The Win Outdoors that the osprey nabbed its meal, an Atlantic menhaden, at Sebastian Inlet State Park, and carried the fish 300 yards to a nearby perch. While Mark Smith's footage is spectacular, he informed For The Win Outdoors that he recently captured footage of an osprey flying off with three fish in its talons. I know most sheeps head fishermen are reluctant to give up their honey holes but I would really appreciate some info on where to go? The sheepshead Turko spearfished weighted 16.8 pounds, beating the previous world record of 15 pounds set in 2011. Back to Showcase. Admin. The world record was caught on Nickajack Lake in Tennessee, and weighed in at 54 lb 8 oz (24.7 kg). Photo: Channel Islands Sportfishing. For Information : call Ken 902-665-2801 The book is in English, 243 pages in full color, the full story Ken Fraser's journey and frustrations searching for a world record Giant Bluefin Tuna. Stated Angler Chronicles on Facebook: “Now that’s a goat!”, Sign up for the For The Win newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. Pettersson's 20-pound Line Class Record. His sheepshead weighed in at 19 pounds 10 ounces. Check out the largest redfish ever caught in International Game Fish Association line-class and fly-rod record classes. On October 14th, 2014, William Catino of Ventnor, New Jersey, smashed the new jersey state sheepshead record by 2 pounds. While the footage is dramatic, and the fish a heavy lift, Smith said this is not a rare sight at this time of year. Trash Fish Terry, Comments must be approved before appearing. This massive sheepshead weighed in at 19 pounds 4 ounces. On March 29, 2019, Captain Patric Garmeson broke the Alabama sheepshead state record that was previously held by Brandon Colliers. The folder in the IGFA's Record Department designated Mabry Harper's world record walleye is chock-full of articles and letters related to the controversy that has followed this catch over the past half century. The state record for sheepshead caught on a hook-and-line is 19.25 pounds, caught off Oregon Inlet by Chris Robbins. I grew up fishing in South Florida, the Keys, and Everglades. Therefore he never weighed the fish on a certified scale and simply went home and made dinner out of the fish! No one has been able to beat it. South Carolina State Record Sheepshead : Widener with a 16 pound 6 ounce state record Sheepshead he caught while fishing in South Carolina. Maryland Sheepshead State Record (Photo Credit: Maryland DNR image). The only way to break a record is by fishing for the record. He managed to land a 26.5-inch sheepshead that weighed an outstanding 15.25 pounds. California sheephead probes the depths of the Channel Islands. 0 with Wizards -- but it's not because of Gilbert Arenas, The Broncos' use of a 'designated survivor' for their QBs is brilliant and should be copied, Le'Veon Bell is the latest pro athlete to challenge Jake Paul to a fight: 'Set it up', Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Latest. The International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record is 21.25 pounds caught off New Orleans in 1982. The previous Delaware record was held by Christopher Wentz, who caught a 15.11-pound sheepshead in 2012. We would love to hear your near-record monster sheepshead experiences. The previous state record holder for drum is a 26-pound, 37.5-inch fish caught by James Black from Muskegon Lake in 1973. Back in 1981, angler, E. Lechler, managed to catch a behemoth sheepshead. World Record Pompano Caught Using Fishbites By Claire | January 29, 2015. It is a deep bodied fish with a divided dorsal fin consisting of 10 spines and 29–32 rays. Many of the sheepshead records have not been broken in many years. We would also like to see all of your sheepsheads catches, so make sure you send us all your great catches to be featured on our social media pages. Brad Johnston, fishing on Sept. 12 off Ventura, reeled in a California sheephead that weighed 34.8 pounds on a certified scale at Channel Islands Sportfishing. After doing extensive research on each state's records, the most common type of bait used was live shrimp. You see Eden made a mistake and thought the world record of 21 lbs, 4 oz. Robert and his father were fishing Ocean City when this beast bit the line. The world record was caught on Nickajack Lake in Tennessee, and weighed in at 54 lb 8 oz (24.7 kg). I never caught any sheeps head or saw any big enough to to spear or keep. Females are mostly pink with white bellies. It has been more than 50 years since Harper pulled his 11.34 kg (25 pound) walleye from Old Hickory Lake, near his home in Tennessee on … He managed to land a real monster. Angler Ralph White landed the state record with a sheepshead that weighed in at 14 pounds 14 ounces. The record sheepshead for Texas was caught on October 17, 2002. Tomás João Sousa Freitas Sheepshead on average weight between about 2-5 pounds, though some have been known to reach sizes up to 15lbs. The record fish was caught Aug. 17 in four feet of water near Tangier Sound, and is the fourth state record set so far in 2017. 75.4 kg. Using Fishbites E-Z Clam strip baits, Local surf caster Manuel Briceno landed what turned out to be the world’s largest Pompano, landed on the shores of South Fl. Ali Master of Nothing. This new resource is designed to help you visualize sport fishing regulation boundaries, including marine protected areas and groundfish conservation area depth restrictions, on your mobile phone. How To. Johnston, who was aboard a … General Information . How to Rig Slip Floats and Popping Corks. They record sheepshead has not been broken since 1966. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission International Game Fish Association. But when I moved to East Central Florida and caught some really sizable sheeps head I was addicted for life. By: Joseph Simonds ; on February 16, 2016 ; A while back, a video of a guy catching a “boat load” of sheepshead in his cast net went a bit viral (and created a ton of comments and opinions) in our Private Salt Strong Fishing Tribe Facebook Group.

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