Online retailer ABT carries the entire line of ranges, as does AJ Madison. We have narrowed it down to the Wolf again or the American Range 36" 6-burner all gas. Food is cooked ultra-evenly in the large-capacity ovens by a two-fan convection system, which the Thor Kitchen doesn’t have. Prices for the Wolf dual fuel range vary depending on which model you need, and which cooktop design you select. That involves a lot of research and a lot of energy expended surfing the web, peering into previous buyers’ experiences left through star ratings on review websites. It seems one gets more for the money with DCS. If you want to avoid all that, read on. Continuous cast-iron grating with easy-slide ceramic coating makes moving pots and pans as easy as pie. If, on the other hand, you just need more burners to use all of your pots and pans, then you should go with the 486G. Fitting the full sheet pan is mighty tempting. The Wolf range is the range for you. What’s On The DF486G And DF484CG Rangetops? In fact, it seems the Empava has more features. Its reputation and performance are excellent, and it’s known for its versatile cooktop. First, there is no single best professional range. A new gas range is a serious investment — it's also the heart of your kitchen. The 18-inch oven in the 48-inch gas range does not have a convection fan. The warranties on both these ranges are for one-year full warranty and three years for major parts (see the details in the comprehensive Wolf range guide here). It is a bit less expensive than the Wolf 48”, but not by much. It also has a simmer function, though it may not be as precise as the Wolf. Wolf stress tests their ranges at their factory in Madison, Wisconsin to make sure they hold up to heavy use. It’s possible. 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range with ProFlow™ Convection Enhance your kitchen with the Viking Professional 5 series range for its classic style and exceptional features. That’s because these ranges combine advanced science with simple yet elegant design, bringing you an easy-to-use range with a multitude of capabilities. More precision simmering power and better cooktop control than the Thor Kitchen or the Empava. Ft. Electric Oven Capacity, 7 Italian Gas Burners, High Gloss Porcelain Cooktop, Cast Iron Grate, Triple … Most of my clients have either a Viking or Wolf 48" range. The smaller oven also has a powerful 2,000 watt 4-pass broil element. The griddle and charbroiler are nice compliments to the burners, just make sure you have enough ventilation for all that heat. We love the brand-defining, distinctive red knobs, the sleek stainless-steel exterior, and the pretty blue color of the included oven. The total output of the range is 93,200 BTUs. Wolf does not, it maintains the simmer whichever simmer setting you set at the same consistent temperature. The smaller oven is good for small meals and reheating, or just cooking smaller sized food. Each of the two ovens in both the DF486G and DF484CG features multiple cooking modes. Technical Specs And Special Features You Need To Know About, How The Wolf Dual Fuel Range Compares To Other Brands, Pros And Cons Of The Wolf Dual Fuel Range, Our Final Verdict On The Wolf Dual Fuel Range, Wolf C60SS-6B24G 60" Challenger XL Restaurant Gas Range w/ 24" Griddle. Bought a Wolf 60" Dual Fuel range about 10 years ago. Also, there is an optional Wolf accessory for the griddle is an eleven-inch maple wood cutting board. The two electric ovens in the 48-inch range in both the DF486G and the DF484CG have one small and one large oven. With its thick stainless surfaces and black cast iron grates, the SRT366 has the look of a rangetop ready to take on anything. This model offers a gas cooktop and electric oven. More BTUs than the Empava, but less than the Thor Kitchen. The Wolf 30 Inch Gas Range. The 36” model will give you 5.4 cubic feet, while the 48” model goes back down to 4.5 cubic feet with a secondary single-fan oven at 2.5 cubic feet of space. Had quite a few problems with the thing. 1.5 cubic feet and the total interior size of the oven is over 2.5 cubic feet, 25 inches wide, 16 ½ inches high, and 19 inches deep, 14 inches wide and also 16 ½ inches high and 19 inches deep. The options are myriad, and you can combine them however you like to create the perfect range for your home. It also has an infrared charbroiler in addition to the infrared griddle. You can even use cookware on top of the grill for indirect cooking. For example, a Wolf 48” gas range includes two ovens, one is 18” and the other is 30”. What About The Infrared Griddle And Charbroiler? The basic 30” range is the least expensive, costing $$$$ The 36” models range from $$$$ to $$$$, while the 48” model will set you back as much as $$$$. Best gas ranges 2020: Top gas range brands including GE and LG gas stoves By Cynthia Lawrence , Sophie Bird 15 October 2020 Find the best gas range in this guide where we’ve got everything from leading gas range brands, along with gas range reviews. Interrupt the self-cleaning cycle at any time you want on the control panel. Now that you know everything there is to know about the Wolf dual fuel range, let’s compare it to other high-end ranges and see where it falls. We are remodeling and trying to decide on a 36-48 inch commercial-style range. In our old place, we had a 36" 6-burner all gas Wolf and liked it very much except for ignition issues. If you are within a reasonable distance, you can check out a “Wolf live kitchen”. This article will look at two Wolf 48 inch dual fuel range options in enough detail to answer that question. No matter what you’re looking for in a range, Wolf has it. Wolf 30" Gas Range Model #GR304. The 60” models are the most expensive, all costing over $$$4. The larger oven interior is 25 inches wide, 16 ½ inches high, and 19 inches deep. 48 Dual Fuel Range Ovens, Credit: New Kitchen Life. Factor that into your decision as well. The 12-inch wide griddle is powered by a 15,000 BTU burner that is designed to evenly provide radiant heat evenly across the griddle surface. The control panel also works with the temperature probe in the larger oven to alert you when your food has reached your desired internal temperature. Wolf is committed to bringing you absolute control in your cooking experience, from the stacked dual-flame burners on the cooktop to the advanced convection system inside the oven. What Are The Measurements Of The Smaller (18 Inch) Oven? When it comes to luxury ranges, there are quite a few brands competing for space in your home. Wolf 48" Stainless Steel Gas Range With Griddle - GR486G You’ll never know how well you can cook – or what delicious results you can achieve – until you cook on the Wolf 48” Gas Range. However, the two-year warranty does hold up under scrutiny. You can even choose to have a dual-convection oven along with a smaller single-convection oven for quick reheats of smaller dishes or sides. If you’re in the market for a high end 48″ gas range, you’ve probably come across the same brand names over and over again: Viking, Wolf, Thor Kitchen, Kucht, Vulcan, Thermador, La Cornue, BlueStar…it’s a rotating cast of boutique brands offering ranges and ovens that cost as much as many pay for used cars. So, if you’ve decided that you’re going with Wolf for the long haul, you have several choices. The stacked dual-flame burners allow you to perfect savory roux and melt chocolate without burning it. The Wolf 48" Gas Range 8 Burner (GR488) Rangetop has performance features born of professional kitchens and built to last with superior quality materials. KitchenAid KGCU467VSS Review: What You Should Know Before You Buy. You’ll have to pay a pretty penny for these ravishing ranges, and it’s up to you to decide if they’re really worth the price. The six burners include one 9,200 BTU burner, two 15,000 and two 18,000 BTU burners, and one 20,000 BTU super burner. The bake stone absorbs oven heat to directly heat the bread or pizza crust like a traditional pizza oven or stone oven does. Wolf gas ranges’ prices start at $4,726, Dual fuel ranges at $6,480 and Induction ranges at $6,460. Is a Wolf 48 inch range worth it? The larger interior measurement (4.5 cubic feet) is what you should use when comparing oven interiors from other brands with Wolf since that is how oven interior size is usually given. The 48-inch range is great when you need to cook multiple dishes, like a roast in the main oven and an apple pie in the smaller oven. The same interior measurement difference also applies to the smaller oven. What Are The Oven Features In The DF486G and DF484CG? What Are The Interior Measurements Of The Large (30 Inch) Oven? There are two special features which really stand out, propelling these ranges up to luxury status in the world of home appliances. This stainless-steel power-series looks just as professional as it acts, and it performs as advertised. It’s great for cooking everything from stir fry to steaks to burgers, eggs, and almost anything else you might think of. The Empa​​v​​a 30” is perhaps the Wolf’s biggest competition here in the United States. The Thor Kitchen 36" range is product built to last by a company with a powerful brand image. They can mean the difference between hopeful food wishes and true delicious dishes, and you need to take them seriously. We are thinking all gas but are open to duel fuel if it's a clearly superior (but I'm not sure that's the case). Remodelling the kitchen and finally have space for a 48" gas range. The Wolf SRT366 36-inch gas rangetop (MSRP $3,825) offers nearly everything you’d expect from a professional-style rangetop. These can include any number of design features, from griddles to char-broilers to delicate French tops. The griddle is probably more versatile since it’s a uniform flat cooking surface. The consistent low simmer settings are a Wolf staple and are among the best in the pro range category. The inner element is 1,250 watts and the outer element is 1,000 watts. The Thor Kitchen has just one convection fan in its oven, so food may not bake as evenly as it does with the Wolf. Read the full review here). By The Good Housekeeping Institute. ... 48 inches, 4.5 cu. The smaller oven is a single fan convection system that also adds its own heating element to the oven’s existing broil and bake heating elements. The red knobs burner knobs on Wolf ranges are as distinctive as the Wolf name. Here you’ll find the answers to all your questions about this particular brand. provides 110,200 BTUs of cooking power across the entire surface. Of the two oven interior measurements, use the smaller (2.8 cubic feet) measurement to understand how much stuff you can fit in your oven since it subtracts space taken up by racks and other oven components that are already inside the oven. Some of these modes, like dehydrate, may be new to you. Do the math over twenty years and compare it with anything else. What About The Power Ratings And Number Of Passes In The Electric Element? The Empava 30” range is even a bit less expensive than the Wolf. You’ll still get all the awesome features you’ve come to expect from the Wolf brand, and the customer service continues to be top-of-the-line both before and after purchase. Wolf | DF486C. Larger models have two full size ovens like the 60″ Wolf Ranges which feature 2 full size, full feature ovens. Choose either three or four hours for the oven’s self-cleaning cycle, depending on your time and preferences. Also, the charbroiler burner’s direct heat is quick to bring the grill to temperature. The bake elements in each oven are flush with the oven floor to provide more interior space in the oven. Wolf has several showrooms and vendors across the United States, which you can find using their locator. Feb 21, 2014 Pros. On the left side is the smaller 18-inch oven (Wolf makes a slightly smaller countertop oven, the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven if you’re looking for a third oven in your kitchen! Choose between one dual-convection oven to bake your roasts perfectly, or two dual-convection ovens to cook for the whole extended family (and all their friends). More cooktop configuration styles than Thor Kitchen or Empava. However, many complained of needing repairs soon after purchase and improper service through the technicians who came to fix their problems. You don’t have to keep checking! The smaller 18-inch oven bake element is 1,450 watts. The large oven includes a 3,600 watt 8-pass broil element for searing heat. The large oven on the right side is a 30-inch oven, the same oven as in the Wolf 30 inch dual fuel range. No matter what you want to cook, you’ll be able to cook it on this stove. A Wolf range makes a statement in your kitchen and will definitely stand out among your other appliances. Wolf range comes in three series: All Gas, Dual Fuel and Induction. Prices for the Wolf dual fuel range vary depending on which model you need, and which cooktop design you select. This will definitely get rid of “cold” spots that you may have become used to in other ovens. Wolf doesn’t really detail these power settings but it’s good for you to know when you’re deciding on either one of these ranges. It really comes down to whether you want two more burners or an infrared charbroiler. Ready to get started? You either love your Thor Kitchen range, or you hate it. It has performance features born of professional kitchens, for the precise control to master any type of cooking. Each oven also features self-cleaning cycles that use the oven’s highest temperature settings to burn off oven goo. You can also use your oven thermometer in the process. This is an ideal convection system since each fan is able to distribute hot air directly from the fan and evenly spread that hot oven air around the oven. Wolf 48-Inch All Gas Pro Range GR486G | Wolf 60-Inch All Gas Pro Range GR606CG In 60 inch you will have another burner set as well as two 30 inch ranges instead of the 30 and 18-inch sizes. This intelligent concept allows potential buyers to check out Wolf appliances in a real home-kitchen environment. Check CircleOverall easy to use and pleasurable to cook with. Does that mean the Wolf gives you more? The high heat 20,000 BTU burner will provide enough heat for almost any high heat application when both gas rings of gas jets are engaged. You may be ready for a new one. Dehydrating is a nice way to preserve fruits, vegetables, and even to make beef jerky. Not necessarily. The oven capacity of all models is admirable, with even the smallest 30” model having 4.5 cub​​ic feet of cooking space. The oven also seems to have more operating modes than the Wolf. You may be looking for a 48-inch dual fuel electric oven and gas rangetop and wondering about Wolf. The patented, dual-stacked sealed gas burners of our Sealed Burner Rangetop take control to a new level. And, luckily, the Wolf 30 gas range fits the bill. How can you know which one is right for you? The clearly labeled knob adjustment goes down to under 300 BTUs. Let’s go. Wolf has ranges available to fit all standard spacing at 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60”. Unlike the Wolf model, this range does not come with a grill, though it does offer griddle space. Their ovens are also a marvelous example of modern design, with a dual-convection, two-fan system allowing for increased airflow and even cooking with every dish. The cooktop offers 8 sealed burners and Viking's VSH™ Pro Sealed Burner System for superior cooking performance at any setting. If you want to see a cooking demonstration of the griddle, click the video link below: The charbroiler has high heat in the front of the grill and lower heat in the back. It includes an option for “added moisture” while baking, which perfectly complements breads and certain meats. All products are made in the company's factory in … It’s the heart of the whole household, and you want it in tip-top shape. Collectively, the DF484CG provides for so many cooking options that even a practiced multi-tasker will be kept pretty busy while using all of them at the same time. There weren’t many customer complaints about the ranges, although a common problem seems to be the probe breaking. The 30-inch gas range (the GR304) has 2.9 cubic feet of usable interior oven space, and the interior cavity of the oven measures 4.4 cubic feet. The information here will help you decide which range makes the most sense for you. Otherwise, sealed burners are probably a little safer in your home and are always much easier to clean. We are in need of a custom wall mounted hood with an internal blower and plan to have a direct vent to the outside. It too has a dual-fan convection system in its oven. The pivoting touchscreen control panel is easy to use and allows you to program the oven, then stow the glow out of sight. know where to place it in whatever you may be cooking, You can also use your oven thermometer in the process, bake stone absorbs oven heat to directly heat the bread or pizza crust like a traditional pizza oven or stone oven does. It’s really up to you to decide how many burners you need and make your choice accordingly. Go with the DF484CG if you find yourself pining away for barbequed meals in winter or just want another way to cook on your range. This eliminates the need to constantly open the hot oven, saving you time and effort. The Wolf history goes back to Los Angeles in the early 1930s, where the Wolf brothers established the company that is now part of another iconic brand, Sub-Zero. When the iconic red Wolf range knob is turned one way, the lower burner ring only is engaged. Most cooks, however, don’t need that kind of heat unless you think you’d notice the difference (cooking commercially maybe?). It is a great size for cooking large cuts of meats, even if a turkey is the biggest thing you cook all year. So, is your range really working for you? A temperature probe is included in every model, alerting you automatically when your food is at temperature. We do a lot of cooking and a lot of baking. Continuous cast-iron grating is finished with an easy-slide coa​​ting to make it even easier to move your pots and pans around on the stovetop. It good to know, however, that you don’t have to adjust your racks often. This gives you the freedom to melt, simmer, and keep warm anything you like, allowing for ultra-high functionality in the kitchen. ), baking, roasting, and everything else. When you’re cooking a pot roast in the main oven and a cheesecake in the smaller oven you probably don’t want those flavors to mix. The ovens each include five rack positions and three oven racks. The Wolf 48 Inch Dual Fuel (the DF486G), has a large and a small electric oven and a big rangetop cooking area. The Wolf 48" Gas Range 6 Burner Infrared Charbroiler (GR486C) Rangetop can handle any culinary challenge while offering seamless integration into your kitchen. One of the easiest options is to buy them on the internet. The dual convection dual heating elements will distribute oven air very evenly. Comes in 30-inch width with 4 or 5 burner (featuring 18K BTU burner) options, 36-inch ranges have 6 burners or 4 burners with grill or griddle options. In addition to very high durability compared with other ranges in the pro-style range category, Wolf is also a very iconic brand. From there, the knob will allow you to set a wide range of simmer settings. ft. secondary oven capacity ... Gas Range Reviews; The all gas Wolf pro range has a French top model available while the dual-fuel has different French top, grill, and griddle options. We’ll be getting down deep into one of the most high-end ranges on the market today, the Wolf dual fuel range. Open burners provide more direct heat and are the type you’d find in a commercial kitchen. Their bragging rights aren’t dependent on ultra-high BTUs, though they do reach up to 20,000. They expect these ranges to last at least 20 years, so factor that into the price you’ll be paying. One of the racks in each oven can extend all the way out. The Wolf R366 range top fits six dual gas burners. However, there were complaints about missing and broken parts and customer service being way subpar. All in all, you really couldn’t ask for a more attractive range. Your choice of range between the DF486G and DF484CG ranges comes down to the rangetop configuration since each range has the same ovens. Which Wolf 48 Inch Dual Fuel Range: DF486G Or DF484CG? If you want to skip right to where you’re most interested, just use this table of contents here, otherwise, continue reading: Of course, with Wolf, the quality of the “fit and finish” is the first thing to note. The unit can be had in either natural and liquid propane gas, depending upon your set-up and household specs. You have entered an incorrect email address! The KitchenAid KGCU467VSS is a commercial-style rangetop with six gas burners designed for commercial as well as domestic use. No matter which model you buy, you’re getting the highest possible functionality with both the oven and the cooktop. You should buy the features important to how you cook, whether its baking, broiling, grilling, griddling, steam … The 60” models are the most expensive, all costing over $$$4. Also, it’s good to know that the Wolf ovens in the DF486G and DF484CG are powerful enough for super searing (even rangetop steak! You also now have the additional option of choosing black or stainless steel knobs. It’s worth noting that although Wolf puts lots of emphasis on their convection design, other luxury brands like Miele and Jenn-Air also have this technology. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. ZLINE RA48 48 Inch Dual Fuel Range with 6.0 Cu. Chances are that Wolf looks like a good bet. Better warranty than the Empava, but not necessarily better than the Thor Kitchen. Fair price on par with the technology that you’re getting. Wolf Range in a Nutshell. The control panel disappears into the range if you don’t want to see anything electronic on your range. First off, there are several reasons I prefer Wolf over Viking. The large oven is a dual convection oven with two convection fans, each fan has its own heating element. Modern appliances can make or break your kitchen. The bakestone mode is for cooking with a bakestone (accessory by Wolf or elsewhere) for ideal pizzas and bread. Wolf 48-Inch Professional Gas Range at Yale Appliance In Boston . rangetop has six burners and an infrared griddle. We have an existing 48 inch Wolf gas range stove with 6 burners. There's good reason why professional chefs choose gas cooking; control. You may be looking for a 48-inch dual fuel electric oven and gas rangetop and wondering about Wolf. It’s also bigger than any pan. Also important, you will also learn whether each is worth the price and whether the Wolf brand delivers. What About The Convection Cooking System? Wolf ranges allow you flexibility, customization, and precision, all wrapped up in one beautiful package. Wolf offers a wide range of cooking appliances, including built-in ovens, ranges, cooktops, range tops and microwaves. The market for pro-style ranges has been dominated for years by brands including Viking, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid, Dacor, GE Monogram, Kenmore Pro, Jenn-Air, Miele, and American Range. Add those replacements up over the 20 years plus designed longevity of a Wolf range and the lower cost alternatively may actually cost more. There’s a reason these ranges are considered top-of-the-line. But sometimes we overlook the most important part of the most important room. And you also don’t get as many features. In my personal opinion the Wolf is far superior but in both cases the 48" rangetop is unnecessary and solely for aesthetics. The large oven bake element has an inner and outer element. You will be able to cook burgers, other meats, or just about anything else, depending on whether you want a more even fry on the griddle or a sear on the charbroiler grill. Seasoned cookware, Squeaky-clean countertops, and wholesome ingredients all work together to make your kitchen shine. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine: Is It A Good Choice? Wolf is a company which truly stands behind their product, and the Wolf residential wa​​rranty covers your purchase for two years including parts and labor. The 48-inch range and the 60 inch ranges are the only two Wolf range sizes that feature two ovens. Empava offers a limited 1-year warranty on parts and labor, which is not exactly outstanding for the price. Thor Kitchen’s customer reviews seem to point towards a love-hate situation. However, as those companies all add new looks to their lineups, NXR has done little … The single fan still does a nice job of spreading oven air around the oven this smaller sized oven. Narrowed down the choices to Wolf vs Five Star, as these are the brands that are available locally. Empava 30” Induction Cooktop Electric Stove Black Vitro Ceramic... Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners 36 - Inch,... Viking 30-inch Dual Fuel Range: Review And Comparison, Best High End Refrigerator for Your Luxury Appliance Needs, Dacor Oven – A Comprehensive Review of the Product and Its Specifications. Breville Boss To Go Sport Personal Blender – Is It A Good Personal Blender? This range is quite similar to its rival, the Wolf 36” 6-burner range. You don’t have to worry about heat loss or even risk of failure over this oven’s very long life since these oven doors are triple-paned. Not as many special features as the Empava. Regardless, the range sports an aggressive professional-style aesthetic, similar to the most traditional offerings from the likes of Thermador, Jenn-Air, Wolf, and… that other one. Wolf has been an industry leading brand for over 70 years, manufacturing professional style and high-performance cooking appliances for indoor and outdoor use. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I'm a personal chef/caterer and have worked in dozens of very high end kitchens over the years. including settings like “favorites”, and a variety of special modes for thawing, browning, and the like. The Wolf dual fuel range is an ordinary product manufactured by a brand that transforms it into something extraordinary. With the 60” model, you’ll get two ovens with a capacity of 4.5 feet. Most other simmer settings accomplish a low heat output by turning the burner off and on. The Thermador PRG486JDG is a 48 inch freestanding gas range that comes with six burners and a sealed cooktop. The Wolf dual fuel range is a hot home luxury appliance which would make a great addition to your kitchen, no matter which size range you need to buy. This gives you the option to charbroil on the front and warm on the back of the grill. You’ll get 8 powerful burners with the Thor Kitchen, but no other options. Whirlpool Double Oven Gas Range #WGG555SOBS. A few other brands also have stacked dual-flame burners, but the control of those offered by Wolf is simply sublime. This is nice to have when you’re trying to get really hot food out of your ovens.

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