llegedly the descendent of Trojan prince Aeneas, Julius Caesar's auspicious birth c. July 12 or 13, 100 B.C., marked the beginning of a new chapter in Roman history. After being elected consul, Caesar organized a law that would give Pompey’s soldiers and the poor land in Italy. Now holding real power, Caesar allied himself with two key people, Pompey and Crassus. He had a high tolerance for risk and was bold enough to make calculated risks in his bid for power. An effective leader must be a communicator, a planner, confident, yet humble, knowledgeable, and much more. To do that, he would have to climb many steps to get there. Years later, in 74 B. C. E. , Mithradates of Pontus attacked the Roman province of Asia and Caesar, wanting military glory, raised an army and went to Asia, which was illegal because you needed a commission from the Senate to lead an operation. Augustus was a successful leader for several reasons. the essay you should: 2011-01-26 16:41:36 2011-01-26 16:41:36. He … The first reason Julius Caesar was murdered was because some senators thought he wanted to become king. On July 13 100 B.C. 4. He originally wanted to conquer modern Romania, which was rich in metals, but saw the opportunity for conquest on glory in Gaul. T… Julius Caesar was a great Roman dictator, politician, and military general of the last Roman Republic, who played a very critical role in an event of the crisis of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. 7. For example in 63 BC,“when he ran for election for the post of Pontifex Maximus – the chief priest of the Roman state religion – he ran against tow powerful senators and won comfortably, despite his opponent’s greater experience and standing and bribery”(Yenne 10). In 80 B. C. E. , he joined the staff of the governor Asia. What events led up to the making of the first triumvirate? What happened during his early political career? Caesar is considered one of the most disciplined military men. Caesar allied himself against the nobility. He became consul in 59 BC and in order to make sure he obtained the consulship he formed a secret agreement between himself and the other two most important men at that time, Pompey and Crassus. The reason why I accused Julius Caesar is a Tyrant can not be more obviously. The evidence I have to support this is... ...superb general and politician, Julius Caesar (c.100 BC – 44 BC / Reigned 46 – 44 BC) changed the course of Roman history. image source: wikimedia commons. Assassination Although Marcus Brutus was a conspirator in Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar, his intentions were honorable as Brutus made his decision selflessly, without jealousy or site, was willing to die if the people judged [...]. 5. Julius Caesar was exceptional at managing people and steering things to go his way. When Caesar had power he had to organize Rome to ensure it’s stability. The triumvirate was described by Livy as, “a conspiracy against the state by its three leading citizens”. He remained close to his mother, Aurelia. It was rumored that he had a love affair with Nicomedes, however that could have just been a rumor started by Caesar’s enemies. When... ...Why was Julius Caesar Murdered? One man appears on more than one of those list: Julius Caesar. This led to a senatorial coup, and Caesar's eventual assassination, on the Ides of March. Top 10 facts. Caesar was named the 'dictator for life' of Rome, a title that's not given lightly! Does he have a good job? Many of these questions plague the minds of women Gaius Julius Caesar Sometimes from you, but mainly from those around He was a charismatic leader and he could persuade his men to do anything and to do the impossible. Write an introductory paragraph. He chose Julius Caesar to... ...the descendent of Trojan prince Aeneas, Julius Caesar's auspicious birth c. July 13, 100 B.C., marked the beginning of a new chapter in Roman history. Julius Caesar, and why he was a great leader. His policies and actions were unprecedented in his time. He was sent on a diplomatic mission to Nicomedes IV of Bithynia to raise a fleet. As aedile, he won popular support, staging festivals and public entertainments. However he was also a good leader because when he left Rome he left it in a good and stable position, he created 28 new colonies, he cared for people who served his country and rewarded war veterans with land, he worked extremely hard for himself and his country, but overall he put the peoples’ interest first. Many businessmen, historians, military personal, etc all have created lists of who they believe to be great leaders. Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great were both two very powerful leaders in the first and second century BC. He was a leader of ancient Rome. Next he passed bills that prevented corruption by provincial governors. He knows Caesar of the 'Ides of March', the 15th of March. Julius Caesar, as many other politicians and soldiers in Roman times, was also a good orator. He reduced the amount of food that supposed to give to the poor people. In one form or Early Years The first document that was used in the debate is a primary source. He was truly an effective leader. First, he supressed the democracy movement, he restored the tariff of Italy. Cassius and other conspirators are jealous of Caesar, and they want to kill him for revenge. Why were Roman perspectives on common aspects of their society so different? This appeased the mob and alleviated unemployment. Some [...], Gaius Julius Augustus Germanicus Caesar was born on July 12 or July 13, 100 BCE, to the Praetor Gaius Julius Caesar, who controlled parts of Asia. While he hailed from Roman aristocrats, his family was far from rich. To investigate these claims, several topics will be researched including the details of his rule and the many changes he made to develop Rome into an empire. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, multiple characters experience a deadly fate, but it is not completely unavoidable. Why was Julius Caesar significant to Roman civilization? He also had a strong work ethic and was willing to do whatever it … He encouraged education by granting doctors and teachers citizenship. Caesar planned to get to the top of the political system in Rome. A politically adept and popular leader of the Roman Republic, Julius Caesar significantly transformed what became known as the Roman Empire, by greatly expanding its geographic reach and establishing its imperial system. ...who they believe to be great leaders. Our editors will help you fix any mistakes and get an A+! He was married three times. When Julius became 16 years old, his father died. Crassus’s wealth would become the major fund behind Caesar’s extravagant lifestyle and the necessities to advance the political totem pole. 01. of 04. Crassus, a rich and successful general, wanted a counter-weight to Pompey in Rome. When Caesar was 16 his father, Gaius Caesar, died. A politically adept and popular leader of the Roman Republic, Julius Caesar significantly transformed what became known as the Roman Empire, by greatly expanding its geographic reach and establishing its imperial system.... ...Julius Caesar Caesar was so successful in organizing Gaul, that the Gauls would consider themselves Roman and was considered the most Roman province outside of Italy. an adversary. Bevington is a scholar who wrote plays and edited old literature. We will then reflect on the ups, the downs, the sorrows, Caesar was a great leader due to his tactics during war, because of his honor and loyalty that he has given his army and family, and his demonstration of his strategies before war. Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar’s Contribution to the World, Concept of Fate in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Caesar as a Roman Ruler. Julius Caesar (July 12/13, 100 BCE–March 15, 44 BCE) may have been the greatest man of all times. house? Being the oldest man alive in the family, Julius became head of [...], Julius Caesar was not Rome's first emperor , but his name still reins as it is a name that is remembered by the world to this day. He proceeded to conquer and subjugate the Gallic tribes. Caesar planned to […] Viva Espana questions will arise. One man appears on more than one of those list: Julius Caesar. An element of disorder ruled the Republic, which had discredited its nobility and seemed unable to handle its considerable size and influence. The only clear alternative was military dictatorship. He returned to Rome in 60 BC and, the following year, was elected consul, the highest office in the republic. Julius Caesar early political career followed the typical career of a Roman politician in the first century BC. He proceeded to attack towns and the silver mine of Gallaecia. Not only did he lead a very strong army, but his people also loved him. Julius is a an exceptional role model in leadership. Before he became all powerful, Caesar revealed himself to have extraordinary leadership capabilities. On March 15, 44BCE, a mob of sixty senators stabbed the dictator to death in the Roman Forum. a great man was born. Years later, in 74 B.C.E., Mithradates of Pontus attacked the Roman province of Asia and Caesar, wanting military glory, raised an army and went to Asia, which was illegal because you needed a commission from the Senate to lead an operation. Caesar often recruited effective workers and executives because to become the most powerful man in Rome, he had to create alliances with powerful men. Whether you are looking for a life partner, a friend, or a lover, these This Spanish War was where Caesar found he had a knack for military command. He fought many battles and gained Rome many resources and land. Some called him a tyrant, a foe, The conquest of Gaul meant that the Gauls could no longer attack Rome since in 387 B. C. E. , they ended up capturing the city of Rome and the Romans began a lifelong hatred of Gauls. Needless to say, we are all looking for greatness. He initially became a lawyer and then held positions needed to climb the political ladder to the consulship: quaestor, aedile and then praetor. Caesars ability to motivate his men and galvanize them into action was unmatched and even his enemies acknowledged this. So this would make the senators want to kill Caesar because the senators thought he had enough plebian support to become king. 84. One man appears on more than one of those list: Julius Caesar. Born Gaius Julius Caesar This was a lucrative position, because it offered him the chance to plunder the local inhabitants at will. This gave the commander of the Roman army time to raise an army and attack Pontus. Bevington’s edited version of the book Julius Caesar had information about Caesar’s life. After the civil war he became dictator and organized Rome. A good leader cares about learning communication techniques that will help him correctly convey messages and engage the team. this road together, you will be awed, challenged and inspired. For Part B, use your answers from Part A, information from the documents, Answer. The journey has already... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird: Significant Role of the Ideology of Expectations. Top Answer. Roman leaders who came after him also called themselves Caesar. By 31, Caesar had fought in several wars and become involved in Roman politics. – Julius Caesar Task: After crushing rebellions in Spain and Gaul, Caesar organized the provinces to make them stable. The second reason Julius Caesar was murdered was that some senators were jealous of him. Such a move signaled a treasonous invasion of his own country. In Rome, he was seen as a great leader and hero because of his efforts to create entertainment for Rome, and having the ability to expand Rome by nearly a third of its size. One of the reasons for Caesar's success was his great leadership. He then defended several towns, allowing the Roman commander time to attack Pontus. Shakespeare uses characters in this play to [...], Gaius Julius Caesar, a roman general and statesman who was able to turn the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, conqueror of Gaul, victor in the civil war of 49-45 BCE, and dictator from 46-44 BCE (Julius Caesar Biography). An effective leader must be a communicator, a planner, confident, yet humble, knowledgeable, and much more. What made Caesar such a formidable leader was his arsenal of skills and talents. Speaking as a woman, I know women He had people around him who were knowledgeable and could advise him in areas where he was weak. But you can one from professional essay writers. In 51 B.C., Caesar defied senate authority and longstanding military tradition when he crossed the Rubicon River to take on his political opponent Pompey Magnus. Although a brutal leader, Caesar's many reforms made him popular with the Roman people. 8. He used to show up, impeccably dressed, at the Roman Senate, and addressed his soldiers with vehement speeches. Among other things, he was a skilled communicator who knew who to use rhetoric effectively. Julius Cesar entered into politics as a popularis. Ancient Roman History: The first Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar, was born Gaius Octavius Thurinus in 63 BCE. Asked by Wiki User. Honors World History. According to Pamela Bradley, ‘Caesar’s role in the First Triumvirate played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic’ and hence he effectively represented himself as a mediator, instigator and manipulator. Born into an aristocratic family in around 100 BC, Julius Caesar grew up in dangerous times. By the age of 40, Caesar had been a widower, divorcé, governor (propraetor) of … 5 6 7. ...Directions: Julius Caesar was a strong leader for the Romans who changed the course of the history of the Greco – Roman world decisively and irreversibly. Brutus doesn’t want to be part of the conspiracy, but is tricked into becoming a head member, due to his strong leadership qualities of honor, trustworthiness, and patriotism. The Dictator Synopsis He initiated the assassination plot of Caesar. Rome could not yet handle its own size and power. Caesar organized an army and defended Asia from an attack by Pontus. Didn't find the paper that you were looking for? 80. Julius Caesar was also known as Gaius Julius Caesar, he born on 12 July 100 BC in Rome Italia and death on 15 march 44 BC at an age of 55. Also it was never thought that Julius Caesar would do a thing as to destroy the Roman republic. They were afraid that if he did become king (which was very likely) it would be the end of the republic and that would mean they would lose all their power. Early Years Brutus is the most honorable man as he selflessly chose his country over his leader and friend. At the funeral , he made a long speech about Marius, who was married to Julia, and claimed descent from the fourth king of Rome and Venus. This made him stand out as a true leader, and the best one the world had ever known. Assassination His mother was a woman named Aurelia Cotta. Julius Caesar was a great leader of Rome. Julius Caesar was born on July 12 or 13, 100 BC, Subura in Rome into a patrician family, the gens Julia, which claimed descent from Iulus, son of the legendary Trojan prince Aeneas, supposedly the son of the goddess Venus. look for all these qualities and then some. Gaius is known to the world as Julius Caesar. write your essay. Pompey fought wars in the east and the Senate was late in passing laws to organize the east. His men were devoted to him and they loved their general. "For the immortal gods are accustomed at times to grant favorable circumstances and long impunity to men whom they wish to punish for their crime, so that they may smart the more severely from a change of fortune." Julius Caesar was a successful leader because he knew how to manage his power and popularity, he handled foreign policy very well, and he knew how to show his strengths. Julius Caesar was a Roman military commander and a genius. power, and finally the betrayal that cost him his life. Good credit? He consolidated the tradition of a state the economical stability of which was based on warfare waged against other countries whose we. Journey with me through the life of this Use specific details from at least four documents in Part A. When he finally returned to Rome he settled down as dictator for life. Early Rule you. Cassius was also … Why do civilizations that become "Empires", decline? Second, as a leader, he leaded the country to the military dictatorship. Caesar supported Pompey and would go on to form the First Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus.

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