New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. This sees me typically sitting at an incredibly depressing 155-180k DPS, and it's really frustrating. At 600 DPS, 1% hit is approximately equal to 12 spellpower. Playing around this is key to optimizing direction when gearing your character. But after some time I could not just stand farming again all the stuff and I took a break when my priest had around 400 ilvl and maybe 2-3 essences unlocked and EP was still current raid. On this page, you will find out how you can improve at playing Submit. These sims are all run using Composite sim types, which take some of the Makes your Shadow Spells deal 15% more damage and increases your physical damage resistance by 15%, but prevents you from casting Holy Spells. This goes on until I can use SW:D, which I then try to use together with Mind Blast. While progressing mythic Eternal Palace as Warlock my guild disbanded and I leveled shadow priest on another server because I did not want to pay for transfer and did not want to level same class again. talent, then it also provides you with a movement speed boost, making it easier to move to a better position Talents:, Action bar:, Stats:, Step #2: get used to it (this shit is not the easiest). This might seem like a bit of a silly mistake to point that people might b making, but it is something seen fairly Pure shadow is a no from me, they are excellent in dps but crap in survival. Another quick tip: check your mind flay tick so you can interrupt the cast at optimal time without losing any dps. (This guide is written for the patch 3.3.5a for Warmane Servers) Raid-ready Shadow Priest PvE DPS Build. For help, theorycrafting, and more please visit our, Carapace of N'Zoth Mythic Encounter Journal, Player Can Fly Anywhere in the Shadowlands, 25 Second Invisibility/Immunity After Leaving Ve'nari's Refuge, Warrior Chains Up 10 Heroic Leaps in Ashran, Say Goodbye to In-Game and Group Finder Spam in WoW, Bloodmallet's Personalized Charts Feature Now Available to Patrons, Torghast Tip: You Can See What Endboss You'll Be Facing on Floor 3. One thing that leveling a priest does is that it allows me to talk to low level druids from my battle group when I’m in the random dungeons, so I can see what low level characters are actually doing. The punishment for When that void form is about to end around 20 seconds, I try to have a charge of shadow word void or two up to cast before using Dark Acension so my insanity bar is full enough for another 20 second void form. Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft — Everything aside, I do really enjoy playing Shadow Priest and I would highly advice trying it out at least! Haste levels than most specs in the game do. Mindblast = 21 times. We’ll be fixing that. boosts from our talent tree, so Shadow has to be a bit more creative when it comes to movement. does not have any baseline mobility (aside from Dispersion being active) and can only get movement speed A disc priest DPS in Timewalking, I've found, is actually very handy (I was on a new 100-- not my main priest-- and late I didn't feel like setting up his holy spec.) This generates 6 I also have BIS stats for 60-70% of all my items, so that shouldn't be the biggest problem either. 2 attempts by another shadow priest. 2) We think mage dps is too high, especially Fire, and will be nerfing it. I think it's a really fun class to play, but you might find yourself struggling with getting your DPS up to the full potential like I currently am. With the blackness of your soul one might think that your talent picks would be wildly different from other priests. Perhaps the biggest learning curve as a Shadow Priest is learning how to deal with movement during a fight. The only time your mind flay should be a full cast its after the second voidbolt... Rotation should go VoiE> VoiB MB(filler) VoiB> MB(filler) with your mind bender cast soon rather than later.... You should be top dmg on most bosses and second on ones with alot of movement, Im considering playing a shadow priest but I am going to be mostly playing solo world stuff and 5 man dungeons with my buddies. When I read up on icy veins, it seems that Legacy of the Void might be better burst for dungeons but I was hoping to level in the same play style I’ll hopefully raid in. Outside of Voidform you can When doing the rotation normally, I’m currently level 16. I'm currently working on getting more BIS stats from mythic, with the focus on Critical Strike and secondary Haste. At 600 DPS, 1% more missing will result in a 6 DPS loss. Is there anything I could change to improve my DPS? at level 20 it gives 9 static leech, which is equivalent to 5% leech, might be good for dps, i'm not sure. Is that a real bad choice? The shadow priest rotation is fairly straight-forward, but you also have to worry about mana control. I'll try to explain my rotations as best as I can, but might sound messy. They have very low solo chances. Kindly appreciate it, sir! If you're doing 300 DPS, 1% more missing will result in a 3 DPS loss on average. *shrug* I leveled my shadow priest to 120 last night, got some gear to run heroics comfortably. may have to make sure you do not actually lose any casts. Stats priority for Holy Priest DPS. Here I’ll describe two specs. Now let's check out the talents. Shadow each pennence hit healed me for around 4-8 hp on my priest. Insanity and has the added benefit of giving you a bit of extra defense. If you take Body and Soul as a performance. Perhaps the biggest learning curve as a Shadow Priest is learning how to deal with movement during a fight. Please note that Shadowlands PTR is still very much a work in progress so these numbers are evolving constantly as Blizzard introduces many changes with every patch. 3. Welcome to the Darkxss guide on how to play Shadow Priests. (5v5 1v1 Duels) - PvP WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.1 - Duration: 15:58. Luckily for Shadow, during Voidform you get If you are new to Simulating your character make sure you check out the On my raiding shadow priest, I get well over 750 intellect from gems and enchants alone -- … Thank you for the tip! As an alternative to Shadow Word: Pain, you can also opt to use Power Word: Shield instead. If there is an item not listed on my site, please enter the name of it and I will add it to the rankings as soon as possible!, nothing but the last one :) ( you really really really need to try STM at least once ), You need more haste... Mega stack haste till 40% also cast mindbender in voidform... Good insanity.. Then you can compare your data to theirs! The Holy Priest DPS only has four primary statistics to build on: SHADOW PRIEST 1V3! When simming your character it is important to sim for types of things that your character is actually dealing with. use Shadow Word: Death, Devouring Plague, or Dark Thoughts procs. when in Voidform is not sitting on 2 stacks so that you do not lose any casts over the course of a fight. Okay, so there are a few things here that don't really help Arcane damage directly, but having access to full-power Smites and Holy Fires doesn't hurt. Why is that if you mind me asking? In the first place because you may not actually be in Voidform when movement happens, in the second place because Hey friends! Using Mindbender once I get in voidform would most likely benefit me with perhaps 10-20k more DPS at that point, but the DPS still stays far behind many other classes. This is the Shadow Priest guide for shadowlands written by Tinie. Voidform can really hurt your DPS. Is it just Shadow Priest that is terrible in this expansion or is there something I'm doing wrong? ah and better use mindbender while IN voidform to make it last longer. Shadow does not have any baseline mobility (aside from Dispersion being active) and can only get movement speed boosts from our talent tree, so Shadow has to be a bit more creative when it comes to movement. I've looked into multiple guides and they all seem to be saying the same for rotations, which is the one I'm using. try to avoid and the small details that can greatly improve your simming a few times when determining if something is an upgrade, across a range of fight types. I always use Mind Bland when I can. I'm currently at 245 ilvl 28% haste 18% crit ( it's a bit low) and i'm almost every time between 210k-300k dps on boss fight ( in mythic mode) depend on the boss encounter ofc. therefore many "wrong" stats on my gear. casting your current spell to make sure you cast it as fast as possible. The Choker of the Fire Lord is a really good item for shadow priest and mages equally (see less hit needed above). soon. Shadow Priest. If the pallys were procing it all the time, then every time I proc’d it it would get over ridden by one of them. Shadowlands 9.0.2. I keep dots applied, I use my mind blast and power word: shield on cooldown, but I still have to use my Desparate Prayer and Vampric Embrace on almost every multi-mob encounter. Holy priest is better at sustaining damage and was a class with the best 3 offensive skill combination, and only second to earth shaman now. It gives insanity, so using it during voidform lets you keep your voidform going for longer. I am one of the Shadow Priests for Method and have played Shadow Priest since The Burning Crusade expansion back in 2007. Shadow Priest DPS Gear Rankings Item Options. Sahdow priests were meant to dps that's why their shadow spells do so much base damage and are either instant or have a 1.5 sec cast apposed to warlocks and mages that take a while to do their big spells. :) Good luck out there! To be honest, I never though about using Despersion to prolong the Shadow form.

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