Also remember that opening your oven up to peek on the progress of the cookies, will make the oven lose heat and affect ‘cookie spreadage’. Can we add flour after the chocolate chunks have been mixed into the cookie dough. So I am using margarie and not butter and will try this again using butter. Thanks for your help. The amount of baking powder or baking soda. Here's my (BFFs) recipe, very chewy, and no egg. With kitchen-tested quality recipes and step-by-step tutorials, my goal is to give you the confidence to bake and cook from scratch. To prevent sticking, line the pans with parchment paper or silicone liners, or lightly grease the pan with butter or cooking spray. Hi Kevin! Required fields are marked *. My chocolate chip cookies have a greasy flavor and although it is not disgusting at all, it is a bit discouraging to continue eating. I’m having the complete OPPOSITE problem! Subreddit for the Bon Appetit Brand, Bon Appetit Personnel, current and former, News and Fan … My cookies were coming out flat no matter what I did. If your cookies are flatter than you’d like, try these fixes. Join the community on the 1st of every month as we tackle a new challenge recipe.Review Sally's Baking Challenge FAQ page if you have any questions. Dough was placed on warm baking sheets Used a low-fat margarine. My cookies have been fine until recently and that’s the only change I can think of. 1 1/2 cups plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour. What am I doing wrong I tried now 5 times. Then I checked my oven temperature with an inexpensive oven gauge.. Hi Daniela, You can certainly try, or add an extra tablespoon of flour. Are you a serial substituter? I will try your spritz recipe, then go from there. Can I try 1.5 cups next time? My goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge to cook and bake from scratch while providing quality recipes and plenty of pictures. Best wishes Julia from Berlin. If you still notice that your cookies are spreading, another thing you can do to help cookies keep their shape, is increase the heat 10-25 degrees higher than the suggested temperature on the recipe. And if I do will it compromise the taste of the cookie. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Every time I make chocolate chip cookies, they come out puffier and thicker than I would like. Although there are still times when I prefer a more chewy cookie, so this guide will definitely come in handy! Thank you. I thought it was because I used brown butter that was cooled on the counter, but the dough I left in the fridge overnight still came out the same way. Be sure you are using real butter (not margarine, or buttery sticks) and that if the recipe calls for room temperature butter yours isn’t too warm. Thanks for your reply. Second, my cookies seemed to puff up all over - which is not like the Springerle cookies I bought in Germany. Cookies too flat; they spread and thin out while baking : Dough was not properly chilled. Feel free to send us a note at [email protected] and we can chat there thanks so much! I think using fresh baking powder is super important and also making tall dough balls. My question is this: My cookies puff up in the oven and don’t spread- I put them in the fridge for 10 min before baking them. The Talk forum is closed - check out our Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter accounts instead. Has that ever happened to you? Hope the tips in this post are helpful! You said not to use margarine but instead to use butter. Cookies can also stick if they are removed from the pans before they have cooled properly. The Mistake: If your tray of cookies bakes up unevenly—with some cookies tough and overdone and others too soft and raw—it’s probably because the cookie dough balls you started with were too varied in size. Should I be using oil? If the word “sifted” is listed before flour, you sift it before measuring. Could this have made the cookies flat? Last time I melted the butter and then refrigerated the dough, but that didn't make flatter cookies. Read More. Also, be sure you are Measuring your Ingredients Properly, especially your flour. I’ve chilled the cookie dough, spooned my flour (added an extra 2T), followed your tips, checked my oven temp., but no luck keeping them nice and puffy like your photos. Baking powder is a combination of baking soda, acid, and cornstarch and just needs moisture to activate. I been baking your soft chocolate chip cookies lately but I wanted to make them thicker and this helps !!!!! On the other hand, another cookie recipe spreads and becomes very thin even if its chilled. Combine dry ingredients, then add to wet ingredients. Several people have tried them and they all give them a thumbs down. You didn’t want to hear this. Not really. Hi Colleen, If a recipe calls for butter it is best to use real butter and not margarine or oil. Bring the dough to room temperature before baking. I am trying now to bake your chocolate chip oatmeal cookies now for a while. 5 Cookie Baking Tips to Improve Your Next Batch See “What if cookies aren’t spreading” under tip #2. No molasses. If there isn’t enough flour to hold that melted fat, the cookies will over-spread. Sally !!!! What am I doing wrong? Doing so leaves you with excess flour in the cookie dough. When measuring flour, use the spoon & level method. Keep it traditional with this sage and sausage dressing. I’m Sally, a cookbook author, photographer, and blogger. This gives me uniform, thin, cookies. After years of baking cookies– and writing a cookie cookbook— I know exactly what a failed batch of over-spread cookies is like. However as soon as I take them out they fall in height. I use a cookie scoop for oatmeal cookies because the dough is usually sticky and textured. Mine did not "Puff" up and I had bought a brand new can of baking powder to do my Christmas baking, so that was not the problem. Freeze it flat if you’re going to scoop it (it defrosts quickly because it’s flat) or make a log to slice (you don’t need to defrost it, just slice and bake). The first week of every November is all about Thanksgiving Pies. Some cookie recipes produce thin, flat and crispy cookies which are unacceptable if you prefer the puffed, cakey variety. Flattening the scooped-out cookie dough does seem to make a difference. Hi Sally! Hi Kiki, I usually shape cookie dough balls by hand and recommend it for most drop cookies. Do you swap ingredients willy-nilly with complete … Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast and Stuffing (Thanksgiving for a Small Crowd), The Ultimate Homemade Green Bean Casserole, Classic Sage and Sausage Stuffing (Dressing). 1 1/4 teaspoons ground ginger. What can I do to prevent this? I tend to use a scoop and not shape by hand. That worked like a charm! I hope this helps! Reducing sugar will affect how the cookies bake (as well as the flavor, of course). I would lie to know WHY I get a puffy end result with every single recipe I try. It’s the worst!! Pans were greased too much. Have you solved the mystery? If you aren’t happy with the cookie dough rolls you’ve been buying, just create your own. What step am I missing/doing incorrectly? I need my cookies to be dairy free so I substituted the margarine for the butter. But they taste like they are not really baked, they have little wholes and after baking becoming flat and pretty dark. I’m sharing my 10 guaranteed tips to prevent flat cookies. It hasn’t seemed to be a problem for any cookies I bake. Also, can you cut sugar without compromising a recipe. Using the wrong fat. I’ve been trying to make some cookies spread and they stay almost the size as I place them on the cookie sheet. The current chocolate chip one I am making is too sweet. I have found that using airbake cookie sheets with parchment paper are the only way to make sure that they stay chewy (aside from a solid recipe). These are terrific! Can I mix in cornstarch or flour? Would it be OK if I decrease the amount of butter ? I do use butter (unsalted butter) but I’ll add a tablespoon of flour and give it a try ❤️. Hi Beverly, You don’t need to sift flour unless a recipe calls for it. My cookies ALWAYS spread. I also tried lowering my oven temp so the cookies had more time to spread, but I ended up with burnt edges and undercooked-looking middles. Thank you! Chill until firm. My cookies definitely came out puffed-up they were not flat looking like the picture...they were beautifully puffed up and nicely browned and crispy around the edges. Every time I make one, the middle puffs up really high, To level it off, I have to cut off quite a bit of cake and am left with very little in terms of height to decorate. What do you think? The finer the sugar, the more cookies can spread. Let us know what you try! Why do my cakes keep puffing up in the middle? There are many factors that could cause cookies to be flat rather than raised. It was 35 degrees off! Any ideas on how to keep them nice and puffy as they cool? My cookies didn’t spread but instead fell when they were cooling after coming out if the oven. And can we add baking powder with baking soda to have them rise a little bit. All shortening makes cookies puff. . There are several reasons your cookies could come out flat. They were fine and then one day they just became so chubby and puffy. Sally, I used the method you recommend with regards to using a spoon to push the edges back. If your cookies are still spreading, add an extra 2 Tablespoons of flour to the cookie dough. 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg. My husband LOVES super thin and chewy chocolate chip cookies. They turn out completely crispy…and delicious! Doing more baking at this time. My best batch of cookies ever!! Otherwise, the cookies often end up fat in the center and unevenly baked. I doubled the entire recipe for the thumbprint cookies, chilled it overnight and then realized I didn’t double the flour. Sally’s recipe had double the oatmeal and a larger ratio of brown sugar to white. Is that possible?! How to Fix it: As long as the cookies are not tooth-breakingly hard or raw, you can still enjoy them. Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies. Makes 2 dozen. Hi Amanda, which cookie recipe are you making when this happens? Spoon and level that flour or, better yet, weigh your flour. Hi Kathryn! Thank you for your tips. Hey Sally, I am a college student recently getting into baking. These always look so good when I pull them out of the oven, but they deflate every time. What can I donto make them spread??? They are still very good, but never turn out like the pictures. So that could be the issue! Added benefit, you control the ingredients. If there’s too much flour soaking up the fat (usually butter), the cookies won’t spread. Hi Julia, We are happy to help, and this would be easier to troubleshoot over email if you don’t mind! They were delicious, but I need a chewy cookie. Cookie dough freezes beautifully. But they still deflate a bit. Not greasing or lining baking pans can cause cookies to stick to the pans. Hi Latisha! Hi! Learn how your comment data is processed. The ingredients and baking methods you use affect the final texture of cookies. spread depending on the ratio of dry to wet ingredients. Only down side is that they are lacking some flavor; but I would definitely make these again with a few tweaks to add more flavor. Is this true? I am trying to tweak the recipe. Here are the baking sheets I use, and here is where I order my parchment. Cookies spread because the fat in the cookie dough melts in the oven. Nancy, I, too, have made the magical cookies (my own recipe) and had them come out puffy and cakey. They come out amazing already and with these tricks even better . Definitely follow the exact recipe for the best results each time. I am careful with measuring things properly so I don’t think that is the issue. Thank you for the suggestions. If your cookies came out resembling the third one in the biscuit line up of shame, it’s likely that they were made from good dough, but either baked for too long or at too high a temperature. Instead of 350 degrees, it was around 315. You are amazing , inspirational and have the beet recipes and tricks . And it at least shouldn’t be the … Cornstarch helps, but a little more flour would as well. If the word “sifted” is listed after flour, sift it after measuring. My cookies look great when they come out of the oven, but as they cool they flatten and spread. to flour will result in a more tender Your email address will not be published. Pictured today are my salted caramel pecan chocolate chip cookies and soft-baked monster cookies recipe. I am furious that I spent the money and all the time it takes to prepare cut out cookies on this recipe. Any time I try a different method, they don’t turn out. I like to use the store bought rolls of sugar cookie dough in a pinch But they always flatten too much! In the cookies I bought while in Germany, only the image was puffed. Can I just add the required amount of missing flour when the dough becomes room temperature again. Make small changes to your basic cookie recipe to keep them from spreading to flat disks and, instead, produce thick, puffy cookies. Thanks again. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! I realized this after I baked the first batch and had a big puddle of mess. Any idea what could be causing them to lose their puff? 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves. Regarding your suggestion for cookie sheet, I once read, and it made sense to me, where you do not want to use a baking sheet with sides on it when you are baking cookies as this interrupts the flow of heat. Here is my most recent attempt: 1 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup sugar 2 large eggs 2 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons vanilla extract Cream butter and sugar, slowly add eggs and vanilla. Hi thanks for the tips on the cookies. Make sure you are properly measuring your flour. So glad that worked out for you! Hi Kimberly, When cookies aren’t spreading, it usually means that there’s too much dry ingredient (flour) soaking up all the liquid. I use that trick a lot. My husband has already snatched three! I love your tips! Yes, granulated sugar melts in the oven and creates spread in cookies. I use a basic biscuit recipe 250g butter 3/4 icing sugar 3/4 corn flour and normal flour to make a manageable dough but my biscuits spread. So, they probably came out of the oven too brown and too hard. I hate to do it, but these are going in the garbage. salted caramel pecan chocolate chip cookies, How to Properly Measure Baking Ingredients, 5 Cookie Baking Tips to Improve Your Next Batch. I measure all the ingredients properly and take the dough straight from the fridge to the oven already rolled but they are still flat. Could you share a good chocolate chip recipe with me that uses margarine? Based on my research, the problem is usually caused by oven temperature but I have an oven thermometer and the temperate is the same as it’s always been. I have been making a lot of cakes recently from mixes for a cake decorating class I am taking. I chill them, I added more flour. I use some, but learned a few more today….thank you! Honestly it’s going to be difficult to add the flour at this point so it would be best to just start over. I suspect in that recipe that the culprit is the additional ingredients. These cookies are insane. Your email address will not be published. It’s frustrating, unappetizing, and a waste of money. Thank you so much! I know the cookie craving hits. i made pita bread for the first time tonight, and while the first one puffed up nicely, the rest of them got a couple of air bubbles but not the dramatic puff-up. If I add cornstarch, would the cookies stay thicker? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. If you think about the purpose of baking powder in a recipe, it’s to help things puff up and ... My cookies bake on parchment, and then I lay them on the same sheets to dry after decorating, so each sheet gets double duty. Higher heat will make the cookies raise faster in the oven, leading to a puffy, cakelike texture. Hi Julia, Should you sift and spoon flour for your recipes or just spoon flour from the bag or container? Perfectly juicy, crisp-skinned white meat and stuffing with all the flavor, sized to feed a smaller gathering. I made them a bit smaller than the recipe and chilled dough and kept chilled. Hi Sally, I love the look of Spritz cookies but I don’t really like the flavor. Growing up, I always loved my Grandmother’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. A tradition since 2013, every December we countdown to Christmas with 10 new cookie recipes in a row! Thank you for always providing the best recipes and tips! If your cookies are spreading too much, use some of these tips to help. What would be better to keep the cookies dairy free? Thank you! Q: I just started learning to bake, and after several batches of cookies, I can’t figure out how to get the consistency I want — chewy and soft, or even chewy and crunchy. Do not scoop the flour out of the container/bag. You didn’t use room temperature ingredients! My How to Properly Measure Baking Ingredients video and guide should help. All I get is fluffy, cake-like cookies.A dozen batches of chocolate chip, pumpkin, sugar, and chocolate cookies all turned out like little cakes. When I was older, I asked her for her recipe. Ugh. You can see every rolled oat and there is no real cookie taste and texture. Do you know what causes that? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I haven't tested this personally, but I trust the source :) I get good spread on my silpat baking sheets, for what it's worth. Do you typically experience this when baking Springerle cookies? 2 cups packed brown sugar. See more. Food blogs/magazines always have pictures of flat cookies all stacked up high, beauties with ripples and ridges. they came out very thin and chewy and definitely overspread.

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