You can damage them from range but if they get close their biggest advantage is stunning you, but that can be negated with a stun cure scroll. But won’t that be a lot of skill points? Now sure you can still play, but it won’t be much fun. Archers/Hunters are not considered a tanking class and nobody will expect you to be able to do so. BUILDING YOUR ARCHER/HUNTER: Index Code: [XBLDS]. At that point you use a stat reset stone and change your build. If you can farm this stuff you don’t need to read this and thus likely won’t even see this. 50+ is what people call the endgame grind. Roster. But you simply cannot farm these alone, you need to be in a guild, and typically there is only one guild per faction per server that does the FM/Haru and CT bosses. The random multiplier on your LUC is just that, random from shot to shot and unpredictable. Unless you’re high level with amazing gear, you have to focus, tank means REC. In general my advice is look for yellow or green mobs and kill those. I suppose this is the first thing I should comment about before getting into the skills and armors and whatnot. The +17 stat versions sell for quite a bit each. The elements you would need will change depending on your level. 15 Level. In PvP, because of our range, we have the ability to kill enemies even if they are hiding behind their guards or towers since we don’t have to be close to attack them. Don’t think that you’ll be able to get to 60 NM as an archer/hunter unquestionably though, it will take time and more importantly it will take tons of gold or other people to heavily assist or drag you along. The reason is multilayered. This is NOT how critical damage works in Shaiya. Combined with Slow and Slump Shot you could knock down an enemy in PvP by 4 attack speeds, rendering them pretty much a sitting duck. Nevertheless is this a viable option? Try it out cautiously while prepared to run. In general, I don’t recommend that one takes an archer/hunter to level 60 in NM unless you don’t intend on playing HM at all. If that is the case you will have to inch sideways and then double back towards the spawn point when kiting to keep it from resetting. Awesome guide Extreme, thanks. When you create your character you have the option to choose between four modes at the bottom of you customization window. When I dumped my full base into REC, and boosted to 750 DEF with said dirt cheap gear and no buffs, my performance went through the roof. In HM or UM with great gear you have more room for diversity but the reliability of DEF is proffered over the, still not fully understood, ability of DEX evasion. But at higher levels, with the exception of a nos reliant pure STR grinding build, it is never appropriate to be a STR based build rather than a LUC/DEX. I know I skipped about 15 levels but I’ll get to that later. Again I have to recommend you don’t do this as an archer. Elemental lapis is very expensive. They can still be annoying with all their debuff skills and very hard to kill with their high DEF and HP, not to mention their untouchable skills. In no particular order…. But only on some shots as the random factor is still there and can cancel your LUC damage completely sometimes. Level 1 Lapis – It’s pretty much useless, and by pretty much I mean completely. The first question to such a player is this, “Can you even afford a single Resurrection Rune?” This assumes the player is UM. It was a fire/lvl 5 bow and cost around 600 mil at the time (which was the equivalent of billions nowadays). Then the target’s DEF stat is subtracted from this number, and the resulting damage is multiplied by 1.5 times. Unsure whether or not you can kill it before it can kill you? “To ele or not to ele?” That was the title of this section way back when I first wrote it. An extra 100 stats doesn’t mean much if you’re dead. The lower modes just won’t have the points. And this is for PvE. In terms of damage, you won’t hit a white mob for more than you hit a green mob, all other things being equal. How much LUC? This guide has been a long time in the making. I don’t know where they drop or how rare/expensive they are. I personally usually call javelins “javs” in causal discussion. Should I build on full luck? First, before we all burn the house down with our flaming tears and witch cries of “GREED!” let’s concede the first point of this topic. Archers/Hunters have very high DPS (damage per second) against single targets. PvP is not a solo man’s game. So I recommend shooting for a minimum of 6k HP at high levels. They drop from the boss of Maitreyan, Ankylul on lightside, and the boss of Adion Neckria, Astaroth on fury. Two is manageable with the skill bar because you can easily flip back and forth but you can’t do that with three or four weapons easily. But I certainly didn’t have 6 billion gold to throw around trying this technique out. Otherwise you farm them in D-water (1-60 PvP zone) dungeon one or dungeon two. User account menu. Still, level 5 lapis is very wanted and very expensive as a result. By going to a better map it would be much faster as well but the point is “NM” and “archer/hunter” doesn’t mean “screwed in the endgame” or “party leech”. Not billions, but many millions depending on how much you farm. It’s also why defenders/guardians do not like archers/hunters so much, as our LUC gives us the ability to hurt them regardless of how much DEF they have. Let’s just say that even if you could make yourself extremely hard to kill, what other useful skills do you have at this level? You may need to kite like a defender in some of those situations (run around not attacking for the sole purpose of letting the blessing regenerate your HP as your pots are cooling down) But against normal mobs just a little inching backup while shooting is usually enough to maintain that distance. Of course so much depends on your build and your playing style and what your intentions are, but there are a few truths that are useful to all archers/hunters in terms of lapis; and there are some things to keep in mind when choosing lapis. Go play on a private server that has low population and see how things are. These are just ideas, and once you get experience and learn this style of playing you will know yourself what is best. You’ll also need to address the survivability issue, which in my opinion, for an archer/hunter, means adding HP from reconstruction and/or lapis. THe exception is if you possess the equivalent of a full set of heroic armor, including weapon, and a two slot helm, and you are UM. Conseil pour le PVP 1/15 UM + 6 FOR et + 3 DEX The slight difference it seems is that high LUC does seem to give a slight boost to critical accuracy. But until you have over 300 LUC you won’t have a significant critical hit rate, and it won’t be satisfying until you have in the high 400s. In any case, this is not the situation most people find themselves in. Shaiya Rogues Guide by JamesGodden ContentsIntroduction Chapter 1 – Rogue ModesRogues in the various modes of Shaiya from EM to UM Chapter 2 – Rogue Skill ListDetailed skill list for Rogues Chapter 3 – BuildsMainly the grinding builds, see the PvP chapters for PvP related info Chapter 4 – PvEGrinding Grinding Grinding Chapter 5 – […] So please tell me you can swing for a single rez rune by the time you start your serious UM archer/hunter. ASSAULT LAPIS – Adds MIN and MAX ATK to weapons. I use W to move forward of course and I can reach most of the skills via the 1-5 keys without stretching too much. Your hit rate and whatnot will all be unpenalized. But why do that when you can kite tank 10? A lvl 31 or higher priest/oracle that has resurrection lvl 2 skill can bring you back to life. There’s Croll, which slows moving speed by 1 level. Jumping airshot is not on this list because it doesn’t get decent damage until lvl3 which is available only after level 54. If you are not doing this then the REC you will want will be minimal. My archer is on the Lailah server, a lvl 58 UM named Aes. The third test I did was equal LUC and DEX and the results were 24% misses and 76% hits mixed critical and normal of course as an archer/hunter must have around 70 LUC as a forced base at level 60. But WIS does add 1:1 resist and 1:5 MP so that’s beneficial. I’ve said before, the less stat points you have, the more a tanking build will serve you compared to your other options. And then as much LUC as you can, up to about 525. It could potentially take years of more casual play to reach the highest mode and level. Again, preferably you want you damager to be able to kill these things fast enough. Eventually the group beat on me until I went down. An archer is not a class that gets many tank enhancing abilities so we really have to focus and force the ability in with our stats and lapis. After you get Viper Sting Shot at level 37 then the game changes. Remember this is for grinding, not PvP, endgame PvP is most wisely saved for when you are 60 or very close and you typically reset your build/skills to adjust once you no longer have to grind. It’s also used to refer to elemental lapis in general. Attacking them is better. Grand Fantasia is a Free to Download and Free to Play Online 3D anime themed MMORPG where players go on journeys with their Sprite companion battling the forces of darkness. It’s not your character, it’s the performance enhancing drugs that are getting the kills. It would be beneficial to carry both weapon types for this purpose. Hopefully this has helped you and will make the game a more enjoyable experience. Archer UM Build. This class is considered one of the archer’s biggest threats and so these terms often come up. They’re just not well known because they didn’t really do it on purpose and they are dismissed as newbies. This is certainly true for PvE, not necessarily for PvP. These days most people spend billions of gold on their PvP armors and the cost of a stat reset is nothing in comparison. A STR/DEX build wouldn’t be very effective either but that’s not that point. But if Cloron is red to you, you will hit for far less because of the level penalties. If you build in 600 LUC you will have a buffer that will allow you to maintain maximum critical hit rate against anyone with 500 LUC or less. It’s slightly less than the lvl 5s but costs a quarter of the price since you won’t need OP hammers to do it. But seriously it’s all about dual lapis for things such as resist. I will start by saying that this is a highly debated thing. Maybe doesn’t have much or any AP. Here is my proposed ideal setup. Assassin 15. The term is used in many ways, almost always referring to some more complex calculations. Archers are both HM. And if you have a way to get those, then getting a stat reset is not that far off in terms of gold. Kryyn, iLoveThanh, bloodyblade (Disco), buddhistsoldier, Tomal, Sowaroc (Rex), missed_me (yums), AimeeLee, Ervae, CrazyFox (Witchblade), xybolt, the old school guys from Primal Instinct on Lailah, Avyn, PrymeTyme (Xero), AranTelen, Hypnos, Eta, Tantalus (Theaitetos),, Wolfheart, duzildo, frightful, jeejaestitches, Kacia, Arkias, Bullbuttox, LaMa_Will, Isador, Semnphix, Sw0rDsPin, GreenieEm, Stwang, FinallXX, anneefischer, Bril, Pugly, kikix, Dragon Reign on Lailah, n3cr0m33p5, spanner208 (Shoxx), _namora_, TroutofTerror, Maeji, the old school players from Asylum on Lailah, Aeria Games, SonoV, and anyone who ever asked a question that forced me to gain a deeper understanding of the game to answer them. Your end game weapon will also be high enchanted most likely. If you are a Normal Mode wanting to do this build you will be hard pressed to give up base stats to DEX and in the end I feel you are going to want to be Pure REC with your DEX from lapis. It’s the best and it’s about as cheap as you can get. For tank builds, most of the level 6 debuff lapis would be very useful. These are your important stats. There are several Shaiya priest builds for you.For all classes,built is important, but this class allows you to make an unique toon with unique qualities and shortcomings.Ok,read it up now.. Full builts. They also have respectable HP so it can be tricky to take them down before they get close enough to kill you. On to stat point distributions per level. Currently lvl 29. comment. All talk of elements in this guide are regarding level 1 versions. If the target has 1000 defense, any points you have in STR are completely void and only LUC will help you there. Building for PvP is based on one thing, knowing your enemy. probably. Pando mobs have DEF in the 400 – 500 range. But IN GENERAL, this is how archers/hunters tend to stack up against other classes, assuming mode and level are the same. It likely does not contain everything from later updates to EP4 either. I’m not here to tell you WHAT to do but rather to tell you information so that you can choose what you want to do given the environment. I did not find that to be the case however, the active high levels likely consider 50 or 60 attempts to be acceptable, for budget players, especially those who can’t farm them for themselves, this is not such a great option. Each “Volume” is merely another post/section in this page, the first being this post right here. 1. People selling to you are doing so for selfish reasons of course but they are not obligated to sell, they are the ones who killed the monster and obtained the item. Maybe it’s 1/3 of the mobs’ HP. The higher the level of the target the more EXP you gain, but the harder it is to kill. Obviously the better your gear the better your performance. And I’m willing to pay the price of runes to get those benefits. Piercing Shot. The big one being grinding. If anything it would be your MP that limits you with some skills. It would be financially very hurtful to the company and kill the game in the end as it became unprofitable to keep it going. Those familiar with online guides recognize the indexing system below. To the fighter. A caster potting back MP is a caster who, for a second, is not nuking your party for 4k damage. But don’t complain that it’s too hard to make gold and you can’t afford to get the gear because you are technically supposed to be getting the gear for free by killing the endgame bosses. They also drop from the mini boss of Cloron’s Lair, Cloron Troll, and Cloron Dragon himself, as well as the Cloron Dragon and Freezing Mirage Dragon chests that spawn after the dragons die. Typically you won’t have good gear nor will you have many stat points to work with. No matter what, you take around 60 seconds to kill your pulls solo. What about elemental weapons? How much time you want to spend playing and what level and what objectives you want to do in the end will ultimately determine what mode you should be. After level 50 any sane person will be grinding in Pando or other high level, equally difficult, maps. C'est très logique en effet. PURE STR – You know the story by now. But if that doesn’t turn you off or if you don’t want to spend unnecessary amounts of time farming in game you can make billions upon billions of gold by selling AP items. The choice is different for everyone. But you can’t really get away with that since you need DEX. There is low level grinding from lvl 1 to around the mid 30s. Unless your caster is higher level than you and only needs you to hold the mobs for a few seconds before killing them all in three spells. ARCHER / HUNTER QUEST & GRIND GUIDE (EP4), Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide. Noble 1-15 PvP Gear (with orange stats) – The PvP enthusiast will demand they have armor that came from a drop and not a quest because you can add orange stats to it boosting your performance. I have overhauled the skill guide for EP5 to the best of my ability (not 100% complete though). But again, it’s just a game. That pretty much describes our ability in PvP, especially when fighters are running in getting all the attention while we go unnoticed picking off targets one by one. If you are making a tanking build then you’ll want as much REC as you can get. Technique 2: If I know for sure a mob will not be dead or near dead when it gets to me, or that it will hit me very hard I use a preemptive kiting strategy. I believe the minis and bosses of Maitreyan/Aidion Neckria also can drop Dreads. If the community deems that an updated version is necessary and wanted, someone else will have to be my successor because I’ve moved on from Shaiya, my friends, and I won’t be back. For the most part just having two complimentary ele buffs is enough because you’ll never be stuck with the weak element in PvP. I don’t play anymore and while my curiosity has me check back for a few days after a major episode release, I will never again update this portion of the guide. By simply avoiding those few mob types that poison HP you’ve got a technique in which you will nearly never get hit. are some of the cheapest in the game. Dual Fortune: lvl 1 gives +9 LUC and +8 STR, lvl 2 gives +9 LUC and +11 to min AND max ATK (this only links to weapons), lvl 3 gives +9 LUC and +175 SP, and lvl 4 gives +9 LUC and +36 magic resistance. If you’re working with a budget, that is to say not going to use legend/goddess with level 5s or great dual lapis, then there is one choice you want for your weapon. A gray mob is 10 or more levels higher than you. Dóka Benjamin 49,159 views. Shaiya Archer/Hunter Gear Guide by misterdude EPISODE DISCLAIMER: This guide was originally written when Episode 3 was out. Here you can get the cheapest Shaiya Money.

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