To begin with, you need to read it cover to cover. Follow along with this simple 10-step guide on how to install your Trex Select stair railing. Pro tips and tricks to make your deck build or remodel go smooth and efficient. TREX SELECT™ RAILING Installation Instructions HOW TO INSTALL TREX SELECT™ RAILING TREX SELECT™ Read all instructions BEFORE installation. Posts should be installed at a maximum of 6’ or 8’ on center depending on the railing length being used. Saved by Steve Bryant. Mark cut locations on rails at the intersection of rails and posts. 19. Next, place a scrap piece of 1” decking board to run parallel to the bottom rail for support when installing the balusters. Select Rail & Baluster Kit; Shop Railing Accessories TREX SELECT® RAILING Installation Instructions HOW TO INSTALL TREX SELECT STANDARD RAILING/CONTINUED TREX SELECT Installing Pressure-Treated Posts » Select Railing Kits are designed for posts to be installed at maximum of 6' or 8' (1.83 m or 2.44 m) ON CENTER depending on the length being used. I'm just going to share some extra tips here that made my installation go faster. Trex Select composite railing offers durable composite components in Classic White. Tutorial on installing composite decking versus pressure-treated decking. To attach, secure the post caps with silicone or PVC adhesive. ESR-3168 - Trex Transcend®, Enhance®(early gen), and Select® Evaluation Report 2021. Now it’s time to install both bottom and top brackets on each side to the post using the two provided #8-10 x 2” wood screws. With the top rail, starting on one end and working toward the other, feed each baluster into its necessary slot. Make sure to allow for a minimum of 1-9/16” on each end of rail from the edge of the baluster hole to the end of the rail for bracket placement. This will be the location for the footblock attachment, which will be installed last. SHOP TREX SELECT RAILING . Ensure all local building codes are understood and followed. Post Sleeve; 2a. Using a clean, flat surface, lay the bottom railing on its side. The sophisticated finish and high-performance quality makes Trex Select® railing one of the best on the market. Then, place one each on the decking surface beside each post and one near the center of span. While Select decking features our hallmark high-performance shell technology and nature-inspired colors, the complementary white railing is a simple solution for a clean finish. Available in 36" rail height with the option to add color with post sleeves, skirts and caps. Slide post sleeve skirts over the post all the way down to rest on the deck’s surface. Trex Select is a simple and streamlined selection that is designed to be elegant while easy to install. It's important to note the Trex Railing Installation manual is a great document. Protect Joists From Rot. To enclose a deck, Trex deck railing options provide the same durability, wear-resistance and low-maintenance properties that the company builds into its Trex composite decking. I'm also going to share a few things I wish I would have done differently. Two places our … HGTV, HGTV Smart Home, HGTV Smart Home Giveaway and their associated logos are trademarks of Scripps Networks, LLC. 2019 Installation Guide - Trex ® Decking & Railing Guide D´Installation 2020 - Terrasses et Rampes Trex ® (Français) Guía de Instalación 2020 - Terrazas y Barandas Trex ® (Español) Our Trex Deck Cost guide will supply and in-depth guide to the Prices & Costs for all the Trex decking ranges, we will also provide an overview of the Trex brand and their corporate history. Post Sleeve Cap; 2b. Trex Select® railing offers the perfect pairing of price and minimal maintenance for composite railing. Trex Transcend Glass Railing_IBC_STAMPED; Trex Transcend Glass Railing_IRC_STAMPED; ESR-3168 - Trex Transcend®, Enhance®(early gen), and Select® Evaluation Report 2021. Shop trex signature railing. Note: Do not overtighten strap as you may risk bending or breaking the railing. Important: Post sleeves are NOT to be cut for this design style. and cut at least three support blocks at 3-3/4” in height. Used with permission; all rights reserved. Trex Railing Composite Deck Railing Paver Patterns Post Sleeve Laying Decking Deck Posts Modern Deck Decks And Porches Deck Design. Note: Blocking must be added for extra strength. Trex Router Bit: Trex decking routs to give extremely crisp edges when using the Trex Router Bit with standard router, and can be use with all Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners. Before attaching the footblock, invert the bottom rail. As with Trex decking, the railings break into three lines encompassing different materials and options. TREX SELECT RAILING South Carolina Streamlined and simple. Provide safety while allowing the view to be the star of your outdoor space. For more, visit The attachment of the posts to the substructure is one of the most critical parts of a railing system. Trex SELECT® RAILING. ESR-3168 - Trex Transcend ®, Enhance ® (early gen), and Select ® Evaluation Report 2020 CCRR-0301 - Trex Enhance ® Basics and Naturals Evaluation Report 2020 CCRR-0132 - Transcend ® Railing (includes validity memo from testing facility) Note: Shims can be used to plumb post sleeves. How to Install Trex Select Railing | Trex - YouTube - YouTube Insert the balusters into bottom rail slots until they are fully seated. Tip: To help with railing stabilization, consider using a clamp to hold the first baluster to the post sleeve. notching of pressure-treated posts or posts installed on outside of rim joist is not allowed. Photos © 2020 Scripps Networks, LLC. Trex Transcend Railing Installation - #WOOT! Trex Select is a 3-step process. Select Components. Trex calls these lines Trex Select, Trex Transcend and Trex Signature. We keep things tidy in classic colors that complement any deck design — all paired with the balusters to match. Follow along with this 10-step guide on how to install your Trex Select stair railing. When it comes to attaching the footblocks, refer to the footblock instructions. Photos © 2020 Scripps Networks, LLC. It’s Trex ®, simplified. Tip: Be sure to clean up any excess adhesive before it dries. Before cutting your railings, position both the bottom and top rails between posts to ensure baluster holes are lined up and spaced evenly. Place Universal rail (remembering to orient this properly so that when flipped over, the Universal rail will accept the baluster spacer and balusters), on the 2" x 4" (51 mm x 102 mm), centered. This will help temporarily secure the railing section together. Gather scrap material (2 x 4s, decking boards, etc.) For a more detailed set of installation tools, materials and instructions, download our full deck railing installation guide. Note that Position brackets on each side of the top rail and on the same side as baluster holes. Learn how with this helpful video. With such an easy design scheme, Trex Select decking and railing adds our legendary luxury to your home more affordably than ever. Title: Trex Select Railing Installation Guide, Author: TimberTown, Name: Trex Select Railing Installation Guide, Length: 8 pages, Page: 6, Published: 2016-09-29 Issuu company logo Issuu Choose Trex post sleeves, caps and skirts (steps 1 & 2) and pair with a Select rail & baluster kit (step 3) 1. Do the same process on the bottom rail by positioning the brackets on each end of the bottom rail, but this time on the opposite side of the baluster holes. Then slide the post sleeve over the post and position it inside the post sleeve skirt. Tip: For best results, set your drill to the lowest speed when installing screws to avoid stripping or damaging your railing. Trex Select® railing offers the perfect pairing of price and minimal maintenance for composite railing. Copyright © 2020 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Fill out the information below and we will get in touch with you about your railing ideas. Our luxurious-yet-affordable railing offers an easy installation process that’s perfect for the DIYer. Place a ratchet strap around the top and bottom rail and tighten until snug. VAR-1011 - Verification of Attributes Report Green Certification 2021, ESR-3947 - Transcend® & Select® Railing 2020, Rod Rail Stamped Dwgs & Calculations 2018, Elevations Canadian Span Charts-stamped 2020, Trex Elevations Stair US PE Stamped (2017), Canadian Decking Stamp 2020 - Transcend®, Select®, and Enhance®, Canadian Railing Stamps 2020 – Trex Transcend®, and Trex® Signature™, Trex Panel Rail Aluminum and Glass 2019 Residential-Stamped, Trex Panel Rail Aluminum and Mesh 2019 Residential-Stamped, Trex Signature Balcony Rail, 48 inch Span 2019-Stamped, CCRR-0132 - Transcend, Select, and Enhance Railing Code Report 2021, CCRR-0202 - Trex Reveal®/Trex Signature® Railing 2020, CCRR-0301 - Trex Enhance® Basics and Naturals Evaluation Report 2021, CCRR-0325 (Trex Open-Joint Cladding) 2021, BCBC-0078-3-1 (Trex Signature® Railing) 2020, NBCA-0078-4-1 (Trex Signature® Railing) 2020, NBCC-0078-1-1 (Trex Signature® Railing) 2020, OBC-0078-2-1 (Trex Signature® Railing) 2020, BCBC-0078-7-1 (Trex Transcend® Railing) 2020, NBCA-0078-8-1 (Trex Transcend® Railing) 2020, NBCC-0078-5-1 (Trex Transcend® Railing) 2020, OBC-0078-6-1 (Trex Transcend® Railing) 2020, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act.

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