Are there any filters we should be applying to reduce the overall scope and size?”, “Any nuances with the data we should know about?”, “How is the data quality? This document provides a set of standards collaboratively agreed upon to be used when building Tableau dashboards. 2. Who will use the dashboard? If you don’t need real-time data and aren’t working over billions of row… Data Cookbook specification cheat sheet: Tableau dashboard. When possible, try to use the same level of detail on multiple sheets on a dashboard to enable query batching. Use fixed-size dashboards. Strings and dates are slow, numbers and Booleans are fast. Slow calculations? Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Practice Exam, Tableau Dashboard Requirements – How to Guide, Animating Time Series data with a Tableau Motion Chart, Tableau Workbook (twb) vs Tableau Packaged Workbook (twbx), “If you could wave a magic wand and have the perfect dashboard, what would it look like?”, “What questions should this dashboard be able to answer for you?”, “How will this dashboard change the way you work?”, “Who are the end users of this dashboard? If it is slow in Tableau Desktop, it will (almost always) be slow in Tableau Server. Required fields are marked *. This checklist is intended to make you aware of things you will want to consider related to workbook performance. Do this in lieu of putting … Please use these as guidance in your development. There are more resources on how to build content in Tableau out on the Internet than I could possibly cover here, so I’m not going to even try. For example, a dashboard can be primaril… Publishing to Tableau Server will not improve performance. Keep joins as limited as possible. There is no silver bullet for inefficient workbooks. As much as we’d all love to just play in Tableau-land all day long, it’s important to understand the “Why” behind what we’re creating and its true purpose. We’ll need to map out how they do their job, and weave in those factors to make sure we’re designing something that will optimize the end users experience. For dashboards that use guided analytics, try using Filter Actions instead. This general list of considerations is a start in learning how to approach optimizing workbooks. Filtering on a categorical dimension value that summarizes many points—such as filtering a state instead of all the cities in that state—is more efficient. 2. Index the tables in your relational database. So now that you have a good grasp on the dashboard’s requirements, it’s the perfect time to hit the whiteboard and start creating a wireframe to design and bring the dashboard to life! Consider using aggregated extracts and extract filters. If you don’t need real-time data and aren’t working over billions of rows of data, you should try them. Work with the design & branding team to pull the latest logos and color palettes into Tableau. Long-running queries? Every dashboard should have a summary or short description of what the dashboard is intended to show and who the intended audience is. Automobile dashboards give you a view of what is going on under the … Make sure database permissions support creating temp tables. This last point is a catch-all for considerations that you should check off early, before you start building. So let’s make sure we actually understand what our audience is looking for, and not attempt to read their minds. It’s extremely important to get all of your data at the same granularity to avoid inconsistent and inaccurate reporting. Create Efficient Calculations(Link opens in a new window). How often should the data be updated in the dashboard? Designing Dashboards that Deliver: Translating Tableau Insights for Business Users. Use Extract and Data Source filters to limit the amount of data being brought into Tableau. Use filters, hide unused fields and aggregate. Use insights to focus your efforts in the right direction. The requirements phase is absolutely essential and will serve as the foundation for what we’ll soon be developing for our client. Performance tuning is highly individualized to the context of your environment, data, analysis, and workbook. Issues with data freshness?”, “Is there a need to implement any security measures to ensure data is only visible by certain teams or individuals?”, “Would you be able to connect me with the branding team to ensure we’re adhering to the corporate style guide?”.

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