The same story that John M. Uscian (and the same solution) recalls happened in another National Park in South Africa, Pilanesberg. Hippos are grey, brown, black color and often have pink shine on them. Gorilla vs Lion. A crocodile any day. Let’s take a look at the lion vs bear match up from a strictly factual perspective. Related video shorts (0) Upload your video. Showdown (#2) 6 Book Set: Rhino vs Hippo, Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear, Lion vs Tiger, Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Velociraptor, Killer Whale vs Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark vs Bull Shark with Temporary Tattoos! Who Would Win. 6,000 pounds (Im smelling a winner)! #lionanimal #wildanimals #animalloverscolombia #animalslover #animalfights. Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 'Pandemmys' NBA star not leaving bubble for birth of child Considering the unavoidable size differences between the two, the bear should be hot favourite to win any battle with a lion. i think a great white would win Round 1: 1 African Elephant Bull vs. 1 Black Rhino Bull. In stock. They probably won t win against 2 lions though. Pit bulls often win in the fights between them and Coyotes. We would never want to pit these creatures against one another in real life. Both beasts of fearsome strength, we decided to try our hand at weighing the odds of who would win in an ultimate gorilla vs lion showdown. This informative article features a fight between these two animals to determine who’s the strongest among the two. The hippo would need to get a good, well placed bite in the rhino to do some damage, and rhinos are fucking huge. on A male lion weighs in at 420 pounds. As already stated in the thread, rhinos are heavier and faster, and their weapons are at their disposal all the time. In one video it had an entire pride surrounding it, and it still went and drank the water. On one hand you have a ferocious big cat who has stealth, smarts and speed and on the other side you have an enormous animal with a piercing horn and has skin that is two inches thick! Elephant vs Lion. Lion vs Rhino. … When it comes to a battle with a healthy and full sized elephant, a lion has an … Watch the Elephant vs Rhino in the video below : Round 2: 1 African Elephant Bull vs. 3 Black Rhino Bull . Who Would Win? Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Take the blinders off man. Quantity. The same for a Rhino and Hippo. I usually feel like I can give them a pretty good answer but they asked me about a grizzly (brown bear) vs a rhino. 2:01. Bear they look cute and fuzzy but they are much more dangerous than lions. The lion does occasionally win these battles, but rarely. Be the first video Your name here. Betting became a farce, since the Bear would win every time. Entertainment All . Male Lion fighting Hyenas for stealing food In South Africa _ Who win. 4 CIA operators set sail to spy on China. Both of these animals are extremely territorial; however, the hippo is more aggressive compared to a rhino. Start reading Rhino vs. HIppo (Who Would Win?) Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. African Elephant vs. Black Rhino. 0:50. Don't have a Kindle? I don't think a tiger could even win in an endurance based attack. Their front limbs aren't as useful for fighting, but they are probably much stronger than raptor arms. The rhinoceros skin is much harder as compared to that of the African bush elephant. They have razor sharp claws and daggers for teeth and can bite down on prey with a force of over 650 pounds per inch. If you think for one second a solitary Lion stands a chance against those three, you need help bro. The lion would win because they're stronger, faster, kill more humans which makes the lion more dangerous. The biggest advantage would be the lion’s speed, however, it would not help him other than getting away from the gorilla. LION VS CROCODILE REAL FIGHT WHO WIN. Playing next. Hyena would win cause both will fight in packs but i know wolfs are larger but hyenas have a much more stronger bite force than wolfs IPA | 7.5%. A single swipe from the Bear was enough to crush the relatively thin skull of the Lion. Hippo vs Lion. The biggest distinction is that lions often hunt in a pack, while tigers are solitary predators. Similar to tigers, lions use their teeth and claws to take down prey. Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Did you ever wonder who would win a battle between the king of the jungle and this ancient, armour-skinned horned beast?? 16:51. Rhino vs Lion - Who Is The win the fight? But to their disbelief, the Bear still won every time. 47 global ratings . Report. Hippo's teeth can measure 50 cm. So lions are bigger and stronger but raptors are smarter and probably have better mobility. The guys saying the rhino would trample the crocodile is wrong. A fourth a ton! 355 mL CAN $ 3.45. Lion isn’t even one ton. It would be somewhat of a close thing which is probably why they almost won’t clash head to head in the wildlife. Add to cart. If a shark vs whale shark who would win? The lion would eat the rhino. the rhino would send the lion flying into the air, and fall down. so the rhino would win. Bison vs Bear fight is a deadly match that no one would like to miss!They both are extremely powerful and dangerous animals. share. So! My kids love playing the who would win game with animals or superheroes vs each other. save hide report. Never mind, lion vs rhino. From the above facts, we can clearly see that Coyotes are weaker than Pit bulls and Wolves, although they are wild animals and belong to the same family as the Wolf. Of course, all of this is merely speculation. They are approximately 8 feet long, run up to 50 miles per hour, have 1.5-inch claws and a 650psi bite force. 0 came back. Round 1: Unless you mean like 10 lions, Rhino will take the W easily. These species are nocturnal in nature. I'm figuring the male lion's tend not to hunt so it is the role of the lionesses to hunt when in a pride.. In a fight between a gorilla and a lion, they would be pretty equally matched. rhino's hor is twice as big and rhinos are more aggressive. The battle between two male rhinos commonly don’t amount to much more than horn clashing and also some urine spraying. Hippo vs Rhino fight- who will win? Rhino vs. Hippo book. Log in Ask Question. However male lions will hunt with other male lions if they do not have their own pride.. then i would say the stand a pretty good chance of taking a rhino down.. Showdown (#2) 6 Book Set: Rhino vs Hippo, Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear, Lion vs Tiger, Tyrannosaurus … Rivers, swamps, and wetlands are the habitat of a hippo; unlike rhinos, these species are also herbivorous who feed on creeping grasses, small green shoots, and reeds. They weigh over 500 pounds, can reach speeds of 50mph and leap up to 36 feet. I believe the Rhino would win kinda easily. Lions are up to 10 feet long and can weigh in at over 500 lbs for a big male. there is something we need disclose first. Weight. I'll say the rhino will win in a slight advantage. Lions are the apex predator and have little to worry about when it comes to being preyed upon. Well one vs one combat id say this. 4.8 out of 5 stars. And the lion could also attack the rhino from the behind so the rhino can't fight back. It makes no difference if this is a captive tiger and lion or wild tigers and lions. This thread is archived. First of all they have 5000 psi in their bite which could probably kill most animals in one bite. All the videos I've seen of rhinos being attack by lions and stuff, the rhino doesn't have to move too much. Generally speaking, adult rhinoceroses have no real predators in the wild; apart from maybe human poachers. Customer reviews. It would not be hands down either of them (who could make such a claim? The rhino is slightly heavier but the hippo is longer. What if a rhino and a hippo had a fight? By reading this article you come to know interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the two animals. If you were barbaric and cruel, I suppose you could put a gorilla and a rhino in a small pit together and see who injures themselves the most. I am going to use the biggest bull I can find, and therefore pit it against the biggest Rhino, the White Rhino. Lion vs Hippo Real Fight - Lion vs Hippo Who Would Win Part 2 - From The Nature. That is, what kind of Rhino are we dealing with? But curiosity is a temptress and we can’t help but throw our two cents in this great internet debate. 4.8 out of 5. Browse more videos. Round 2: Most bears will be easily murdered by a lion, but if it s one the really big ones such as Grizzly, Polar, or Kodiak, THEN they could fight off a lion. 8 comments. Who Would Win? Lions, hyenas, and crocodiles are the most common predators of the hippos. Who would win a rhino vs a lion? on your Kindle in under a minute. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rhino is 3 TONS!!!!! In an effort to even the odds, Lions were imported from Africa by the organisers of these barbaric contests. Reply ↓ Nick April 26, 2017. 90% Upvoted. Round 3: 1 of each, but they're being telepathically controlled by a human saddled on the back - the humans aren't used to their new mounts. ), but all evidence seems to support that the Tiger is the one most likely to win, not the Lion. Hence, even though the African Bush Elephant will try to crush the rhino with its 5.5-ton feet, it will be difficult for it due to the agility of the Rhino. Typically female lionesses do the majority of the hunting, while the male lion or lions stays back and protects the pride. Bear vs Lion – Tale of the Tape. White, Black or Indian? Cause lion would totally beat the things that are only 12 times their size. When they do move, they are very surprising at how quick and agile they are. But that's such a convoluted scenario that it would be impossible to generalize anything form the result, nor would it be possible to predict the "winner" based on prior knowledge of the two species. You might be wondering who would win in a fight between a hippo and a lion? Coyote vs Pitbull vs Wolf Fight comparison- who will win?

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