Ten years ago when the village accountant sent his son Ranga to Bangalore for studies, the situation in the village was different. Ranga was just the boy for her, and she, the most suitable bride for him. The boy is the son of the accountant of the village. The whole village gets excited to see Ranga and thus, they gather around his home only to see how he would have changed. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Ranga finally asked the narrator about the girl. The narrator then brings about a comparison as to how things were different ten years ago when not many people knew or spoke English. The story depicts the life in Indian villages in the past when child marriage was a common practice. I went in alone and came out a minute later. He is easily influenced by the English way of life and customs. Ranga insists that everything is fine with him and he is his normal self. He pursues his studies in Bangalore. What can I do for him? He will help them to reach there. Shyama seemed like someone who knows how to make his own way. He even revealed that Ranga has some girl on his mind whose name related to something that belonged to the ocean. The very next morning I went to their house and told Rama Rao’s wife, “I’ll send some buttermilk for you. The village accountant’s son, Ranga was the first one to be sent to Bangalore, to study. It will also give you helpful NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 3. The narratorasks the readers to take a bite and assures that the sourness of the mango will be felt by them till the top of their head (where Brahmarandhra is located). A. Come visit us, and I will give you a raw mango from one of them. To his surprise, Ranga told him the truth that whatever Shastri said is true. It’s about our own Ranga’s marriage and hence no fancy title. Then, he met Ranga that afternoon and he carried the same disappointment on his face. How can one admire a girl with milk stains on one side of her face and wetness on the other, or so young that she doesn’t even know how to bite her fingers?” “One a neem fruit, the other, a bittergourd.” “Exactly!” Ranga said, laughing. I have seen a few places in my time, though.” As a matter of fact, he has seen many. Let me leave.” Words, mere words! The narrator felt that Shastri was lying because they saw each other that morning and thus he immediately responded. • The story 'Ranga's Marriage' is set in a village Hosahalli, which was in the erstwhile Mysore state. His name is Gundabhatta. Sorry, I started somewhere and then went off in another direction. What has happened is disgraceful, believe me. Thinking of how nice Ranga is, the author thought it would be a good deed to have him married to a girl just as nice as him. Its flowers are a feast to behold. Rangas Marriage, by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, is a story about a boy who returns to his village after receiving education in English medium from Bangalore. Don’t forget, I developed on the hints you had given me.” Tell me, is this what a decent man says? The narrator finds it disgraceful when people mix Kannada language with English. But now I burst out laughing. Narrator, very wittily, makes a remark that he went through the same feelings when he was seeing girls for himself and immediately mentions that it could not be the reason for Ranga. That was why … Moving on, he admires Ranga and wants to get him married but to his dismay, Ranga has very different views about marriage at that point. Everyone was so excited because during those days, not everyone used to get a chance to go to cities for studying. Shastri seemed to not like what the narrator was saying. Since I was a frequent visitor to Rama Rao’s place, the girl was quite free with me. It would be a fine thing to have him marry, settle down and be of service to society, I thought. Kalyana- beautiful, lovely,auspicious in Sanskrit I too did not know. Tutored- taught. “But that girl is married...” I said, Then I turned to him. She may take my words spoken in love as words spoken in anger. I’m already married and you aren’t the marrying kind.”. The girl in Rama Rao’s house is Ratna. Ranga’s Marriage is an interesting story of how a person manipulates to get a young boy married to an eleven-year-old girl in a village. Download Ebook Rangas Marriage Chapter Rangas Marriage Chapter Yeah, reviewing a books rangas marriage chapter could accumulate your close associates listings. This article will help you to learn about the summary, characters and themes in the short story “Ranga’s Marriage”, written by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. If any one of you would like to visit us, drop me a line. What a marvellous shastra yours is!” He didn’t like it at all. What a pity! He is a man with good judgement of character. Shyama, the narrator guesses her name to be Ratna but again, she is married. Ranga’s Marriage Summary In English The story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ is located in Hosahalli, a village in the former Mysore state, now a part of Karnataka. After things went a bit awkward, Ranga said that he feels it was his coming that stopped the singing so he must leave. All of us ate it. There’s no performing monkey here.” A boy, a fellow without any brains, said, loud enough for everyone to hear, “What are you doing here, then?” A youngster, immature and without any manners. Ranga’s Marriage by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar is the story of a young man who had returned from Bangalore after higher studies. I once took one such fruit home and a chutney was made out of it. During the holidays, you come across them on every street, talking in English. 3. Shall we put your science of astrology to the test?” There was authority in my voice as I spoke to Shastri. He appeared to be doing certain calculations. People rushed to his doorstep announcing, “The accountant’s son has come,” “The boy who had gone to Bangalore for his studies is here, it seems,” and “Come, Ranga is here. He justifies his claim by telling an incident where he was at Rama Rao’s house and they had just bought a bundle of firewood from an old lady. “Rangappa, when do you plan to get married?” “I am not going to get married now,” he said. He was curious to see the singer and very cautiously he tried to have a look which disturbed the lighting in the room. Janewara- (in Kannada) the sacred thread worn by Brahmins. Ranga, the accountant’s son, is fortunate enough to have acquired a city education. The story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ is located in Hosahalli, a village in the former Mysore state, now a part of Karnataka. Ratna was shy and thus, looked  downward whereas Ranga stealthily glanced at her. Ranga’s Marriage is an interesting story of how a person manipulates to get a young boy married to an eleven-year-old girl in a village. “Surprising. He is also funny by way of which he teased the village Shastri. Thus, he can’t highlight its importance any more. An old lady who was near him, ran her hand over his chest, looked into his eyes and said, “The janewara is still there. Nov 21, 2020 - Summary - Chapter 3 - Ranga's Marriage, English, Class 11 | EduRev Notes is made by best teachers of Class 11. 1. Everyone was surprised to see that Ranga was the same as he had been six months ago, when he had first left our village. There may be some other girl who is suitable. The narrator has beautifully elaborated … If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. On the other hand, the Shastri disagreed on having staged anything predetermined. Get two leaves from the creeper when you go to the pond for your bath, and you will not have to worry about not having leaves on which to serve the afternoon meal. On seeing a stranger, Ratna immediately stopped her singing. He did not want the singing to stop, but was curious to see the singer. })(window, document); Behold- see or observe (someone or something, especially of remarkable or impressive nature), Paraphernalia- trappings associated with a particular institution or activity that are regarded as superfluous, Class 12 English Chapter wise Explanation, Chapter 1 The Portrait of a Lady CBSE Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 2 We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together CBSE Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 3 Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 4 Landscape of the Soul Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 5 The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 6 The Browning Version Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 7 The Adventure Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 8 Silk Road Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 1 Snapshots Book The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 2 Snapshots Book The Address Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 3 Snapshots Book Ranga’s Marriage Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 4 Snapshots Book Albert Einstein at School Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 5 Snapshots Book Mother’s Day Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 6 Snapshots Book The Ghat of the Only World Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 7 Snapshots Book Birth Class 11 English Lesson, Chapter 8 Snapshots Book The Tale of Melon City Class 11 English Lesson, Poem 1 A Photograph Class 11 English Lesson, Poem 2 The Laburnum Top Class 11 English Lesson, Poem 3 The Voice of the Rain Class 11 English Lesson, Poem 5 Father to Son Class 11 English Lesson, CBSE Class 11 English syllabus 2020 (English core, subject code 301), Learn English Grammar in Hindi ( step by step) - Learn English Online Videos, English Writing Skills - Class 10, 12 Letter Formats, Email etc, Entrance Exams for Arts students after Graduation, List of Entrance Exams conducted by IGNOU. In those days, there were very few people in Hosahalli who knew English. However, Shastri completed his sentence and saved the entire situation. Annayya- (in Kannada) a respectful term for an elder Now since these are both adults, they would understand each other’s actions and behaviour. The whole set-up he staged with the village Shastri in order to get Ranga and Ratna married, pose as evidence for that. CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots book Chapter 3 “Ranga’s Marriage” Multiple Choice Questions ‌(MCQs‌) with Answers. The narrator called him immature. A boy “without brains” shouted loud enough for everyone to hear and in a rude way. “It’s Shyama’s birthday. According to the author, those times were simpler. “I don’t know all that. All of it came together now to a girl named Ratna, who is the niece of Rama Rao. Shastri turned to Ranga. Shastri moved his lips while counting quickly and asked Ranga about his star which he did not know. And some happiness. I am a poor animal who has already eaten nine lions. For a while we talked about this and that. They live in the village Hoshali in Mysore. Now the scenario has changed completely. “I have no headache. His belief in all the Shastras had strengthened. Seeing so many people there, Ranga came out with a smile on his face. I will let you know where Hosahalli is and what things are like here. The narrator makes fun of him because he had no intention of going. Not many people in the village at that time could understand or talk in English. He took out two sheets of paper, some cowries and a book of palmyra leaves, saying, “Ours is an ancient science, ayya. The narrator confesses that he too did not know what it meant until he asked Rama Rao. It was only when he went to Ranga’s house, that he told him. Full of hope, he asks if she isn’t married yet to which the narrator replies that she is, probably a year ago. Comment with reference to the story. Just as the mango is special, so is everything else around our village. “Never mind,” Shastri indicated with a shake of his head. He jokes about it and says one can not expect actions and words to match in the Kalyuga. I am not the only one who speaks glowingly of Hosahalli. Ratna was standing at the door. You eat it slowly, savouring its peel, before biting into the juicy flesh. It is the dwelling house of the human soul. What would have happened to Kalidasa’s play? The story Ranga’s Marriage is narrated by Shyama, a concerned inhabitant of Hosahalli which is located in the state of Mysore (before Independence). He is about thirty and his wife is twenty-five, I am told. he was very shocked a he thought that ranga would be a good husband. Our Rangappa seems to have something on his mind. I only told you what our shastra indicated,” Shastri said. In present times,  the bride and the groom have a say in the matter unlike decades ago where even their consent was not considered important. He is three.” “It’s not a nice name —Shyama,” I said. “She was married a year ago.” His face shrivelled like a roasted brinjal. Ratna was quite familiar with the narrator as he visited Rama’s place frequently. The narrator expects the readers to be questioning the simplicity of the title “Ranga’s Marriage”. The story is a first person … In this story, the narrator tells us about a very interesting incident from his life. “It was my coming in that stopped the singing. He completely disagreed with having staged the entire conversation. At the news of his arrival, the villagers gather at his home to analyse if he had changed or not and what is his perception about marriage. Ranga asked the narrator why he called for him. The boy is the son of the accountant of the village. Harikatha- Story of Lord. Ranga expresses that he doesn’t intend on marrying now because he intends on finding the right girl. Shyama is none other than your servant, the narrator of this tale. He bent low to touch my feet. I know an officer who got married only six months ago. His homecoming after six month makes a big event. He was against the arranged marriage. When Ranga came back to the village, everyone was keen on seeing how their culture had transformed him. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Hence, the story portrays Astrologer’s perceptions to be based more on hearsay and conjecture than what they learn from the stars. As understood, endowment does not recommend that you have wonderful points. “What’s the matter? Bharatvarsha- India He says it is just as important as Mysore is to India, Karigadabu to a festive meal and filling is to Karigadabu. Rambling- (of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential. Shastri made it seem like no big deal when Ranga left and Shyama called it “his marvellous shastra”. I am always here, ready to serve you. But I don’t think that that could be a reason for your present condition.” Ranga stared at me. “Could it be Pachchi, moss?” “Must it be moss if it’s not Kamala? The narrator waited till the crowd cleared and asked him about his well-being. On the way, we passed by Rama Rao’s house. “Come, let’s go and see Shastri,” I suggested. Ratna, it was. Like a flock of sheep- a group of people behaving in the same way or following what others are doing To make it look real, Shastri interfered in their name guessing game and told them that he only told what can be read. Tell me, is there any chance of our negotiations bearing fruit?” “Definitely,” he said, after thinking for some time. After a while, Ranga left, saying, “I must go, I have work at home.” I went to our Shastri the next morning and told him, “Keep everything ready to read the stars. What you said to me was what I could have found out myself from the shastras. Ten years ago, the village didn’t have many people who knew English. That afternoon, Ranga visited the author with a few oranges which the narrator thought was quite thoughtful of him. One sheep walks into a pit, the rest blindly follow it. Ratna ran inside, overcome by shyness. I must draw your attention to this aspect of Ranga’s character. Not many people know of it and the narrator does not blame them because there is no trace of it in the geography books. Only a few courageous people would send their children to study in cities like the village accountant sent Ranga to Bangalore. But it is very appropriate as it is about Ranga’s marriage—a simple young boy from Hosahalli village. Later, when I went to Ranga’s house and asked him, I understood what it meant. The story talks about the influence English language had decades ago in his village. The narrator asks the Shastri to take out all his tools to help solve whatever is going on in Ranga’s mind with full authority. You will say I am rambling. Rare breed- a person or thing with characteristics that are uncommon among their kind; a rarity. He went away quoting some work. I know I could have used some other mouth-filling one like “Jagannatha Vijaya” or “Girija Kalyana.” But then, this is not about Jagannatha’s victory or Girija’s wedding. Ranga repeatedly glanced at her. He then took Ranga to visit him where he predicted that Ranga has a girl on his mind and her name resembles something found in the ocean. She is eleven years old and is Rama Rao’s niece.

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