Details. Yes, somehow ALSB has a special X-factor to it that’s very special. He was warmer in tone to Yu Yin than to Mo Mo, and Mo Mo felt the sting, and that’s why she got angry. See more ideas about linyi, chines drama, actors. Maybe because I’m too old for this kind of stories that stretching a simple romance between two university students into 24 episodes is really dragging it too far for me. I didn’t like Chen Xiaoxi’s boss in ALSB so seeing that was Fu Pei was so weird! E17. I like that Mo Mo’s modus operandi with Fu Pei now, is to speak to him very matter-of-factly. And he even takes her to the hospital to get checked out. I really liked how Si Tu Mo rejected Fu Pei, it was so mature and well-done. Her words don’t carry bitterness, while still acknowledging that she doesn’t quite wish to accept his apology and tell him it’s ok. E11. Gu Wei Yi gazing at Mo Mo’s student card and smiling to himself, and then taking a picture of it for himself, is cute. For the record, there are lots of folks who found this very cracky indeed, so there’s that too. Most of the time, they’re very level-headed, but everyone has a limit and their emotional (limbic) reactions don’t seem make sense when you’ve seen them act with their frontal lobe the majority of the time. ), I’m almost halfway through (14 eps in as I type this), and liking it very well! It consistently made me smile and I never caught myself checking the time. This, soon after what Zhou Lei said about them probably having done everything that a couple does, too. Was the couple eating with Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen at the hotpot restaurant supposed to be Fu Pei and Si Tu Mo? Truthfully, she could’ve just snapped and said “i don’t fucking want you to talk to momo bc you are mine otherwise get the fuck off my lawn” but no she didn’t went Cardi B and Asia with it. The chemistry between the male and female lead is there and the interaction between the two looks natural and great to watch. When Mo Mo jerks nervously at a sound, the way he doesn’t let it get in the way, but intently leans back in to kiss her, is pretty swoony. Persistence can be very swoony indeed. E1. Fu Pei really doesn’t spare any thought for Mo Mo’s feelings. The fact he’s 富二代 is random – he doesn’t even use that status at the beginning and then they can’t stop mentioning it in the second half; he’s so awful to Mo Mo at the beginning and the reasons provided don’t make sense; his ‘complicated’ relationship with his father who beats him but is secretly proud?? I’m curious; which one did you like the best? I really wonder why they wrote Fu Pei and Shan Shan like that.. it was so not endearing! I think that must put a lot of pressure on people to have that expectation. And looks like beer does fuel our boy with liquid courage. The way he tenses up when his bunkmate complains that the girl he likes keeps allowing her ex-boyfriend to hover around her; the way he doesn’t want her to move out; the way he can’t help smiling to himself at her cuteness, when the stray bedsheet lands on her head. I liked this more than A Love So Beautiful. He offers to turn off the light, but she stops him. Title: 致我们暖暖的小时光 / Zhi wo men nuan nuan de xiao shi guang English title: Put Your Head On My Shoulder Genre: Romance, Youth Episodes: 24 Broadcast network: Tencent Broadcast period: 2019-Apr-10 to 2019-May-08 Related TV series: A Love So Beautiful (2017), The Love Equations (2020) Original soundtrack: Put Your Head On My Shoulder OST She’s always clearly her own person, and I like that a lot. That was thoughtful and I’m happy that she liked it. When Gu Wei Yi’s plan of a candlelit steak dinner at home doesn’t quite go as planned, she remarks that the elegant life just doesn’t suit them, then blithely suggests they just tear at the meat with their teeth like they’re eating pork chops, and hands Gu Wei Yi a pair of chopsticks. I thought this was a super sweet show (prequel) to ALSB, but I agree that I liked ALSB more as well. The whole drama merely details the very ordinary life of the main characters with their love problems. And in the second half I actually skimmed through several episodes with no interest in the side stories. He catches the chance to … I love her. I so agree with you. The plot itself is simple and concentrates almost entirely on Wei Yi and Tu Mo. Especially Fu Pei. E9. put you're head on my shoulders is a cdrama and it's still an on going television series therefore I'm dying waiting for the new episodes to be uploaded.. if you are into fluffy, light hearted fresh dramas this will defenetly be you're cup of tea . They both have a more complicated background and character. That moment when Gu Wei Yi remembers the kiss, and then immediately moves to kiss her again. She never comes across like she’d be crushed without him, or that she can’t carry on without him. Gu Wei Yi: Who’s Circle’s mom? When Gu Wei Yi tells the teacher that he calls the shots in their (brand new fake) relationship, Mo Mo immediately pipes up, “Says who? Even though I'm not usually in the mood for gritty, I'm almost always up for a good story! E20. This is probably one reason why he fell for her so quickly too. I do love that Mo Mo’s aware that Gu Wei Yi’s working hard to be romantic, and she asks him for a hug, then tells him, “You’re very romantic.” Awww. E17. That awkwardness and discomfort is something that you don’t usually see in dramas. How refreshing. Or was he just waiting outside the dorm, hoping to see her? Usually, even if the boy is supposed to be inexperienced in the narrative, he magically becomes a sex god when the ‘right girl’ shows up. He just can’t help himself when it comes to Mo Mo, and I dig it. And yes, the secondary couple didn’t do anything but add aggravation to my watch, so you definitely didn’t miss anything there! So, my recommendation for this Put Your Head On My Shoulder review is to skip it unless you are a diehard college romance drama fan or love to watch cute couples. Also, while it’s true that Lin Yi’s delivery leans stiff, he does deliver pretty fantastic soft gazes and stifled half smiles, and because these are sprinkled liberally through our story, I found myself quite quickly growing a soft spot for the handsome genius. I don’t appreciate it either, and Fu Pei is so undeserving. Why do they do a rotating camera around a kiss? I just love how Mo Mo conducts herself when Fu Pei confronts her about not liking him anymore. E20. Gente. Here’s a slightly deeper dive into the various instances where I found Mo Mo very appealing indeed. Hope you likey! Here are two more instances, for the record: E6. Flash Review: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes [Hundred Million Stars From The Sky], Dear kfangurl: What are some dramas that would make my day better? Sigh. E1. Link. But with his brains and good looks, he still has his fair share of admirers among the girls. #2 in 1959. Aw, thanks for enjoying this review, dear Mary! I don’t appreciate Shan Shan holding on to Fu Pei who is quite the loser, and even more than that, I don’t appreciate her volunteering to bring him to Mo Mo, when Mo Mo has clearly stated that she’s not keen to see him. I’m so pleased that you liked this show well enough to give it a B+ +. This entry was posted in Dear kfangurl and tagged 18 Again, A Piece Of Your Mind, A Poem A Day, All About Eve, At Eighteen, Beauty Inside, Crash Landing On You, Dear kfangurl, Do You Like Brahms?, Find Me In Your Memory, Find Yourself, Her Private Life, Hi Bye Mama, Hospital Playlist, nice leads, Oh My Baby, One Spring Night, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Record Of Youth, Romance Is A … I agree that ultimately it’s a fluffy cute and fun show but I prefer ALSB, ALSB is special. I’m not impressed with Shan Shan, for the way she basically toys with Fu Pei, when he shows up to take her to her exam. Yes, this one was slower and less cracky, but there was definitely enough sweet in there to make up for it, for me. Based on the novel by Zhao Gangan, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” is a 2019 romantic drama directed by Zhu Dong Ning. , Click to read more! His current height is 187cm. And then when he does show up, he’s all over the place and completely inattentive to her needs. He will explain common behaviours and actions in a scientific manner that others might find weird. , Pingback: Year In Review: 2019 | The Fangirl Verdict. If you’re looking for another good chinese web series, I could recommend you Hello, My Debate Opponent. As for Le Coup De Foudre, I feel like between the 2 shows, LCDF has more substance. This was not fun to watch, and also, made the OTP relationship feel strained, which I didn’t like. Furthermore, the girl and the boy have been housemates for a period of time that the shyness part when it comes to physical intimacy just seems overdone. I enjoy watching the drama .. every scenes make my heart flutter I feel like I felt basically the exact same way, except that I didn’t actually skip scenes of the side characters – which I totally should have! I liked that. In conclusion, while I absolutely adore the main otp, this relationship drew me in a lot, not more tho, although I do think adding this relationship is low key marketing flaw lol, consider the audience’s interest coming here. . It’s becoming more and more obvious that Gu Wei Yi likes Mo Mo. <3 And yes, I definitely enjoyed this very well, despite the side characters being such a downer. Title: 致我们暖暖的小时光 / Zhi wo men nuan nuan de xiao shi guang English title: Put Your Head On My Shoulder Genre: Romance, Youth Episodes: 24 Broadcast network: Tencent Broadcast period: 2019-Apr-10 to 2019-May-08 Related TV series: A Love So Beautiful (2017), The Love Equations (2020) Original soundtrack: Put Your Head On My Shoulder OST I also appreciate that Mo Mo doesn’t jump to using Gu Wei Yi against Fu Pei, even though the fake relationship is brought up right in front of Fu Pei. I really like that about her. But I still love the OTP and still think it’s a good watch… if you’re in the right mood for it. Even though it didn’t strike me as all that believable, I found that I rather liked how supportive both Mo Mo’s and Gu Wei Yi’s parents are, of the idea of them embarking on a romantic relationship. Me too! To be fairly honest, yes, she broke girl code but if you like someone that much, you really can’t stop the feeling. I found the main couple very charming and endearing. I agree, I found Mo Mo refreshing, and I definitely got the feeling that she would’ve been just fine on her own without a boy by her side. But MO MO was just charming. If only Fu Pei and Shan Shan weren’t around to muddy up the watch, lol. Another example is in episode 16, when Shan Shan becomes that annoying friend who really doesn’t seem to know when to leave a friend alone with her boyfriend. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for enjoying the review! Overall, I love this series and I really enjoyed watching it to the extent that I want to see season 2 or even another story with both main leads. lol @ White Lotus and Peggy Sue. – Fu Pei to come with her to see Mo Mo, when she knows full well that Mo Mo doesn’t wish to see Fu Pei. , Also, yes, I’m still watching Tiger and Rose.. This makes it seem.. manipulative, like Gu Wei Yi’s grooming Mo Mo, to get comfortable on his bed, so that there will be less gap to close, to actually having sexytimes. Haven’t watched it myself but sounds pretty promising and different, heh. Sweet! Liked the Shan Shan character sticked with FP dedicatedly even he was in his bad stages. Reasons Why You Should Watch Chinese Drama “Put your head on my shoulder”.. Gu Wei Yi’s attempts to improve his score on Mo Mo’s scorecard of him, is amusing, and so in character. Gu Wei Yi’s chagrin around all of the inconveniences of having her there was pretty amusing too. Dec 19, 2019 - Explore Decision's board "put your head on my shoulder " on Pinterest. I mean, it’s ok not to be that into someone, and therefore not get into a relationship with them, but it’s not ok to toy with their feelings, which is exactly what he did to Mo Mo. Wang Shan shares a dorm with Tu Mo and is one of her good friends. I love that she says she isn’t sad because of him, and will no longer be sad because of him; she was just sad when she realized that she’d finally stopped liking him. I don’t know if it was intentional, but as we get deeper into Show’s episodes, Fu Pei looks more and more sleep deprived, to the extent of kinda looking like he’s a druggie. That’s not much of a track record, I say. Wei Yi and Tu Mo got to where they are after overcoming jealousy, communication, and trust issues along the way. I know what you mean about the lighting thing, but it’s only during the flashback school days episodes. He even tricks her into coming home, probably hoping to spend some time with her. I too cannot understand the hype. Mejores actores Añadir nueva persona. Yes, Mandarin is my mother tongue, so watching C-dramas is my way of getting better acquainted with my mother tongue! Thanks for the recommendation on Le Coupe De Foudre, I’ll keep it on my list for later. Review Put Your Head on My Shoulder “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” juga memiliki rating tinggi untuk drama web rom-com dan didasarkan pada novel karya penulis “A Love So Beautiful.” Si Tu Mo (Fei Xing) mulai mencari pekerjaan saat wisudanya semakin dekat. Gu Wei Yi really takes Mo Mo’s words to heart. I feel bad for Shan Shan when I watch her trying to form a connection with Fu Pei. He came back with watermelon coz she’d said that she liked watermelon too, and he even picked Doraemon bandaids for her, because she put Doraemon stickers on the wall. E4. Based on the author’s book of the same name, the 24 episode series brings to life a sweet and funny campus love story between two individuals, Si Tu Mo played by actress Xing Fei and Gu Wei Yi, played by rookie actor Lin Yi. His resigned, bemused expression is just perfect. And, how cute, that they both planned to go to the other, to “force a marriage.”. After some episodes I would think to myself “so… nothing actually happened?” which probably didn’t help my disjointed viewing, cos sometimes when I came back to the show I’d be like “what happened last episode?” cos I couldn’t remember at all. Yes, because Momo works for him. Also, just as a point of interest, Circle’s name in Chinese translates literally to Round Round, which just adds to the cute. E4. The heart-thumping Jenga stare-down was nicely done, with a what’s-really-goin’-on-on-the-inside peek at the hearts in their eyes and the smiles on their faces, before we cut back to the party and the grimaces they’re wearing to camouflage their mutual attraction. I love the little things that Gu Wei Yi does, which show how responsive he is to Mo Mo’s needs. His acting seems a somewhat stiff, but his expressions, subtle as they may be, make all the difference. Your email address will not be published. <3 Yay that we enjoyed it for the same reasons, the lead couple really is sweet and charming. Aw. I mean, I get that they’re pretty grown up and all, but I just wanted this to feel less calculated. “There are some things you can do even without drinking beer.” Eee! I think we are on the same wave length about the good and the bad things in this one ^^ He trails behind and lets her do her thing, and it’s only when Fu Pei confronts him, that he speaks up for Mo Mo. Tee hee! I love that moment when Mo Mo’s about to head back into the studio and holds his face and goes, “I’m off to make money; stay and be good ok? He’s a particular person, and she realizes this early on and bends a lot for him. Also, I felt the second half didn’t have as much plot. It really is a simple, sweet little watch. Also, because the characters are in college, not high school, they're a bit more mature, and obviously, the individual plotlines are very different. At the same time, she is so unaffected by the handsome genius that is Gu Wei Yi. I just haven’t continued yet bc…still distracted by chinese bl novels lmao. Dear kfangurl: What are some dramas where the leads are nice? by bmail_714. , a complete review and very inspirate ☺ That’s a great point about the limbic part of the brain; I hadn’t thought of that. And yes, this drama is a sweet one. Him having trouble maintaining his relationships and immature way of dealing with emotions, his display of potential mental and emotional abuse from his father are very clear. But it’s still an adorable show. This makes the drama realistic and more grounded rather than being fairytale-like which is a bit different from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. When she remarks that his experiment doesn’t give off light that’s practical, he gets working on it right away, thinking about how to improve it. (I sound like my grandma now :joy: )I came across 'put your head on my shoulders ' by accident and I can't be more happier ? He’s really rude to his (admittedly abrasive) dad, and then afterwards, finds it all laughably funny. But I can understand.. there’s definitely some loss of dramatic tension once the couple gets together, and the subsequent scenes of the OTP learning to be a couple might not appeal to everyone. Very sweet, and no regrets getting to know them at all. Before watching this, I first watched The love equation, then A love so beautiful then this one. Although there are no major ups and downs throughout the entire story, the drama still manages to attract a large fan base with its simple plot. I gave them a chance, but their characters made me cringe. Comments. That’s my favorite set up for a couple. . Hi there Cindy! Nobody liked him. He’s been so thoughtless towards her, and yet he wants to preserve his special bond of not-quite-boyfriend with her? Put Your Head on My Shoulder. What did Mo Mo ever see in him? At the same time, as I got deeper into Show’s episodes, I realized that I was starting to get more and more annoyed with Shan Shan. He also started his own business and refused to be continually bullied by his father. That’s true, I agree with you Barrie, it was very realistic that Gu Wei Yi didn’t know what he was doing in terms of sexytimes. E4. Fu Pei is really irresponsible, always disappearing on Mo Mo after making a promise. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this loveline aggravated me. Sep 11, 2019 - Explore Naisi Debbarma's board "put your head on my shoulder" on Pinterest. I like your version of events much better – Fu Pei really needed to learn and grow, and we didn’t get to see him do either, ugh! Aug 6, 2020 - Explore Catherine Geary's board "Put Your Head On My Shoulder", followed by 263 people on Pinterest. Ahh! Thanks for stopping by! Show also throws in a forced cohabitation situation quite quickly into our story, thus amping up opportunities for our genius to get close to our warm girl, with amusingly mixed results. E10. E18. Them together Películas. Hi kfangirl and this show was reminiscent of the all-time favorite ALSB. And yes, YouTube accessibility rocks! E19. Coming from the writer of A Love So Beautiful, Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a cheerful campus romance that at once feels similar-but-different, when compared with its elder sibling ALSB. I am in the mood for light and fluffy with little angst, and so this show suited me well, although some small parts seemed kind of off to me. <3. Compared to Weiyi, he’s more realistic, realistically flawed while Weiyi looks like that boy we want from fan fictions. E4. Or, that I’d have known well enough to just Fast Forward through all of their scenes. This is at least one cute show that I don’t mind picking a few moments to re-watch now and then, when I’m tired of RL angst! It was too cute to ignore, so I was shocked you didn’t say anything about it. Here’s a quick spotlight on some specifics, in terms of why I found this loveline so annoying. ❤. Also, I really like that Mo Mo doesn’t actually feel intimidated by senior Yu Yin, even though Yu Yin’s come looking for Gu Wei Yi at his house. And Shan Shan can totally see that Mo Mo’s heart is wobbling because of Gu Wei Yi. That’s undeserved, and while the jealousy is illogical and believable, I’d wanted Gu Wei Yi to have a fairer perspective of it. Also, Mo Mo should’ve totally given him the quail’s egg, after he treated her friends to such an expensive meal. Overall: -9- This drama was definitely a refresher for me in the abundance of dramas, that I can't seem to find interest so much, premiering nowadays. 1) This was a great review! E15. The meaningful glances were so sweet, the kisses were like … usual Chinese drama kisses. Put your head on my shoulder is a sister novel of A Love so Beautiful Do check it out, & help us spread the word? E18. Their height difference also makes them very adorable to look at. Reader Interactions . I’m aware that this became more than just two things, but while I’m here I wanted to mention I’m also surprised you didn’t mention her coworker from the first advertisement agency she worked at; I genuinely think Tu Jie Er and her relationship with Mo Mo was actually a highlight of the show. E1. Si Tu Mo's graduation is close and she's unsure of her future plans, she then meets genius Physics student Gu Wei Yi and the two accidentally end up living together. His expression at seeing her on his bed, is so precious. And we have a hero who only looks cold and aloof but is shy instead (love the “fighting the evil” scene in the library). That’s not cool. Oh, Fu Pei. Now, he’s not a bad person, just a normal little boy brought up with cold materialism and cynicism by his ugly son of bitch father. :). Even though we see that Gu Wei Yi swiftly develops feelings for Mo Mo, they are absolutely friends first, and spend a nice chunk of time being friends, before things turn romantic between them. E11. This really is quite a cute and warm watch. E2. Wei Yi and Tu Mo got married in a simple church ceremony in Germany where the former was attending a 6-month exchange program. But Lin YI and Xing Fei are really good looking and the fact that this was only the first episode, it is really not proper to judge immediately. And they aren’t overly long!). <3 Have you seen A Love So Beautiful? I just love that when he finds any area where he’s less than knowledgeable, he instantly goes to remedy it. She’s got an independent streak about her that’s already showing up, and that’s nice to see. Drama Romantis , Drama Action , Drama Comedy terlengkap Muro … There’s nothing attractive about him, and his thought, of making himself out to be the victim to gain sympathy from Shan Shan, earns no points with me. Every little thing I can’t explain…. That’s all bad enough, but now, I feel like my IQ is still on a downward trend. E13. . Helps everyone else watching feel like they’re normal too. And, overall, it was cute and sweet. However, I am glad that both momo and Shan Shan put their friendship first tho. Mo Mo is starting to let Gu Wei Yi influence her behavior. The series received positive reviews and had a score of 8.1 on Douban. One, FP stood up to his past. In fact, I can kind of feel her chagrin at herself for liking him, each time he lets her down. And his secret satisfaction, at receiving her call late at night, asking why he isn’t home. Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a 24-episode Chinese drama that aired in April-May 2019 and is available on YouTube with English subtitles.. thanks for the review , Thanks for enjoying the review! She congratulates them, then as she walks away, she takes a moment to feel her feelings, and look upon the happy couple, before going on her way. That’s very thoughtful and sensitive of him. But, major props to Gu Wei Yi, for not giving up, and persistently looking for ways to let Mo Mo know how he feels about her. . I don’t think Fu Pei and Shanshan’s relationship was necessary, especially with how fast it started; I think a “slow burn” type of thing would’ve worked much better. It is finally a chinese drama that I could finish dropped 3 dramas recently … Master Devil after 18 eps, My mogli boy after 6 eps. Read Put Your Head On My Shoulder review below and perhaps you will have an idea whether you will end up as a fan of this production too. I do not enjoy the happy scenes we get of these two being sweet on each other. *If you do NOT have good taste, please, click thumb down. The story, even though it's not anything original and it was full of cliche, was nevertheless interesting, at least most of it. Found it really addictive because of all the feels in the first half. Sounds like you had a nice little tour of the all the cousins of the same group of dramas! He likes what he remembers, hee. . As expected, Show wraps up in a cloud of sweetness, with enough neat bows tied up for enough of our key characters, to make us feel like we’re leaving them in a good place, as the final credits roll. The story centers around two college students pursuing very different fields, who find themselves living together due to their mothers being friends. It’s definitely an Asian thing, the submissive girl. Not the douchebag turned soft like in A Love so Beautiful. Dramas have so many white lotus or Peggy Sue that it was refreshing to have a heroine who could have made her way without a male on her side. And it does show how desperately he wants Mo Mo to be drawn to him. I guess a lot of romcom lovers are either lucky or haven’t been through a lot of relationships and breakups, I could be wrong but likely bc of that, y’all do not like this one. Although there are no major ups and downs throughout the entire story, the drama still manages to attract a large fan base with its simple plot. In concept, I like that Mo Mo and Gu Wei Yi are jealous of the other person having interactions with perceived threats to their maybe-almost-relationship, but I don’t like that panned out.

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