As millions of Syrians are displaced by the Syrian Civil War, they attempt to seek refuge in surrounding foreign nations. Strain to social security: Depending on the number of refugees in the country and how valuable they are, they can put a lot of strain on the social security of the country. We should first ask though what do these countries citizens think about accepting these refugees. Not only are refugees not a burden, rather they are welfare-enhancing assets. Some people flee while staying in their country, while others seek refuge in other countries, becoming refugees. 5. The lack of specific refugee legislation in India has led the government to adopt an ad hoc approach to different refugee influxes. A major Pro is that there may be suppressed nations that are in need of some type of humanitarian acts in order to free or help them. Over 25000 Syrian refugees that came to Canada where settled in within months. Cheap labor: Some refugees are unskilled or semi-skilled and this makes them have a low bargaining power thus providing cheap labor to the country. Boost economic growth: Privately sponsored refugees are likely to get jobs more quickly and contribute to the economy of the country through taxes as well as improve their standards of living. In fact, these unified strategies have led to creation of additional problems, expanding the crisis into new countries…, The situation currently happening in Europe that many have dubbed the “Refugee Crisis” has been a topic of discussion and division for some time. 2. Refugees can still claim child benefit backdated to the date when they first applied for asylum in the UK.8This only applies to people recognised as refugees under the 1951 Geneva Convention, not to people granted humanitarian protection or other types of leave, as it is based on rights enshrined in the Convention. We need to look at the facts and then draw a conclusion, not jumping to a decision without learning from all different angles about what our options are. The events that have recently transpired in Paris has not helped the climate of the situation, instead it has alienated and radicalized both sides of the crisis. Recent poll in the US show that 53% of Americans do not want refugees, 28% want refugees, 11% only want Christian refugees, and 8% are unsure (Talev). UNHCR’s lightweight, temporary tent shelters. Disclosed are the pros and cons of immigration in Canada, the pros and cons of the IRB procedures and hearings, and also my view on working in immigration law. Some refugees are highly experienced and have strong work ethics and can contribute greatly to the economy of the country. The Pros And Cons Of Refugees 972 Words | 4 Pages. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner has requested $4.5 billion or approximately $1,057 per capita to assist the refugees but it has only been able to scrounge together $2.0 billion with about 55% ($2.5 billion) left to gain (UNHCR). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. • Economic growth can be sustained. All the basic information explaining refugees, its condition, desire and challenges. Immigration has grown to become a big aspect in today’s society in Canada. But these economic effects are not obvious. Skilled manpower: Refugees from countries like Syria are well educated and have advanced technology, therefore, they are highly skilled and become a net benefit than a drain in the country. So far, the countries of the world have only addressed the crisis by deciding the fate of the refugees that cling to their borders. They take time to learn a new language that will help them in various job markets. (1) It can never be enough. The events that have recently transpired in Paris has not helped the climate of the situation, instead it has alienated and radicalized both sides of the crisis. Leaders and governments around the world have labelled refugees as being a burden on their country either directly or indirectly. If one compares the economic ability of a country to accept refugees, Canada is accepting one-quarter of a refugee per $1 of GDP per capita. In today’s world of war and distress, many people are forced to leave their homes in order to escape persecution and violence. It will bring a heavier burden for our country, and could have serious impacts to our society. 6. The Pros And Cons Of Refugees In The Middle Eastern Crisis 864 Words | 4 Pages. In 2018, the United States granted 22,405 immigrants refugee status. Top 10 Pros and Cons of Immigration. Take a look at the pros and cons of refugees. there may be others that are recovering some type of breakdown of their country or simply a relief effort for countries who are trapped in a war. The Libyan refugee crisis started in 2011 after the civil war, however, it is now widespread across Africa as the place to run to in order to get to Italy. We have been refugee because of war, so we must help pros and cons about refugees is constantly taking place. With this added diversification, there is more strength to be found within the community. They take time to learn a new language that will help them in various job markets. If this is not enough Let’s also look at the economic side of things. 1. Restrict Legal Immigration. Many pros and cons to the US involvement in foreign countries. Since the recent surface of the Syrian Civil War, many people have been fleeing Syria to other countries. Refugees: Examining Pros and Cons on Allowing Them into Our Land. I want to look at the situation from a neutral standpoint that looks at the pros and cons of both sides. For decades, aid and development experts argued about the pros and cons of camps. 12. 4. Feel pressure: A refugee may feel that his/her sponsor has dedicated a lot of time and money to support him/her and there are also other families in the queue who also need the support. 3. Refugees often don’t want to live in camps, and the UNHCR recognised that camps can … I want to talk about the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States of America.   If granted protection, the Office of Refugee Resettlement arranges benefits. According to our estimates, refugees were 11.6% less likely to have a job and 22.1% more likely to be unemployed than other migrants with very similar characteristics. or pros and cons for the united states? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Immigration diversifies local economies. One question many Americans have been asking themselves, and debating with others is whether or not that we bring in Syrian refugees. 4. Resettling refugees is not cheap – one think tank estimates that a Middle Eastern refugee resettled in the US costs more than $60,000. They’re also a burden to the community and this affects their social life. Affects infrastructure: They put a lot of strain on the infrastructure by putting so many people in large cities with less housing schemes and transport system. 7. 2. 8. Indeed, … In related news, Arizona is hot, Newfoundland is cold, Macbeth was a little power hungry, and the Maple Leafs have been a little bit unlucky since 1967. The refugee supporters fund their housing cost, food and transport for a fixed period of time. (Some other organizations estimate the costs at nearly $80,000.) Resourceful: Some of the refugees are grateful for the support they get in the country and become very valuable and resourceful to that country. However, these individual policies are ineffective in addressing the whole problem. Learn how your comment data is processed. Population growth: More refugees in Canada has boosted the population growth of the country and they contribute largely to the economy of the country. Therefore, they feel pressured to get the job as soon as possible and be self-sufficient. Therefore, they can participate in building the nation through their different set of skills knowledge diffusions and business networks. No it isn’t because the Obama administration paid $500 million dollars to train four or five fighters in Syria to combat ISIS which could have gone to settling Syrian refugees in safe places in the, Fate And Destiny In Charles Dickens's A Tale Of Two Cities, What Is The Importance Of The Death Penalty, Strategic Management: Definition Of Strategy, And Environment, The Pros And Cons Of Cultural Disrepresentation. There are many arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of migration and how it has affected us locally. Germany is one of…, addressing an audience on the imperative issue of the current refugee crisis and its overall impact on the European continent. pros, they would be free from whatever there escaping, They can work for a better life in america, better ammenities. The economic impact of refugees Immigration has had a big effect on today’s community’s and environments here in Canada. 30 Des 2015, 11:58 WIB Diperbarui 30 Des 2015, 11:58 WIB. As with any large social shift, deep concerns are reasonable. Immigrants bring new perspectives, experiences, and ideas to their local communities. A refugee applies for protection from persecution while outside their country of origin. Wouldn’t these refugees be better off in countries that have similar cultures and religion instead of putting them in places that supposedly will react violently towards them. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Home / Current News / Pros and Cons of Middle East Refugees Coming to America By Niki Nicastro McCuistion / May 8, 2016 / Current News , Featured Program , Niki Site , Recent Programs Millions of Middle East refugees are fleeing or have fled Middle Eastern countries because of wars, ISIS and terrorism and economic crisis. – At last count, there were four million Syrian refugees displaced by this … The situation currently happening in Europe that many have dubbed the “Refugee Crisis” has been a topic of discussion and division for some time. There are two groups of refugees that this will be focusing on, the main group are Libyan refugees and the second group are Syrian refugees. Here are some of the pros and cons of immigration to consider. Research shows that refugees contribute to the US workforce and society. Refugees . Do the american people really want to take the chance that one of them has ties with ISIL and is just looking to cause an attack on american soil? Why do we see so many competing studies with widely diverse findings? One of the problems that would affect the U.S. population is the probability of a terror attack from these refugees. happening but also in the countries where refugees are escaping.

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