Evidently moderators will not allow my phone number. Hidden deck fasteners are a nice way to keep the surface of your deck looking clear and unencumbered. Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener. Santa Maria Hardwood vs. Other Wood Decking, Architectural Details CS2 Rain Screen Design, Architectural Details CS10 Rain Screen Assemblies, Trespa Pura Siding for Architects - Vertical Cladding Details, Thicker decking (21-mm or 5/4 nominal thickness) works best, Narrower decking (4” nominal) works best with hidden fasteners, The closer your deck is to the ground, the more important using thicker and narrower deck boards become for best performance. FastenMaster offers the Tiger Claw line, a full hidden fastener system … Painted head screws for fastening decking When installing a tropical hardwood deck, such as an Ipe deck, contractors are immediately faced with the question of whether to use face screwed or hidden fasteners to secure the deck… If a CAMO Marksman tool is stuck on the deck board, it is typically because the CAMO fastener is not fully driven into the joist. The Mataverde Hidden Deck Fastener is black for lower visibility, stainless steel for higher strength and durability, and longer for superior holding power. *Note: For any fastener application that is … The bottom of the fastener is screwed into the support joist from the top, in between the deck boards, so only the support joist has a penetrating screw - not your decking. Hidden Deck Fasteners If you love the clean look of a fastener-free install, then check out our selection of hidden deck fasteners for composite decking, grooved boards, softwoods, hardwoods and more. can be a beautiful design element for a deck project - if your deck qualifies. Biggest Problems with Hidden Deck Fasteners Take Your Time - Learn What is Important for Best Decking Performance. Cortex hidden face fasteners. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(112655, 'f2c8e7e7-9d60-4b3c-8d44-3ea3c2ff3f0f', {}); Looking for some great deck design ideas? If you can’t control the moisture below your deck, natural wood deck boards are very likely to ‘cup’ and behave poorly. Installing decking with a hidden fastening system creates a clean, smooth surface. Suitable Projects for Hidden Deck Fasteners, Best Size Deck Boards for Hidden Fasteners. According to the TimberTech installation manual side to side gapping should be a minimum of 1/8” to 3/16”, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If your deck does not meet all the requirements below, don’t use hidden deck fasteners. In fact, fix as many moisture related problems before constructing any outdoor deck. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What could be going on? Either the screw needs a different drill tip design, or the jig needs a different design that grabs into the joist and holds the board in place more securely. There are many projects where hidden fasteners should not be used. Properly pitched and drained ground below the deck. Rely on CAMO for any decking job. Staining is a major problem with older model Trex decking and a huge issue with older composite decking products in general. Download the "Deck Design Ideas Book" now, 61 pages with over 150 real deck projects and deck ideas. Snow removal is made easier with the absence of emerging fasteners on the surface. Where should you and where shouldn’t you use hidden deck fasteners? For other projects, fastening your deck boards with screws, may be a more secure and better option. In pursuit of the perfect deck, all Trex ® decking lines come with a hidden installation option. Rather than installing screws through the top of every deck board, clips are attached to the framing boards first. Because the plug minimizes the appearance of hardware on the decking… Need some help finding the best decking for your project? With the introduction of Sharkstooth into the construction industry, the ability to build high-quality outdoor living platforms … Fasten your grooved or solid (after a groove has been routed in) Azek or TimberTech … That’s why proper on-site acclimation of exterior wood is so important – before installation. … Deck boards will expand and contract width-wise throughout their usable lifetime. Posted by Any deck that is 30” or closer to the ground requires face screws for best fastening performance. This deck fastener system creates a completely smooth finish with no visible fasteners. Adequate under-deck ventilation on three sides of the deck. Cross ventilation is best. Narrower deck boards expand less than wider boards. How can I get the 2nd board to be seated all the way so it reaches the gap tab (1/8") so I can get the gap right? For jobs that are faster, easier, and better, install CAMO’s superior clips and screws, lock-in rows boards with the LEVER board-bending tool, and fasten from your feet with DRIVE. Trex Hideaway ® Hidden Fastening System. Make sure your deck design meets the requirements before investing in a beautiful deck. Avoid potential problems. Blacking like this was a problem with 1st generation Trex decking that has been corrected with newer models. With limited ventilation, face screws are the best option. Download the "Ultimate Guide to Selecting thee Right Decking" today. Fiberon ArmorGuard Hidden Fasteners work with Fiberon ArmorGuard Decking, Symmetry, Horizon, ProTect Advantage, Sanctuary, and Good Life Decking. Choose from a wide selection. Don't try to pull and remove the tool because you may break it. Hidden Deck-Fasteners offer a unique approach to building a superior quality deck. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(112655, '40fcb9f6-d0f5-4338-aa95-259e693755bb', {}); Would you like to see some actual hardwood decking? deck installation tips, East Coast Office: Phone 860-444-7524  | Fax 860-444-0517  |  sales@mataverdedecking.com  |  New London, CT  | M-F 8 am to 5 pm EST, West Coast Office: Phone: 707-794-0510 | M-F 8 am to 4 pm PST  |  Cotati, CA, Mataverde® is a registered trademark of General Woodcraft, Inc.           ©2020 All rights reserved, Biggest Problems with Hidden Deck Fasteners, Decks with more than 30” (minimum) clearance from the bottom of the deck to the ground. Hidden fasteners work best where there is lots of clearance and adequate ventilation to eliminate unwanted moisture. This is actually a system consisting of a Cortex screw and a color-matched plug made from Fiberon decking material. Designed to be used with grooved boards, it can be adapted for use in non-grooved hardwood or composite materials with the use of BECK's groove cutter. In fact, using hidden deck fasteners inappropriately is a formula for failure. It’s important to understand that exterior hardwood decking will move (expand and contract). For a smooth, fastener-free deck surface, use Fiberon For a smooth, fastener-free deck surface, use Fiberon ArmorGuard Hidden Fasteners with grooved deck boards. Then or simultaneously through different methods, depending on the manufacturer, decking … Find Deck hidden fasteners at Lowe's today. Hidden fasteners provide a reliable option to overcome the pitfalls associated with traditional fastening through the boards. See our products. A tell-tale sign of a potential problem with the ledger board attachment is the … Get inspired! No Lag Head Screws. Hidden Fasteners vs Deck Screws Ultimately with so many variables to consider, one is bound to see a wide variety of opinions on the topic of face screws versus Ipe clip hidden fasteners. The boards don't seem to be warped. Your deck will look better – and perform better. Never had this problem and I install thousands of sq ft of tt. Mataverde hidden deck fastener works great for a sleek look. JavaScript is disabled. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(112655, '5f171767-bd93-4fbb-8834-180cfa8de9b2', {}); Topics: Discover the CAMO Experience. Request a free hidden deck fastener sample today: hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(112655, 'ec1a63a3-9eca-45db-9f67-3ab4196cc273', {}); Where Shouldn’t You Use Hidden Deck Fasteners? Helping You to Do It Yourself! Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Because with a Trex deck you can’t sand or refinish the deck. After years of selling tropical hardwood decking … Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System: This system uses the Camo Marksman tool to install deck screws at an angle into the side of the deck board to create a fastener free floor surface. Rather, remove the screw by reversing the drill and backing it out or continue to force the screw into the deck … Make sure your deck design meets the requirements before investing in a beautiful deck. I went to fasten my first deck TimberTech boards using the TimberTech ConceaLoc hidden fasteners and I am having issues right out of the shoot. All decks require adequate under deck ventilation on three sides to minimize moisture. Why Use Hidden Fasteners for Timber Decking? You're sure to find your favorite hidden fasteners like...Tiger Claw, Timbertech, Trex, Cortex, CAMO … Hidden Deck Fasteners offer a clean, unobtrusive look to your deck. Chris Nolan on Tue, Oct 30, 2018 @ 05:10 AM. It is always critical to plan for proper under-deck drainage, (even more so with low clearance decks). The clips and SCRAIL® are installed under the deck… The Camo system can be used for all types of composite, PVC or solid wood decking … We hope you enjoyed this article. All exterior woods move a lot, especially initially. The CONCEALoc hidden fastener system was made to be used exclusively with Azek and TimberTech decking. I think you are fighting the fact that wood frames suck and are quite often uneven due to crowning, shrinkage, wanes, etc. FastenMaster also has the Cortex system, the screws go in with a special driver, then the hole gets plugged. Just wanted to say thanks to Greg for the great post. The problem is, that when you fasten your deck using nails or screws… The gap I get is inconsistent, 1/8" at the ends but about 1/4" in the middle. So, using narrower deck boards helps control the size of the space between deck boards. Then wood moves seasonally afterwards (based on moisture content). Hidden deck fasteners are an antidote to that problem, to say nothing of an aesthetic upgrade. They have colors for most decking. To compensate for this flaw I resorted to using clamps to hold the board in place while fastening… These fasteners create a fast and simple way to install your deck and create a smooth deck surface, uninterrupted by visible screws … Suitable Projects for Hidden Deck Fasteners. Shop hidden fasteners and a variety of hardware products online at Lowes.com. Here's a short list or decks where you should not use hidden deck fasteners: Hidden deck fasteners can be a beautiful design element for a deck project - if your deck qualifies. If your clients like the look of “naked” decking, their options range from simple plastic or metal clips to fastening … For those projects, deck screws work best. Pick your deck … The clip manufacturer is FastenMaster. I went to fasten my first deck TimberTech boards using the TimberTech ConceaLoc hidden fasteners and I am having issues right out of the shoot. Some deck projects require the stronger fastening power of face screws. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. Hardwood Decking Installation, Cross... Best Size Deck Boards … When using grooved-edge boards, our hidden deck fastening system installs between the deck boards, fastening them to the joists with no visible deck … Moisture is the biggest enemy of all exterior woods. The best-designed hidden deck fasteners install inside grooves in the edges of the board and are spring-loaded to apply tension without penetrating the wood. Per manufacturers instructions I raised the 2nd board to engage the fasteners then lay the 2nd board down but I find, even after tapping the board to better engage the fastener, that it is not reaching the fastener's gap tab and so I am not getting the desired 1/8" gap. Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners TC-4 IPE Iron Wood - Box of 100 - with Screws 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners TC-4 IPE Iron Wood - Box of 100 - with Screws Per manufacturers instructions I raised the 2nd board to engage the fasteners then lay the 2nd board down but I find, even after tapping the board to better engage the fastener… Please visit MataverdeDecking.com for additional information about hidden deck fasteners, decking installation, hardwood decking options, deck galleries and more. Take Your Time and Learn What is Important for Best Decking Performance. Use a rubber mallet to beat it in the rest of the way. Staining Problems With Trex Decking. Tiger Claw hidden deck clip fasteners work with a variety of grooved boards including hardwoods and Ipé, softwoods like cedar and redwood, pressure treated, PVC and composite decking. Is there something I can try without doing anything like is discussed in the next paragraph? Adequate under-deck ventilation on three sides of the deck. Salt water environments, seasonal changes, and extreme cold are no problem for the Trex Hideaway hidden fastener. Avoid potential problems. But they are not the right fastener for all decks. Fiberon square edge decking works with two types of face fasteners: Cortex hidden face fasteners or composite deck screws. If you cannot get pre-grooved, I like the FastenMaster IQ system. I do not use hidden fasteners on stairs.

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