In fact, Gabriel Cousens MD found that for most people an 80 percent raw organic and 20 percent cooked organic diet is the most optimal. Chances are you [[fee grind your coffee fresh for optimal flavor. Pull the look together with stunning accessories and follow prom makeup tips for optimal results. When rubber balls were introduced, iron clubs were crafted, followed later by lighter and more technologically advanced materials that were constructed for the user's comfort as well as optimal performance. The position the child is in while breastfeeding is better than the usual bottle-feeding position for optimal eustachian tube function. ly adv. Constitutional homeopathic treatment may be helpful in maintaining optimal health in persons with a diagnosis of EDS. Because the Matrix products are so highly specialized, it is important to use the correct formula or the results may be far from optimal. The car stereo speakers will have both a peak output and an RMS ("optimal" or "average") output. The Chinese traditionally perform tai chi outdoors, which is considered optimal for good breathing, and so you can find tai chi classes in many local parks. Even more challenging is the problem of asymptotically optimal tracking of parameters which may change slowly through time. irrational in the sense of preventing optimal functioning; on the contrary, they serve important functions in everyday life. Some Registered Dietitians specialize in sports nutrition and work directly with athletes who want to achieve optimal performance levels. By following the timeline, you can manage all aspects of your wedding arrangements at the most optimal times to ensure that everything is taken care of and the wedding goes down without a hitch. In order to ensure optimal learning, it is a good idea to work on your French from several different angles. Breast milk carries the optimal blend of antibodies and nutrients, and as the child grows, the composition of milk naturally adjusts to a customized level intended to meet the child's needs. For most computer users a 17 inch LCD is the optimal desktop pc monitor. This approach is a little more complicated because the tails need to be strategically placed in the broiler for optimal results. The recommended daily allowance suggests a minimal level that prevents scurvy; however, higher doses may be beneficial for optimal health. Clear Lenses: Clear lenses are un-tinted for optimal vision in low-lighted areas, or for nighttime wear. 34. In both modes the user may perform photometry using either the traditional aperture method or using optimal extraction. 2. They're curvy, lightweight, and provide an optimal view. gaole optimal policy for the civil authority was shown to be to increase the size of the police force rather than the jail sentences. TROPHY CASE. Just remember to keep them clean, for optimal stickiness. So of course you must live in a way that is the most optimal for you. Optimal in a sentence. Unlike a pre-paid cell phone that can run out of minutes at the most inopportune moment, a rented cell phone may be the optimal solution. The optimal temperature for development of the particular organisms appeared to be about 100 deg. 29. Many holistic health practitioners also recommend watching the balance of other minerals too, especially calcium and magnesium, since vitamins and minerals work in concert for optimal health. The foam helps distribute the dog's weight evenly, providing optimal comfort for a restful sleep. In addition, the proposed scheme is compared to two summarization methods that use different metaheuristic approaches. Sentence Examples for optimal. Many yogis report optimal performance of this mat from its stickiness factor to its cushioning and support qualities. Closed. If you do not leave the house very often, you may not be getting enough exposure to the sun to ensure optimal vitamin D levels. Garden zones 8 through 10 provide optimal conditions for growing gardenias, but if you live in zones 7 and 6, new varieties promising to be frost-proof may work in your garden.

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