The reason I suspect it’s the fault of the CPU and not the Noctua cooler is that the increase in temperature is near instantaneous with the increase in load. I believe both coolers are capable of that out of the box using the fans they come with. I suppose if I go U12A I could downsize my case and see other visual benefits. ... Well i have a NH-U12A with a 3800X temps are preaty ok i gess it tops out at 84cº with ambient temp of 26cº ,while gaming i see no more then 71cº. I played with the fan curve for 30 minutes and now have a virtually silent PC with just a little noise as I'm gaming, which doesn't bother me since I game with headphones. The cooling test results are fairly similar to those for the NH-U14S version, and almost matched the NH-D15 (two towers). I have the NH-D15 on my 3700X & it's not overkill in the slightest. Something doesn't feel right. April 12, 2019 by PremiumBuilds 5 Comments. 95. I am asking me that because the U12A has those new fans that should be much quieter. 8 cores gets toasty. Chromax Black is the name of the new lineup we’ve long dreamed of. I think the two fans of the NH-D15 working together at lower RPMs is quieter and performs better than most CPU air coolers that use one fan at higher RPMs, including the NH-U12A. 4-pin PWM y-cable 4. It is a more rigid plastic that has less long term droop so they can have the fan blade closer to the housing of the fan for higher efficiency. D-15 is 10$ cheaper than the U12A. But things didn’t stop just there yet, as Noctua has been continuously improving its design to deliver an even better cooling performance and the NH-U12A that we have here is one it. The NH-D15 is undoubtedly one of the best air coolers you can find in the market and some even call it the king of air cooler because of its excellent performance. I'd imagine if it can keep an OC'ed 9900k under max it has to be capable of really doing a good job on I7. 24 dbA; TDP. The U12A is a bit lighter and if I remember right, has better RAM clearance. Just looking for some Noctua overclocker testiments if you guys have any. I’ve got a 3700X (stock, not overclocked) on an Aorus Pro X570 and cooled with a NH-U12A. Parametry a detailyNoctua nepatří mezi výrobce, který by vydával každou chvíli nějaké novinky. it’s cools my 12 core just fine with a 2080ti stuffed in nzxt510. 82 cfm; Acoustic noise. Why not U14s? The Noctua NH-U12A comes packed inside a premium looking packaging. Done! Dark Rock Pro 4. I've got the same cpu and the U12A and happy with its performance. My 3900x temps are at 30-35 desktop idle and I have never seen it exceed 67 degrees under heavy load. Cinebench brought my temps to 74C, where before the stock cooler I was hitting 85C. 1.56 W; Compare With. You really don't want to get small coolers with higher-end hot CPUs, unless you don't mind noise. Which do I go with guys?. IIRC the u12a has a much more dense fin stack and the way the heat pipes are makes it very efficient transferring heat into the air. There are many factors that goes into a CPU cooler performance. Any replies in regards to user experience would be warmly welcomed!. It takes a little tweaking and experimentation, but you can get it so that the fan doesn't become audible until the CPU is under sustained load. I just can’t believe any cooler could suck the heat out of the heat spreader quickly enough to prevent the internal temperature increase. ... Noctua NH-U12A Noctua NH-U14S. It comes with the following documentations and accessories inside: 1. Noctua NH-U12A Chromax.Black. Have had to physically check it’s going a few times because I always get a bit worried, but it’s on. And I mean really, really silent. I am thinking of getting the NH-U12A or the NH-D15 for my 3700x. In today's review we are taking a look at the NH-U12A, a tower CPU air cooler made by Noctua. I'm kinda shocked. Now I'm hearing the NH-U12A is near identical and it only has one cooling tower. So what I end up with is silence - whoosh - silence as I use the PC. But you would really have to confirm noise and performance from a NH-U12A owner to get a better idea. I think the two fans of the NH-D15 working together at lower RPMs is quieter and performs better than most CPU air coolers that use one fan at higher RPMs, including the NH-U12A. Making use of the LNA cables reaches about 300 RPM or so of its maximum speed, but it appears t… Other options New and used from $82.75. What if instead of using the fans that come with the D-15 I use those?. Noctua tested it in that configuration, and found that it increased the noise for a statistically insignificant improvement in temps. Skip to main Full What if instead of using the fans that come with the D-15 I use those?. I just always assumed the larger of the two would he better for cooling. Suddenly it even beat the NH-U14S and NH-D15. All ... Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler with 2X NF-A15 PWM 140mm Fans (Brown) 4.8 out of 5 stars 4,654. I have a giant full tower and really want maximum air cooling performance. But you would really have to confirm noise and performance from a NH-U12A owner to get a better idea. Noctua's premium products are aimed to those seeking extreme and quiet cooling performance. $115. Because of that it really does not matter which one you get as they are both good options. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 3900x with a u12a here. Does anyone by chance run either of these coolers with an I7 9700K or even I9 9900k?. Also appreciate you breaking down how the fins and such differ and dissapate heat in a different way. The performance is very close between them and they both beat AIO coolers so you can't go wrong no matter which one you get. The U12A is smaller in size so it won't cover your motherboard as much and if you like the looks of that cooler more than the other cooler then that is ample reason to spend $10 more. The NH-D15 is the successor to the legendary NH-D14 which is considered to be the champion of air cooling. Figured NH-D15 with 3 fans would be 5-7 or even 10 degrees cooler than the single tower NH-U12A. I have the NH-D15 in a Cooler Master H500M case with single rear and top exhaust fans. People seem to jump from asking U12A or d15 all the time. I primarily game and haven’t had any issue running cod maxed. With PBO off, and max CPU load (transcoding 4k video, all cores 100%) i max out at around 67C. Compatibility: The NH-U12A has much better compatibility in terms of the RAM clearance, first PCIe clearance and the clearance for the PC Chassis as compared to the NH-D15. I preferred the smaller profile/aesthetics over the D15. But watch any install videos for both this NH-U12A fan vs. a water cooler or even the NH-D15, and you will see why the NH-U12A is once again best in class. ), Oh, and if you poke around in completed builds, you'll find plenty of 9900K builds cooled with the D15. My advice would be to go water if you want the most performance from a ryzen chip; they will get as hot as you give them room to. I know from my research that the D-15 is better performance wise but which of them is quieter at low rpm’s. Conceived to push the envelope of the 120mm form factor, it combines two of Noctua’s flagship model NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm fans with a completely redesigned heatsink featuring 7 heatpipes and an increased fin surface area for superior heat dissipation. average cpu temps are around 67c and gpu around 58c. The NH-D15 is bigger and dual tower but the NH-U12A has an additional heat pipe and the new and improved fans. (Compatibility wouldn’t be an issue). Which of the above mentioned coolers do I go with for best performance?. However, with two cooling towers and two 140 mm fans, it also has completely different strengths, which it shows off above all in overclocked mode. Even with the fans operating at 1000 RPMs, it’s really competitive with heatsinks that cost quite a bit more. I know it is a bit overkill. Když před pár měsíci uvedli na trh chladič Noctua NH-U12A, okamžitě mě to zaujalo. You set the fan to run at a given percentage or RPM when the CPU hits a certain temp. 2x NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm fan 2. Or should I just get the NH-U12A instead of replacing the NH-D15 fans with the better ones?. 1500 rpm; Airflow. 2x Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A) 3. Noctua NH-U12a. If you like the looks of the D15 more then get that cooler. When I eventually upgrade the CPU I’ll keep the U12A for the new CPU and put a much cheaper one on the 3700X. Honestly ... it’s not as great as I was hoping for, but I suspect the cooler isn’t to blame. NT-H1 thermal compound 6. It does feel a little scary pushing those spring loaded screws onto the motherboard (as you inevitably push down on the Cooler and CPU). if you have the room with ram clearance and everything, the nh-d15 will bring objectively better performance. I'm about to pull the trigger on a CPU cooler and can't decide between these two. The CPU cooler fans are the quietest fans in my build, and everything is already pretty quiet. Noctua NH-D15. I'm sure you'd be happy with either. I agree with ImperiousBattlestar on just get whatever is cheaper or you can go with whichever you think looks better. That settles it, thanks for being so informative man!. From what I remember, the new Noctua fans have the best performance to noise ratio of pretty much any 120mm fan right now, especially at higher RPM. Noctua is a company renowned for its advanced … In short, any room your CPU cooler gives you, the Ryzen can and will eat. When the system is idle everything is silent. But even when I crunch the CPU with folding at home and it hits 70+ degrees the fan is still really quiet. Isn't the fan on the U12A the NF-A12x25's? According to sources, Noctua has been confirming that they plan to launch a Chromax.Black version of their (very small, but amazingly potent) NH-U12A … FREE Shipping by Amazon. U12a and D15 are more compatible with more motherboards and ram. Both are so close in price too, near identical. In particular, the NH-D15S differs from the NH-D15 in the following regards: Asymmetrical design: While both coolers are 150mm wide, the NH-D15S is off-set towards the top edge of the motherboard and thus provides more clearance towards the PCIe slot. Haven't looked for U12A's but I bet they are there. You should pay special attention to the Noctua NH-U14S since it costs only a few bucks more than the Fuma 2. Every CPU is different in terms of temps, so the default behavior of the fan isn't always a good fit. Huh...🤨. Motherboard, cpu, gpu, memory, ssd, psu Comparisons, Benchmarks, Specifications & PC Builder Noctua NH-D15 vs Dark Rock Pro 4. What's your opinion?. Now the great debate, which to go with. The NH-U12A is completely beaten by the flagship NH-D15. Is that like the best of both worlds?. The single tower heatsink is designed to keep the fans clear of DRAM slots and should be able to accept taller ram without running into compatibility issues. I heard of them handling over 200 wattage wise too. The D15 probably has a degree-C edge in cooling at max (big whoop) and is probably a wee bit quieter at max simply because of the 140mm fans. If you want to learn more about the fan that comes on the u12a check this out: They are only a $10 price difference so you can either pay for the cheaper one or get the slightly more expensive one. I've been all over google and YouTube for reviews, still unsure. Well... maybe not, lets take a look at 2 of them to see what we think about them! Regrettably, that’s just not good enough to be competitive in this market filled with the Noctua NH-U12A and NH-D15 and the be quiet! Always heard NH-D15 was best especially with 3 fan setup. SecuFirm2™ mounting system for Intel and AMD 5. If only Noctua could do something about that beige and brown color! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can do this in your BIOS. It needs to handle a I7 9700K at 4.7 - 5.0 GHz at around 1.2 - 1.3 volts. Kinda shocking to me honestly. Considering the CPU you are getting and the overclock you are aiming for both coolers will do the job just fine. Maybe among the nicest 120mm max-rpm noises I've heard, but you will definitely hear one at max. It's hard to beat size when it comes to fan noise. But which cooler is better for cooling overall?. At that point the temperature slowly starts falling and the fans return to silent. Aida64 gpu/cpu at the same time cpu averages 78c after 1.5hrs and gpu around 67c I also have a nh d15 chromax and recently switched from a 360mm rad, ek supremacy block, d5/200ml res. Noctua is famous for its tandem twin-tower heatsinks, starting with its NH-D14 and proceeding to the larger NH-D15. So the two tower style of the D-15 even w/ 3 fans doesn't make much a difference?. Just customize cpu fan curve inside bios to make it almost flat. We have universal compatibility with respect to the RAM on the Intel LGA115X and AMD AM4 sockets. Big Premium Tower Coolers are all the same, right? I literally installed the NH-U12A on my OC 2700X 3 hours ago, and this thing is amazing. In fact, you can even buy a Noctua NH-U14S along with an extra fan for about the same price as the A500. Here the NH-D15 reaches a value of 76.8 degrees Celsius and is therefore 3.7 degrees cooler than the NH-U12A. From a quality and performance standpoint, Noctua was able to surprise us again. Thanks!. Noctua Metal Case-Badge Both are so close in price too, near identical. $89.95 $ 89. You don't want to put 3 fans on it. They even had to change the type of plastic they used on the fan blades which is why you see more of a spotted pattern in the plastic compared to the D15. There is way more to fans than max air flow, pressure, and noise. Just astonished the NH-D15 with dual towers isn't the top contender in air cooling from Notcua. Dark Rock Pro 4 are the top 2 air CPU coolers on the market in 2019, and offer the absolute best cooling performance from an air cooled setup – with performance on par with most AIO systems. The testing shows the new U12A (2 fans) outperforming the old U12S (1 fan) by only about 3°C, at the cost of about 4 dB higher noise levels. I've got the profile in the bios so it doesn't ramp up/down as quickly. The NH-U12A is marketed as a 120mm cooler that is as good as a 140mm in a compact form If you setup your CPU with the PBO setting, the CPU will hammer itself until it hits 80C and then back off/rinse and repeat. 140mm fans vs 120mm fans. Supporters only /10 Score Supporters only. So replacing the NF-A15 fans with the A12x25's?. My main focus is low noise on respectable temps. The NH-D15 has long reigned supreme as the greatest of air coolers. I have a fractal r6 case, 3700X and d-15 cooler. Noctua NH-U12S with NF-A12x25; Noctua NH-U12A (first sample) Noctua NH-U12A (second sample) Noctua NH-U12A with one fan; Noctua NH-U14S; Noctua NH-D15; Once again, interesting results were achieved. not really as overkill as you’d think! Anyone have any successful overclocks with these coolers?. The NH-D15 is bigger and dual tower but the NH-U12A has an additional heat pipe and the new and improved fans. And while the NH-U12A can’t completely match the NH-D15S or the NH-D15, it was able to put up notable numbers during our tests, coming at only a few degrees Celsius behind its bigger siblings. I adjusted the minimum CPU fan speed in the default CPU fan curve to 40%. Also Noctua has a newer style of fan they developed for the u12a and to us fans are fans but Noctua put 4 and a half years into RnD developing these fans and it shows in the performance of them. When it comes to the noise, the Noctua NH-U12A is audible when both fans are running, but the good thing is that the fans are not loud at all. Can it REALLY handle 5 GHz and higher end 1.3-1.4 volt loads?. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Isn't the fan on the U12A the NF-A12x25's?. Performance is pretty similar, so I'd say it's down to what is cheaper,,11.html. It needs to handle a I7 9700K at 4.7 - 5.0 GHz at around 1.2 - 1.3 volts. I just love noctua and the small forms builds. I know this is an old thread but, I'm running the NH-u12a with a ryzen 5 3600 and the answer is: Ryzen will eat as much CPU cooler as you let it. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. You just need to set up a custom fan curve, my friend. Oct 28th 2020 Noctua Expands Line of CPU Coolers (27); Jul 29th 2020 Noctua's Monster Fanless High-TDP Cooler Delayed to 2021: Roadmap (23); Jun 30th 2020 Louqe and Noctua Present NH-L12 Special Edition CPU Cooler for the Ghost S1 Case (15); May 25th 2020 Rumor: Noctua to Introduce NH-U12A Tower Cooler in Chromax Version (24); May 20th 2020 Noctua Readies High … I could potentially add the second fan in the raised position but not tried it yet. The NH-D15 has dual towers and I could easily swap out the NF-A15 default NH-D15 fans with the ones the NH-U12A style NF-A12x25 fans. (The A12x25 120mm fan is a thing of beauty, IMO, but it is definitely audible over maybe 1100-1200 rpm, and as you get to max it is not quiet. All rights reserved. ©2020 PCPartPicker, LLC. Tento chladič nabízí Å¡pičkový chladící výkon bez nutnosti gigantických rozměrů dvouvěžových obrů. In this review, we will pit the NH-D15 against five high end liquid coolers to see who has the best cooling, lowest noise and greatest value. The problem is as soon as there’s any kind of load on the CPU the registered temperature immediately spikes up. So replacing the NF-A15 fans with the A12x25's? The Noctua NH-U12A CPU coolers cost is quite premium when compared to performance, but despite the cost the cooler does exactly what it says it does. Horrible cost to performance as those fans are expensive to buy and won't necessarily be better on the D15. I've been all over google and YouTube for reviews, still unsure. But maybe the price shows it. 220 W; Consumption. So I think what this is telling you is that the two coolers are very close. The D15/D15S will be better as it is a 140mm cooler vs a 120mm cooler and bigger overall as a twin style, not really sure what you are asking as if it fits your case buy the better cooler. Not sure if the 3700X runs much hotter than the 2700X, but if its remotely close I say the U12A is more than enough. The Unofficial Sub for all things Noctua was created as a place for users to find information about Noctua products, find honest reviews, chat to other people about Noctua products and share their experiences. Speed. The Noctua NH-D15 and the Be Quiet!

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