€ 27,42. Even if you aren't looping extra turns until the table concedes, you can similarly use it with wraths to wipe the field every turn, or use it on counter spells to counter things without putting yourself down a card. Narset is a master of martial arts and mental discipline with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. The combo starts with having Ral, Storm Conduit on the field. $54.99. € 4,12. You are left in your hand dramatic reversal and narsets reversal with a bonus round active generating mana. Role Reversal may not be great but you can have a lot of fun with it. 58% of 161 decks +55% synergy. This combo can be performed with any spell with an effect similar to that of [card](Reverberate), such as [card](Narset's Reversal), for example. Love this idea and will probably end up building something similar on release! You cast Electrodominance for X = 2, pulling Narset’s Reversal (1) targeting Electrodominance, and dealing two damage. Finally gonna suggest Mind Over Matter as an obvious alternative combo finisher paired with Temple Bell, so long as you draw into free interaction Fierce Guardianship or FoW ect. by LostontheMoon, Kykar's Thousand Paper Cuts Whenever you copy an instant spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Kalamax. Cantrips might make it hard to go infinite, but in dimir, for example, this can kill with 4 mana in rocks and a [[Sign in Blood]]. .c_dVyWK3BXRxSN3ULLJ_t{border-radius:4px 4px 0 0;height:34px;left:0;position:absolute;right:0;top:0}._1OQL3FCA9BfgI57ghHHgV3{-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-ms-flex-pack:start;justify-content:flex-start;margin-top:32px}._1OQL3FCA9BfgI57ghHHgV3 ._33jgwegeMTJ-FJaaHMeOjV{border-radius:9001px;height:32px;width:32px}._1OQL3FCA9BfgI57ghHHgV3 ._1wQQNkVR4qNpQCzA19X4B6{height:16px;margin-left:8px;width:200px}._39IvqNe6cqNVXcMFxFWFxx{display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;margin:12px 0}._39IvqNe6cqNVXcMFxFWFxx ._29TSdL_ZMpyzfQ_bfdcBSc{-ms-flex:1;flex:1}._39IvqNe6cqNVXcMFxFWFxx .JEV9fXVlt_7DgH-zLepBH{height:18px;width:50px}._39IvqNe6cqNVXcMFxFWFxx ._3YCOmnWpGeRBW_Psd5WMPR{height:12px;margin-top:4px;width:60px}._2iO5zt81CSiYhWRF9WylyN{height:18px;margin-bottom:4px}._2iO5zt81CSiYhWRF9WylyN._2E9u5XvlGwlpnzki78vasG{width:230px}._2iO5zt81CSiYhWRF9WylyN.fDElwzn43eJToKzSCkejE{width:100%}._2iO5zt81CSiYhWRF9WylyN._2kNB7LAYYqYdyS85f8pqfi{width:250px}._2iO5zt81CSiYhWRF9WylyN._1XmngqAPKZO_1lDBwcQrR7{width:120px}._3XbVvl-zJDbcDeEdSgxV4_{border-radius:4px;height:32px;margin-top:16px;width:100%}._2hgXdc8jVQaXYAXvnqEyED{animation:_3XkHjK4wMgxtjzC1TvoXrb 1.5s ease infinite;background:linear-gradient(90deg,var(--newCommunityTheme-field),var(--newCommunityTheme-inactive),var(--newCommunityTheme-field));background-size:200%}._1KWSZXqSM_BLhBzkPyJFGR{background-color:var(--newCommunityTheme-widgetColors-sidebarWidgetBackgroundColor);border-radius:4px;padding:12px;position:relative;width:auto} I think this is a pretty solid combo for decks that are running an extra turn theme. Drowned Secrets can be a fun way to mill your opponents, but it doesn't seem to support what the rest of your deck is doing. The copy that Kalamax makes can target and bounce the original Reversal back to your hand to cast again on the next turn and Kalamax can make a copy of one instant on each player's turn. Rarity: Rare; Set: War of the Spark; Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Your spell resolves as intended and you get to cast it again! EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander ._12xlue8dQ1odPw1J81FIGQ{display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle} You can't strap [[Neurok Stealthsuit]] to Isorchron Scepter in response to disenchant, and [[Corpse Dance]] won't bring it back at instant-speed! chilken Your deck seems good with the budget if you were to add some non budget upgrades i'd suggest Seedborn Muse Cyclonic Rift Rhystic Study Narset's Reversal And Mystical Tutor. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC

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