The lower half of her body vanishes into a misty whirlwind, so that she never appears to touch the ground. Half-Elf: Paladin: 86%: Moon Circle Druid: Wood Elf: Druid: 0%: Zealot Tank Half-Orc: Barbarian: 0%: Horse Horse: Horse: 0%: Human: Fighter: 0%: Goliath: Cleric-13%: Top. Low-light vision[3] 4th Edition Statistics[citation needed] " According to Tauren mythology, Cenarius (the patron for all druids) instructed them first in druidism as recounted in their myth Forestlord and the First Druids. Elf name generator - Dungeons & Dragons . 1. Elf [13], Moon elves were not the first of the elves to immigrate to Abeir-Toril, but they were the largest in number. I read a lot of threads on forums when I came back to game, and I found the Gyngerspyce post and found it very useful. They have the same amount and breakdown of spell slo… The moon shone overhead, bathing the druid in its silvery light. Half-Elf: The CHA bonus is largely unproductive for Druids, but increasing two ability scores by 1 allows you to boost WIS and CON/STR/DEX to create a rather well-rounded character. The sun elves strove to help the moon elves to try to return to the proper elven path with very stern lectures and strict fatherly advice by trying to make them look down on the N-Tel-Quess as inferior, but for a moon Elf, these actions were nothing but a tactical weakness and therefore were a silly way to alienate themselves from every other race they encountered. Like all elves, the Teu-tel-quessir were tall, close to humans in height, but more slender and beautiful. Moon elf skin was pale, often with an icy blue hue. Moon elf hair was commonly black, blue, or silvery white, although human-like colors were heard of as well, though very rare. Welcome to my nuker/dc/healer caster druid build post ! Forest[3] This is the complete Druid. While sun elves might wrinkle their nose at other cultures as inferior, moon elves typically felt that the diversity of Faerûn's landscape was wondrously enchanting. Shop high-quality unique Feral Druid T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Size The Druids of the Moon are a group of druids found at the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah, and at Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore if the player is a … However, most moon elves did not keep mounts, feeling it important to walk on their own two feet. This name generator will give you 10 names that will generally fit the elves in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Blue: Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character. Druids are keepers of the world who walk the path of nature, following the wisdom of the Ancients and Cenarius, healing and nurturing the world. Like other elves, moon elves made sure that nearly all of their members were trained to wield a weapon and many also had some small skill in magic. Shout outs: Stacey, John Patrick Callahan Jr, Gordon Alexander Fallon, and Max Puplett. Half-Elf, Medani (+1 INT, +1 CHA, +1 any attribute), Half-Elf, Lyrandar (+1 DEX, +1 CHA, +1 any attribute), Half-Orc, Finding (+1 STR, +1 WIS, +1 any attribute), Human, Cannith (+1 INT, +1 DEX, +1 INT or DEX), Human, Deneith (+1 STR, +1 WIS, +1 any attribute), Human, Vadalis (+1 DEX, +1 WIS, +1 any attribute), Stealth, Animal Handling, Survival, Perception, Get Studded Leather, longsword, and bow ASAP, attacks in Wild Shape count as magical, Wild Shape CR 2, Beast Spells, Timeless Body, Wild Shape CR 6. Before jumping into the meat, I want to take a moment to describe what a Druid in D&D actually is. General Information Appearance[5][6] I will look at several factors to determine the absolute best race to play a druid in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. OK, so lets start cantrips, I'm going to name 2. 350–750 years[2][4] Generally their totems reflect common beasts of the Plains: the Bear is the Hammertail (ankylosaurus), the Eagle is the Glidewing (pteranodon), and the Wolf is the Clawfoot Raptor. If you find these tools helpful, please consider supporting this site. Alignment Don’t let the armour fool you!At their core, Druids are nature wizards. This is huge for elementals so you get two elementals before a big battle rather than just the one. Average lifespan 2. Sunwalkers a burning flame style. Fair, sometimes with blue tint Unlike other elves, who typically thought of Angharradh as little more than the god Corellon's consort, moon elves saw Angharradh as the Protector's equal. Druids draw their power from this natural energy, using it to change their shapes and command the forces of nature. Skin color(s) Likewise, most moon elves shared their kin's open hostility towards drow. Among the more successful of these was the city of Evereska, constructed around −8600 DR and Cormanthyr, which was founded in −3983 DR. Of these, only Evereska survived to 14th century DR, with Cormanthyr collapsing in the Year of Doom, 714 DR,[5] although Myth Drannor, Cormanthyr's greatest city, was rebuilt and resettled in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR.[14], However, while few moon elven realms survived into the modern age, the moon elves had, on the whole, done well for themselves. The Moon Druid can use Wild Shape, twice per short rest, for a total of 68 HP before needing the same s… Size Various depictions of moon elves. A list of character builds for 5th edition D&D, sorted by class and race in a simple and easy to read format. Moon elves were eager to travel the new world their brethren had discovered, maintaining their characteristic wanderlust even in these early years, and it was some time before they settled in Faerûn as other elves had already done, eventually coming to form the nation of Orishaar, though many settled in Othreier and Keltormir. Moon elven clothing was often flashy in other ways, however, with bright colors popular amongst moon elves who felt comfortably at rest and away from danger. night elf could get title moon knights. For entertainment, moon elves preferred to gamble, taking little risks as part of the fun. Humanoid Traditionally, druids chose the path of a specific animal totem. They are slow to make enemies, slower to make friends, and slower still to forget either. This pressure did not bother most moon elves, who were outright delighted should they ever become masters of the Art. IWD [10], It was not uncommon for a moon elf to take on the life of an adventurer. Similarly, drinking and reveling was an important part of moon elven culture. You can make your own, too! Fey Medium She stopped and slowly looked all around, seeing nothing but flat earth around her, and the tiny silhouettes of mountains encircling the plains in all directions. The druid is a playable character class in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Multi-classing! Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Her symbol is a cloud with a bird silhouette. This is clarified in Chronicle. Moon Elves are even less expressive than their more common kin, showing a slight smile at elation or a furrowed brow at loathing. Type when a Fighter at the same level can only attack once (roughly +5 to hit, 8.5 damage avg.). She appears to be a tall, elf-like woman with feathered hair and eyebrows. Humanoid When considering the best race for playing a druid, there are several options to consider: wood elves, water genasi, ghostwise halflings, variant humans, and firbolgs all make an outstanding start to a druidic build. [10], Although often light-hearted and at ease, moon elves could leap to action if danger came around. Often mistaken for drow by the uninformed, moon elves are the secretive subrace of elvenkind that dwell deep within the forests, hidden out of sight from all but the most perceptive and brave explorers. Pass Without Trace. we also get night elf paladin too we have in paladin class hall. Her back has a pair of large bird-like wings. Moon elves were generally comfortable living amongst other elves, particularly sun elves, as well as gnomes, humans, or halflings. Male moon elves were typically taller than females. Hair color(s) Typically moon elves remain aloof and distant from the world, not getting involved unless they are threatened. Tattoos were not unheard of amongst moon elves and were frequently worn, though it was not an ingrained part of their culture. Both traditions of arcane and divine magic were highly encouraged and those who partook in either were pushed to expand the knowledge of their race. Origin Circle Forms. Her feathers are constantly changing color. I wish blizzard would create different spell effects based on race. Medium [11], Generally, moon elves took things with little gravity, instead taking joy in the simple things of life, a trend that their music and art reflected, which were more often joyous than solemn. Bloodknights would have a redish tent to their holy spells. Moon based paladins would be cool. More tolerant of humans than other eladrin, moon elves are the ancestors of most half-eladrin. Water genasi have a nice boos… Druids are the embodiment of nature. 3e Because moon elves had an innate sense of altruism and good will to others, most moon elven adventurers were heroes, rather than villains, though both existed. Homeland(s) The DalelandsEvermeetThe High ForestMyth DrannorNorthwest FaerûnThe Western Heartlands [9], Like all elves, the Teu-tel-quessir were tall, close to humans in height, but more slender and beautiful. You were most likely chosen by this God of Nature for better things. I will look at ability score adjustments that are beneficial to being a druid, in this case Wisdom. Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. [5], Moon elves were fond of keeping pets, in particular, such animals as cats, dogs, falcons, or other hunting partners. [5], Of all the elven races, moon elves were the most impulsive, with a strong distaste for complacency or isolation. Druid Acolyte The Acolyte presumably has been studying under one of the Gods of Nature, but somehow skipped right past becoming a Nature based Cleric, and fell straight into the woods behind the temple where they were studying. Green or blue with golden flecks She strode across the salt flats, tasting the frigid air as it scoured the cracked ground beneath her feet. Many also formed close bonds with self-aware creatures, such as blink dogs, pegasi, unicorns, or dragonnes. [5], Those who did turn to an adventurer's lifestyle commonly embraced the musical path of a bard; the martial lifestyle of a fighter, ranger, or rogue; or studied to become wizards. They embody its primal nature through spell, wildshape, and other mystical abilities. The Digital Dungeon Master has painstakingly created 5e character sheets to help you get going. Moon Circle Druid Wood Elf Druid. ... Hi! Subtype(s) Their contribution stands as a beacon of hope for all adventurers! 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