When paired with a high VIT enchanted Giant Snake Skin [1] this set helps you reach the highest health pool possible. Find a bar where you dedicate your combo skills. I recommend these cards depending on the item, with a brief explanation for why: Here will be a short description of important skills and their uses. [Lv 6] : 22% Max HP, 11% Max SP, 1440 Bonus damage, 3000 Bonus damage (If used in combo). [Lv 7] : 12 Maximum Spirit Spheres, +9% Max HP, +9% Max SP, Duration 120 seconds. Skill damage is not forced neutral, thus making this a viable build for Bio5. Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLevel ÷ 100)]% + Bonus_Damage + Target_BaseLevel × 40a. Trust me.) The only slotted middle headgear that drops from enemies. This status ailment causes the following effects: Note: The Stone status effect is a two-stage effect. This skill is always considered a long ranged attack on all skill levels. This skill uses the highest level of each learned skill when cast. Normal = (HPamount_Result + SPamount_Result) ÷ 4 An extremely cheap and easy to obtain defensive accessory that can be used in place of Vit Glove [1] . This skill has great synergy with Cursed Circle as it will prevent enemies around you from interrupting your cast or, verus players, from dodging the skill by using Hide. If you want to build a Sura entirely just for Monster Hunter content and assuming you have high amounts of Zeny then yes go for it. Stats; As we already said, you should focus on INT, the formula of Asura. Go to the Main Office [@go Main] > use all your skills > talk to the Class NPC > rebirth to High Novice etc. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meth_Sura&oldid=10270. Each item also offers holy resistance which can be helpful in some situations. Peach Cake - Increase Dex stat to 6 for 30 mins. Added Damage (ATK) = [Knockback_Damage + (1000 × Target_CurrWeight ÷ Target_WeightLimit) + (Target_BaseLevel × 5) × (BaseLevel ÷ 150)]%. The range is great and the damage is good. Sim!!! Concealed enemies will take additional damage, but it is not revealed how much this additional damage is. One, you will not be able to cast Rising Dragon when SP pool goes below 100. Choose one of them depending on your stat priority, although Vit Glove [1] can be used as a defensive accessory all around. •Muscles (Barbarian? This monk relies on the fact that Monks can be perpetually in Fury mode inside WoE and depend upon SP / HP items. One of Battle Chant's random effects grants 60 seconds of immunity to all status effects to party members, including Silence status. Chile Shrimp Gratin - Increase Agi stat to 6 for 30 mins. [Lv 4] : 1400% ATK, 2200% ATK (If used after Earth Shaker). Also, these are just my personal recommendations, do not feel like these are the only options, but they are notable options. If a Crusader uses Sacrifice on the inflicted person, the Crusader can take the damage and be healed, regardless of the critical wounds on the target. Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Tiger Cannon > Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Gates of Hell > Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Gates of Hell > Dangerous Soul Collect Lv 1 > Repeat An amazing accessory that is very good in both PvM and PvP. Sky Net Blow damage increases with AGI, so AGI serves as a stat to help you survive and a damage stat. Recommended builds for Monk in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Asura: Str 112, Int 112 - Asura Strike, Critical Explosion, Spirits Recovery Steel: Str 75, Agi 75, Vit 95, Dex 49 - Steel Body, Spirits Recovery, Flee I'd recommend either a Hunter Fly Card for general use, Abysmal Knight Card for MVPing or a White Knight Card for all around use if you also plan on using this weapon while wearing a shield with a Khalitzburg Knight Card . VIT is needed for increasing your health - you'll most likely be taking damage while using this skill as you need to gather enemies up and wait for them to be in range of Sky Net Blow when you use it. Monsters Hard-DEF and Soft-DEF is reduced by 50% (round up). You can mix and match these equipment to whichever is cheaper. and Monsters Lovecraft Country Mirzapur Mirzapur 2 Mirzapur Season 2 Mulan Over The Moon Penn Raised By Wolves Rebecca Rizzoli Roald Dahls The Witches Scam 1992 Showcase Unhinged 2020 WEB-DL 1080p seleZen. [Lv 1] : 6 Maximum Spirit Spheres, +3% Max HP, +3% Max SP, Duration 30 seconds. Ranged Physical Damage - having a skill that could deal ranged damage greatly adds to the versatility of a class since a lot of the monsters and Boss monsters are equipped with anti-melee mechanics such as, Staggered Damage - a great thing about staggered damage is that it increases the chances of activating skills/effects that require a certain percentage(%) of attacks to the monster. When you have level 5 or higher Rising Dragon, using Power Absorb and Dangerous Soul Collect is a very effective way of recovering SP and can be used in your entire leveling career if you wish. When you reach the destination place, type /memo so that you wont need to walk back again when you die. Monks are a versatile class that can deal damage in several ways unique to themselves. You can read more about Temporal Boots here. A Champion is the Transcendent variant of Monk. The following guide is unconventional since we are a unique class that is hard to play and farm with. When starting the game you are teleported into a space where there is a warp portal, you have the option to follow the guide or just skip in entirely. This skill will protect you for a limited amount of time. I usually use Ring[1] + Mantis Cards because I was poor and didn't know Diabolus Rings had so much SP in them (or morpheus rings). This is your main source of SP for the combo build. They gain a variety of Area of Effect abilities, the ability to have up to 15 maximum spheres instead of 5 thanks to Rising Dragon, new powerful buffs and the ability to start a combo instantly thanks to Dragon Combo and Flash Combo. PVP builds, all depends, some people like getting in 20-30 vit and sacrificing some int. Depending on your stat priority, you'll either want to use a Wakwak Card or a Jejeling Card in this garment. These examples are highly dependent on your budget. Increases your ATK based on your Job Level. The build in the guide can apply (By this I mean it COULD work, but not necessarily) for both WoE and PvP, however it is focused mostly on PvP. Move to the Left portal. [Lv 8] : 1300% ATK, +1200% ATK (If knocked into wall), 2100% ATK (Against Boss monster). Dropped by Nidhoggur's Shadow. MAIN HP HEALING ITEM - HP Giggling Box . [Lv 4] : 18% Max HP, 9% Max SP, 960 Bonus damage, 2000 Bonus damage (If used in combo). Base Damage is determined with the following formula; The downside with Flash Combo, aside from the reduced damage, is that it prevents you from doing anything else (even using items) which makes it risky to use in certain situations, mainly any PvP activity. [Lv 3] : +6% Max HP, +60 DEF, +140% HP Recovery. If you are using a White Knight Card in your weapon, it's recommended to also use a Khalitzburg Knight Card . Ar higher levels, using this set with a Hero Judgement Shawl [1] gives you more chances to auto-cast the Level 10 Kyrie Eleison effect. [Lv 9] : 28% Max HP, 14% Max SP, 2160 Bonus damage, 4500 Bonus damage (If used in combo). [Lv 3] : 25% Chance to obtain a Spirit Sphere. This build is my favorite since it not only does good damage but also gives great survivability. After your gramps run, you will likely reach max job and base level. [Lv 2] : (240 + 2%) HP restored, 10% Chance to recover from statuses. A potential reward from the Prize of Hero obtained from the MVP of Bios Island and Morse's Cave. Go back to the Left Warp area where you killed the, Go back to Geffen, and move to the North Warp portal. This is Lino’s Vanilla Champion Guide. Opting for Box of Gloom than bringing an Abusive Robe is better in more ways. If you do not reach max base and job levels from the first quest, join a level 85 gramps party to leech exp until you level to max. Exit the dungeon by walking to the [Warper] next to you. This build is mainly for increasing Tiger Cannon Damage. [Lv 5] : 10 Maximum Spirit Spheres, +7% Max HP, +7% Max SP, Duration 90 seconds. [Lv 3] : 800% ATK, +450% ATK (If knocked into wall), 1100% ATK (Against Boss monster). Our class will excel only if we gear and build it properly. [Lv 5] : 35% Chance to obtain a Spirit Sphere. A very good ring which can also be used for general farming or tanking if you wish. Very common and cheap to get. It is possible to use Hiding or a skill like it to evade a directly casted Asura Strike. Through rigorous training and intense dedication, the Monkwill finally tap into the strength of his entire being and become a Champion! Has a combo with Diabolus Ring [1] which increases your ATK by 3% to make this a strong set throughout all levels. If this skill is used after Earthshaker, it deals increased damage. Go back to Eden > Sumbit your second Quest > Go back to Main Office > if you did not get enough levels then go back to killing monsters > Change to Sura Class > Restart Client > Farm back to either Gonryun Dungeon or Glast Heim. This build is good against MvP(Boss) with large HP since you will have less downtime in attacking. The type of build that you are using generally depends on the main skill you want to use. If Earth Shaker cannot one-hit-K.O. This is the default shield to use for Battlegrounds and War of Emperium. Each class requires certain stats combined with specific skills in order to reach their effectiveness. Gates of Hell is one of the best skill to use to make a really cheap build since the gears available are cheap and affordable. You will need to use potions to increase your stats to be able to insta-cast your Gates of Hell. Click on [Warper Npc] and go to [Payon Dungeon]. Gentle Touch-Cure (Sura) can recover from the effect. These are not necessarily needed but they will help increase your damage. This build lets you spam Sky Net Blow without having to worry about spheres as long as you have Energy Gain active (and the SP required to use Sky Net Blow). Siroma Icetea - Increase Dex stat to 20 for 5 mins. Do not sell your +7 Fancy Feather Hat [1] since you will need it on Garranth/Garronath. A Pseudo Critical Monk has no Luk in his build (hence pseudo). When compared to other hold down button attacks such as Knuckle Arrow, GoH would certainly lose in terms of Damage per Second. What I mean by this is when you need to do Nyia/Garranth and you don't find people recruiting on the airship, I strongly suggest you make the party and invite other players. [Lv 1] : 350% ATK, 0.5 seconds of immobilized status. Dragon Combo > Fallen Empire > Tiger Cannon > Flash Combo Because this is a purely defensive item, the only card option is Green Ferus Card . The damage from this skill is based on a percentage of your Max HP and Max SP. One of Battle Chant's random effects removes all abnormal status effects from party members, including Stone status, however it can't remove the Stone status from the paladin itself since it can't cast any skill as long as he/she is in stone status. First of all when making a Sura, one must have a good name and you will probably need 2 to 3 hours thinking of one. Dropped from Satan Morocc and his weakened version. These items have the benefit of being cheap and can last you until max level if you are unable to replace equipment. If HP is over 25%, you will lose 1% of your HP every 5 seconds. Sura is the third job class for Champion (you can change into a Sura as a Monk but it is highly recommended not to). Currently the best leveling headgear and one of the best for overall PVM. Go back to Main Office > Use up all your skill points > Change to Champion > If your character did not reach max level from the first quest. If gramps is too tanky, then I would recommend going back to Abyss Lake 3. An example (affordable) gear composition would be: Now addressing the issue of SP consumption of Gates of Hell, there is no easy solution to this. Each piece of equipment having a slot means that you can enhance the bonuses even more or use the slots to help with immunity to statuses. [Lv 5] : 20% Max HP, 10% Max SP, 1200 Bonus damage, 2500 Bonus damage (If used in combo). You'll want either a Wakwak Card or an Aliot Card to increase your Asura Strike damage. You can 1 shot Gramps 85 - 115 with just one skill. Another defensive accessory that offers resistances to elements, a decent HP boost and a boost to attack speed. Obtained through a quest. To explain more specifically, once you lure a mob 10 monsters there is a small window of time you get once you stop moving before all the attacks of the 10 monsters hit you. Monk with Ashura build is the most common. So this is why I recommend a different build for the earlier levels, since Fallen Empire is usually enough to kill individual enemies. Increases the maximum amount of Spirit Spheres you can hold, and increase your Max HP and Max SP. Here is an overview of the stats and what they do that benefit Sura. Flame Skull Card increases resistance by 30%. Move up to Abyss Lake 3 and start farming loots and exp there. (Perks of farming St. Abbey is that the monsters drop Books which sell for 35,000.00). These example builds are not mandatory but they represent some ideas that you may improve upon. I will list some of the Monsters, Dungeons, and Instances that Sura is better at farming. [Lv 6] : 1100% ATK, +900% ATK (If knocked into wall), 1700% ATK (Against Boss monster). Go back to Eden > Talk To Boya > Go to Teleporter > warp to [Orc Dungeon] > Go inside the Warp Portal above you > Talk to the NPC named [Hooksha] > You are then tasked to kill 20x. Another damage increasing option. Having high INT will reduce amount of time this ailment affects you, as well as chance of being affected. Part of the WoE Robe set, used as defensive gear in PVP. They were looked down upon as "Power Mongers," but these Monks offered no excuses for their actions. I suggest getting these for solo hunting/instancing builds without the help of Minstrel Class but for the purpose of doing Monster Hunter content I do not suggest buying these since they are really expensive. One of the good sides of this skill is that it is usable even without reaching the Max ACD, it slow in terms of animation but still it is far better in terms of playability compared to Knuckle Arrow Build. When changing to Champion Class, you get access to Dangerous Soul Collect which is a much easier way of getting spheres. This skills damaeg is increased based on the casters Base Level, STR, and DEX. Instant cast when used after Fallen Empire. Reach levels 20 - 30 before moving to a new map which spawns Poison Spores. The alternative to Temporal Boots of Strength, requiring you to have 120 VIT over 120 STR so it focuses more on having a much larger health pool for Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell damage. Is it good? We use the skill called Gentle Touch - Energy Gain . Press (alt+A) to view your Status Window, place all your stat points into DEX. Causes Stone Curse when being hit. Leap towards a target and strike it with long ranged physical damage, knocking back the target in the process. The larger and heavier the enemy, the more damage this attack will deal. The leeching effect stacks with Rideword Hat [1] . For a build focused on Knuckle Arrow you would need to focus your gear composition on After-Cast Delay. I highly suggest going through this route when you have properly established your character, what I mean is that you have separate builds for farming and instancing which you can fallback to. There are plenty of MVPs that can be one shot with Asura Strike, and the number only increases as you start giving yourself more buffs or MVP with more than one person, for example, a priest with Lex Aeterna will make it possible for you to one shot the majority of field MVPs. Until that point, it's much easier to just invest in a +5 - +7 Carga Mace. You are free to maximize your damage output with your stats however, this skill's greatest weakness is the high amount of ACD(After-Cast Delay) it requires to be able to properly use it. Will consume % of your SP thus reducing your SP pool to 300 makes this viable for PVE. Grooming removes this ailment to the user and Purring to the whole party. All of these combined make Sura a highly desirable class for PvP, War of Emperium and Battlegrounds. The more you keep on farming maps with dense monster population the faster you gain EXP. From levels 130+. Can also be enchanted to have up to +3 of a bonus stat on it. There is a good amount of DEX and INT to reduce the variable cast time if you wish to cast it on its own or you can use it from the Dragon Combo combo for high single target damage. Get this skill to max since you will need it for more defense. Also, this is a champion guide, not a monk guide; it also talks about “end-game” equipments and stats, thus there is no leveling section in this guide. [Lv 2] : 600% ATK, 0.5 seconds of immobilized status. A good alternative build for farming Geffenia if you do not get disoriented with the skill animation. Sura's main damaging abilities, Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell gain damage from having high Maximum HP. This skill has a small window that you must catch for you to chain either Tiger Cannon or Gates of Hell. Use this to start your combos. Using the Tiger Cannon skill makes you deal a ton of damage. Gemini-S58 Card Add 30% resistance if the user has 90 or more base AGI points. Lastly, to further help your tank please keep a stack for Sleep Poring whenever Nysori does the cage. All DEF contributed by items is reduced by 50%. INT is to help with SP regen and giving you a nice SP pool to use the skill with. or with Gates of Hell in the Combo

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