When beginning your analysis, it's best to start with larger observations, working your way into more nuanced detail. No two palms are unique, so remember that context is everything: Note where each line begins and ends, which mounts it crosses, and where the creases intersect. Join the Reel Club to access fantastic competitons and special member offers. Breaks in the line means sudden changes in lifestyle. Our palms naturally evolve over the course of our lives, but the fate line transforms the most frequently. Whenever you're experiencing a massive shift, whether personal or professional, take a quick peek at the fate line. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Ahead, let's explore the basic theory and techniques of palm reading, along with tips and tricks to help you cultivate your unique approach. These hands are often firm, solid, and fleshy. However, palmistry gives cues about the impact of a person’s personality on their life path. As your confidence and ability grow, you can also use the passive side to bolster your reading’s impact. Palmistry, or the interpretation of palms, involves noticing and analyzing the characteristics of your hand. Read more stories on astrology and the occult: Your Sign's 2020 Horoscope Predictions Are Here, Everything You Need to Know About Finding Your Twin Flame, A Beginner’s Guide to Astrological Rising Signs and What They Mean. For this, we have brought “ How To Read Palms – The Basic Things To Know About Reading Palms… Long deep lines represent good health, while short deep life lines show a person should be able to overcome health issues easily. Although it takes time to develop, it opens a world that helps people identify their purpose. Modern palmists trace the tradition back to the Indian subcontinent. Palmistry has a rich legacy worldwide and is a skill that leads to accurate results for many people. Those with air hands are easily distracted and, if not stimulated, can become anxious or edgy. However, they obsess over the details and events of their present. When you understand your querent's history, you'll be able to offer richer insight by applying your observations to real-life situations. Also known as the love line, this crease governs all matters of the heart, including romance, friendship, sexuality, and commitment. Outer Mars, or Upper Mars, represents perseverance and emotional bravery. We're deep-diving into the topics you’ve always wondered about. The sun line is the vertical line found under the ring finger. Here's the lowdown on how to subscribe to Allure's print edition for more beauty routines, recommendations, and features. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Lastly, extremely prominent mounts reveal dominant characteristics that may be exaggerated or overemphasized. I have the scoop on which sign you should date right here: Find Aliza on Instagram, Twitter, and her website. → Head Line Reading … Breaks or forks in the heart line can suggest multiple lovers, transformative bonds, or even infidelity. People with this hand shape are the logical, intellectual type with a healthy sense of curiosity. If the heart line and life line touch, this indicates the person gets their heart broken easily. If the heart line is broken or the heart line presents with smaller lines crossing through it – it could represent some emotional trauma. Bundles designed to help you make the most of your Palms experience. Fleshy mounts indicate positive characteristics, while sunken ones denote qualities in your life that you must improve. After all, you're a palm reader, not a mind reader. AAA / AARP. … This … This crease is used to gauge your journey, not your death. If you have a very clear sun line, it means that you have a good taste for literature and arts. The head line indicates intellectual pursuits, and the lessons one must learn in life. Palmistry, also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology, is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of the palm. Although lines are a part of palmistry, a proficient palm reader uses every detail to draw connections. Hands in palm reading are divided into four categories: earth, air, fire and water 1. The complexity of an individual's mental pursuits corresponds with the line's depth, while the line's length reveals the breadth of the topics they explore. Palm reading, also known as palmistry, involves looking at the shapes of your hands and the lines on them to possibly tell you about your life and personality. For instance, although someone may be a fiery Aries, the shape of their hand may be that of a water sign, revealing nuanced insight into the complexities of their personality. The details, such as size, dips, folds, and shape of your palm, weave the tapestry of your life. They're driven by their desires and on a bad day they may lack tactfulness and empathy. Overly-fleshy mounts represent an exaggeration of traits that need refinement. A wavy line indicates several relationships are lovers, without a serious relationship. The depth of the line shows the sophistication of one’s mental pursuits. A broken line indicates inconsistencies in thought. Which leads us to an important question: What is palm reading and is it really possible to determine the future by looking at the lines in one’s hand?. While secure and reliable, they can become too consumed with their immediate realities, which can ultimately hinder long-term planning and achievement. Everything has meaning, and when you infuse your practice with intuition, you'll seamlessly extract the meaning of the smallest details. When I was in elementary school, a classmate who was reading a book on palmistry looked at my hand, spotted my "short" life line, and foretold my early death. The depth of the line suggests the richness of your experience, while the length reveals others' influence on your individual path. Are the fingers manicured or dirty? Hand lines give powerful cues about the future of the person you are reading. Located above the head line, the highest horizontal line on the palm is the heart line. Those with water hands also tend to have psychic abilities. A faint line indicates the person lacks concentration and memory. They need constant stimulation and are susceptible to boredom and anxiety when they do not have much to do. A wavy line indicates a short attention span. Located toward the bottom of the palm on the pinky side, this area reveals an individual's empathy, compassion, and imagination. They represent a person who uses logic and whom others depend on for stability. While the moon illuminates the darkness, the Mount of Luna is linked to the insight found within magick. If you see a break at one point in your fate line before continuing on, it indicates that you are likely to change career paths in the near future. It reveals a connection to the spiritual realm, along with divine aptitudes. Everything you need to know about palmistry, from its history to how to start a practice. Let's take a look at each of these. If you don’t have a sun line, it indicates that you should take a break from work and take time enjoy life every now and then. Individuals with fire hands are known to be passionate, confident, and industrious. Situated underneath the pinky finger, the Mount of Mercury is connected to communication and intelligence. You can tell a fire hand by its long palm and short fingers. Though its precise origins remain unknown, it's believed that palmistry … Of the four major lines, the first three (heart, head, and life) should be relatively easy for you to locate on your hands. Breaks in the line can signify mental strife, or more optimistically, monumental breakthroughs or epiphanies. Palm reading is a skill that needs development, but also requires a strong intuition. People with earth hands are steady and reliable. Faint lines indicate low energy, while deep lines indicate a smooth life path. While I encourage you to develop your own interpretations of different creases and shapes, familiarizing yourself with historical conventions can help you develop a rich vocabulary that is applicable to any querent (that's the person seeking answers from a reading).

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