Master thieves and deadly assassins, these masters of the night will do what it takes to acheive their goal. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. ETC check it (GUIDE) 09/02/2012 - Private Server Advertising - 4 Replies Hello *****, im going to post a guide and the download link. MockMeMage. From there this is where you will begin your 4th job change, just follow the quests. Next job Holy Master: Build into high ranged damage skills Dark Master: Build into mid-close range skills with high sustainability Class Specifications Edit. Craft Rate +5 1 Waypoint has been added Waterlily Forest New Quests have been added 8 Main Scenario Quests 6 Fencer Private Tutorial Quests 106 Dark Chaser Legend 1 Quests 95 Dark Chaser Legend 2 Quests 48 General Quests 3 Daily Quests New comers should actually browse through the forums before making threads like these. 4th?) "Finding your passion and making it your career is the dream, the six figure salary is just a bonus." 4 comments. The quest guide will only show available quests for your current character. I've been wanting to try Terror Knight, Star Seeker, and Rogue Master but I don't want to work all the way up to level 140 3 times and be unsatisfied with my choices. would be nice to add in where you can find each and every monster you want to soul steal. The quests to unlock a 4th job start with the Lady on the Roof at the Guild Union. is it possible you could put monsters that can be soul steal? 1 Description 1.1 Main Info 1.2 Personality 2 Special Ability 2.1 Rage Bar 3 Unlocking 4 Trivia 4.1 Others 5 Gallery 5.1 Miscellaneous 6 Quotes 6.1 Game Start 6.2 When Attacking 6.3 Stance Change 6.4 Rage Mode 6.5 Skills 6.6 Taunt 6.7 Counter 6.8 Death 6.9 Game End 7 References 8 Navigation "Kanavan's master Gladiator." New instance dungeons have been added. At lv140, you have the ability to unlock your subclass, which uses an entirely different weapon and playstyle. Maximum HP +2100. It is only visible to you. Once you become Blade Master … @Terrilicious Oh thank you for saying that. Fourth Job At lv170, you can unlock your final class advancement. Welcome... You are using the skill simulator! So far the only monsters I know that drop red eggs are windraiders and pandas from mu lung. 4. theres an instance dungeon portal, the mini boss there is a secret card. At Lv. Check out my Ludibirum Maze Quest Guide! Endgame DF showcasing damage on scarecrow in PvP Arena. Sword Dancer is available upon reaching level 140 and appears as a tutorial quest. The user can perform this job change at the map “Orca Area 1” at “Infinite Corridor” on the Freios continent. so i've been playing a lot of Latale recently (I have a lv 61 duel balder or whatever) and actually I cannot decide which one is better! Previous Job. -Obtaining the quests given by Uncursed Subordinate while grinding will be beneficial.-This is around the time where you should get your Twilight gear; weapon depends on if you're a sub class - which means you'll be getting a Twilight weapon - or a 4th job - which means you'll be getting a Degos weapon. oh ok thanks, by the way, if you do the secret cards one and implement them here, one of them can be found on the -> side of ves in a ship. This guide is for really new people that are new to LaTale. You can also use certain pet skills, such as the Patchwork Bunny pet, or one of your active misc skills known as Extrasensory. Certain skills need a pre-req skill at a certain level, other skills come at certain levels and cost money to learn. 3. I heard that you can still save up points for 4th job, means that when you are 130, you would probably get an extra of 30 SP when you made your 4th job advancement. A new scenario quest will appear to characters above ascension level 600. At Lv. I've met some awesome people on la tale, and this was during OGP time when people were so much nicer and inclusive, but now, the competition is ridiculous. Allelujah! 1. Instead of things being like kill, collect, or find 20/25/50 of whatever, its been to reduced to 5! Onihime LaTale o 11:26 3 komentarze: Wyślij pocztą e-mail Wrzuć na bloga Udostępnij w usłudze Twitter Udostępnij w usłudze Facebook Udostępnij w serwisie Pinterest. A subclass can be unlocked in the Orca Zone, accessible either from the Infinite Corridor in the Guild Union, or via a Warp Capsule, purchasable in Belos. It is only visible to you. The quests to unlock a 4th job start with the Lady on the Roof at the Guild Union. For LaTale on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "LaTale Quest Guides. Dash through foes with amazing firepower. As @Rhonder said, I felt like 3rd job quest was the best job advancing line. With third job at Lv. All awakened legion weapons can be upgraded to mythic-grade hell weapons. This guide wasnt really made for Card Master initially but I'll be happy to when I get the chance. Latale server files. 232 +] - Can be entered twice per day. If you really want more info about 4th job go use the Search icon on the blue line up top ^. At lv170, you can unlock your final class advancement. So basically according to Chinese latale its version not sure if it has sub jobs or 3rd jobs yet. La Tale New Player’s Guide by Kojow. @Terrilicious To include in that I don't think I properly answered you. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Always ready for action, with stacks of ammo in his arsenal ready to destroy every enemy. PS: all this quest are for every job (this are the commom ones) after you finish this quest you will get different quest according to your job . Your first class is picked in your initial character creation. From there this is where you will begin your 4th job change, just follow the quests. Instead of things being like kill, collect, or find 20/25/50 of whatever, its been to reduced to 5! Home › La Tale › General Discussion. It was launched in South Korea in February 2006 where it was well received. (10) 3rd Job (1) Honor (1) Monster Tower (10) 4th Job; Generate URL. @Terrilicious Alright thanks for that and I will also use that info as well. PS: all this quest are for every job ... 4th Quest "Chaotic guys..." Given by:Berkhart Complete the "Annoying Guys!!!" You are pretty slow. At level 170, advance to “Blade Master” by completing the Class Upgrade quests. Before I waste my time finding red eggs (Which have a really low drop rate >_<) Does Mad bunny still give you a safety charm for doing his quest? 11-30-2017, 08:28 PM #3. killakev. 4th?) DF- Korean- Agni's Altar. Reset. For additional information, you can find me on the OGP forums or in-game. Until you reach level 170 on your sub, you are stuck with the single jump. Hey just a small gripe, but double jump doesn't carry over to subclass automatically. A Holy Shield to block your enemies' attacks! Warrior's Rest Area [Lv. Thief - Hellin 3. Same weapons. Whoever wants can use it to look up answers or fill in answers they know. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. New monsters have been added. For each Class, you are able to advance to the next Job Class when you hit level 50, followed by 100 and then 170; some Classes can also take on an additional Subclass when they reach level 140, which advances separately from the base Job Classes. Bring the Recommendation to your respective 4th job instructor in Forest of Priest (Leafre) for acknowledgement. As usual, if you see any bugs, yell at me. I'm not positive that not completing this quest stops the story line/scenario quests, but I'm trying to play through all/most of the game's quests. The wiki is useless when planning your class in the long run. Welcome... You are using the skill simulator! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Item Drop Rate +8. 140, switch to Rogue Master. You are now lvl 139 you can start your 3rd job quest now! Your skills are reset upon changing jobs, allowing you to overhaul your build if you so desire. At lv100, you can advance to your next class. All rights reserved. July 2017 General Discussion. Ok so people have asked about this "At the Strange Road" quest where it just says "Find the girl".

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