Definition and How It Works in the US, Public Health Major: Courses, Jobs, Salaries, Current Political Campaign Contribution Limits. Search Entry level degree political science jobs. The bachelor's degree alone, however, qualifies you to work as a paralegal or human rights advocate. There's a Job for That! Political science jobs are available at a variety of experience levels and allow the ability to specialize in sectors that interest you. You may want to start off a little smaller and closer to home in your political career. Business News Daily Writer Updated Jan 25, 2018. Best Political Science Schools in the U.S. What Is a Constitutionally Limited Government? City and county governments are a good place to start. Political Science Major. Financial Institution Examining Series 0570 6. Work on a political campaign. 1. Kelci Lynn Lucier has worked in higher education for over a decade. Work in government relations in the nonprofit sector. Work for the state government. The descriptions below explain what these jobs are like in the US, and we even included average annual salaries in USD as of Nov 2, 2016 according to We tend to think of teachers as woefully underpaid, but in reality teachers can earn a decent living the first year after graduating. We used real-time job analysis software to examine more than 146,000 job postings seeking candidates with a computer science degree and zero to two years of experience from the past year. Regardless, an advanced degree is helpful. Transportation Specialist Series 2101 13. Top 9 Cheap Online Political Science Degree Programs (Bachelor’s). Since political science majors study the process for generating public policy, the role of policy analyst is a natural application of their work as a student. A lot of graduates move on to work as senators, representatives, and sometimes even become the president. Still more can be assistance or age to legislators. Alumni Profiles. Labor Management Relations Examining Series 0244 2. Make sure you have no grammatical or spelling errors. Jobs such as town planner, lobbyist, political scientist, teacher, political consultant, lawyer, and many others are all perfectly viable options for those who major in political science. How we determined the hardest majors to get a job after college. I'm stuck in IT now, 50k a year with full benefits, so sadly my degree has gone to waste. Program Coordinator. Pension Law Specialist Series 0958 7. Work in advocacy for a nonprofit. 5. Given the rising cost of higher education and the loan liability that many graduates have accumulated, college students are carefully considering the income potential of their degrees. 2. Use articles and resources to uncover answers to common questions, get guidance on your goals, and learn about applying to schools. Many political science majors also go on to become writers, crafting thoughtful articles, essays, and editorials on the politics affecting our nation and other nations. Ask an advisor or college career counselor to critique your resume. Best Jobs For Social Science Majors A social science degree can get you started on a career in law, social work, academia, politics and more. Find one branch that interests you the most and see if they're hiring. Health Science Major: Courses, Jobs, Salaries, What Is Civic Engagement? These are all qualities that make an employee invaluable in most settings, but even more so in government, lobbying and cause-driven organizations, education and advocacy groups. Political science professors say they help students develop both hard skills, such as data analysis, and soft skills, such as communication abilities. Many magazines admittedly (or very clearly) have a political tilt. Tough economy right now, nothing is easy. For many students, a major in biology is a stepping stone to medical school and becoming a doctor, but biology majors can go on to pursue a number of different (and even surprising) career paths.According to the American Institute of Biological Sciences, biologists can work in many different fields, including research, education, health care and environmental conservation. Search 449 Political Science jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. The federal government works in a variety of fields with people of all backgrounds. Industrial Property Management Series 1103 9. Careers in health science are as diverse as they come. As a political science student, you can explore career opportunities across multiple employers. See Open Jobs 5. Explore different options for you based on your degree interests. Political Science has no natural career path, it doesn't provide you a certain job like Nursing or Electrical Engineering majors. listed the 11 most in-demand college majors. Suggested careers include: 1. Still more can be assistance or age to legislators. If you want to scope out majors that'll make it more difficult for you to be professionally successful in the long run, you've come to the right place. Attorneys often make twice as much as paralegals; many of the latter group possess associate or bachelor’s degrees. Some of the best entry-level jobs for economics majors in this section come with high salaries and solid employment outlooks. As a political science student, you can explore career opportunities across multiple employers. Work for the local government. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about what you can do with a political science … what do you do right out of college? Financial Analysis Series 1160 10. In the private sector, joining a corporate security team would enhance your understanding of organizational systems and security issues in a connected world. Education Associate at the National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Political science majors can pursue careers in education as K-12 teachers, professors, or education administrators. Work in government relations in the for-profit sector. This includes coordinating government relations, advocating for funding, managing regulations, and a whole host of other, interesting responsibilities. Understanding of political structures gives students a vantage point from which to build a successful career in any number of career fields. Many nonprofits, especially larger, national ones, need staff to help with government relations and advocacy. Political science majors are typically effective communicators, logical analysts and systematic thinkers. Average Base Pay: $52,581 Number of Open Jobs: 518 Description: You know what this job is about because you just snagged your degree! Other advanced job options for those with a background in political science that may require additional training at the graduate level include: Professor Survey researcher 10. Political Science And Government 3.31%; You can take the law route, the political science research route, public administration/ government route and there's many more. Average Base Pay: $47,125 Give back to your home state, or a new one, by working for the state government. is an advertising-supported site. You might surprise yourself with what you end up getting to do! Apply to Intern, Intelligence Analyst, Political Affairs Officer and more! You majored in political science for a reason. To help narrow your Federal job search, below is a list of academic majors and some Federal occupations directly related to those majors. Highlight internship and job experiences. Some institutions will hire staffers right after they finish their political science bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree, along with work experience through an internship or campaign, will open up better job opportunities. Interpretation of political ideas and analysis of sociopolitical policies are some of the analytical skills you may have been required to master as an undergraduate, and these skills will serve you as an attorney in various capacities. A political science graduate may be attracted to law enforcement as a lifetime career. Read what some our political science alumni are up to, and see the political science graduates among the College of Arts and Sciences spotlighted alumni.. Work for a political party. These political science majors talked about their jobs and how the skills they learned in class help them every day. Get the right Entry level degree political science job with company ratings & salaries. To enhance your chances of landing a first job in sales, take some business coursework, complete psych projects related to business, and look for internships in a business setting. Accounting Series 0510* 3. A political science and government degree is much more general than the previous majors on this list, meaning a student will have a wide latitude to choose the field to pursue after school. You can prepare for these careers by seeking internships in government agencies as an undergraduate student. Fortunately, political science majors can apply their academic and, often, their political training in a wide range of jobs. The ranking compares the top political science programs in the U.S. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. This job has a wonderful median income of over $64,000, making it one of the best jobs for political science majors. That includes getting political support for their cause and that's where your degree can help. Related: Top 9 Cheap Online Political Science Degree Programs (Bachelor’s). The Best Jobs You Can Get With Your College Major. Entry level opportunities are now available for students who studied political science. Positions are available at the local, national and international levels in both public and private sectors. With so many choices it can be a daunting task finding the right fit. 4. ... people right out of college looking for work. A lot of political science majors head straight to Washington after Pomp-n-Circumstancin' out of school in their cap and gown. (Spoiler alert: STEM majors—that is, fields in science, technology, engineering and math—dominate our rankings.) Check out the best college majors for a lucrative career. By Kate Jellema This year, for the first time, the number of women and men enrolled in graduate schools in the United States topped the three-million mark. With nearly 1.3 million nonprofit agencies operating in the United States alone, it’s clear that nonprofits play a vital role in our […]. It doesn't provide you with any real on-the-job-skills unless you intentionally seek them out on your own. Political science majors learn about much more than how the government works. Consider, for example, checking into whether the Republican or Democratic Party is hiring for its local, state, or national offices. The trouble is picking the right major to prepare for one of these growing industries. They can also get involved in … Bachelor of Arts, political science; Bloomsburg University; Master of Arts, Jewish communal service; Gratz College Work for a school. Grad School Enrollment Growing Rapidly in U.S. Top 5 Best Value Doctorate in Information Systems Assurance & Security Programs Online, Nonprofit Management Scholarships – Best Value Schools, Five Tips to Help Pass the Application Process for Graduate School – Best Value Schools, Five Jobs Working with Children for MSNs – Best Value Schools, © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. Political science majors. Katy Pattison (530) 754-8098 464 Kerr Hall. The political science undergraduate major is a difficult major to fit into the current job market. From what I noticed is that it can be very useful or very useless depending on how you use it. Work at a politically based website. While some positions might require additional education or training, others are entry level, available to new college graduates or individuals with little professional experience. Job Satisfaction 49% General quality of life statement. Zoo or aquarium biologist 7. See Open Jobs 4. Federal occupations by college major. If you like to write, engage in online discussion, and help create a virtual community, consider working for a politically based website. If you choose a major that will position you to work in one of the highest-paying jobs for graduates, you can earn a comfortable salary straight out of college. Finding political science jobs fresh out of college should not be daunting at all if you can highlight the specialized body of knowledge gained through four years of academic studies. Here, I'll lay out what makes a major "bad" before listing the worst college majors in a variety of categories (including worst-paying majors, majors with the highest unemployment rates, and lowest-value majors). Nonprofits are often busy working toward their missions—helping kids, fixing the environment, etc.—but they need a lot of help behind the scenes. You may choose to advocate on behalf of a cause or a community. Many are involved with politics, nonprofit, or in public management. 8. Alot depends on you, how you network, internships, connections, ect. Fortunately, political science majors can apply their academic and, often, their political training in a wide range of jobs. You may want to proceed to law school after completing your bachelor’s to pursue a career as a lawyer, a legal expert or a judge later on. You may not think of working at a school as political in nature, but many institutions—including colleges and universities, as well as K-12 schools—need help with your special skill set. You might initially feel called to journalism, but end up wanting to help out in local politics; in the world of poli-sci, there are internships that will help you hone skills for both. Understanding of political structures gives students a vantage point from which to build a successful career in any number of career fields. It depends on what job you want after college. This isn't a list focusing on the best-paying jobs for political science majors, but rather a list that will let you know your available choices and why they make a great choice. Political science majors are popular for a reason: they're interesting, they're current, and they open a lot of career opportunities for graduates. Occupations with an asterisk (*) require an academic degree or coursework in a particular area of study for entry into the occupation. A political science professor teaches various aspects of political science to college students. As a political science grad, your research and problem-solving skills qualify you for jobs as a legal investigator or probation officer. By providing your feedback, AfterCollege will show you the best matching job opportunities available for political science students. Once your name gets written onto that ballot, the entire city knows who you are and what you want accomplished. Of course, being a teacher has other perks, too, like short work days and summers off. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Work for the federal government. Other political science jobs include working on behalf of political campaigns, running for office, … 2021 Best Colleges for Political Science & Government. That’s up from... As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives, the demand for information systems security experts grows, and with it, the need for online Ph.D. information security programs. This is a field of study that can lead to divergent paths. Political science courses often combine history, economics, sociology, and even psychology topics. You will find that there are various entry-level positions that will serve as stepping stones to the career you want to build for yourself. The best careers with a political science degree (e.g., attorney, operations manager, executive director) often require a graduate-level degree. Description: A general program that focuses on the systematic study of political institutions and behavior. In addition to your bachelor's in poli-sci, you'll need to get a Doctor of Law degree to become a lawyer. This broad and all-encompassing major prepares you for hundreds of careers inside and outside of politics. Political science graduates are qualified to teach social studies in elementary schools, civics and history n middle schools, and government studies and world history in high schools. 9. 11. Because there is some overlap in methods and object of study, it’s possible for a great political science program to exist independently or as part of a larger department. Definition and Examples, 12 Best Pre-Law Schools for Future Lawyers, What Is Federalism? Johanna Moss. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Political Science Major. PayScale ranks the best bachelor's degrees where graduates go on to work high-paying jobs right out of college, earn high salaries by mid-career and believe their jobs make the world a better place. I was a Political Science major at the University of Connecticut. Working for a private (or even public) company's government relations department will allow you to blend your interests in politics with the dynamics of working for a specific company. Nearly 70% of computer science majors had at least one job offer before they graduated from college last year, according to data gathered by the National Association for Colleges … Careers in intelligence, homeland security and many of the elective positions in government leadership are open to political science majors who have the stamina and personality that these jobs demand. Political science majors study political processes, systems, and behavior. According to the Wake Forest University College of Political Science, you’ll study communications and writing as well as technology and analysis. Auditing Series 0511* 4. To make it easier for you, we put together this list of some of the most exciting jobs out there for health science majors. As a political science major, you may be interested in geopolitical issues, so you might enjoy researching and reporting on the news whether it is for mainstream newspapers and television or special-interest media such as blogs and podcasts. Fortunately, earning a graduate degree usually pays for itself in this field. 6. Political science majors. Political Science Professor. Interested in government relations but also in helping promote a cause? Many are involved with politics, nonprofit, or in public management. Political science is connected to law, so many political science majors go on to become lawyers, but, to do so, completing a bachelor’s degree program is just the first step. Law firms specialize in a variety of areas, including employment law, criminal law, and corporate law. 647 Political Science Entry Level jobs available on Political science majors are typically effective communicators, logical analysts and systematic thinkers. Description: A general program that focuses on the systematic study of political institutions and behavior. Some of the jobs may require additional training in broadcast communications, but your political science background will help you with content preparation. Search Entry level degree political science jobs. The only thing I do is to research political science topics outside of work, and run blogs based on political and news events that for the most part no one reads. Printing Services Series 1654 12. People may figure that you majored in political science in order to become a politician—and that’s certainly one job path that’s open to you.

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