Humans are visual creatures. The tool allows users to compare industries and market leaders, as well as drill down into key figures like market share and sales growth. By Nadieh Bremer. As an interactive journalist at The Times newspaper, my job is to make interesting and engaging data visualization for our readers to help further explain a news story. When we see a chart, we quickly see trends and outliers. A Guide to Choosing the Right BI Tool for You. Scatter chart at the bottom displays the local price of a Big Mac (expressed in the current base currency) against GDP per person in that country. or by clicking the Contact Us link in the navigation. shows the location and movement of trains, trams, buses and even ferries in real time, Top 10 IT & Technology Buzzwords You Won’t Be Able To Avoid In 2021, Top 10 Analytics And Business Intelligence Trends For 2021, Utilize The Effectiveness Of Professional Executive Dashboards & Reports. They’re more likely to stay engaged and more likely to remember what they’ve learned. Transparency International shows the viewer the relationships between the geographic location of the country and the type of corruption, leaving the audience to draw their own conclusions. By Sandra Durcevic in Data Visualization, Jan 15th 2019, Data is the new oil? Powered by a massive database, Bloomberg’s Industry Market Leaders tool is a great example of how interactive data visualization helps users extract value from financial data. The seventy employees at a nearby brewery made it through the epidemic unscathed; they were provided free beer and didn’t bother drinking water. Screenshot via Cloudred. Our selection of best visualization examples above demonstrate creative, innovative leaps that illustrate the changing way we see and interpret data. Quickly build interactive reports and dashboards with Data Studio’s web based reporting tools. Interactive U.S. 2016 Budget In the final spot of our rundown of the best data visualizations, we’re going back in time to glance at Napoleon's Invasion of Russia. Constantly updated. Good visualizations are particularly important in business, where large volumes of data must be analyzed swiftly or presented in a clear and actionable format. They’re masters at interactive data visualization. 8 Incredible Examples of Interactive Data Visualisation, Style guides for reporting, presentations, & BI, An Introduction to Data Visualization & Storytelling course, Design consultants for comms, reporting, & analytics, Introduction to Data Visualization: Tools & Techniques Workshop, Designing Great Business Dashboards Workshop, Creative Data Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint, Data Visualization for the Modern Marketer Workshop, Data Visualization for Human Resources Workshop, Visualizing Corporate Finance Data Workshop, Data Visualization for Investment Banking Workshop, Data Visualization for the Healthcare Industry Workshop, Data Visualization & Storytelling for Government Workshop, Data Visualization for the Insurance Industry Workshop, Visualizing Superannuation & Retirement Data Workshop, Data Visualization for the Energy Industry Workshop, Creative Data Visualization & Storytelling with PowerPoint Workshop, Creative Tableau Dashboard Design Workshop, Creative Power BI Dashboard Design Workshop, Infographic Design with Adobe Illustrator Workshop, PowerPoint & Excel Data Visualization Style Guides, Highcharts & D3 Data Visualization Style Guides. 10 interactive map and data visualization examples. This interactive infographic fits squarely into the current trend of geographical map visualizations, offered by datapine and some other visual analytics software providers. HubSpot. Data visualization is another form of visual art that grabs our interest and keeps our eyes on the message. Results can be viewed, filtered, selected, and compared graphically, and exported to PDF for printing, dramatically increasing the public’s access to important insights into Australian international policy. Here are some popular and successful interactive data visualization examples: “ COVID-19 Pandemic ” by OmniSci Zooming, filtering, and brushing capabilities are incorporated into this interactive map … Students were able to make scatterplots (bivariate and multivariate), swarmplots, violin plots, bar charts, boxplots, and histograms with faceting. The unrivaled power and potential of executive dashboards, metrics and reporting explained. Before we delve any deeper into our inspiring interactive data visualizations and static visualization examples, we’re going to look at the primary benefits of taking an active approach to visualization: Now that we’ve outlined the clear-cut benefits of visualization, let's explore our 18 best data visualization examples from experts around the world. The reason? The annual Lowy Institute Poll is the leading independent survey of Australian attitudes to the rest of the world. To summarize, here are the best data visualization examples: 4) Pinellas County’s Public School Inequalities For Black Pupils, 5) The First Visualization to Solve a Deadly Threat, 7) Where the Population of Europe is Growing And Declining, 9) Interactive Real-Time Map of Berlin Traffic, 13) Daily Rituals Showcases the Daily Routines of Iconic Famous People, 14) A Visualization of Thanksgiving Flights on Google Trends, 16) Where You Fit on the Political Spectrum, 17) Density Designs’ World Languages Graphic, 18) Charles Joseph Minard, Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia. Matt explains, “Literary elites love to rep Shakespeare’s vocabulary: across his entire corpus, he uses 28,829 words, suggesting he knew over 100,000 words and arguably had the largest vocabulary, ever. You can create … “Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had.” – Ben Shneiderman. – David McCandless. Hard Disk Drives interactive Data Visualization The blue line and empty space in horizontal bar and in pie chat is an example to inform about the consumed and free space in hard … Not only is the table-style visual neat, professional, and easy to digest; it takes a specific set of metrics and offers a great deal of personal value by allowing the user to determine where their beliefs lie in comparison to others. The Berliner Morgenpost’s EuropaKarte is a detailed map which provides viewers with detailed insights into the population growth and decline in Europe. With pleasing colors and multiple ways to view the relationships, this makes looking at unpleasant symptoms quite enjoyable. Interactive interfaces make it possible even for non-technical users to create actionable charts. Drilling Down to Extract Meaning From Numbers. Best Overall Data Visualization and Business Analytics Tool. I decided to compare this data point against the most famous artists in hip hop. Not only is each flight color-coded by the airline, but this short movie-style visualization has transformed flight-based metrics into a piece of art that shows the path of each flight in action. Users can also filter their news by country and category, making it easy to find the stories that are important to you. Drafted by civil engineer Charles Joseph Minard in 1892, this is perhaps the earliest recorded data visualization example and still one of the best visualizations to date. The touchscreen wall installed in SAP’s Executive Briefing Center has created an interactive and immersive meeting space. Dr. White means no change. The underperforming schools are located in black communities’ areas with highest levels of social segregation. Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of the most widely observed annual holidays in the US, with 54.3 million people traveling across the country to spend time with their loved ones last year alone. With decades of data spanning 32 teams, there’s plenty of information available about games in the NFL. To fully appreciate this map’s usefulness you should use one of the filters – you can drill down to a street address, means of communication, lines, stops or stations to get a clearer picture. Toucan Toco. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson were the first daredevils ever who completed a breathtaking climb up the mostly smooth granite face of El Capitan, widely considered to be the most difficult free-climb in the world. On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter we scroll through streams and streams of content. I used each artist’s first 35,000 lyrics. The Pulitzer Centre launched the Roads Kill project to raise public awareness of the fact that as the number of cars around the world increases, the number of traffic fatalities does too. Take Advantage Of The Best Interactive & Effective Data Visualization Examples 1) Transparency International Without displaying any numbers or flight metrics other than the time, viewers can see which segments of the day are the most popular for different types of flights – a testament to the value of effective data visualization. May your data never be boring. All these questions have been answered and the results are displayed in very well-made interactive data visualization examples. A glorious example of numerical metrics transformed into something that is accessible, engaging, and informational for everyone. Sitebulb is the perfect example of data visualization. When the disease arrived in London, in 1832, it was thought to be spread by a “miasma” or bad smell in the atmosphere. Using information from the book Daily Rituals by Mason Currey, the site … Interactive visualization enables you to reach your audience on different levels by offering an ability to drill down into the data. When New York City rolled out its bike-sharing program, the New Yorker used live data, provided by Citi Bike, to map where people rode in the city for one month. Figure 4: Interactive Data Visualization of Laboratory Data [click to enlarge] Figure 4 shows filters on the top (similar to Figure 3), a summary table presenting the number … Databox pulls your data … 9) Baseball’s Heavy Hitters. Visualization complements the story, weaving organically into the narrative and helping the user to picture the scale of this venture. They’re often pointed to as a model for how to do Annual Reports. She then turned that data into beautiful interactive visualizations. Turn your data into compelling stories of data visualization art. The Power of Data Visualization Plus Examples of Good and Bad Visuals. Powered by a massive database, Bloomberg’s Industry Market Leaders tool is a great example of how interactive data visualization helps users extract value from financial data. In a bid to show travelers why buses 'bunch', or in other words – why services experience delays or disruptions that cause several buses to arrive at a bus stop simultaneously, the company developed this almost game-like piece of interactive data visualization comprised of complex data sets. The view transitions easily from chart to chart, making the story easy to follow, and making the data itself central to the view on the screen. Why this particular product? To demonstrate, here we place the spotlight on 18 of the best data visualization examples from around the world. Creators of effective visualizations understand our human predisposition for the visual, taking it one step further by adding interactive functionalities that capture the imagination while presenting critical insights in a way that is as inspiring as it is understandable. Online Data Visualization and Storytelling Course: Now Live! The data and results collected are complex and prolific, which made this data viz a real challenge, but they managed it so well and easy to understand, that we deem it to be one of the best interactive data visualizations that we came across. People love to use buzzwords in the tech industry, so check out our list of the top 10 technology buzzwords that you won’t be able to avoid in 2021. Need to create your own data visualizations? An impressive and creative feat of visualization. The only drawback: the mobile application is so far available only for Android systems. People want to see how they fit into the big picture, where they stand on the shifting terrain. The institute has designed an incredible interactive tool to visualize ten years of data on key polling results. 17+ Impressive Data Visualization Examples You Need To See 1. This very notion is the core of visualization. When the deceased woman’s son informed him that his mother liked the taste of the Broad Street well water so much that she had a servant fetch it each day, he knew his hypothesis was proven. Using data from NYC Open Data, this interactive visualization … We can quickly identify red from blue, square from circle. This easy-to-use graph is insightful and presents data in a fresh way, letting the user visualize the disparity between countries through interaction. A Day in the Life of Americans This data visualization takes interaction to … Cholera is a bacterial infection of the small intestine that causes its victims to suffer from such severity of diarrhea and vomiting that they can die in two hours. You can slice and dice the data by topic hashtag (for example, #budget, #defense, or #education) and state. They reveal five out of 150 elementary schools in Pinellas County where students’ performance is exceptionally low. Marrying digestible text with striking visuals provides the best results regarding the effective presentation of information, which in turn makes it easy for audiences to understand and retain data. Data artist Shirley Wu dug into the search data for Google News Lab. The complexity of the study and the insights found made it a real challenge to expose the results, which they addressed very well, creating one of the best data visualizations of the past years. They already had experience with matplotliband so picking up seaborn was quick with a huge upside. For example, the map below depicts website visitors by location, while the color indicates the percentage … This article shows seven examples of data visualization, covering various subjects : cinema, art, philosophy, geography, … The scroll action is the new users’ favorite which is particularly fit for the mobile user. Take some time out this holiday season to enjoy the best data visualizations of 2018: 8,000 of Picasso’s Works. An interactive experience blows away legacy methods like Excel and Powerpoint, software which companies, non-profits, and governments have relied on too long to communicate their data. With easy-to-use data visualization software more and more companies can create eye-catching visualizations on their own. When creating one, the purpose should always be to generate a certain level of excitment and engagement with the audience, for it to be the best visualization. Londoners were getting their drinking water from the disgustingly polluted Thames, which also served as the city’s sewage line. FiveThirtyEight boiled it all down into a series of interactive graphs that you can view by team to see the ebbs and flows of football history. Dynamic, interactive visualizations are best for empowering people to explore the data for themselves. Make Better Decisions! In which proportion? Bold red makes the results pop out immediately. Whether static or interactive dashboards, these effective data visualization examples will serve as an inspiration for any data enthusiast. With the best tools you can prepare the best interactive data visualizations for your business and on your own, within a few clicks and with no advanced IT skills needed. Are you a news junkie? Offering audiences a detailed reflection of the daily habits, rituals, pursuits, and priorities of some of history's most prolific creative minds, including the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Maya Angelou, and Franz Kafka, Daily Routines is one of the most entertaining data visualization examples on our list. Here are just a few of the other possibilities for this powerful communication tool: Interested in your own interactive Annual Report and microsites? Databox. From customized white papers to interactive ebooks, content is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. The added value of this kind of timetable is that it can show multiple information at a glance, so that you can decide which transportation will suit you most. Example 3: Laboratory Data. The color-coded shapes on screen can be manipulated by dragging your cursor across a timeline, visually representing the changes different countries or geographic regions experienced over time. 500,000 Coins at the … Countries are divided into fields corresponding to geographical locations like cities, or even villages with less than 5.000 inhabitants. A real-time visualization example or some of the best interactive visualizations answer that need in two ways: giving the viewers control over what they see, and letting them narrow the data down to their personal situation, whether it is age, location, income or other factors. However, if it happens that the train is canceled or it has a serious delay, then it will be taken out of the system. A visual is processed 60,000 times faster than any form of text, and studies show that 65% of the population is composed of visual learners. Not only does this infographic-style visualization offer up vital insights in a digestible format, but this age-old and effective data visualization example proves that we as humans are truly visual creatures. While at first glance, this health infoscape seems overwhelming, a second look will show that it is worth the bounty of information it presents, making it one of the most effective data visualization examples we’ve seen to date. When you move the cursor over a selected geographical field, you will see a pop-up with data including the name of the unit, the number of inhabitants and the growth/decline rate. For example, the average price of a Big Mac in the Euro area in July 2015 was $4.05 at the market exchange rate, while in the United States it was $4.79. 1. Managing Partners: Martin Blumenau, Jakob Rehermann | Trade Register: Berlin-Charlottenburg HRB 144962 B | Tax Identification Number: DE 28 552 2148, News, Insights and Advice for Getting your Data in Shape, BI Blog | Data Visualization & Analytics Blog | datapine, choosing the right data visualization type. In recent times, data visualization specialists have married information to high-aesthetics, taking advantage of humans’ natural affinity for beauty. HubSpot offers several options for data visualization, specifically within Reports. USA upped the ante with this piece, particularly the interactive data visualization that enables the viewer to drill down on the mass killing timeline for details. The pioneering visual is regarded by many as the “greatest statistical graphic ever drawn” and while such a statement is subjective, it’s nothing short of inspirational. It means that Big Mac in Europe was undervalued by 4.4%. The idea is simple, but the effect is massive, and ultimately, the goal of a visualization is to create something impactful. A noteworthy data visualization example from the Pew Research Center, this brilliantly presented static graphic showcases the current political spectrum and helps the reader to decide where their personal ideologies fit in comparison to the thoughts, opinions, and preferences of different media outlets, programs, and publications. It’s storytelling with a purpos… The best thing about this data visualization … One of the most common applications for interactive data visualizations is directly in dashboards, where using long tables of numbers and data … When we are choosing the right data visualization type, the most important element to consider is if you’re offering people the opportunity to see insights they haven’t seen or experienced before and wouldn’t otherwise be able to decipher in written text alone. This visualization uses icons instead of words to communicate the different sectors included in the survey, making the presentation very visually appealing. There is a lot of noise to push through before you can be heard. Combining six different data sets – geography, strategic movement, direction, the number of remaining soldiers, temperature, and time – this iconic visualization offers a tangible insight into Napoleon’s push into Russia, immortalizing an important historical moment in time for future generations to explore. It was as violent as it was sudden. Produced for the non-linguist, this data visualization example is easy to navigate and simple to break down. Are women more likely to take selfies than men? The results are strikingly accurate and clear. The Dawn Wall is The New York Times’ best interactive data visualization on the astonishing 19-day free climb in Yosemite National Park in California. John Snow’s data visualization is one of the best examples of telling a story with multiple data points and keeping it both engaging and understandable. The last filter will display birth rates of every country listed in descending order. Snow later called ‘the most terrible outbreak of cholera which ever occurred in the kingdom’ broke out. Maps have a long history and remain a staple in our daily lives—to navigate on road trips or understand proximity of one location to another. These insights can move local decision-makers and social activists to take better care of the troubled institutions and introduce improvements. Simple, striking, effective, and informational, this is certainly one of the best data visual examples in existence, and its message is as engaging as it is informational, offering key insights into optimizing our daily routines for enhanced success. 1. It would take years for the rest of London to believe him. It turns out that all great minds don't quite think alike, and this is masterfully showcased in this example that uses key insights from the book "Daily Rituals" by Mason Currey. Newcomers to the topic can still spot trends and learn the basics, while experts in the field can drill down deeper into the data for more insight. It was during the 4th epidemic that the Doctor John Snow began to think that the air contamination argument seemed flimsy. If we can see something, we internalize it quickly. Once we’ve showcased our visualization examples, we’ll go back with a retrospective glance at the genesis of visualization and explore why it matters today more than ever. What to Look for in a Data Visualisation Agency? If you want to take a look at the whole city, from a longer distance, the map won’t be of much use. Hans Rosling, famous data scientist and visualization Ted Talker is a huge proponent of showing time as graphic movement. The size of each story depends on the number of related articles that exist inside each news cluster, so users can quickly identify the stories that receive the most coverage. This data visualization from FlowingData analyzed and illustrated microdata from the... 2. So it can happen that a user will wait, freezing on a train station, expecting the train to arrive, but it won’t appear. On the other hand, if you click, say a taxi, you will see the car make, and accordingly: a bus – the whole timetable, same for a bus stop – the timetable of every single bus line that stops there. As you inspect the visual, the … By using a simple color-coded bar chart format, Daily Routines’ creator makes it easy for people to compare the daily lives, habits,, and rituals of these iconic creative geniuses and drill down into the very pursuits that help these individuals thrive during their lifetimes while comparing one to another. He found that almost all deaths had taken place a short distance from the Broad Street water pump. Students learned that generating swarmplots wi… In a city where gun violence regularly makes headlines, using data to tell this story has allowed the Post to cut through political rhetoric, and present the facts. This is the beginning of a new phase of data personalization. The final piece of the puzzle arrived when Dr. The rows of numbers alone won’t create a story compelling enough to catch the audience’s attention. The first of our interactive data visualization examples will be this clean, simple interactive diagram that displays the results of Transparency International’s Corruption Survey data. You can start visualizing your own data by exploring our software for a 14-day trial - completely free! A layer of interactivity enables your audience to connect directly with your data, and offers a second axis to track information changing over time. There were four major cholera outbreaks in London over the next twenty-two years. Back in 2015, when around 46.3 million people traveled far and wide for Thanksgiving, tech colossus Google used its internal talent to create one of the best interactive data visualization examples we’ve seen to date. Data is visualized as points of color on a map; values are represented by circle size. It’s fatal in half of the untreated cases. Some of the best and most beautiful examples of data visualizations are hundreds of years old (like Florence Nightingale's Crimean War Mortality chart) and some are being made today by talented … Powered by VizSweet. History of Rock Music Representing only a fraction of the entire data visualization… This interactive data visualization is a simple concept executed fantastically. 10. By gathering data from over 7.2 million electronic medical records, General Electric created an entertaining presentation about the prevalence of health symptoms and the symptoms commonly associated with each other. This application organizes Google News’s top stories into color-coded category blocks. This dashboard creator takes several development factors for different countries and compares them in an odd, yet interesting way. The Big Mac Index is a real-time data visualization example that shows whether currencies are at their “correct” level. Why? The penultimate of our best data visualizations, this sensational graphic from Density Design offers a quick, easy, and engaging way to understand the number of languages that exist on the planet, where they're spoken, and who speaks them in different pockets of the world. The amount of data in the world is growing faster than ever before. Snow was alerted to the death of a woman who had not been in the SoHo area.

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