There is a common saying about the friendship by the Elbert Hubbard “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”. //-->. We should not get tired and always search for the good friends throughout the life because it is hard to get but not impossible. They are friends who make our journey of life easy, joyous and vibrant. What Are The Benefits Of An Accountability Partner? Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my colleagues, at this great occasion I would like to speech on the friendship. We always believe on our best friends and follow their judgement blindly with the confidence that they never lead us on wrong way. Posted Feb 01, 2016 Genuine friends are the real happiness of the life who never forget each other and always support. Friendship is a relationship where no any blood relation exists. Friendship is life, friendship is love, friendship is the beauty of our life, it's a best gift! True friends make our meaningless life meaningful and show us a true path of success in the life. True friends never feel bad in spending their precious time and feel greatest joys of them whenever their friends need help in bad moments of life. Friendship is important, even though we have blood relatives, friends are the family we choose. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. True friendship has no any blood relation however does more than any blood relation. Friendship is a relation which prevents us from the emotional problems as it promotes us to share our inner thoughts and feelings. Always believe in hard work, where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. Trust and understanding increases when relationship becomes deep and mature with time. F-fights for u Often known as “siblings from different mothers,” friends keep us grounded as well as also help us retain the child in us no matter how old we get or how busy we are in leading our professional as well as personal lives. I am going to present a speech about friendship. I really need this ^^&^^&^^&^^ it’s vry gud 4 me, O M G Yes students, you are at right place, select any of the speech according to your requirement. Good friends help, guide and support us at every stage. I HAVE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS! A speech on the importance of friendship should include the benefits of having someone who knows all your imperfections and loves you anyway. True friendship never sees the caste, creed, religion and colour of person; it only sees the internal beauty, simplicity and soul of the two or three person going to be involved in the friendship. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; D-deserves u It depends on the true love created in the heart of people involved in the friendship. Good morning people. Sherlock Holmes: The Importance of Friendship The American novelist, Emily Griffin, once said, "Love and Friendship; they are what make us who we are. Friendship is the purest forms of relation exist between two, three or more people. True friendship goes on forever with the mutual trust and proper understanding. True friends are always ready to protect each other from being hurt emotionally and physically. We can say that true friend is more precious than any priceless gem in the world. True friends always become together throughout the life together with fulfilling their responsibilities towards their family. Getting a sincere and loving friend is perhaps the best gift from God, which only lucky few gets. Speech on Friendship! We naturally get attracted towards each other according to our need and requirement and in the particular course of time our intimacy grows between us which remains for long time. Friends are an extremely important part of our life and everyone feels the need for a companion at some point or the other in their life. Improves the quality of life. google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; Friendship Speech: One of the most valuable relationships that anyone can make is friends. Though it is not a god gifted relationship like that of the relationship of a mother, father, sister, brother or any of the other family but still it is one of the best relations an individual can possess. Islam is a solid foundation for friendship. Not only this, it can be depressing for each one of us to live alone at times. He/she understands even you silence. True friends (whether one, two or three) are enough for whole life; instead of having many friends who never understand the situation of the needy one. Friendship is an important element of most people’s everyday life, a situation that gives them comfort and joy. Friendship is one of the treasures that anyone can possess. A true friend always stands together and helps whenever another one need help and support. R-respects u They share all our feelings. We see movies, listen songs, see TV serials, eat food, study and other works together without any hassle. Sometimes our best friends take deeper place in our heart more than our parents, brothers and sisters. This makes a solid case not only for the importance of friendship, but for the importance of a rich social life overall, which includes friends, colleagues, acquaintances and so on. We make friends throughout our lives right from our childhood. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; In such conditions, our true friends plays great role and take us out of the difficulties. It should include how to be a good friend. Long friendship speech in English with the word limit of 600 and short friendship speech in English with the word limit of 200 can be used by students for various extracurricular and co-curricular activities in schools and colleges. Where there is a will there is a way essay, Wedding Anniversary Speech for Bhaiya and Bhabhi. We make friends and maintain a closely knit relationship with them because friends not only take away the feeling of void from your life; rather they also make us feel secure and accompanied as an individual. Friend is one with whom we can feel safe and secure and do not need to think twice for any matter. Friendship is one of the most precious and beautiful relationships in this world. What’s more, friendships help us grow through each year of our lives. Speech on Friendship! N-needs u What is the Importance of Studying Macroeconomics? They never laugh at our mistakes instead they lead us on right path by continuous support. Friendship is being foolish together. Friendship is a relationship that all the individuals can create by themselves. They simply do not care if the fault is yours or not, they will stand by you during all times and come what may, they will never stop defending you or putting their trust in you. Gratitude in the workplace: How gratitude can improve your well-being and relationships Friendship is one of the purest form of human relationship that is built with trust, mutual confidence, shared feelings of love, sincerity and loyalty. They are also needed for survival, notes the Mayo Clinic, as people who have friends are generally healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. They help us come out of distress and grow in life. Still, many people fail to recognize the importance of friends in their life. They stand with us together in our all happy and bad days as well as give us real joy in life by sharing our happy and sad moments. True friends show faith in us and also make us believe in our capabilities keeping aside all negative feelings of jealousy, agony and hatred. A true friend never cares his/her own important works and leaves all works to help friends. OH MY GOD The Importance of Friends The gift that keeps on giving. At times, we may come across situations where we doubt our decisions as well as capabilities. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don’t walk behind me, I … placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Friends comfort us in hours of need! It breaks the ice between two unknown people, if the other person is friendlier then a person feels more comfortable and easily opens … A … Certainly friends are high up on the list of things that we as humans would need; in fact, the only thing more important than having a few friends would be Food, water, and … Masters in Computer Application and Business Administration. God gave us the right to choose friends because they will be with us forever. It breaks the ice between two unknown people, if the other person is friendlier then a person feels more comfortable and easily opens up. We all need company of true friends whole life to pass our days cheerfully. _taboola.push({ But friendship is as important to our wellbeing as eating right and exercising. Nov. 21, 2020. The true and historical friendship we know ever is the friendship of Krishna and Sudama. I am standing here on this really auspicious occasion to express my views on "Friendship Day". A true friend is one who is always with us in our every good as well as difficult times. They Create Comfort Zone around You: You never require second thought prior to saying anything for your friend… There is a common saying about the friendship by the Elbert Hubbard “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”. Friendship is one of the purest forms of relation that exist on this earth. Firstly I would like to wish a very Good Morning to everyone, respected, teachers and my dear friends. Speeches on friendship are given according to the time limit of 3 mins, 5 mins, 7 mins, etc. The Importance Of Friendship Speech. Getting a true, sincere and loving friend in this world is really the matter of luck. We as a human being always get problems in the life time to time according to the situation and get difficulty in living the social life which needs emotional and moral support. Friends are the real supporter in life who teaches us how to face difficulties of life. –or me friendship is a great thing since true friends leave footsteps in our heart Every good friendship requires mutual respect and trust. As we all know that true friendship is a precious gift in the life. The Importance of Friendship Good friends enhance the quality, the pleasure, and the health of each other . Essay on Importance of Friends in our Life, A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Essay. Friendship is a truly priceless relation in this world which can never be bought or sold to anyone. That is the WORST essay in the world! Generally, persons of the same age, similar passions, emotions, sentiments and status gets involved in the friendship however it is completely independent of the age, sex, social status, etc. Many songs and stories have been written on the importance of friendship. A friend is a most precious gift to all of us. Short, Easy & Simple Speech on Friendship. Friendship is a lovely relationship memorizes us with sweet moments all through the life. Friendship – A Divine Relationship. Infact, life becomes so very meaningless without a true friend’s presence beside you. It takes time and patience to build a strong friendship and achieve trust between two soulmates. They leave their friends in bad times however true friends never leave their friends alone and help them whenever they need. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', True friendship can be between two people of any age, religion, caste, sex, and social status. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for and other Popular web portals. All. I would like to speech on the topic of friendship. Posted May 29, 2016 . Almost every human being has friends or at least a friend with whom they spend time together. True friends always understand full rights of them on their friends and advice them truly to chose right path. Real friends always help their friends whenever they become in need. Such friends never support in bad times of the life instead always want to get benefited by them. Ltd.). Friends are our secret keepers with whom we can share everything without the fear of being judged. We can feel we are friends with a person of any race, gender or regardless age. So important, in fact, that it’s been proven that friendship can extend life expectancy and lower chances of heart disease.Friendship helps us survive. 3 Minute Speech on Friendship Role of a Friend. Friends can challenge us, confuse us, and sometimes, we might wonder why we bother. True friends always support each other even during the hardest of times. Friends are important because they bring companionship, support and enrichment to life. Friendship Day Speech 1 . We should always understand its importance and give value without having any misunderstanding. From the stories of Lord Krishna and Arjun, Ram and Sugreev, Lord Krishna and Sudama, Duryodhan and Karn it shows that friends have always been a person who helps and supports us. Good Morning to one and all present here. They never try to give pain to their friends in the life instead they help them always by being in touch forever. Friendships are important to both children and adults. The one and solid foundation for friendship is only Islam. True friendship is a special gift from God to one of us who get it. SHARE. What is visual communication and why it matters; Nov. 20, 2020. Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my lovely friends. True friends have good character, good feelings and well wishes about their friends. }); Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. All of the essays on friendship day are written making use of most simple and easy words so that everyone can have a … Friends give us emotional support, … Receiving those late night calls, sitting together on the same benches in classroom and always keeping each others’ back, friends are everything that we need for making our lives beautiful and content. They never let us down and stand besides us like a rock while we are in the midst of tackling the most drastic adversaries in our lives. They are the real well wishers of us who changes our bad viewpoints about anything for good. Friendships are very essential in our daily lives. The Importance of Friendship Post University “A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.” (Wyse, 2007) We all need friends. Also, resorting to more “practical” science may show the importance of friendship in human evolution and development of human conscience. Getting a sincere and loving friend is perhaps the best gift from God, which only lucky few gets. As being a social animal we cannot live our life alone. Short Speech on Friendship. "I think if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let … If you make friends with … The people having true friends in the life are really blessed with most precious gifts. The bond that exists between two friends is far stronger and precious than the bond that exists between blood. In situations like these, friends help us by providing us with a reality check. In such testing times, friends become our ultimate support system and they are our cure for loneliness and depression. Friendship is not a need, its not a thing, its an affection that we never wanted to loss coincidentally attached. They are also needed for survival, notes the Mayo Clinic, as people who have friends are generally healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. Importance of Friends in Life They Spend Time with You and Provide Enjoyment: Your friends spend good time with you and never let you feel alone. Friendship is about knowing someone better than others do and counting on them whenever the need arises. They are the ones who change us and help develop ourselves to our true potential."

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