If you have high porosity hair, head over to Madisen’s post: 6 WAYS TO CARE FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR. If you have relatively healthy, water-repellant locks, opt for products that will lock in that healthy feeling. Note: If you answered 'Yes' to either of those questions, I have some great tips that will make it much easier for you to achieve the moisturizing greatness you're looking for. This gel is basically all aloe, water, and honey, making it a hydrating, lightweight, defining dream for low-porosity curls (not sure WTF your hair porosity is? But what exactly is low porosity hair, and what does it have to do with, well, anything? Gnarly issues abound, such as split ends, dandruff, dry hair, greasy locks and our new favorite: low porosity hair (okay, not technically a fave, but you know what we mean.). Products with Pectin are my least favorite because my hair doesn't dry and it has a SUPER gummy feeling that I hate. Both are very well incorporated. Take a glass of water and a strand of your hair Put your hair strand into the water. The cuticle, like shingles, are tightly nested together to protect the roof. Apply product to damp hair. It defeats the purpose of moisture retention and softening of the hair. When conditioning low porosity hair, apply conditioner to hair that is already wet, then work it into the hair in sections, while continuing to add water. Caring for hair with low porosity requires the use of emollients or cosmetic butter and oils with a firm consistency. If other family members experience low porosity hair, you are at risk of this hair problem. One could say the hair care task is a lifelong journey. The main reason causing low porosity hair is genetic factors. Just fill a clear glass with water, place one strand of hair in the water. After a bad experience with eco styler gel I eventually came to the realization that my low porosity 4a/b hair was protein sensitive. If it’s swimming around at the top, you, my friend, have low porosity hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove the buildup and give your hair a fresh start. The droplets form because of the heat rising from your head. Just after washing, your hair has absorbed a lot of water and will therefore find it hard to absorb anything else. No bueno. These would be oils to avoid. Uh, take this quiz immediately pls ). Just adds unnecessary weight to the hair and contributes heavily to build up. This is the same reason people with low porosity have a hard time with their hair absorbing moisture. ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In 8oz. Short answer: It may be the reason why your hair isn’t retaining moisture and lacking volume. Making it difficult for water to pass. They work best for your hair. I haven't had that issue when using those items in other people's hair, but if you have, then you might want to avoid those items. You just need to know your hair type, so it would be easier to know how to treat it. :( Since I'd read so much about the popularity of flax seed gel amongst curlies I decided to give it a try. You do not want to dry out your curls. This product has a pectin base. Here’s How to Wear ‘Em, Suave Biotin Infusion Strengthening Conditioner, TRESemmé Moisture Rich Nourishing Detangling Spray, Bed Head by TIGI Ego Boost Split End Mender, TIGI Copyright Custom Care Volume Shampoo, Hair Care for Any Season: What Every Man and Woman Should Know, Hair Mask for Hair Growth: What to Use to Promote Healthy Hair Growth, How Different Hair Products Can Be Used As Hair Moisturizers, Editor Shelfies: Our Summer Hair Essentials for 2017, Best Shampoo for Soft Hair: 5 Shampoos That Provide Long-Lasting Results, Beach Hair Care Tips: How to Care for Your Hair When it’s On Vacay Mode, Beauty Editor’s Take: Inside Our Assistant Editor’s Summer Morning Routine. When styling your hair, look for products that match your hair type. If you are unsure or don't want to do research, it is always good to use buy a product that contains a humectant. Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive hair care tips and tricks from the experts at All Things Hair. One of the signs of low porosity hair is using a conditioner that feels like it’s sitting on the top of your hair rather than absorbing into it as well as your scalp. How Does Japanese Hair Straightening Work? By using heat you are assured that the cuticle layers will lift so the interior of your strands are moisturized. Make it difficult for moisture, water oil to pass. What is your favorite gel or mousse that is compatible with low porosity hair? On low porosity hair, the cuticles are too close together, preventing moisture like conditioners and other elements, like oil, from penetrating. Tips for dealing with Low Porosity Hair. This is why you should use lighter liquids, like hair milk or oil. I don't like this gel because of the "pie filling" feel it gives my hair. Before using Koils By Nature, I was almost at my wits end with my hair. The main thing to understand is that low porosity hair doesn’t soak up moisture as much as higher porosity hair. A low porosity hair routine should consist of water-soluble products to reduce build-up. Low porosity hair, therefore, is hair that is not porous; it isn’t damaged. Build up + shingle tight cuticles = sad dry hair. Lastly, the Hydrating Hair Custard is a unique … It is important to open your cuticle a bit to deep condition your hair properly. They tangled more than usual, felt hard and crispy, and my ends were really, really porous and rough. PRODUCTS I … You can leave your hair wrapped up overnight. So, low porosity hair one can use products for normal to dry hair.”, According to Bailey Pope, “Low porosity typically just feels and looks more healthy due to the cuticle being less rough than a more porous hair type. This lightweight hair mist is great for spraying on your tresses just to give them a moisture boost throughout the day. Got a question about your hair? By allowing your hair to dry and let go of some of the water, it … Coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are the most commonly used heavy carrier oils in hair products. However, low porosity can exist on any hair texture (straight/curly, fine/coarse). Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened, Forms a definite “S” shaped like a corkscrew, Very tight curl when stretched creates an “S”, Hair intentionally matted to form "ropes", Guides and resources for easy product selection, Learn how to read your hair product labels, Easy-to-make recipes for all your haircare needs, Community member favorites make up this coveted list, Chat with curl friends about your favorite curly topics. Oils. Think "Pie Gel" for hair. Winter time glycerin draws moisture out of the hair if it isn't properly diluted. As stated by Gorkhom, “If you have healthy hair, it should float on water for a period of time. My drier, more frizz-prone and low porosity sections (aka everywhere but the back 1/3 of my head) were getting on my last nerve. There are several hair issues that can prevent us from having the flawless, healthy-looking hair we’re after. You should apply the mask to damp hair and work the product in … For styling low porosity hair it’s all about adding moisture first. Hill advises that the best oils for low-porosity hair are natural lanolin, avocado, jojoba, and shea … It’s also much slicker/slippery, meaning it can be harder to get hold and volume due to lack of friction on the hair surface.”. Moisturizers. Pre-poo is for you. The method is done to create a humid environment that forces your hair to absorb moisture. LCO Method for Low Porosity Hair. According to Gorkhom, “Low porosity is hair that is in relatively good condition and therefore does not need the same conditioning power as high porosity hair, which is damaged. I use Kinky Curly's custard but since finding out about the low po problem, I am wondering if there are any other good ones. Moisturize your hair as you normally would, cover it with a plastic cap and a beanie/snug fitting hat/hair turban/towel. Although this milk is said to act as a … If it is severely damaged, it would sink quickly. If the water builds up, you have low porosity hair. Hey! If you like coconut oil but hate the heaviness, a much lighter option is fractionated coconut oil, which is a modified version of coconut oil from which many of the fatty acids have been removed. Hacks & Inspiration from Hair Experts at Unilever, Understanding the Hair Color Wheel and How It Applies to Your Hair, Everything You Need to Know About Platinum Blonde Hair, Curly Hair Type Infographic: Learn the Different Kinds of Curls, 10 Best Hair Products for Men with Curly Hair Types. Hair porosity is a key player in effectively moisturizing our hair. L is for liquid; C is for creams; O is for oils; Remember that low porosity hair has tight cuticles that lay flat. Diluting the conditioner this way, helps it get more easily absorbed by the cuticle. It is water-repellant. This is due to the outer layer aka cuticle of the hair. How do you moisturize your low porosity hair? Related: Top 15 Products for Low Porosity Hair. Think of it like singles on a roof. However, low porosity can exist on any hair texture (straight/curly, fine/coarse). Be sure to do so at minimum biweekly to yield the best results. October 2016 in Low Porosity. "You can treat low porosity hair by using a very nurturing and rich treatment mask," he says. “Technically all hair will absorb water when immersed during your shower, but it happens at different rates,” explains Gorkhom. It helps aids in the creation of a simple regimen that is highly beneficial to your hair as well. Do you notice water beading up on top of your strands. For volume, make sure your products a) add volume, and b) you guessed it, add moisture. We do not put too much glycerin into our products so it is fine to use year round. Read on: “Healthy hair has an undamaged internal cortex and great cuticle with a protective lipid layer. It is … Savagegirl Registered Users Posts: 383 Curl Connoisseur. Leave in conditioners have been popular for years. I'm Athena, your personal Hair Assistant. Build up + shingle tight cuticles = sad dry hair. Easy, Everyday Glamour: Expert Hair Tips from the Suave Celebrity Stylists, Everything You Need to Know About Low Porosity Hair. With low porosity hair rinsing with warm water after your deep treatment prevents the cuticles from closing so you may be able to follow up with a moisturizer or leave-in that will still be able to penetrate the hair shat. How to Moisturize Your Stubborn, Low Porosity Hair. I already have low porosity hair and have issues with my hair drying within 24 hours. For instance, you may apply an oil or moisturizer to the ends of your hair… Mielle Organics Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk. Hair has low porosity when the cuticle layer of the hair is tightly packed and flat. Here’s how to do it. It absorbs water quickly,” says Leon-Van Gorkhom. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Instead of trying to figure it all out ourselves, we turned to Unilever Research and Development Senior Manager of Hair Care, Leon-Van Gorkhom, as well as resident hairstylist Bailey Pope, to give us the low down on hair porosity, what low porosity hair really looks and feels like and even asked them to offer up some tips for styling this hair type at home. Using hair-penetrating oils like coconut, olive or avocado oil a few hours before … The spray bottle test Remove a section of your hair and separate it from the rest. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. Using the same sections you separated your hair in, begin to cleanse your hair. Hair products that do that tend to leave your hair feeling greasy and oily soon after use. If it floats,your hair is considered “low” or less absorbent to water. This makes the hair ‘porous,’; it will no longer be water repellant. He also offers this easy test: If you have healthy hair, it should float on water for a period of time. If you are on either end of the spectrum (low or high porosity) then you know how daunting it can seem to keep your hair moisturized. Lightweight oils such as apricot kernel oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil are ideal. Our pick: Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner. You will notice, when you remove the outer layer, that the plastic cap has water droplets inside of it. Best Shampoo for Straight Hair: How to Pick the Right Formula For You, High Porosity Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It, Relaxed Hair Health: How to Care for Relaxed Hair All Year Round, Adding Volume To Hair Without Teasing: 6 Ways to Do It, How to Get Rid of Flyaways: 10 Ways to Smooth Out Flyaway Hair, How to Beat Seasonal Dandruff: We Interview a Hair Expert, 9 Best Hair Rollers for All Hair Types in 2020, The Best Shampoo for Shiny Hair: What We’re Using for Healthy-Looking Locks, The Oh-So-Sweet Benefits of Using Honey for Hair Care, 5 Hair Care Tips to Maintain Light Brown Hair, 4 Best DIY Scalp Scrubs you can do at Home in 2020, Why You Should Be Making Time to Regularly Deep Condition Your Hair, Brushed Out Crimps Are Trending! Jojoba oil is a medium-weight oil and fine for most low porosity hair. Follow up by sealing with the oils mentioned above. If you have low porosity hair, you may find that hair products tend to sit on your hair instead of being absorbed. Some people have problems using water-based leave-in conditioners containing aloe vera juice or gel. If you have low porosity hair, then try these simple tips to help your products absorb better. Now, does it sink or float after about a minute or two? No matter which way you decide to go, it is important to deep condition your hair. Spray with well over a little amount of water. Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Shampoo? We offer the Florets & Creme as well as the Blooming Moisture Mist. To assess your hair at home, here’s a little science project for you: Snip a piece of hair (don’t worry, one strand won’t hurt) and place it into a glass of water. low porosity hair Causes of Hair Low Porosity. Choose moisturizing and clarifying shampoos for your low porosity hair. The way the cuticle of your hair lays and opens is the determining factor of your porosity. Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner. Low-porosity hair is prone to having product build up. On the bright side, there’s a way to make it less of an issue. However, you can incorporate the creams listed above for a great moisture boost and easy styling. Be sure the humectant you use is properly diluted. According to Bailey Pope, “Low porosity typically just feels and looks more healthy due to the cuticle being less rough than a more porous hair type. Highly recommended for low porosity hair and dry-itchy scalp. If the strand floats at the top or takes a long while to sink further down the glass you have low porosity hair. Things such as glycerin (veggie or animal), honey, agave nectar, coconut nectar, etc... gain moisture from the air and help to adhere it to your hair. This article was written by Emilia Obiekea and was first published on CurlyNikki.com. So, low porosity hair one can use products for normal to dry hair.” Tips for styling low porosity hair. which prevent moisture and tends to create protein-sensitivity.so it is a major cause of hair loss here we discuss in detail that what actually it is and how to tackle it. Our hair waxes and wanes with the seasons, the different products, styles and chemicals we use to keep it looking closer to the way we always dreamed of. Low porosity hair has cuticles that are always lowered and can only be lifted by … Although co-washing provides a light moisturizing cleanse, it’s not effective enough to remove the product buildup your low porosity hair acquires. All You Need To Know About Low Porosity Hair. Low-porosity hair is prone to having product build up. Make sure to cleanse well since low porosity hair is prone to build up! If you have healthy strands and put a drop of water on it, it will stay there for some time, while if you do the same on damaged hair, the drop gets sucked up into the hair immediately.”. Shampoo’s are your friend!! Aloe vera has a pH scale of 6, which is a slightly acidic value. Having low porosity hair can be frustrating because everything you do or use seems not to work. Here are two ways to condition with heat: Note: Many find these two methods work wonders. Is your hair always dry no matter how often you moisturize, deep condition or greenhouse it? Normal porosity hair: Normal porosity hair allows a right amount of moisture to penetrate the hair. When hair gets damaged, especially by chemical and heat treatments, the protective layer is removed, the cuticle layers get lifted and erodes, the internal protein structure gets damaged and protein leaches out. The process is pretty simple. Low porosity hair: this types of hair has tightly closed pores. Once a week is fine for most. Don’t fall for the hype. Low porosity hair often tends to be dry due to a … This includes such as shea butter, jojoba oil or coconut oil, sunflower oil, babassu oil, mango butter and moisturizers such as glycerin or honey that attract and retain moisture. Note: If you are creating a DIY moisturizer or buying one that has a large amount of glycerin in it, you will want lighten up the amount of glycerin being used or discontinue use in the colder months. Heavy oils sit on top of the hair and aren't fully absorbed beyond the cuticle layer. Hey guys, in this video, I share how I moisturize my low porosity hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove the buildup and give your hair a fresh start. It may seem like heat styling can cause low porosity hair, but genetics is the greatest factor. The Curl Delight Mist is a light and effective moisturizer that gives natural hair a healthy shine. Low porosity hair over time can cause hair damage, so get a regular trim to keep it stay healthy. Knowing your porosity aids in bettering your selection and success rate when buying products. Low Porosity Gel Needs. Deep condition with heat Participate in product testing surveys discussions etc. The Moisturizing Hair Butter is an excellent sealant for natural hair.

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