Wedge the 6-by-2-inch wood block between the existing lawn mower blade and the lawn mower housing deck. Zip it on and off in a matter of seconds. To install a mulching blade, you need a blade that has the right dimensions. This beautifully designed blade is constructed from solid metal and is suitable for many types of lawn mowers. Remove the old mower blade. This video shows you how to safely remove and install a Toro mower blade. Torque the lawnmower cutting blade retaining bolt with a torque wrench and socket. The normal blade has the black plastic thing that hugs the blade, but it won't fit on any dethatching blade. Wedge a block of wood between the mower blade and the deck to keep the blade from turning when you tighten the blade bolt. Installing a mower mulching blade is something most any home gardener can do using tools available at home or at any home store. Step 1 Wait until the engine of your mower has cooled and you have little or no fuel in the mower's gas tank before starting this process. If your mower blade is dull, damaged, or heavily worn, visit our, How to Make a Bent Plywood Modern Mantel Clock, No-waste Plywood Trunk With Lid Storage and Walnut Trim. I sharpen my tractor blades every other cut and only replace them every other year. 1. Universal blades may save you a couple of dollars, but can create potential safety issues, such as thrown objects. Black. However, we recommend also disconnecting the battery. Atlas Universal 3-in-1 Lawn Mower Blade fits most lawn mowers with a 21" (53.3 cm) deck Durable design To install a mower blade, you’ll need to have a few tools and other items on hand in addition to your new blade. Bang and it is done. I recently wrote an article about choosing the right mower blade, you can check it out here. Tighten the blade bolt to 500 in.-lbs. Get a replacement mulching blade for your Troy-Bilt TB130 lawn mower here: This tutorial will … 4. All Rights Reserved. Mulching blades have a different design than standard lawnmower blades. Doe it make any difference how the blade is installed compared to piston position? They also sell blade removers which you put on under your deck to get the blade from moving also. Put on the eye protection and gloves. 1/8-in (0.3 cm) Style. Providing 2019 prices that cover items that help keep the grass cutting going reliably and for achieving top shape results including blades, engine and tuneup, drivetrain, belts and other parts. Save the nut and washer. Put on heavy work gloves. Steps to Replace a Lawn Mower Blade. If your mower blade is dull, damaged, or heavily worn, visit our Lawn Mower Blades page to start your search for a compatible match and get started with this fast and easy repair. Some manufacturers recommend that you replace the blades after every 25 hours of use, but Honda encourages owners to inspect the blades each time before mowing. Use a special dethatching mower blade to remove thatch buildup. Step 7: Re-position your lawn mower. You can siphon it to make it easiest. Replacing a mower blade is the kind of simple repair that can save mower owners money. Plus, all universal adapters and washers are included. Always set the mower on the side that does not have a carburetor so that the mower's fuel does not leak out. Vibration and poor lawn cutting will quickly make a poor mower blade installation noticeable. Color. A heavier one might be tough thus last for a long time, but it might be too heavy for your lawnmower. Turn the lawn mower on its side. Our workforce through professional training. using a torque … Make sure to hang on to any mower pieces that help mount the blade, like the retaining plate pictured in Step 3. This blade cuts grass and ejects it through a chute out the side of the mower. Mower blades can be sharpened several times to extend their life and ensure that your grass gets a healthy cut, but they can only be filed so many times before a blade replacement is necessary. 6. This Universal 3-in-1 Lawn Mower blade, Mulches, Bags and Side Discharges. You should go for one that is ideal for you. on Introduction. This is why before buying a new lawnmower blade, you need to do several measurements and then decide on what blade you will need. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →. Also, note the hand on the ratchet wrench - nobody holds a ratchet wrench like that in a situation when a good amount of force must be applied. Make sure the gas and oil caps are screwed on tightly before tipping the mower. When you keep your lawn mower blades sharp, your grass will see the benefits. Replacement 3-N-1 Blade Universal Fit for Lawn Mower. However, we recommend also … Make sure that the mower's spark plug is disconnected and tilt the mower so that you can access the blade. GOOD GOD, PEOPLE ! Remove the sparkplug wire from the sparkplug. If thatch is allowed to build up, it can weaken the lawn and allow large parts of it to eventually die off. Otherwise, you will get plenty of spin, but no cutting action. ... Drive the John Deere lawn mower to a flat, level area. Step 2 Unscrew and remove the cap screws from the blade. Consult your owner’s manual for procedures specific to your mower; Depending on usage, replace your lawn mower’s blade(s) every 1-3 years. This is the worst Instructables. You can use a C-clamp or anything else to stop the blade from rotating so you can use both hands to steady the tools. First not disconnecting the spark plug. Our example mower blade and its retaining plate are shaped so that the blade can only be installed in the correct position This Universal Blade provides improved performance over many other blades because of its Unique contoured cutting system. It has been designed specifically for Toro models and works wonderfully for the following reasons: It is a genuine part that satisfies all OEM specifications. Start the lawn mower. 7 years ago The width of the blade. $22.14. Reuse the existing washer and slide it on the post. This Universal 3-in-1 Lawn Mower blade, mulches, bags and discharges from the side. Loosely screw the existing nut in place with the socket and socket wrench. Mow a portion of lawn to make sure that grass does not exit from the ejection chute. It is possible to incorrectly install mower blades on some mowers. 9 years ago This lawn mower replacement blade fits most 20-inch walk-behind lawn mowers. For information about matching a replacement mower blade to your mower, please read the article, Lawn Mower Blade Measurements and Types. Maxpower 331981B 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blad, black MaxPower 331538B Blade for 21" Cut MTD, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt Walkbehind Mowers Replaces 942-0641 Maxpower 331951S 21-Inch Universal 3-n-1 Lawn Mower Blade,black 6-in-1 Universal Lawn Mower Blade Dethatch, bag, rake, and scalp with this 6-in-1 Power Rake Lawn Mower Blade! Component. Fortunately, changing the mower blade on your Lawn Boy takes only a few minutes, particularly if you have a sharpened blade waiting in reserve. Damaged mower blades can cause excessive vibration in the mower, while dull mower blades usually get noticed by the ugly, irregular patterns they make in the lawn. In some cases, improper blade installation can even cause the blade to work loose from its mounting; if this occurs, damage to the mower or even potentially serious injuries can result. Reply Because it’s compatible with many mowing machines, a universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster is an option when replacing this part on your machine.. Steel. Steps to Replace a Lawn Mower Blade. This blade said it was compatible with JD front wheel drive mower. Tighten the blade bolt to the proper torque setting as noted in your owner's manual. The Craftsman 22-inch mower is a walk-behind unit that is powered by a small gasoline engine which is operated by a pull starter.

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