The country has seen steady economic, social and legal changes in recent years with leftist government […] 1 In ancient Rome and Greece, blasphemy was associated with treason. “The Athens public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation…into whether the performance of Terrence McNally’s play Corpus Christi violated Greece’s 1951 blasphemy law. The other twelve nations with anti-blasphemy laws in 2012 included India and Singapore, as well as Christian majority states, including Denmark (abolished in 2017), Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland (the constitutional requirement for the offence of blasphemy was removed by referendum in October 2018 but blasphemy … 3 In England, prohibition of blasphemy found its way into the law by the end of the 17th century: the English Act of 1698 stated that denying the Christian … Blasphemy originated from a Greek word meaning to speak evil.  It also has its roots in Judeo-Christianity culture where blasphemy is referred to as all the acts which involve verbal abuses or offences against sacred values and sentiments. However, this regime of extended freedom was then followed by a more restrictive regime, based in particular on the Pleven Law of 1972. The 1881 law definitively abolished the offense of blasphemy, even in its secularized form of infringing upon religious morality. In an open letter to the Ministry of Justice, dozens of humanist and secularist organizations from around the world, including the … This week it was reported that Greece was considering re-introducing its law – with a punishment of up to two years in prison. The new conservative government had, only six months later, touted the idea of reintroducing blasphemy legislation but scrapped the idea after public outcry. So, in 1675 [in Taylor’s Case, 1 Ventris 293, (1676) 86 ER 189] Lord Chief Justice Hale could declare that the Christian religion was part of the law itself, and to attack religion was to attack the law, an approach enshrined in statute in the Blasphemy Act, 1697 (or 1698) (9&10 Will 3, c 32) (which described itself as an … In Greece, Maria Giannikakis, general secretary for transparency and human rights in the Greek Justice Ministry, told IPI in an interview in April that the government would pursue the abolition of Greece’s blasphemy law, which Giannikakis said no longer had a place in Greek society. The countries that have repealed blasphemy laws in the past five years are Norway, Iceland, Malta, the Alsace-Moselle region of France, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand and Greece. Greece’s blasphemy law is among the most restrictive in Europe, and has actively been used to prosecute people for often satirical posts deemed to insult religion. Consecutive Greek governments have pledged to reassess or abolish the country’s outdated “blasphemy” laws but have failed to achieve any progress, campaigners have said this week. Greece’s blasphemy laws were applied more frequently to protect the Orthodox Church before they were repealed in 2019 during constitutional changes. Download this country entry as a PDFGreece is a unitary parliamentary republic on the edge of the Balkan Peninsula, often regarded as the birthplace of democracy in Europe and a catalyst to western civilisation. 2 The Bible condemned blasphemy as a grave sin. Blasphemy is defined as the act of insulting God. In Catholic theology, blasphemy is considered as a sin and is defined as any word of … The director, producers, and actors associated with the play risk charges of “insulting religions,” “malicious blasphemy,” and/or … In Greece, a blogger who created a Facebook page poking fun at a revered Greek Orthodox monk was sentenced to 10 months in prison in 2012 after being found guilty of blasphemy. In a high-profile blasphemy case in Greece in 2012, blogger Filippos Loizos used a play on words to portray a revered Greek Orthodox monk as a traditional pasta-based …

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