A graphics processing unit is a heavy workhorse for data scientists, programmers, and web developers. Then, it loops over the GPUs every few seconds and sets the fan speed according to their temperature. I've been doing it this way for donkey's years. Step 5: Use Intake Spots to Clean the Fan. hide. Beneficial in terms of CPU temp, VRM temp, enclosure temp and thus GPU temp. I usually use PWM fans for everything, then use PWM 'Y' splitter or hub controlled by CPU fan header for intakes & exhuasts supplying CPU airflow on CPU curve and intake & exhaust fans for GPU airflow controlled by GPU fan header. report. - Around 45 degrees you would want the fan at 40% The R11 GPU liquid cooler is new and results regarding performance are yet to be substantiated. This is a pain to set up, as is checking the GPU temp every few seconds and adjusting the fan speed. 67% Upvoted. I never thought about this until I wanted to add 2 intake fans on the bottom of my case to potentially keep my GPU cooler but I realised I dont really know if the GPU fans are intakes or outtakes. Having a fan at 100% all the time will reduce the lifespan of it but not by much. TL:DR One fan on the CPU heatsink and a rear exhaust, produce the coolest and quietest two fans set up. A three-pack of 120mm fans plus controller lists for $129.99, even more than Corsair's LL120 starter kit, though additional fans somehow list for $29.99—$5 less than Corsair's add-ons. Fan speeds vary a lot between different graphics card models, even with the same GPU. Seeing as those fans only go down to 600, I would try to get them all down to that. Step 4: Start With the Exhaust. This will help keep other components in the Mac Pro cooler. GPU COOLING EXHAUST Fan Radiator PCI Case Heat Sink PC Cooler Blower Computer - $13.99. Maybe get another fan and put it in the last stop on the top. I have a great cpu cooler and a good few fans pulling in and pushing out, the problem I seem to have is the heat off the gpu when in heavy use is shooting the inside case temp up, I ran a program called heavyload and at 100% load the cores hit 65c to 72c/prime95 stress 67c to 79c (is this good or bad) This would be especially beneficial to those who have upgraded their Mac Pros to 130W CPUs and probably lead to the Mac Pro's expansion slot fan to ramp up less frequently and to a lower RPM. Doesnt matter how hard I run the case fans, no amount of case ventilation will make any difference for the CPU. When temperature on the CPU gets up to 50°C-ish, ramp up just the intake and the rear exhaust fans. There is only 1 exhaust fan, but comparatively the CPU stays silky cool under the same loads right around 45c. Vertically mounted graphics card tends to block potential airflow in the PC case. Its a Cooler Master Q300L case. My case is configured exactly as in the above picture, 3 front in-take, 1 back exhaust, 2 top exhaust. Essentially the fan airflow impacts the motherboard and is directed down and up and to the sides, mixing with the rest of the air in the case. Graphics cards typically have one or more fans directly attached to them and often direct some of their heat exhaust right out the back of your PC. So this should happen: If you spin up the first two fans in the top, you essentially do this: ... GPU info is below. save. While adding two intake fans below the GPU, reduces overall temps and noise. Saving Your GPU From Heat and Fire With Cooling Fans. Personally, I prefer GPU coolers to exhaust the heat from the GPU out of the Mac Pro. I would say there is about 3 to 3.5 inches between the PSU and the GPU fans. SpeedFan can even change the FSB on some hardware (but this should be considered a bonus feature). When you run coolgpus, it sets up a temporary X server for each GPU with a fake display attached. 14 comments. SpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. Hi I7 4770k OC to 4.2 GTX 780 stock speed. My CPU pulls fresh air in through the front rad. Personally, I would not get that GPU liquid cooler. Doing so will eventually damage not only the GPU but the entire system from poor ventilation. Depending on the intake type and placement, you can directly help clean the fan but also the laptop’s interior too. If you have no choice but to place it inside for whatever reason, consider installing at least 1 intake and 1 exhaust fans to and from the cabinet itself to still promote good airflow. Thanks. Would be nice if my GPU temps controlled the case fan speed as it would make a substantial difference in temperatures. The rear exhaust fan will receive the front intake from the radiator and exhaust its slightly warmed air, leaving the GPU to intake from the lower front fan. if it’s a regular aftermarket gpu on a normal mounting position, the fans will suck in air from the bottom and exhaust it to the sides.

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