Internship Description: Google is inviting applications for Technical Program Manager Internship for Summer 2019. This may trigger an email notifying you and linking our EEO information. It started out with a casual conversation. How to Answer: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? I could not have been more wrong. The Interview. It’s December 2nd now. I received feedback in a reasonable amount of time. Recruiter called gives a phone screen then you get a technical interview, then on campus in person, then committee votes. ... Technical Program Manager (84) Program Manager (74) Interaction Designer (72) SWE (63) Software Engineer In Test (56) Financial Analyst (50) Recruiter (49) If they decide to move forward, you’ll be aske… You should take a look here - Interview Questions For A Technical Program Manager (TPM) I believe its a comprehensive writeup. This summer, I’m excited to be working as a technical program management intern at Google. Those two months felt like forever to me. Ten minutes. The process took 2 weeks. I eventually finished my solution and the 45 minute interview was about to end. 1. It’s Tuesday morning, and again I arrive an hour early before my interview. I am an active blogger and podcast host. How would you manage the project of the replacement of discs for a data center? Given that uncharacteristic response time I knew it was a rejection. As students prepare for their internship interview, they should be ready to address the key skills and accomplishments that they have listed on their resume.They should be able to highlight the experience listed on their resume and tell stories that illustrate their strengths and let the organization know what they have to offer them as a potential new employee. We enjoyed meeting you at UT Austin and would like to move forward with next steps! Head over to, find the role that interests you, upload resume. This time I decided to prepare a lot more. As part of our internal process, we will be adding you to an application so our hiring managers can review your information. Cover letters are not necessary. The recruiter reached out and did an initial screen. Finally, we’ll review each one in detail to ensure you know how to answer each internship interview question. I interviewed at Google (Mountain View, CA) in September 2018. So we've hand-picked these difficult questions to help you prepare. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Recruiter reached out and had a quick conversation about the role, my experience (background was a non-CS engineering major) and potential fit. • Work cross-functionally (with engineers, UX designers, marketing, etc) to launch your features. “What if I don’t get an internship from any company?” “Should I try to make other plans for the summer?” “Should I refill out the questionnaire?”. The answer to this question reveals the candidate's motivations for pursuing this internship position. I applied through a recruiter. The lesser experienced you are, the more number of coding onsite interview rounds for you. I kind of feel like I somehow slipped through the system and somehow got lucky enough to land an internship. They open the doors, I sign in, and I head to meet my first interview. After a couple minutes of talking, we once again went to the whiteboard. But I decided I’ll take whatever I can get. My god, was I relived. In a 1:1 with my manager in October, I asked him what steps I should take to work towards a full time offer by the end of my internship … First, let’s break down the different types of interview questions the hiring manager will ask you. 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer, The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide. As you can guess, I applied on Google Careers submitted my CV and details. I have NO experience on highly scalable/available systems. She told me a bit about herself, and to be honest I was a bit intimidated by her background. I messed up. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. There were no technical questions in this interview. You’re basically put in this limbo where you kind of have an offer, but not really. 2. Congratulations! It really began when I went to the career expo at my university. 282 Internship Program Manager jobs available on I am very grateful to be where I’m at right now, and … Also, she set up a call to talk about details, and spent like 20 minutes reading me the material word for word off the how we hire page even after I told her I read it. Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for this targeted profile? First was a telephonic interview for an hour. The phone screen was 30 minutes, then the team match was 1 hour. Apply to Program Coordinator, Student Intern, Technical Program Manager and more! I was actually just about to email you. I really liked him and his project, and I referred to my prep doc a little, but we ended up having a conversation about algorithms and efficiency between different programming languages. The process took 4+ weeks. The LetsIntern 2016 Scrorecard: Top Internships by cities, roles, stipends, Why you should opt for Winter Internships. The internship is available globally, with varying requirements and application dates. Everyone that wants a career in software applies to be a Google intern. Here For You During COVID-19 NEW! ©© A Part Of Aspiring Minds, How to tell if your internship will be a success, How can LinkedIn help you with your college internship, Internship Tips: How To Be The Best Intern And Stand Out, Steps You Can Take To Land A Good Internship This Summer, 5 awesome things that happen during a successful internship, 5 Internships In Delhi You Should Most Definitely Apply For, Top 6 HR Internships In 2019 You Can’t Afford To Miss, The Best Time To Apply For An Internship And Why You Should Not Miss It, Top Data Analyst Internships To Apply For in 2019, 6 Things That Prove Internship At Startups Is Not A Bad Option, 7 Things That Will Help Turn Your Internship Into A Full Time Job, Dos and Don’ts On Your First Day At Internship, ‘Made my architecture internships work for my compulsory internship’, NGO Design Internship gave me perspective of grassroots challenges. This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. I interviewed at Google (Mountain View, CA) in February 2019. I am happy to let you know that we have identified a potential project in the Kirkland office and would like to schedule you for a 30-minute phone interview with the host. He worked on Google search, had a PhD in Computer Science. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to speak with you guys in an interview. Even bottom of the barrel places like WalMart or Mcdonalds at least has the courtesy to tell people who take the time to interview in a reasonable time. And this was Google. After that, I walked to my next class and thought about how I should have done things that I did. She only became involved after my first technical interview, but in setting up the next panel she was a disaster, taking ~24 hours to reply and trying to schedule things in the only 2 hour block I told her I couldn't, stuff like that. Interview initial phone screen followed by remote coding session with Google Technical Program Manager. “A program manager can be seen as the visionary leader for the overall program.” according to Brianna Hansen. I immediately filled out the form and gave my availability. I asked him one question that really resonated with me. So all I had left to hear from was Google, so I was pretty stressed. Google PM interviewers are relying more on behavioral interview questions in recent months. We received the feedback from your technical interviews and will be moving forward to the second round of the interview process. I am sorry this team didn’t work out. Google’s application is pretty straightforward. My interactions with the recruiter were pretty bad and definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, which I've read many times online about google. Overall I had a very positive experience. Description. I was relieved a little bit. Tech Phone screen: This was very interesting and felt very good about the interaction3. You can expect it to be exactly the same as an on-site interview except that it’s not face-to-face communication. Learn how to enable cookies. Most of the people that make it to host matching get an offer. And I’m potentially being interview to be one of her peers. About two hours later, I had my interview with the Mountain View office. I finally pinged her and she emailed me to chat about an hour later. The next day, I got an email which I didn’t expect. As a consequence, you'll typically need to answer one or two technical questions during your interview process. Google Interview Questions Page: ... CareerCup's interview videos give you a real-life look at technical interviews. I look forward to hearing where we can go from here! Product Manager (341) Intern (307) Associate Account Strategist (204) Software Developer (176) Software Engineering (164) dedicated to enabling students across the world by assisting them to discover and connect with their passion. This is part of a mini-series of posts related to career development. The interview questions were poorly worded and many were trick questions with little hint of what they are really trying to screen for. Interview Process . Then an onsite with 4 rounds - hypothetical, behavioral, technical and system design. It's vital to understand what is motivating your applicants so you can determine if they are in for the long haul. Typically, they expect anyone that passed their technical interviews to be competent enough to work at Google. He responded “I want someone who isn’t afraid to make mistakes and loves to learn. I was transferred to new recruiter who gave me some information on the process. I applied online when the application first opened, but I learned that most people that apply online don’t actually get picked. The internship is available globally, with varying requirements and application dates. Possible Outcome 2) Your information is reviewed by our engineers and potential hosts and unfortunately they find there is not a skill match to our current roles. I had just finished that class so all these concepts were fresh in my head. Top 10 technical program manager interview questions and answers 1. This results in a phone interview with a future potential host to talk about their specific project. Looking at the job responsibilities they seemed generic and short. Electronic Arts Seattle, WA. I honestly didn’t expect that at all. But it involved machine learning, which seemed cool, so I told the host that I was interested in that. The process took 2+ months. Associate Product Manager Internship Our interns bridge technical and business worlds, designing technologies with engineers and then zooming out to lead matrix teams such as Sales, Marketing and Finance, to name a few. I sent my availability. I was bounced between 3 recruiters to finally get a phone screen.2. I interviewed at Google in October 2018. I applied through a recruiter. It takes some people a few days, and some have heard back after 4–5 weeks too. ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. I was asked about 10 questions in the phone screen ranging from … Anyway, I’m really excited to be heading to Mountain View in the summer, and I want to work really hard so I can come back in 2016! Google's projects, like our users, span the globe and require managers to keep the big picture in focus while being able to dive into the unique engineering challenges we face daily. It was definitely stressful. I decided to go to the Mountain View office next summer. 101 Google Technical Program Manager interview questions and 84 interview reviews. As a student (or a recent student) this should be the easiest part of the whole process. How does one break into the TPM role ? It’s for google cloud. I do know it’s a big thing for Amazon as I got rejected for lack of experience. Become a Technical Program Manager 18 courses 23 hours of content Start my 1-month free trial Managing multiple technical project teams is not an easy task. If you’re looking to become an APM, I hope this article will give you the tools you’ll need to … Google Technical Program Manager salaries are collected from government agencies and companies. How to land an internship at Google — from someone who did! I never made it to HC. The questionnaire is probably the most important thing when in host matching. Technical Program Manager Intern, Summer 2020. The process took 2+ months. Top 5 Internship Interview Question Tips. The interview was scheduled form noon the next day. I’m sure those recruiters spoke to hundreds of students over the two days of the career expo. I recently got an interview call from Google for TPM (Technical Program Manager). Thank you for taking the time to interview with our team! I really enjoyed the interview. In my case, I heard back the same day the first time, and it took me a week the second time. It’s one of the most popular features from my new book, The Product Manager Interview; this brand new book has over 160 practice questions for product management interviews. You will learn to evaluate where you stand and what your next course of action should be in becoming a Technical Program Manager at a tech company. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. We are interested in considering you for a possible Software Engineering summer internship role. One important part of Interview Questions For A Technical Program Manager is to prepare well for behavioral interview questions. I like other folks thought - all good interviews / solving problems / etc means something. In order to receive an offer from Google, you only have to clear 2 tech interviews (usually telephonic, in person if you interview at your school), and a semi-tech interview with the interested host (more on the host matching phase later). 308 Google Intern interview questions and 307 interview reviews. I got information about the host too. Get free email delivery of The Letsintern newsletters for career opportunities, interview hacks & tips, professional tips and much more. The day after the career expo ended, I got an email. I interviewed at Google in September 2018. He’s probably busy. The process was painstakingly slow. New Google Technical Program Manager jobs added daily. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. Find a Great First Job to Jumpstart Your Career, Stand Out From the Crowd With the Perfect Cover Letter, How to Prepare for Your Interview and Land the Job, No brain teasers but deep technical knowledge required. My host told me about his project, which personally I didn’t want to be a part of because I wasn’t interested in ads. I applied through an employee referral. But at the same time, I’m glad I had that experience, because it felt really rewarding in the end. I definitely did better in this interview than my first. I’m an incoming Google Associate Product Manager (APM), a two-year rotational product management role, and here I want to share some resources I used to prepare for the Google APM interviews. What about system design? Applied for the technical program manager, university grad role initially. It’s kind of like that Imposters syndrome thing. Host matching interviews typically aren’t technical. Onsite 5 rounds ( Program/Project Management 1:1 3 rounds, Engineering Manager 1 round, behavior 1 round). As a technical intern, you are excited about tackling the hard problems in technology. About your background, experience, googliness. Then she setup phone screens with the peers. Your application impressed the hiring manager, and you’re officially scheduled to interview for the internship of your dreams.. Now it’s prep time. I know recruiters have to fill headcounts and as a referral I may not even have helped her numbers, but it really seems like a bad process. Employee referral on a whim as I like my job now and the compensation's about the same. A couple days later, I found at that I had gotten an offer from both the LA office and the Mountain View office. Recruiter Phone screen: Was the usual. Hiring manager was very helpful, provided resources. Usually, you need to write code via some code sharing tools like Google Doc and some companies may even require your code to be compiled. Practice Questions for the Google Interview Google is known for having one of the hardest technical interviews. I was asked several questions. You have to move 100 Petabytes of data from the East Coast to the West Coast, how long will it take. Then after my panel interviews she ghosted for 3 weeks. Ex-Google tech lead Patrick Shyu walks you through a technical interview for a Software Engineer job, and explains how to ace that whiteboard coding. Hiring manager was very helpful, provided resources. I interviewed at Google (Mountain View, CA). I talk about my personal experiences, the manager shares his/her culture with the team. I had interviews with Facebook and Twitter also in October, but I didn’t end up getting offers from either of those companies. That's the career path I thought we were supposed to follow when we get older. What Employers Look For In An Intern: Internship Tips. Kick-starting your Internet Marketing Career | 5 things you should know! I am a Principal Technical Program Manager and have been in the tech industry for over 14 years. 12 Books that Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Jeff Bezos and other successful entrepreneurs live by! That’s where I messed up. This was the first actual technical interview I had, so I was definitely nervous. Apply now. Learn More. Well shit. That happened December 11th, 2014. Completely unprofessional. This host was really cool. The interviewers were mainly interested in your experience. I’m an incoming Google Associate Product Manager (APM), a two-year rotational product management role, and here I want to share some resources I used to prepare for the Google APM interviews. Congratulations, you have been selected for on-campus interviews with Google! Can I set up an interview next week with the availability already given? I was in total shock. I did a lot of practice questions with a friend I had in my Data Structures class too.

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