Each manager sets direction, supports people in their career growth, and ensures that their teams have inspiring visions for the future. I interviewed at Facebook (London, England (UK)) in January 2018. Second reason, I have to admit I was very flattered they were impressed by my CV and reached out to me. It’s not all about you. —Yun C., Software Engineer, Instagram “ Here is the first email I received : Hello Thomas, English is not my mother tongue (I am French) and I struggled coding and speaking complex technical english simultaneously. When interviewing engineering managers, ideal candidates will exude confidence and honesty, and will have a track record of reliability. The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide, Manager, Production Engineering Jobs at Facebook. I felt so rewarded after the ton of hours I put into the project. The process took 7 weeks. I would love the opportunity to have an informal chat with you so I could provide you with more context on the role and share more details with you as to what the team do.I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,XXXX xxxxTechnical Recruitment at Facebook. A Facebook software engineer candidate said: “After the interview, I wasn't sure if I would be happy working at Facebook so they let me come back and speak with my would-be manager … Deb is a leading voice at Facebook, overseeing product management and engineering for dozens of products and initiatives—which means she's just the right person to be giving us the inside scoop on what a product management interview looks like. I applied in-person. I applied through a recruiter. Not bad for a side project start, right? This post is about how I worked to make that manager-interview process as productive as possible. In 4 months since the launch, Pixelixe Studio generated around $1000 of positive income. As you may know, during on screen coding interview, your recruiter asks you to solve problems and you have to write code on a shared live document meanwhile explaining your choices and your approach to solve the problem. I’ve always just walked in and expected someone else on the team to ask all the questions. Yes, only $13 and since then, I didn’t spend anything else on the project. You can reach me at blog( - at - )pixelixe.com, How I got 40 paying customers in 6 months with 0 dollars spent, How to create a Youtube thumbnail with perfect size and dimensions, Graphic design and online Marketing reunited, https://www.facebook.com/careers/jobs/xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Interview. I did a lot of effort to reduce expenses as low as possible optimizing codes and favorising client-side processing instead of server-side processing to avoid hosting costs. Engineering is all about tradeoffs, so be prepared to discuss them. How to prepare for the Facebook Interview. Was introduced to Facebook by one of the recruiters approaching on LinkedIn. Think about it this way: for every amazing job, there are easily 10-20 or more amazing candidates vying for position. Or how I failed my interview. Days after the second interview, there was an in-person interview with a senior analyst and associate principal, where one had to make a presentation on a recent project that the candidate had worked on. And as you already know, companies such as Google or Facebook propose a quite sharp hiring process. This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. The 23th of January 2018 (which was also exactly my birth day), I received the first email from Facebook. Interview. Initial call with HR rep who found me on LinkedIn. Explore our latest projects in Artificial Intelligence, Data Infrastructure, Development Tools, Front End, Languages, Platforms, Security, Virtual Reality, and more. If a rejection email does ping into your inbox, here a few things to remember to help you remain positive, optimistic and motivated. How to prepare for Facebook Hacker Cup? Sign Up. That way keeping my full time job won’t be a problem at all. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. I didn’t want to become one of those high level executive directors that are too far away from operational teams. Two weeks after the first telephone interview, there was a second phone interview with an engineer and analyst. Find below conditions I decided to follow for my side project : Condition 1 : I decided I wanted to do everything by myself, from the idea, to conception and design and to develop every line of code alone: databases, middleware, APIs, website, defining UX/UI, everything!!! Hiring Manager Company Name Company Address City, State Zip Code . The next week, I sat down in front of my laptop, ready to tackle this software engineering interview and guess what?? After an three prior phone interviews at Facebook that happened through employee referrals, I was pleasantly surprised to embark on one of the most pleasant interview experiences of my career. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pixelixe. What's the hardest thing you do in your current management job? We sat down with Nam Nguyen, Head of Engineering at Instagram, to learn about how he sees engineering leadership and our approach to building teams. 4 Facebook Manager, Production Engineering interview questions and 3 interview reviews. It was painful, exhausting and I disliked it. Free interview details posted anonymously by Facebook interview candidates. With expertise in engineering economics, and industrial, human resources and financial management, engineering managers run engineering projects and supervise multiple teams in the research and development of new products.

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