When a girl reaches the age around ten, her parents have already arranged a wedding for her and have taken her out of school to prepare the girl to be wed and to have children. It also provides for annulment of a child marriage and gives a separated female the right to maintenance and residence from her husband if he is above 18 or in-laws if he is a minor until she is remarried. Child marriage is widely considered as a violation of . So, the main causes of child marriage are: Poverty in the country. Causes of child marriage in Nigeria. created on the negative implications of child marriage on the health of the children and their general wellbeing. Child, or early marriage often has negative effects and consequences for a girl’s well-being, health, and education, which explains why the practice has been outlawed in Nigeria. The literature on child marriage is replete with evidence of the adverse effects of child marriage (Otoo-Oyortey 2003; Jensen & Thornton, 2003; Walker, 2012; Morhe, et al., 2012). Girls who are … Yet investments to end the practice are limited, and . This harmful practice can expose girls to violence, unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion, denying them their basic rights to childhood, with damaging impact on their education, health and economic prospects. However, most girls forced to marry at a young age live in developing countries: 1. Girl’s Human Rights and National Development. Girl child marriage remains widespread in India despite implementation of several policies and programmes to eliminate the practice. Focus shall be put on child marriage in general exemplified in particular by two countries in In current years families have realized that young marriages are not good for children. To gain an in-depth understanding of both the causes and the effects of child marriage in Garowe District, the researcher conducted a retrospective study which looks back in time to explore the push and the pull factors behind child marriage in Garowe. Causes and Effects of Child Marriage in Nigeria. The emotional and social effects of early marriage are varied, but one of the most common outcomes is the withdrawal of girls from formal education. Child marriage affects the education of the children of girls marrying early at least indirectly Impacts of girls’ educational attainment on child marriage and early childbearing Each year of secondary education leads to a reduction in the likelihood of marrying as a child of seven points There are child brides in every region of the world. Introduction Child Marriage refers to any marriage of a child younger than eighteen years old, in accordance to article 1 of the Convention of the Right of the child. Also in 2014, the AU appointed a Goodwill Beth A. Hahn, “Marital Status and Women’s Health: the Effect of Economic Marital Acquisitions,” Journal of Marriage and the Family 55, no. Most of the time, young girls marry older men, but adoles-cent boys also marry young. We will analyze some reasons why early child marriage in Nigeria is so common. Child marriage is a marriage or similar union, formal or informal, between a child and an adult or another child under a certain age, typically age eighteen. Surely, there is a background behind this act. These effects are both numerous and serious. Child marriage is a major barrier to achieving gender equality. marriage remains very high, combating child marriage is an important area for policy, not only in terms of the impact of child marriage on education, but also in terms of health and social its impacts, and the need to guarantee the right for girls not to marry early if they do not want to. High population raises the poverty level of … Poverty-ridden families offering thei… Child marriage often occurs in the shadows of poverty and gender inequality, impeding efforts to empower girls and boys and achieve long-term, sustainable development. Child, early and forced marriage has significant negative impacts on the futures of children, particularly girls. Educating girls creates 5. Marriage before the age of 18 is a fundamental violation of human rights. This in turns reduces the ability of households to meet their basic needs, and thereby contributes to poverty. link between child marriage and the dropout of girls from school. However, the literature reveals gaps in the empirical evidence on the link between child marriage and the dropout of girls from school. Effects of Early (Child) Marriage in Nigeria 1. worldwide the incidence of child marriage has been The elimination of child marriage by 2030 is a target under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 40 percent of young women (20-24) in developing countries were married before the age of 18 (21 percent globally) 2. Positive and negative effects of marriage vary depending on whether you are happily married or unhappily married. The act includes punitive measures against those who perform, permit and promote child marriage. Child marriage occurs everywhere in the world, but this paper focuses on the practice in the Global South where the rates of child marriage tend to be the highest. It is not good for both mother and the baby. Early Motherhood: Early motherhood is one of the most adverse effects of child marriage and often leads to the death of the young mother during child birth. effects of divorce on children are short term after which they fade once the child has time to adjust to the new family situation and all the changes that have occurred, there are many cases where the effects may be long term. Key words: Child marriage, Culture, Health, Kenya 1. predict how any particular child will be affected nor to what extent, but it is possible to predict divorce’s societal effects and how this large cohort of children will be affected as a group. Young girls who become child brides experience negative psychological effects as a result. Early (child) marriage in Nigeria denies girl-children of school age their right to the education for their personal development, preparation for adulthood and effective contribution to the future well-being of their family and society. Isolated and with limited freedom, married girls often feel disempowered. Child brides face huge challenges because they are married as children. Child marriage leads girls to have children earlier and more children over their lifetime. Hindrance to the educational aspect of the girl child. Child marriage is driven by poverty and has many effects on girls' health: increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, malaria, death during childbirth, and obstetric fistulas. Many laws throughout the world have banned child marriage and the sexual exploitation of children. In May 2014, the African Union (AU) launched a campaign to end child marriage in Africa, by enhancing continental awareness of its harmful impacts and requiring states to take appropriate legal, social and economic measures to address child marriage. While the adverse effects of child marriage mostly affect the victims, its ripple effects on the entire society are significant. When boys are taken out of school early, they, like girls, face decreased livelihood The lack of education, poor social skills, and the emotional adversity are all effects of early marriage that lead to a poor life for an innocent child. The U.S. State Department has called marriage before 18 a “human rights abuse” that “produces devastating repercussions for a girl’s life, effectively ending her childhood.” This is true globally, including in the U.S. of child marriage. Through this project’s research, the organization concluded that ending the practice of child marriage could save the global economy trillions of dollars between now and 2030. Too young, mentally and physically to become a mother, early motherhood puts the health of the mother and child in danger. child marriage rate stands at 30% while global rate is at 29% (Mashangwa, 2016 ). In despite of all attention drawn to child marriage across the world, there is a lack of improvement. This study identifies the ‘tip-ping point’ school grades in Nepal when the risk of dropout due to marriage is highest, mea-sures the effect of child marriage on girls’ school dropout rates, and assesses associated risk factors. This Act came into effect in January 2007. This study examines the effects of girls' educational attainment and household poverty on the prevalence of female child marriage … The research project explored the impacts of child marriagein fertility and population growth, educational attainment and learning, labor force participation, decision-making and investments, health, nutrition and violence. The object of this research is to look into under what circumstances child marriage does exist and how girls’ living conditions can be improved. of child marriage in Indonesia are few and the study presented in this report is an attempt to fill this research gap. Several studies revealed that accurate data on the true extent of child marriage is difficult to obtain since many of such marriages are unregistered and the ages of girls are falsified ( UNIFPA, 2006). Child Marriage – Devastating Consequences. Child marriage is a significant health and children’s rights concern in many low- and middle- income countries (LMICs). Girls' offspring are at increased risk for premature birth and death as neonates, infants, or children. Marrying at such a yo… School dropout and child marriage are interrelated outcomes that have an enormous impact on adolescent girls. Numerous studies have been conducted along these lines, and the scientific findings of the effects of marriage on health have been very revealing and surprising in … human rights and a form of violence against girls. 2 (1993): 495-504; Yuanreng Hu and Noreen Goldman, “Mortality Differentials by Marital Status: An International Comparison,” Demography 27, no. Child marriage is an end of the girl child’s childhood. Effects of Child Marriage. Child marriage is a human rights violation that we must end to achieve a better future for all. Child marriage is associated with lower levels of schooling for girls in every region of the world and is a barrier to international development goals.1 A lost opportunity for education is not only harmful for girls, but has wide-reaching repercussions for their children and communities. The children of divorced parents may be more likely to: (1) be less In this article, we take a look at some of the major causes and effects of child marriage in Nigeria. The vast majority of child marriages are between a girl and a man, and are rooted in gender inequality. 3 Paul R. Amato, “The Consequences of Divorce for Adults and Children,” Journal of Marriage Child, early and forced marriage is a global problem. People who wed young also face domestic violence and other types of abuse within a marriage, according to ChildInfo. Many factors interact to place a child at risk of marriage, including poverty, the perception that marriage will provide ‘protection’, family honor, social norms, customary or religious laws that condone the practice, an inadequate legislative framework and the state of a country’s civil registration system. Sure, most of the young age marriages happen in the poorer areas, mainly rural ones. Health issues as giving birth at an early age is harmful for the girls’ health. It is both a symptom and a cause of ongoing development challenges, as the practice of child marriage further contributes to The study had the general objective of identifying the causes and consequences of divorce after child Ending child marriage would generate large welfare benefits through a reduction in population growth, helping to usher in the demographic dividend. Consider the following: They are deprived of their fundamental rights to … SDG5: Gender Equality. 12 percent were married before the age of 15 (5 percent globally) Child, early and forced marriage occurs for a number of reasons including gender inequality, poverty, insecurity and tradition.

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