Cottolin (sometimes spelled "Cotolin") is a 60%/40% mix of Cotton and Linen which combines the softness of Cotton with the crispness of Linen allowing a fabric made from it to hold its shape. It is nice and soft, absorbent, has a matt finish and is a good choice for clothing, tablecloths and more. Cottolin is a nice blend--a little linen for high absorbency but enough cotton for some stretch in the warp. Use this handy chart to see commonly used yarns as they are called (ex. Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 3/2 is a staple for weavers! Towels are pre-washed and hand-hemmed, and will be available at the 2-B Weavers sale in November. The closest I can get is 10/2 cotton at 4,200 yds/lb. Homestead 8/2 Cotton Yarn details: • Fiber content: 100% unmercerized cotton • Gauge is K: Single to fingering weight Doubled to sport weight Tripled- worsted weight • C: 8-10.5 stitches/in on sz sz Steel 6-8 or B-4 • Lace • Wraps/inch (wpi) 34 • Weaving tabby sett 15 to 22 • Weaving twill sett … Excellent weaving yarn (warp or weft) for dish tow Decrease Quantity: − Increase Quantity: + Choose Options + Wishlist. 3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn details: • Fiber content: 100% Cotton • Gauge is K: 5.5 to 6.5 stitches/in on sz 3 to 4 • C: 4-5 stitches/in on sz E-4 to 7 • Fine • Wraps/inch (wpi) 19 • Weaving tabby sett 10 to 12 • Weaving twill sett 12 to 15 • Yardage: 1260 yards/lb • 1260 approx. Free Shipping on Orders over $100* 800-441-9665 Comes on a 1/2 lb tube with 1,680 yards. I am a beginner knitter so this is all very new and challenging, but that doesn’t seem close enough to me. 60% cotton / 40% linen 8.75 oz tube / 1750 yds for colors; 1650 yds for natural approximately 3200 yards per pound sett: 20-30 epi 2-ply machine wash and dry. 8/2) and calculate the sett. Recommended sett of 15-30 epi. Customers Also Bought + Wishlist. Quick view. We have selected a selection of colours plus bleached and natural white, natural undyed and black. yards/0.9~1.1 lb cone • 180 yards/180 yd mini cone Approximate wraps per inch: 21 (may vary due to tightness of wrap). NEW! ... You need to use the twill sett because waffle weave has such long floats. $7.30 - $11.10. 8/4 cotton is available in ½ lb cones with 840 yds/cone (1,680 yds/lb). The sett of 16 epi is too dense for the warp yarn. Sett these yarns at 16-18 epi for plain weave, and 18-20 epi for twill weave structures. Maurice Brassard Cotton Yarn - 8/2. I like 8/2 and 10/2 unmercerized cotton and I usually sett my threads at 20 to 24epi. Made in Canada. You can resley the reed to have a denser sett if that is what you want. 8/2 Bamboo Weaving Yarn. 21 colors available. 16/2 Cotton. 8/2 Tencel Yarn description: Tencel yarn is absorbent and breathable like other natural fibers and can be used similarly to silk, bamboo or mercerized cotton. ... 84% Cotton 16% LinenYardage: 1400 yards approx.Weight: 2/8 - 2/8 SlubSuggested Sett: 10-12 epi HENRY'S ATTIC Henry's Attic yarns are known for their... View full product details + Quick Shop 8/2 Cottolin - Vert Émeraude. This 5/2 Perle Cotton Cone. Bev A – Chainmaille necklace, bracelet, and earrings, her original design using 5 sizes of colored jump rings. 8/2 bio cotton is ideal for weaving on any of your Ashford looms. Top quality, great for dishtowels and similar projects. The Valley Yarns line of mercerized perle cottons in 3/2, 5/2, and 10/2 is put up on standard one pound cones for weavers and machine knitters. The pattern says 24 epi. I can change the color of the background by … The long fiber means that it is durable but pliable, making this an excellent choice for towels, blankets, yardage for heavier … As an example, if my warp is 8/2 cotton sett at 20 epi (recommended for plain weave) in white, my tabby weft will be 10/2 cotton, or perhaps 12/2. Recommended sett of 12 epi. Cone weights will vary. In rep weave, the alternating color patterns are created entirely through the warp color order. Maurice Brassard Cotton Yarn - 8/4. from Maurice Brassard 100% unmercerized cotton 8 oz tube / 1680 yds 3360 yards per pound sett: 16-24 epi 2-ply evenspun machine wash and dry. Quick view. The Valley Cotton line features 50+ sumptuous colors dyed for color fastness, but of course, be sure to test your sample the way you want to finish your fabric. This 8/2 un-mercerized cotton weaving yarn is perfect for dish towels, hand towels, placemats, and tablecloths. Bev A – Towels woven in 4-harness Summer & Winter structure using 8/2 and 4/2 unmercerized cotton sett at 16 epi. Quick view. I think that at sett of 10 - 12 epi would be more appropriate for 8/4 cotton. Customers Also Bought + Wishlist. Can also be … (McMorran scale agrees) but I can’t find any sett chart anywhere that uses that number for ANY fiber. The colours we carry give you an almost unlimited inspiration to create your own cloth! Bockens 8/2 cotton is an unmercerized combed cotton made from an Egyptian long staple fiber that is easy to work with and super soft. Cotton, spun silk, rayon: 840: Linen, hemp, jute, ramie: 300: Wool (cut system) 300: Worsted Yarn: 560: Wool (Run system) 1600: Size 2 indicates there is twice the yardage and half the diameter of size 2 8/2 Cottolin weaving yarn has a great hand, and comes in a gorgeous range of colors - including natural and bleached. I would like to understand why the waffle weave requires a tighter structure. The 16/2 cotton is half the thickness of classic 8/2 cotton, but it has the same absorbency and matte look. 8 … Photo by George Boe. Sett: 14 - 24; Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton Yarn Color Card. Excellent weaving yarn (warp or weft) for dish towels, place mats, tablecloths, clothing etc. 8/2 bamboo weaving yarn is made from a renewable resource, comfortable to wear since it is breathable and perfect for hand woven scarves and shawls or other garments. Brassard 8/2 Cottolin is a beautiful blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% linen. Our 8/2 cotton comes on 1-1.5 lb cones. 8/2 Cotton B Colors. This yarn is conveniently put up on 1/2 pound tubes, with 1680 yards to a tube. For example, here is the entry for 8/2* unmercerized cotton from Handwoven‘s chart, a common yarn used by rigid-heddle weavers to make towels. This 8/4 un-mercerized cotton weaving yarn is perfect for dish towels, hand towels, placemats, and tablecloths. This is why the epi is sett so high (40 epi) for 8/2 cotton. You asked for ecofriendly bamboo weaving yarns, here they are! Top to bottom: Cotton weaving yarns in sizes 20/2, 10/2, 8/2, 5/2, and 3/2. If you tend to be a light beater, choose a sett of 18 ends and picks per inch to more easily achieve a balanced cloth. 1,680 yards per lb. This yarn is a favorite for dishtowels, placemats, and baby wraps. $7.30 - $11.10. Approximate wraps per inch: 32 (may vary due to tightness of wrap). Also depending of the pattern yarn weight, I may go to 16/2 cotton for the tabby. Shop The Woolery for Maurice Brassard Cotolin 8/2 Yarn made of 60% organic cotton and 40% linen available in many colors. IF you go to the Resources section here on Weavolution you will see a Reed Substitution chart. 8/2 pearl cotton; 3,360 yd/lb 8/2 unmercerized cotton; 3,360 yd/lb (6,775 m/kg); 16, 20, 24 8/2 cottolin (50% cotton, 50% linen or 60% cotton, 40% linen); 3,360 yd/lb (1,397 m/kg); 15, 20, 24 22/2 cottolin (50% cotton, 50% 10-ply cotton (Enzo Lucci); 1,140 yd/lb 15, 20, 24 3-ply #10 crochet cotton… I am going to make waffle weave tea towels with 8/2 cotton. We found that the ones that were too tightly woven didn't dry nearly as well as those with a more open weave. Most sett charts are organized by fiber, and within each fiber type the yarns will be listed by size. It is unmercerized cotton, so it is absorbent and soft, with a matte finish. Made in Canada. Tencel 8/2 is a great weight for a range of weaving projects from yardage for garments or upholstery to knitted accessories. This 8/2 un-mercerized cotton weaving yarn is perfect for dish towels, hand towels, placemats, and tablecloths. Is that close enough? When I use 8/2 cotton for household items, for plain weave, I have it set at 20 or higher. All colors are available on 1 pound cones, approximately 2500 yards per pound for the 6/2 yarns and 2100 yards per pound for the 5/2 yarns. It is absorbent, washable, durable cotton weaving yarn. 8 oz tubes | 840 yards Mac This beautiful cotton and linen blend combines US grown cotton with French linen. 8/4 cotton, a workhorse of a yarn that can be used for everything from blankies, to placemats and bags. Suggested sett for 8/2 cotton in plain weave is 20 ends and picks per inch for a firm, balanced fabric. from Maurice Brassard 100% unmercerized cotton 8 oz tube / 3360 yds 6720 yards per pound sett: 24-36 epi 2-ply evenspun machine wash and dry. Garnhuset 8/2 Cotton Garnhuset Cotton 8/2 We think this another another yarnfrom the dyehouse of Claes Hedstrom certain to become a firm favourite. The Weaver’s Companion lists the following yardages for Size 1 of various fibers: cotton, spun silk 840 linen, hemp, jute, ramie 300 woolen (spun wool) 256 worsted (spun wool) 560. 8/2 Cottolin Organic Yarn details: • Fiber content: 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Linen • Gauge is K: N/A • C: 8-10.5 stitches/in on sz Steel 6-8 or B-25 • Lace • Wraps/inch (wpi) 34 • Weaving tabby sett 15-18 • Weaving twill sett 24 • Yardage: 3360 yards/lb • 1680 yards/.5 lb tube $14.50. Our local study group did a drying test with a bunch of handwoven towels. 3,360 yards per lb. You use that to determine how to sley the reed for the sett … I have some tencel that says it is 4800 yards/lb. The yarns labeled as “Goodbuys” are mill end yarns. Maurice Brassard Cotton Yarn - 8/2. You recommend 20 epi for plain weave and 22-24 epi for a twill. More TIPS & HINTS to help you love 8/2 cotton even more! If my tabby weft is light blue, then the plain weave cloth will have a white warp and pale blue weft. Absorbent, washable, durable cotton weaving yarn. So a 1/1 yarn of cotton (Size 1/singles) would have a grist of 840 yards per pound. It is absorbent, washable, durable cotton weaving yarn. 3,360 yards per lb. When I weave overshot with a 8/2 cotton warp, I sett it at 18 epi when normally plain weave for 8/2 cotton is 20 epi. Washes easily. As the name indicates, a warp-faced weave structure aims to almost entirely show the warp, with very little of the weft peeking through underneath. Reply Sett: 8 epi; The color card can be found here. It can be used in any pattern calling for 22/2, 8/2 and 10/2 yarn weight. 100% unmercerized cotton yarn. from Supreme/UKI 100% mercerized cotton cones vary in weight; generally 1-1.5 pounds, priced according to weight; 2100 yards per pound sett: 15-20 epi 2-ply evenspun hand wash or machine wash on gentle, dry flat or in lingerie bag in dryer; 5/2 Perle Cotton is a lightweight cotton that comes in a wide range of colors.

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