KTU S3 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SYLLABUS 🔺MA201 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis 🔺HS200 Business Economics 🔺ME201 Mechanics of Solids 🔺ME203 Mechanics of fluids 🔺ME205 Thermodynamics 🔺ME210 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 🔺ME231 Computer Aided Machine Drawing 🔺HS210 Life Skills- Download Pdf DOWNLOAD PDF S3 SYLLBUS HERE CSE KTU CS 201 Discrete Computational Structures Full Notes. Objectives: To train video producers and researchers who will have to reflect values that link the global with the local, tradition with modernity, myth with reality, realm with region and … Go ahead and download Syllabus of KTU from below: (APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University) KTU B.Tech Syllabus Programme Syllabus. Proceedings of International Conference on Computing Science, Communication and Security (COMS2-2020), Springer CCIS Series After fulfilling all the requirements of the study programme, the student is awarded a diploma of an equivalent qualification degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctor’s). Share Notes with your friends. SYLLABUS – HARTRON DIPLOMA COMPUTER SOFTWARE (HDCS) Duration – 52 weeks . //

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