It takes time, organization, and creativity to grow a successful content marketing strategy. A unified content strategy is a business plan for content. The Essential Tools to Plan and Execute Your Content Strategy. It remains purposeful in maintaining a quality and unique website and social media statistics. Your content reinforces the solution(s) you're offering and makes your customers more qualified users of your product. Check out this ultimate list of social media holidays — keep an eye on it when you're planning your calendar. Case studies are your opportunity to tell the story of a customer who succeeded in solving a problem by working with you. This is a brief statement that makes it easier to focus on what’s important – and what’s not – in creating your content so your content marketing strategy stays on track. Lots of people believe they’re essentially the same things. What forms will your content take? Plan is the first step in building a successful content marketing strategy. If you're having trouble planning for the upcoming year or need some fresh ideas to include in your plan, read on. When your audience comes to expect that remarkable content you’re creating, you can’t just crap out and stop publishing because you won a trip to Italy. HubSpot's blog team found this to be key to increasing traffic to the Sales Blog over time — read about their blog strategy here. Now, let's dive in to learn the specifics of how to create a content marketing plan. See all integrations. Ebooks are the next step in the inbound marketing process: After reading a blog post (such as this one), visitors might want more information. If you've been in business for a while, review your content marketing efforts and the results from it in the last year by running a content audit. The number of podcast listeners is growing — in 2018, nearly one-third of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast in the last month. You have to be “looking around you” all the time for how it can all work together. What is a marketing plan? Great, let’s go! it is a lot to keep up with. Once you make these decisions and have that strategy set, you can move on to planning. If you haven't already noticed, you're currently reading a blog post. Posting on social media, however, is pivotal to amplifying your brand's reach and delivering your content to your customers where you know they spend their time. Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. In order to prove why you're worth buying from, you need to prove why you're worth listening to. What's your aim for developing a content marketing plan? Now, it's time to start coming up with ideas for your next content project. Who actually has to have input into the big decisions? Let’s start by taking a look at what content marketing is: The Content Marketing Institutedefines it this way: Note the emphasis on strategy in this statement. Today's content strategies prevent clutter by managing content from a topic standpoint — as explained in the video above. Most people start out with blog posts, but if you want to venture out and try producing other content pieces, consider which ones you want to make. When you develop a content strategy, there are a few questions to answer. With clients, I usually use the analogy of a train careening off the tracks. If you are someone who truly understands content and marketing, you probably know that you need a content strategy. Some activities … This question is the heart and soul of content marketing. Download our white paper, The CMI Content Marketing Framework: 7 Building Blocks to Success, for an overview of the process, or learn about the other steps with our how-to guides on the right-hand side of the page. There is a hierarchy here: the business goals should guide the marketing goals and the marketing goals should guide the content goals. Using a variety of content types and channels will help you deliver different content to each type of audience you have in mind and engage everyone your company does business with. Plus, your content will not only help attract leads — it will also help educate your target prospects and generate awareness for your brand. As you run out during the year, you create more but under the same themes. In the following section, we'll discuss some of the most popular content formats marketers are creating, including some tools and templates to get you started. Here are some tools to get the wheels turning: HubSpot's Website Grader is a great tool to use when you want to see where you're at with your digital marketing. When you try to find “the” definition of content strategy online, you are hit with lots of variations. Why do you want to produce content and create a content marketing plan? Part of your strategy should also involve how you will get things done. To develop a successful plan, you need to clearly define your content's target audience — also known as your buyer persona. Blog posts live on a website and should be published regularly in order to attract new visitors. © Right Source Marketing All Rights Reserved. Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content—written or in other media. So many things go into content strategy. The specifics of the role will depend on the business interests and the proposed strategy. Once you've been regularly publishing content on your own site for a while, it might be time to start thinking about distributing your content on other sites. This is where you create topics to address your themes, choose specific content types and tactics to address your goals and audience’s preferences, and then put it all into your editorial calendar. Discover popular content and content ideas at BuzzSumo. Posts should provide valuable content for your audience that makes them inclined to share posts on social media and across other websites. By knowing your target audience, you can produce more relevant and valuable content that they'll want to read and convert on. Just as the name implies, it’s the strategical process you use for determining why you create a specific piece of content, how it’s formatted, and how it will serve your audience and business’s overall goals. Your competitors likely have a similar product as yours, which means your potential customers need to know what makes yours better — or, at least, different. The content strategy helps you identify what content you need, what content you don’t need, and where to put your resources for the most ROI. While the goal on social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat is to connect more intimately with your audience, your goal on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to expand that audience, drive traffic toward your website, and start conversations in your industry. Typically, the person driving the content strategy is the company’s CMO. Revisiting your audience parameters by conducting market research each year is crucial to growing your audience. More than ever before, content needs to serve the goals of the business. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. Remember you can’t just choose what’s hot today. For additional guidance, use HubSpot's Marketing Plan Generator to create a 12-month strategy in just a few minutes. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. Use this content plan template to organize and prioritize potential topics by theme or by any category that suits your needs. Videos are a highly engaging content medium and are shareable across social media platforms and websites alike. There are a variety of options out there for content you can create. Whether you are a content writer, editor, story writer or hold any responsibility related to content management then, this template is going to benefit you in showing the best of your creative thoughts and impress your customers, clients, boss or listeners. Couldn’t you just start planning based on your corporate knowledge? Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. Content marketing helps businesses prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads. Strategy and planning are key to success, but if after all that work, your actual content sucks, why did you bother? This might look like making a table with brief descriptions of each. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. The Four Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy. Download, “Build Your Content Marketing Plan: A 10-Step Guide.” If you’re ready to start with a deep dive on just the content strategy, get in touch. Build Your Healthcare Technology Content Marketing PlanGet our new webinar recordingDownload. Your goal in a case study is to show the people who are considering your product that the proof is in the pudding. Now is a great time to align your team's goals with the rest of your organization's goals. Why is it so hard for marketers to create a strategic plan for their content? Stay with the editorial calendar, and make sure your team is solid and backs you up, and that everyone has bought into the strategy. It keeps rogue ideas from creeping in that don’t address the goals, and discourages random hard left turns that might address or solve this week’s problem, but don’t lead toward the agreed-upon objective. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. But why do you need it and what goes into it? Does your industry have seasons or promotional months — think breast cancer awareness month for the healthcare industry — that you should be keeping in mind for content that feels relevant to the audience? Keep the train on the tracks. Most managers can benefit from having a strategic plan. You might've heard how important content creation is to the growth of your business, but as you'll see throughout this post, it … For how many audiences are you creating content? If you intend to be successful with your content creation and your content marketing, you need to be able to separate one from the other and do them in the right order. So, relationships aside, what exactly is content strategy and how is it different than just coming up with an idea for some content and then publishing? The planning is the part where you actually decide what you will do and when. Content Strategy can be very difficult to build up, especially if you do not know where to go from where you have been. Is every piece you are planning going to be useful, helpful, and relevant to your audience? Do you need to add to your team or outsource to freelancers or an agency partner? The list below describes each piece of a strategic plan in the order that they’re typically developed. Need help getting the broader content marketing strategy and plan together? If you can create just one blog post that gets a steady amount of organic traffic, an embedded link to an e-book or free tool will continue generating leads for you as time goes on — long after you click Publish. A strategic marketing plan helps your business achieve its goals by specifying plans and tactics which are designed to achieve growth. If you skipped the step in the strategy section where you should have considered getting freelance help or adding staff, now might be the time to reconsider.

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