For a dramatic arrangement, group several long branches in a sturdy glass vase. Credit: This semi-evergreen or evergreen shrub has a rounded form. Also known as the Snowball Bush, Viburnum Opulus (Viburnum opulus), has pure white snowball flowers and stunning translucent orange-red berries in large clusters from Summer through to Winter.Showing rich Autumn colour, this hardy and vigorous shrub is suitable to be grown as a stunning backdrop or specimun plant. After flowering, the Chinese snowball viburnum can benefit from some light pruning to shape the shrub and trim dead ends. One or two in a suburban-size yard are plenty. Its fertile form, Viburnum macrocephalum f.keteleeri (Chinese: 瓊花, qiong hua, "white jade flower"), is of great cultural significance in China. We love Felco Pruner Model 2 (available from and. Statuesque in scale, one shrub is all you need to make a statement. Many people confuse it with hydrangea, but it blooms much earlier than hydrangeas. Because of its size, the Chinese snowball viburnum is great as a border plant or living privacy fence, and it can even be trained as a small tree. across. A simple formula of half perlite half peat moss is sufficient. The Chinese Snowball is a striking anchor plant to soften the corners of your home. Here is a bloom that is getting ready to open... At devon Nursery Blenheim New Zealand. If you like hydrangeas, you are going to love this flowering shrub. Prune as needed immediately after flowering. Chinese snowball viburnum is a large shrub that can grow up to 20 feet tall. The Chinese Snowball Bush or Chinese Snowball Viburnum seems to have few, if any, pests or diseases in the landscape when provided with 6 hours or more of sunlight per day and a well-drained, acidic soil. Close × Share This Page. Give it ample room. Flowers emerge green and quickly turn to white and are sterile with no fragrance. The flowers on Viburnum macrocephalum shift from pale green, to cream, to white. The softball-sized blooms start out lime green and slowly turn white as they mature. With a pair of sharp clippers, snip branches to desired lengths, and place directly in a bucket of water. Chinese snowball viburnum is Viburnum macrocephalum. Chinese snowball viburnum is a larger shrub than Annabelle hydrangea, which only grows 4-6 feet. × New and Unread Tree-Mails. In mild winters, the plants may be evergreen or semi-evergreen and hold on to their leaves in winter. [4] To ensure water uptake, recut them at an angle prior to arranging. The Chinese snowball viburnum (Viburnum macrocephalum) is a large shrub in the Viburnum genus. Mophead, hydrangea-like blooms emerge at the end of spring, spanning around 6-8 in. Just starting to bloom. Tree Type This tree is considered both a flowering tree and an ornamental tree. Some of the differences: Chinese snowball viburnum has smaller leaves than hydrangeas. Depending on the temperature in your area, the watering schedule may vary, but determining and sticking to a watering schedule will help the Chinese snowball viburnum produce the most stunning show of blooms. Viburnum opulus plants and species including the ‘Snowball Tree’ Viburnum opulus is also known as the Guelder Rose and European Cranberry bush and is probably best known for ‘roseum’ or ‘Snowball Tree’, a sterile cultivar which is cutting grown.. Viburnum macrocephalum, commonly called Chinese snowball viburnum, is native to China. Chinese Snowball Viburnum Bush - 1 Gallon Pot There just aren't too many flowering shrubs that rival the magnificence of Chinese Snowball Viburnum when in full bloom. Rounded cymes densely packed with florets begin … Chinese Snowball Viburnum grows to a larger size in the southern regions of its growing region. You can also cut out the larger, older shoots to thin the plant. Chinese snowball viburnum is hardy in zones 3-8, so it is accustomed to cold winters.

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