Good gear to increase DPS, Good to use while farming, Blank card can be traded with various item including OCA on, Increases long-ranged damage on targets by 50% when equiped with Hunter Arrow, Increases long-ranged damage on targets by 50% when equiped with Elven Arrow, Dex +1, Even with ASPD Decrease, this weapon have more brute strength than other bow when using with element arrow, best use for aimed bolt build. Welcome to my Ranger Guide on Nova RO About myself: I've been playing on Renewal as a Ranger for a quite long time, but every RO is different on how you will gearing and here's what I know about Ranger: Ranger is a 3rd class job, from novice -> archer -> hunter -> high novice -> high archer -> sniper -> ranger. Can be removed when used again. Either way, those are big numbers. Need Zeny? A Ranger is the Hunter's 3rd job. I hope it's not yet late to join this thread but I was an ADL Sniper and now that the 3rd job is available as well as WoE, I shifted my build to Warg Strike. Auto-Warg Ranger. Usable while mounted. Best Armor for Ranger, even without the set it still give ranged damage 2x refine level, Best to use if you want to have more damage, Use this only when you really need more aspd, else, marc or porcellio is better, Immunity to Freezing, Armor element become undead, Be careful when using this, you cannot be healed or revived, use marc if you don't need the undead element amor, Best Manteau before FAW come here, the pure aspd+1 and ranged atk boost is very nice, Every 10 Base Dex gives you +1% Long-Range Damage, Best card to put on Heroic Backpack for Aimed Bolt build, Best shoes for Aimed Bolt Build because of the -0.5sec reduce cast, Additional HP and Agi if you need more aspd, Good for reducing cast time on aimed bolt, with 150 int bragi the cast become instant, Best card to gives more damage on accesories, Make your cast un-interuptable, best to use while farming, Fly WIng is cheap, but with this card you will have more weight, Give more damage (I think greater than EoE dex since it have atk+), Give more agi if you need aspd, but be careful since it will reduce your vit by 4, Ranger is a suggested class for a new player since the build for low-mid game that is not very expensive, Still a Beginner? Can only be used if the cells between the user and the enemy are walkable. Warg Rider is very useful for traversing the world. Archer Skill Build . This build uses dagger and shield to provide more defense. They also have new and powerful traps at their disposal, from cluster bombs, electric shockers, to traps that can change an opponent's elemental property when triggered. If left unchecked, a blitzer can fire a barrage of attacks + auto blitz, locking an opponent where they stand. I guess because of the looks? Since most of trap damage relies on status (dex, int and little str), not gears, so trapper can choose many defensive gear without having to … Weapon attack skills are not necessary because auto attacks with this build hit like a truck, averaging between 250-350 damage per hit in the right circumstances. Nope the warg replaces the falcon, but it does everything the falcon does ie blitz and I assume falcon attack? Does not affect boss type monsters or players and consumes 1 Red Blood and 1 Special Alloy Trap. 1,179. Warg Bite (Alt: Wug Bite) is a 3 rd class offensive skill available as Ranger. Up next 100% Penetration Ranger … Our Path of Exile (PoE) builds for Heist 3.12 provide you with all the information you need to reach the end-game . NCR Ranger Build Sniper/Auto. Can be removed when used again. Int 90 : Increase Trap Damage. (Suit), Increase your long-range damage by 3% (Brooch). Warg Strike commands the warg to deal damage. Here is what you need for farming efficiently (Arrow Strom & Auto-Warg), Head: Ship Captain Hat[1] - 7% attack power boost and +1 Dex, EoE Str3, Lower: Spare Card - 50% Chance of Getting Blank Card -> Trade it to Old Card Album -> more zeny, Top: White Wing Suit[Porcellio] - For the atk +25, if you farm on monster that gives freeze status, use Marc card instead, Weapon: Thanatos Bow[Hunter Fly] - Thanatos Bow will give you literally non-ending SP if you farm with Arrow Storm on large mob, Hunter Fly will greatly help your HP by giving 15% of your attack to HP, Shoes: White Wing Shoes [Green Ferus] - Additional HP is great, Accesories 2: Sound Amplifier[1] - Reducing half of your cast time use Phen or Creamy Card (Or phen card and one clip[1] with Creamy Card), It's really depend on what you want actually, longer farming = put more str, faster killing = put more dex, Str: 1-100, depends on what weight you want, Dex: 90-100++, if you feel need more damage, add more dex, Put Int on 0, you don't need sp with Thanatos Bow, - Juperos 01: Kill everything, Loot everything, Sell using merchant overcharge level 10 (I usually put 100 or more str while farming here), 1% chance to recover 4% of your damage as SP. Get Expert Archer 4 and Hawk Eye for the Enchant, Accesories 1: Pendant of Maelstrom[Gold Scaraba] - Atk +6% Matk +6%, Accesories 2: Pendant of Maelstrom[Gold Scaraba] - Atk +6% Matk +6% OR Sound Amplifier[Gold Scaraba] if you haven't achieving the instant cast yet, Monster Hunter Set: Cunning Shadow Set - Dex+5 Cast Time -5%, Agi: 100-120. must reach at least 190 aspd, Aimed Bolt is a skill that you use for fast killing single monster (mostly for MVP's) when you have a bard's Bragi song with you. Ranger is really popular classes on Nova RO, there is just so much good point on the Ranger Class, Here is some of it: I will put the important skill you must get, the rest of the point is up to you where to spent it, At level 5 the base duration of the skill is 20 second and the trap duration is 50 second, Effect Duration = [Base_Effect_Duration − Target_AGI ÷ 10] second, Duration: (Skill Level x 1) + (Tooth of Warg x 0.5) second. By wearing all of the white wing set equipment you will get additional bonus: You will get additional 50% damage boost by equiping Elven Bow and Elven Arrow together, You can buy elven arrow at Payon or Prontera NPC, You can enchant it by using converter item or sage, By endowing it with different element will give more damage boost to the monster who weakness is against the element you endow, Using hunter arrow will give you additional 50% damage boost too, Achieving Instant Cast (Pure Stat to Achieve it: (DEX*2+INT) = 530) with arch bishop's buff or food item, Achieving 190-193 ASPD with arch bishop's buffs or food item, Having more SP will help too (Having a dedicated sorcerer friend that always using, Get the Red Herb from outside but don't submit the Red Herb Quest back to the npc yet, Alternative would be hunting at poring at outside of south prontera or ant egg at anthell till you have job level 10, Submit the Red Herb Quest (Alternative would be hunting at ant egg until you get the Double-strafe skill). Put it at level 3 so you can move while the skill is on, For better movement speed to just run or get away from enemies at level 3 it gives 30% movement speed. the Swiss Knife and the Trapper. Therefore, equipments that increase ASPD, CRIT and LUK are very important for this build. CarExpert posted a screenshot of what looks like the build sheet for a variant of the Ranger Raptor. The GRS Warg is on it's way. /no1 Yung camouflage if I'm not mistaken, pre requisite sya before using Warg strike for added damage? Tempo. Dex 70 > Int 30 > Dex 90 > Int 90 > Vit > Str. 40%: Magenta Trap [Mastery] Level 1 [Requirement] Trap Research 1 Monsters that step on this trap has its attribute changed to Fire property. 8% 2. Build: Auto-warg Ranger. This skill setup is for the basic ADL Ranger build. - Decreases Attack Speed (+15% post-attack delay). Int 90 : Increase Trap Damage. Blitzer build snipers are comparable to ADL builds except that blitzers let their falcon do all the work. Luk 1. Skill level increases your movement speed. 350%. 150, All Stats +2. As far as I know only useful at Bakonawa Extermination Instance for destroying Instrument more fastly. no problem! Str 21 : Increase Max Weight to carry more traps. This is final base stat when you 99. Effect. Can only be used if the cells between the user and the enemy are walkable.

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