Even life-long Miracle Whip devotees and organic, olive-oil mayo buyers rated it as their top pick. For most of us, our lunchtime sandwich—be it a BLT, ham and cheese or egg salad—isn’t a sandwich without a big dollop of mayo. —Daniela Essman, Perham, MinnesotaGet RecipeTaste of HomeBLT MuffinsIf you like classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, check out these muffins. It's my family's favorite pizza. So far, I haven't met anyone who hasn't liked this casserole. Bring water to a boil and immediately remove … Chili crisp. But can you blame them? It might sound odd, but a Southern-style peanut butter and mayo sandwich is pretty delicious! Two miracle-whip devotees, one organic-only olive-oil based buyer, a homemade do-it yourselfer, and several Hellmann’s enthusiasts took part in the taste test. Want to learn more about how our Test Kitchen chooses their favorite products? Some found it “suspect,” and were not fans of it’s sweetness and zip, while for others it brought back fond memories declaring, “it reminds me of the mayo I had on my sandwiches growing up — it’s just as loose as I remember it.” It even grew on one Hellmann’s lover who wrote, “at first a screaming NO! This mayo from Heinz, a brand we normally associate with ketchup, had a nice mellow flavor and a creamy, almost fluffy texture. Plus, the dish is easy to prepare. These little extras are what made our Test Kitchen team vote Heinz as the best condiment-style mayo. The garlic can be roasted and the eggs can be hard-boiled up to three days in advance. It reminds me a lot of pizza.—Connie Stumpf, North Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaGet RecipeTaste of HomeNo-Fuss RollsThese four-ingredient rolls from Glenda Trail of Manchester, Tennessee are ready in no time. Best for: Potato salads, sandwiches, baking. One participant admitted that mayo wasn’t a mainstay on their grocery list, but the rest were particular about which brand of mayonnaise made it into their macaroni salad. Fish is abundant here in South Florida, and we like to get together with friends in the afternoon, so I often need to whip up a quick dinner when we get home. —Erin Wright, Wallace, KansasGet RecipeTaste of HomeSlim Italian Deviled EggsWhen you're in the mood for a cold finger food, try these deviled eggs. This mayonnaise had a bit of a vinegar bite (but not too much) with a slightly peppery flavor. My version tastes classic, but won’t take much time at all. It's sure to get raves at your next picnic or potluck. Without the visual cue of a familiar jar could people truly identify their go-t0 brand? The egg yolk filling can be made the night before. (Makes eight small sandwiches) 4 eggs 3 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tbsp chopped chives 2 radishes, finely chopped (optional) 4 tbsp cress 4 slices of soft white bread Put the … Taste: Sturdy and smooth with a very mild flavour. https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/perfect-egg-mayo-sandwich-recipe This easy one-pan version saves on prep and cleanup. —Brenda Cole, Reisterstown, MarylandGet RecipeCucumbers with DressingIt wouldn't be summer if Mom didn't make lots of these creamy cucumbers. I took those flavors and developed them into this creamy, smoky potato salad. The President’s Choice mayo was also well-liked among the taste-testers. Since this brand was so neutral in flavor—not overly eggy or vinegary—the Test Kitchen pros agree it would be a great option for making homemade dips like a baked onion dip or fresh veggie dip. © Copyright 2020 St. Joseph Communications. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. The pickles add an extra sweetness. In our ketchup chip taste test participants gravitated towards the chip they had grown up with and recognized based on packaging. —Gene Pitts, Wilsonville, AlabamaGet RecipeShrimp in Phyllo CupsI almost didn’t make these appetizers for last year’s Christmas party because I was running out of time, but I knew they’d be a tasty hit. St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Like many of the "unusual" sandwiches we have covered before, the origin of the first sandwich is simply unknown. Overall, our Test Kitchen tasters found Hellmann’s to be a great go-to for many applications. We sampled the mayonnaise plain on French fries, asking testers to assess each sample on flavour, texture and appearance, then rating them on a scale of 1 to 9, with 1 being poor, 5 being average and 9 being excellent (dramatic facial reactions were also taken note of). 3. I like that it can be made without much fuss. —Ellen Weaver, Denver, ColoradoGet RecipeTaste of HomeCucumber-Stuffed Cherry TomatoesBesides being tasty, these little tomato poppers are extra awesome because you can make them ahead of time. Hellman’s combines all of what we want from mayonnaise in a single jar: it’s thick but spreadable; tangy but not too overpowering. And which mayonnaise was the fairest (and most potato salad-worthy) of them all? Mrs. Hellmanns homemade mayonnaise was featured in salads and sold as a condiment. Place egg in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Mayonnaise is a major player in so many recipes—we don’t need to tell you that! It’s … The spicy, oily, … —Mona Zignego, Hartford, WisconsinGet RecipeTaste of HomeWarm Chicken Tortellini Au GratinThis is one of my favorite recipes. To those of us who can’t live without it, mayo is the king of condiments and a kitchen necessity. The Best Bread Sandwich With Mayonnaise Recipes on Yummly | Ham And Chorizo Telera Bread Sandwich, Tasty Reuben Pastrami On Rye Bread Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Two miracle-whip devotees, one organic-only olive-oil based buyer, a homemade do-it yourselfer, and several Hellmann’s enthusiasts took part in the taste test. All you have to do is coat the outside of your sandwich bread with mayonnaise before you pan-fry it, creating a crispy flavorful crust almost reminiscent of garlic bread. But when you’re out shopping, odds are you reach for the same brand over and over again. Duke’s has a thick, creamy texture which is perfect for bringing the ingredients of a salad together. Best Foods Real Mayonnaise is proudly made with real, simple ingredients like 1. Best for: Dips and sauces. —Carolyn Eskew, Dayton, OhioGet RecipeTaste of HomeDijon-Bacon Dip for PretzelsWith just four ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry or fridge, this quick appetizer comes together in a snap. So crack open a jar to make coleslaw for a cookout and keep it open while you make yourself a snack before the party starts. It's fast and delicious, and paired with a green salad and toasty bread, you have a meal that's fancy enough for company. One participant thought it tasted like it was homemade. Best … President’s Choice You can serve softened cream cheese or butter alongside, but they're awesome on their own. If you use mayo for more than just sandwiches, dips and salads, you need a good all-purpose ingredient like Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise. Sometimes you’re just looking for a good mayo to spread on a sandwich or hoagie. Neal Brothers https://food.ndtv.com/lists/10-best-mayonnaise-recipes-764617 Plus, its tangy flavor is sure to add a bit of personality to your recipe, whether it’s a curry egg salad, dill-filled potato salad or a crunchy chicken salad. Hummus. —Deborah Biggs, Omaha, NebraskaGet RecipeTaste of HomeJalapeno Popper SpreadI've been told by fellow party-goers that this recipe tastes exactly like a jalapeno popper. —Jean Keiser, West Chester, PennsylvaniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeCrescent Turkey CasseroleHow do you make a dinner of turkey and vegetables really appealing to kids? —Scott Schmidtke, Chicago, IllinoisGet RecipeTaste of HomeGarlic Mashed CauliflowerI order cauliflower mash every time we're at our favorite restaurant. —Denise Baumert, Dalhart, TexasGet RecipeTaste of HomeAu Gratin Peas and PotatoesWhile this delicious potato skillet is a wonderful side dish, we find it satisfying enough to be a main course, too. This special dish is one of my husband's favorites.

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