Arial. The full Google font list is way longer, however, these are just some of the high-quality Google web fonts that might interest you. List of Best Google Fonts For Websites & Blogs in 2019 With Examples. Designed by: Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida. It most used font on the internet and was drawn in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. Originally created by Monotype designers for use in IBM laser printers, this web-safe font is one of the best choices for a highly readable UI. Arial is like the de facto standard for most. The key to this visually pleasing trend is the use of big-personality typography, which adds rhythm and contrast to compositions. 1. This classic serif font is a web-optimized version of its 18th century predecessor. There might be a few more. All fonts on our list are web-safe, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility or performance issues. Now, let’s check out the 20 best HTML web fonts: 1. Arial. Best Web Safe Fonts. Arial font never looks bad on any website. 1. 31+ Best Web Safe Fonts. Arial is a classic sans serif font, suitable for both paragraphs and headlines. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are just some of the popular websites that use Arial. 1. According to FontReach, Arial is the #1 font used on the web, with over 604,000 websites currently using it. Select one of these and you can’t go wrong. Let’s jump right into it. Libre Baskerville. 1. You can use it anywhere on your website. It’s perfect for body text on the screen. Alegreya is a great serif font to substitute for any default serif web font. Here are the top 31 fonts we found on popular websites. 4. In this article, we will narrow down your choices to 19 of the best fonts for websites. 15 Best Web Safe Fonts. Google Sans is a font that can only used by Google. Nano Sans, it’s a Sans-Serif font designed by Google. But these are the best 15 web safe fonts to choose from. Arial font example. We’ve compiled a list of over thirty different great-looking web safe fonts you can use to design your website. A web-safe font guarantees your website is readable and looks the same across all accessing devices. Typography is currently playing a central role in web design, with progressive improvements like Variable Fonts, CSS Shapes, FlexBox, CSS Grids and Subgrid definitively changing the way we work with typography in web design.. Open Sans This display font’s high contrast is a great fit for your site’s titles and headers, making it one of the best fonts for websites. Over 1M websites are using the font and Google API displays the font over 1.69B times in the last week. Arial. Noto makes the web more delightful crosswise platforms for all languages. One of the best fonts for website design is Playfair Display. Right now, Noto covers more than 30 scripts, and will cover all of Unicode later on. Playfair Display. The font has a calligraphic feel and also incorporates more of a modern serif look. Featuring playful, graffiti-style handwritten typefaces, immaculately-elegant serif fonts, and picturesque, travel-inspired scripts — prepare to throw out bad logos and shake up your social media graphics and site design with this zinger of a font list! Arial. The best modern fonts in 2020 combine retro nostalgia with the clean lines of crisp, futuristic minimalism. Arial is one of the most famous fonts for both online and printed media. Above are the 20 best Google fonts. It’s definitely in the top of our favorite fonts. It was originally intended for literature with its various letterform weights and high readability. It’s long been a staple in web design. Google Sans is very similar to Poppins and Montserrat, which are both available via Google fonts. It’s one of the most widely used sans-serif fonts (which means no little curls at the end of each letter).

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