Your email address will not be published. Follow Rob’s deep water bream fishing advice and you’ll enjoy plenty of netters like this.. “Although I’m a massive fan of fishing natural waters, Ulley Reservoir is fairly new to me.” I first saw a few match result posts on Facebook early last year, showing low double-figure bags of roach and the odd even bigger bag of bream. This method is especially useful on deep rivers where bream can come to the noise of top-up feeding. I have found more than once that you can get a late flurry of bream in the last 60-90 minutes of the match, but if you have totally neglected the line over the past few hours, they won’t stay as there is no bait to hold them. The best place for all your tench fishing information and discussion. There is no question that Bait-Tech Omen is without doubt the best Bream Groundbait available. A truly classic groundbait combination that has won Team England no end of medals, Lake mixed with leam is a winner. Although you can fish a pole on most pegs, you are fishing between top five and top seven! Bream Feeder is simple to mix. Ground bait is available in a range of colours, however, the most popular colours include brown, black and red. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If I catch nothing on the pole line, I simply revert back onto the feeder again. Dynamite Baits Krill Method Mix A Method feeder mix which is perfect for targeting tench, carp and bream as well as river species, Barbel anglers beware! and NaturalRed (insects)- … I liken it to a mini version of Derbyshire’s Ladybower Reservoir. Review – Omen Bream Groundbait and Feeder Mix | FishingMagic Some people say a lot of ground bait is mostly all the same and just marketing based on the same selection of cumb or fishmeal base ingredients but the ground bait isle is my favourite part of the tackle shop. The colour is a big part of this groundbait, yellow seems to be a really effective colour for targeting bream. The rig is then plumbed up so it is just touching bottom. He has been responsible for some of the best and most popular mixes over the past 20 years. Corn is not only a fantastic feed (because it is relatively small-fish-proof) but it also doubles up as a great hook bait and is extremely reliable for bream. Even on hard waters like Ulley, the fish will prefer one type of presentation/baiting strategy. FORUMS. How much fenugreek do you put into a break \ skimmer mix please © Dynamite Baits 2020. The mix contains real Arctic Krill for added attraction and cloud. i've tended to stick with just the one, brown crumb, a special bream mix, with some oxo cubes. i'll mention that i got it from this forum, i've already got a link to FM anyway. Groundbait colouring? Sticky sweet feed pellets The all-important groundbait mix revolves around my favourite Dynamite Baits’ Silver-X Skimmer mix. Rob deep water silverfish tactics saw him net this lot on a hard d, ***VIDEO*** Rob’s top three silverfish groundbait mixes. The reason being that braid is buoyant and in the deep depths of Ulley I was finding that it took too long for the line to settle, which meant I was often missing quick roach bites. i freeze it in a big bowl and take it on the boat still frozen, i then break large chunks and drop it over the side. But, if I start to catch on the pole line, I take off my feeder’s hooklink and make three rapid casts, to keep the line alive, while I concentrate on the pole line for another 30-minutes or so. This makes it the ideal blend for targeting carp, f1s, bream and skimmers. Getting your groundbait mixed perfectly will give you better results on the bank. TIP - try mixing the Fishmeal and Original versions for a deadly sweet fishmeal mix! Phil Ringer explains just what the process and ingredients list looks like when developing a new groundbait mix. And 9 times on 10 I go at loss if I use white bream mix as groundbait. 16 April, 2018 | The Ultimate Bream Feeder Mix Mixing Bream Feeder is easy. Unlike many, who look to fish two feeder lines, I prefer to concentrate on just the one, with a pole line as a backup. Tip 3 - Fish Meal or bust Many of the anglers fishing Ferry actually use a sweet groundbait mix these days and have switched back after a spell on fishmeal mixes. To start any skimmer session on any venue at this time of year I will feed two potfuls of an 80/20 mix of loose groundbait and soaked 3mm pellets … The particle mix I use for Bream goes like this 50/50 mix Partiblend and Groats add to that Wheat flavoured with Mollasses 1 or 2 tins flavoured corn CSL pellets Broken Boilies (optional) Use alongside a good groundbait mix with squat and caster in. It can be cupped balled or catapulted in. Regards the mainline, I go against the grain. This means I have only missed one cast on the feeder line, so I’m better able to keep both lines going. The groundbait mix is best stored in the freezer until use and taken out one hour before to defrost. It is best to mix Lake to a nice soft texture before adding the leam to it. Dai Gribble (Specialist Angler) says "Supercrush Green is the best groundbait for Bream, it forms the base of my mix because of its strong fishy smell and it is the right colour to attract big bream. It is a killer groundbait for attracting shoals of bream and can result in some super catch counts and non-stop action! Fishing in 10-minute bursts, allows me to keep both lines alive, hopefully lining the fish up. But as I say, when you are often landing 20lb-plus of roach or even bigger bags of bream, it makes for a highly interesting and unique day on the bank. Being laced with fenugreek – as well as other potent additives and flavourings – this spice in particular is an extremely good appetite stimulant. as for g/bait again dependant on flow and depth.but,most of my bream fishing is done with brown crumb with a good helping of brasem mixed in. A versatile mix that can be used on a method feeder or in a more traditional open end feeder. Not so well used in the UK, it’s a favourite on the Continent and is great for bream and tench, as you’d expect. As I said earlier, my stop watch is possibly the most important piece of kit on the side tray today. This adds two things to the mix. Add to wishlist Quick View. Mixing up any old groundbait before ‘pub chucking’ your feeder to the horizon might well see a fish or two ‘hang itself’, but it isn’t the best practice. Since the swap over to mono, although it still takes a while for the line to settle and tighten, it’s much faster than braid. Traditional Groundbait So Natural Bream . I use the Preston PR333 for small skimmers, the PR344 for normal skimmers and bream and the PR3555 for bigger bream and aggressive fishing. Traditional Groundbait So Natural Lake . The hooklink – either 0.14mm or 0.12mm – is attached using a Cralusso quick change swivel. if the flow is very strong and the depth over fifteen feet then i would add a binder like pv1,this is sweet and will add to the flavour. Perch love amino acids; in fact it often sends them into a wild feeding frenzy. Crumb This is old-school groundbait: cheap and solid, brilliant for bulking out a more expensive mix. Dynamite Baits Silver X Bream Groundbait. As Ulley is quite sloped in the margins, this means that if you fish past your mark, you are off bottom or well over depth if you fish a little short, Again, it gives you various options on the day. And, although Ulley might not be the easiest venue in the world, I always prefer to earn my fish as it makes me appreciate them so much more.

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