White marabou or white plastic swim tail jigs on a ¼ ounce head seem to work the best. Baits and Lures for Snook from The Beach. In most cases, shrimp are the best live bait. … My favorite TFO rod is the Axiom II. Pick a floater when the snook are near a calm surface and a suspension lure when they are midway down the water column below the surface. In Summer it’s a great place to fish for snook and tarpon. This includes plastic shrimp, soft plastic lures, and plugs. Yet another multi-species work horse in the surf fishing arena, the bucktail jig is one of … As a local bird here in Ft. Myers, Sanibel Island’s picturesque beaches and world class beach snook fly fishing are only a half a cup of coffee and two Hank Williams Jr. songs away. Along the beach, jigs are very effective. Atlantic snook are bigger and it’s not unusual to run into a tarpon on the beach on that side of the state. When it comes to real baits, you want to keep them off the bottom. Imitation. Use lures, such as bottom jigs or swimmer bait, artificial crabs, and shrimp, or go with live bait, such as menhaden, mullet, or sardines. The best lures for the beach are a top water mullet imitation like a Zara Super Spook or a MirroLure Top Dog. Snook are up and down the beaches all summer long. Notable catches include a 36-inch snook, a 26-inch redfish and a 24-inch sheepshead, reports Big Pier 60 Bait & Tackle (727-462-6466). Bowman’s Beach on Sanibel is one of the best beaches in the world. At Madeira Beach , the … Most Productive Trophy Snook Techniques Jerkbaits are also effective, as is the MirrOlure MirrOdine. During the summer time snook are spawning off the beach and inlets. Best Snook Flies: Patterns & Step By Step Tying Instructions. Anglers fishing for snook at night do well using both artificial lures and fly as well as live live bait. So when deciding on the best lure for snook fishing, bear in mind the season and where the fish like to feed. The best way to find these areas is walk the beach. Here are the main lures I rely on out on the water for snook. Snook have been known to eat many types of baits, ranging from finger mullet to shrimp, but here are some tried and true baits: Croakers; Pig Fish; Pinfish; Jumbo Shrimp; Finger Mullet; When using artificial lures to catch snook, one of the best techniques is to use a lure that matches what they would normally forage on. Travel. Bucktail Jig. 2. A Carolina rig can help accomplish this. A soft plastic shad with a paddle tail like a DOA CAL is another great choice for beach snook fishermen. If fishing during lower light hours or at night, glow in the dark swim tails can be very good. Two feet is about right. Stick with baitfish patterns primarily, and if you see bait, try to match your fly size to the prey species you see along the beach. During the early Spring to late Fall, the common Snook, also known as the Sergeant fish or Robalo, can be caught along our Southwest Florida beaches by sight fishing in the calm surf. They swim on both the Gulf and Atlantic sides of the state, with most found on a line from about the middle of the state on south. Snook Fishing in South Florida. For the highest chances of success, try fishing dock lights for Snook. … The other mistake is casting perpendicular to the beach. With the opening of the season and the observed amount of bait fish in the surf, this is a … This style of fishing combines a w… It’s sturdy yet smooth. Whether or not baitfish are present, they constitute most of the snook's beach diet. Hi Mr. Mcintire, I carry a lot of lures, Mr. Mcintire. For very cold water, choose sinkers or bottom lures. This rig is best used to catch snook fishing off piers, the beach, bridges, or for fishing flats. In my experience large schools of Snook can be found on the beach 6-8 miles away from the nearest inlet. Boats. How to Rig Slip Floats and Popping Corks. Miami's hot summer snook fishery. Look for beaches near the passes and beaches that have a bend in them. However there are beaches where the Snook like to stage in large schools. You can fish for Snook all year long, but I don't usually fish for them during our winter months when it's colder out because it puts too much stress on the fish. In clear summer surf, I use white or white-and-chartreuse flies. I've also done well with Tsunami 4-inch split-tail swimbaits in recent years. The snook are usually hanging close to the beach in the swash channel, and if you cast your lure perpendicular to the beach, your lure is spending a very short amount of time in the strike zone. As for the best baits for Snook on the beach, cut mullet and jumbo shrimp seem to work quite well. Latest. Snook in the passes can be taken on live pinfish, grunts, sardines, threadfins and other large baits. June 15, 2018 By Sam Hudson. More Gear. Mornings when the water is calm and clear is an ideal scenario for sight fishing. The ultimate fishing scenario is when the fish get on the points and along the beach in knee- deep water. Snook are one of the most popular inshore fish throughout South Florida. A leader is a must for big snook; 30-pound fluorocarbon is the best bet because it’s both less visible than mono, and also harder. Over on Florida's Atlantic coast, there's a special place where … Snook Lures. What you need for this rig: 1/0 to 4/0 Circle Hook; Light tackle and long leaders are 100% the way to go. One of the best places to fish for snook in Florida is in the Fort Myers Beach area. When trying to determine the best snook lures to use, you want to find something that resembles that baitfish that the snook are feeding on in the area. Today I am fishing with the live target croaker lure off the beach. You can use artificials or live bait. It’s a beautiful beach with no buildings in sight. Updated: May 15, 2019. Snook can literally be had just about anywhere in these zones including some freshwater golf course ponds, canals, b Small lures and flies that imitate bait fish and shrimp will do well. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report rated it as the 8th best. During the summer, when Snook are active, you can get lucky with casting topwater baits and plugs. When tying this rig use about 12-18 inches of line between the hook and the swivel. By George Poveromo. Update 8/19/2018: The … Pictured above: Eat Me – 1/0 Olive/Polar | EP Finger Mullet – 2/0 | EP Perfect Minnow – #2 Pale Olive/White | EP Pilchard – 2/0 | Umpqua Baitfish – #6 Ghost Green | Eat Me – #4 Olive/Polar | EP Mullet – 2/0 Bronze/White | Polar Fiber Minnow – #2 White | Polar Fiber Minnow – #4 White | Clouser Minnow – #2 White | Beach Snook Box – Sm | Beach Snook Box – Lg This is where you'll start finding the fish. All fishing report information courtesy of Wes at the Snook Nook in Jensen Beach, Max Lichtig, Fishin' My Best Life, Captain Bruce Cyr and Garrard's Bait & Tackle in Okeechobee. In addition to the artificial lure looking like the bait, the action must also be the same the way in moves through the water on the retrieve. Surf Fishing for Snook can be great along Florida Beaches. Experts reveal their favorite tarpon lures and how to fish them for maximum action. Snook will respond well to artificial baits on some occasions. The same could said for the Power Reel, which is sexy but very serviceable under difficult saltwater conditions. Crossroads Area - Stuart, Florida. Jigs and lures can be very effective, especially when casting around … September 1st is the annual opening of Snook Season and the surf angler’s best shot of taking a legal snook home for dinner. They are easily available on Amazon or at your local store (We are big fans of Tampa, Tarpon, and Saint Petersburg Fishing Outfitters.) Bait for surf fishing. You never know which one is going to work, quite frankly, and I always carry (at least) the ones I am showing here. White-and-blue or white-and-olive are also good choices. The Florida Keys’ Monster Barracudas. Beach Snook are fun because you can see them in the surf. AND lastly, a flair hawk styled jig is a lure that has … Jigs are the best of artificial lures and at times can out- produce anything. How To. Among the many good lures for snook is the DOA Shrimp, with the 4-inch size in clear or white among the best along the beach. Set up this rig with live bait and circle hooks for best results. Look for structure, bait, or … 10 Best Tarpon Lures. A strong incoming tide flushed the baitfish off the grass flats and carried the tiny minnows into the waters of sheltered Hell Peckney Bay. Snook from the beach at night is a hit or miss prospect but in the heat of spawn with an incoming tide, you may just get lucky.

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