They need to be informed, communicated with, thanked and publicly acknowledged – always – over and over….”, “Who will oppose taking on the problem/issue and/or the solution(s)?”, “Who has the power to make the solution(s) a reality?”, “Who must be involved to make the solution(s) a reality?”, “Who has the influence to make those with that power adopt the solution(s)?”, “Focus on the one or two Issues that matter most and prepare talking points”, “Model civic engagement for the first-time advocates to the Hill”, “Be thoughtful about social media advocacy: When it comes to debate and conversation, it’s important and often most effective to get outside your social bubble and discuss issues face to face as much as possible — and to also listen to all political perspectives.”, “Rather than cutting ties with those who disagree with you, seek safe spaces for open discussion and look for opportunities to engage with women from other backgrounds; the outcomes can be extraordinary.”. q Help your child, as needed, to practice self-advocacy skills and take charge of their own future. People who are not used to DC or are not used to the ups and downs of campaigns need to be told more times than you think that progress is being made. Then I stack my campaign’s goals against my target’s worldview and self-presentation. Working across differences in race, religion, culture, class, and gender requires some homework.” – Rick Rosendall, Immediate Past President at GLAA, “Some people take naturally to planning and organizational skills. Data points and infographics don’t matter unless you have a real story of real people to tell. Telling you what you need to do. Someone in Hollywood said, ”If you can’t fit your idea on the back of a business card, you don’t have a clear idea.” That advice stuck with me, and it has been a filter I use with advocacy pitches. The more we own that, the more we can collectively own the process of governing.” – Kevin Borden, Executive Director, MHAction, “Establish a content expert regarding any advocacy engagement. Examples include taking a lead role in their IEP meetings, planning job goals and creating a resume. People want to be around people who love what they do. Many of the basic advocacy skills discussed on this web site are life skills that you can take with you when dealing with public institutions like the education system, the health system, and the justice system. These statements were made specific as follows: "Next Tuesday, I will go with Ms. G. to the Wallingford Community Services Office. So, learning how to communicate more effectively to my audience has been critical to ensuring a successful campaign.” – Carolyn Weems, VP, The Herald Group, “Knowing when to be persistent and realizing that if your efforts for change do not succeed this year, there is always next year.” – Frank Harris, Director of State Government Affairs, MADD, “I didn’t have an appreciation for the value of relationships. Communication to our supporters is key. With Ignite, supporters can act across several channels in minutes. Keeping your advocates engaged throughout, especially when things are tough, is key.” – Noelle Clemente, VP, S-3 Public Affairs, “Simplicity. Safety Alert: If you are the victim of a crime and are in danger, please use a safer computer, or call 911. The American Farm Bureau Federation cranked up advocacy 116% across 5 states.  Someone once told me Congress is NOT about passing legislation, it’s about stopping the passage of BAD legislation. Without a clear audience in mind, your campaign won’t be as focused or effective.” – Michael Blake Bezruki, Director of Grassroots Programs, National Association of Home Builders, “I come up with a theme and send over a mockup of the graphic that I want to serve as the cornerstone of the campaign.  Further, they are trained to answer questions and know when to respond with, ‘I will follow-up with the answer.” – Michelle Sara King, President & CEO of King Consults, “I think right now grassroots work is more important than ever. Best skills to include in resumes, cover letters, and applications, examples of what employers look for, and job-specific skills for many occupations. Customer service advocates are crucial for creating an Effortless Experience. So even if your topic isn’t their immediate interest, your enthusiasm might just persuade them to get involved!” – Pamela Hawley, CEO, Universal Giving, “I wish I could have had the public speaking presence I have had to develop over many years in my advocacy work.” – Meredith Nethercutt, Senior Associate Member Advocacy, SHRM, “Networking: specifically, knowing how to strike up a conversation with a stranger or butt in to the middle of a conversation between three or four people.” – David L. Rosen, Press Officer, Regulatory Affairs, Public Citizen and Founder of First Person Politics, “… social media experience. You'll secure people’s rights, such as accessing services and ensure that people are Download our list-building guide now. Ability to work proactively and flexibly, with good problem solving skills Strong diplomatic and networking skills, ability to influence and liaise effectively with key stakeholders Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills Ability to work with others to develop strategy into action and communicating and influencing this to a wider audience Resource: Vision Statement Some examples of good advocacy: Saying no to something that makes you uncomfortable. Taking these models together, it has been possible to identify a number of common features that are important for an advocate to exhibit. And when you’ve finished reading, don’t forget to download our great free eBook: The Advocacy Planning, Strategy and Skills Guide. Resources you find might include how to identify specific needs, locate resources within your community, navigate the justice system.

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