9 Talented Actors Who Are Also Musicians ... By Crystal Crowder. 6. Tweet. 0. 1. 15 Celebrities Who Speak Multiple Languages . Musicians Turned Actors by jigsawkiller135 | created - 24 May 2011 | updated - 24 May 2011 | Public and vice versa. Go. By Matthew Wilkinson Sep 26, 2020. She’s been nominated for 6 BRIT awards, and won for Best British Female in 2015. What has been brilliant in working with a whole bunch of talented musicians and actors is that they have all perfected the art of listening to each other, be it on stage as their characters or as musicians. Johnny Depp is so talented at the guitar that he could play for a band. 10 Musicians Turned Actors We Love (And 5 Who Shouldn't Have Tried) Certain singers are multi-talented enough where they can make seamless jumps into the world of actings, while others... not so much. I'm not talking about just playing music in their garage with a few buddies either. Before he got into acting, Heaton played the drums in several rock bands - even moving to London when he was 16 to pursue a career in music. When British rock band Oasis saw his artistry on the instrument, they featured him on their song Fading In-Out, in 1997. Sure, we know they’re talented. Ekaterina 23 Sep 2015. niceonemarra Winger. A list of actors we'd like to see playing musicians in biopics, like Donald Glover as Duke Ellington and Paul Rudd as "Weird Al." Below know about some talents who had worked in Netflix’s sci-fi time-travel series Dark as actors but also manage an alternate career as musicians. If you’ve ever seen his TV series, you’d see his character Dr. House playing the piano in a few scenes. Photo: vibe.com. Jul 06, 2014 {{#likes_count}} {{likes_count}} likes {{/likes_count}} {{#comments_count}} {{comments_count}} comments {{/comments_count}} ¢erdot; 80 likes 12 comments I'm always surprised there are so many actors who are also musicians. December 22, 2015. … However, there are a few actors that you might not have known who are also talented musicians. Russell Crowe. ... British actor Charlie Heaton, who plays awkward teen Jonathan Byers in the Netflix show, is also a musician in his spare time. 10 Actors Who Are Talented Musicians. Well, some actually went ahead and made that secret dream a true reality. Follow List Embed List. Listly by Kendra Brea Cooper. We love to gush over Hollywood A-listers and walking alongside them as their red carpet companions, there’s only one thing we love to drool over more and that’s musicians who know how to rock it on stage and perform to a sold out show. Page 2 - Those celebs are a talented bunch, sometimes even more than they let on! Famous actors who are also talented musicians. In real life, Laurie already released two blues albums in 2011 and 2013. They have won many prizes and awards and appeared in numerous television shows; the five eldest performed at the Bafta awards in 2018 and all seven appear in the 2019 Royal Variety Show to be screened in the UK on 10 th December. Screen Stars and Music Makers: 7 Actors who are Also Talented Musicians. Madonna Actress | Evita The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna is a seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over three hundred million records and CDs to adoring fans worldwide. Johnny Depp. That isn’t bad playing. Thread starter niceonemarra; Start date Nov 25, 2019; Prev. The last time they put out an album was 11 years ago. I have to say most other people are citing musicians they simply don’t like. Billie Eilish (17) Shutterstock. We’ve heard some of these Hollywood A-listers on our radios and our television shows without even knowing it was them. Ever since Bing Crosby starred in the 1930 film "King of Jazz," countless musicians have tried, with varying degrees of success, to parlay their musical ability into a side career in film. Sort by: View: 57 names 1. These stars have the best of both worlds in music and acting! They have played well known characters on the screen but can also rock the stage. Lots of them are also skilled musicians on top their acting and directing day jobs. Comment. 1 of 3 Go to page. The Top 40 Musicians-Turned-Actors (20-1) Jason Newman 08/24/2011. by Patricia Matalog 5/16/2020 in News. David Bowie? 5 talented actors who are also great musicians . Elvis Presley ... part-time actor/full-time singer/fuller-time drinker Dean … Playing the titular role in the medical drama “House,” British actor is also a seriously talented musician. 1; 2; 3; Next. Luck plays a part, but it’s not the main factor. Celebs. Some treat music as a hobby, while others choose working with their bands over working on films. The Kanneh-Masons are seven brothers and sisters ranging in age from 23 to 10 years old all of whom play either violin, piano or cello. Thread starter niceonemarra; Start date Nov 25, 2019; 1; 2; 3; Next. Here are 7 actors you can also experience through your headphones. Here’s a list of the top 16 artists who made a profound impact on society as well as culture even after their death. There are musicians who have becomes actors, like Cher, and people who have definitive careers in both, like a Miley Cyrus or Harry Connick Jr. Seventeen-year-old sensation Billie Eilish broke the mold when she posted her debut single "Ocean Eyes" on SoundCloud in 2015, drawing people in with her dreamy, somber track. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Some of our most beloved entertainers are quite versatile. After a 2006 Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album for "Family Guy: Live in Vegas," MacFarlane pivoted towards covering classics. 1. The child actors in Stranger Things are also talented musicians. Google Images . 20. Many musicians and actors are also talented artists, having showcased their work in solo or group exhibitions. We take a look at some soapie stars who are not only actors but celebrated musicians too. The Sex Pistols did a great job of convincing people they couldn’t play and didn’t care, but listen to the band. Next Last. Here are 21 of the most talented musicians under the age of 21. By Stephanie Harper Apr 08, 2020. CCW? Making it big in the showbiz industry in a sea of talented people is already a struggle in itself. Photo: wearwhatyouwatch.com. They had a good run until the year 2005. Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling doesn't just deliver his best work on the big screen. Talented musicians and actors are leaving the industry – we have no clue when theatres can re-open How can a theatre rehearse a pantomime if it doesn’t know if it will be open at Christmas? Many celebrities who are primarily talented actors have a musical side as well. Guy" creator is uniquely adept at impressions and voice work, so it is not much of a surprise to find that he's a talented singer as well. I’m a big fan of Paloma Faith, who is an English singer/songwriter. After all, it always seems actors want to be musicians or vice versa. Share. These twenty actors are talented musicians, most even have successful and established musical careers that we weren’t even aware of. Jack Black & 9 Other Actors Who Are Also Musicians. 10 Amazingly Talented Actors Who Are Also Musicians. It’s pretty impressive when celebrities are able to juggle multiple talents like singing and acting. Australian tough-guy actor Russell Crowe had a successful rock band called 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Famous actors who are also talented musicians. But did you know they could sing? These multi talented stars are proof that life isn't fair. Being said that, there are also some talents who are equally talented in several other art forms, in addition to acting—for instance, music, dance, painting, modeling. 10 Musicians Who Are Actually Good Actors. Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com. People who end up becoming actors typically tend to be incredibly creative. Here is a run-down on five talented actors who also happen to be great singer-songwriters! He also plays the guitar, saxophone, harmonica, and drums. Here are 10 amazingly talented actors who are wonderful musicians as well. 1. … Jessica Bowden. Share Share Tweet Email. Some of them have a longstanding relationship with art, having produced a variety of paintings, photographs, and performance pieces over the years. There are plenty of actors who have ventured into the music industry. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. It's an old cliché that all actors secretly want to be rock stars.

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