The first bars of music in a movie usually establish its genre. a. the use of different images to accompany the same sound. It’s primitive because lengthy parts sound awkward as early “talkies” took a while to use music effectively to compliment the action; there’s also a lot of random humming, whistling and … In fact, as the era of sound film drew to a close, filmmakers were able to convey their stories with a bare minimum of … A film maker might opt to include the background sound of an ambulance's siren while the foreground sound and image portrays an arguing couple. B. the dialogue actually spoken by the actors during shooting. Dolby Pro Logic IIz. I use a variant of M Kerner's when I teach film sound Functions of film sound: illusion & narration. At this point, all of the talent in front of and behind the camera is assembled. The first "talkie", or movie with "sound", that included minstrelsy and premiered in 1926. A film production goes through many different processes. Capturing one of our senses (sound) into 3D experience, caries the other senses with it, giving the picture a larger 3D perception and enhance our enjoyment of the movie. Depending on the director, the discussion of the audio needs of the film may be relegated to production sound. Film composers carefully choose instrumentation and sound to set a mood or tone for each scene in a film. The ponderous sound of an organ communicates a different atmosphere than light electronica playing a quick melodic tune. Prior to this point, one sound channel was optically encoded onto a strip of film, the same way the picture itself was recorded. Photograph of radio sound effects being created Sounds other than the human voice also play a part in the theatre. Pro Logic IIz also works with 7.1 surround sound, but it is designed to go up to 9.1. Also, by the 1920s, silent film writing, acting, photography, and music had reached an aesthetic pinnacle: very subtle emotional and plot nuances could be conveyed without the use of any accompanying dialogue. 1. This is 7.1 surround sound format, but some models also use 6.1. Among the earliest multiple-channel movies were 1952's This is Cinerama (with seven-channel surround sound) and 1953's The Robe (in Cinemascope, with four-channel sound). The sound version of Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail (it also exists as a silent film) is a bizarre mix of the primitive and the ingenious. Synesthesia stems from the function of our imagination carrying sensory experience into altered states. 5. Multiple-Choice Questions. D. lip synchronization that has been done correctly. Music can influence our feelings and how we experience seeing a picture. In film sound, "fidelity" refers to A. the sound that comes from within the diegetic space of the story. CHAPTER 7. The example from Chris Marker's Letter from Siberia used in Film Art demonstrates. In 1991, Batman Returns became the first film released in Dolby Digital 5.1, featuring sound coming from left, right, and center in front, plus right and left. False. SOUND IN THE CINEMA . C. sound that seems appropriate to its source in the film. The asynchronous ambulance siren underscores the psychic injury incurred in the argument; at the same time the noise of the siren adds to the realism of the film by acknowledging the film… First, the film is written; then it enters pre-production. Pro Logic IIx further deviates into gaming, movie, and music modes; making it more versatile. True or False: The introduction of sound to movies mean that characters were able to move around freely (and have visual creative freedom), movements of the characters had to be exaggerated and over-the-top, the narrative facet of …

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